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This post opens with a brilliant piece of writing from BP at Starship Earth. I just want to say: Ditto. I, too, have been closely researching and writing about the global situation for ten years. And I agree with every word in this excerpt. 
本文以一篇来自英国石油公司在星际飞船地球上的杰出文章开篇。我只想说: 我也是。十年来,我也一直在密切研究和撰写有关全球形势的文章。我完全同意这个节选中的每一个字。
Since when do we just pick a date and decide a war needs to end according to the calendar? This is the biggest, baddest war in Human history and people are acting like they're tired of watching a serial documentary and want to get to the climax that ends the season's viewing.
 I've been watching these crimes for well over ten years and after extensive research into the White Hats, the Plan, the Q Military Intelligence, Sig-Int, the comms, the Anons, our severed spirituality, fake reality, our friends upstairs, the ruthless nature of the predators and the whole ball of wax, I am STILL in favour of sitting tight and allowing the brilliant minds who crafted this Plan designed to end the evil in this realm and beyond, forever, to bring it to fruition. The frustration factor is off the charts and STILL I am satisfied that we are doing what we are intended to do; that we are playing the roles we signed up to play. (BP at Starship Earth)

我观察这些罪行已经超过十年了,经过对白帽子,计划,q 军事情报,Sig-Int,通讯,匿名,我们被切断的灵性,虚假的现实,我们楼上的朋友,掠夺者的残忍本性和整个蜂蜡球的广泛研究,我仍然赞成静观其变,让精明的头脑,这个计划设计的目的是结束这个领域和更远的邪恶,永远实现它。令人沮丧的因素已经超出了图表的范围,但我仍然很满意我们正在做我们应该做的事情,我们正在扮演我们签约要扮演的角色。(英国石油公司在星际飞船地球)

There has been an arrest in the [C]linton Russian hoax. Durham is unleashing the BOOMs.



This tweet by Donald Trump Jr says it all.

小唐纳德 · 特朗普的推文说明了一切。


A clever reminder of President Trump's 'prediction' about Killary [C]linton.



Major Patriot shares a Q drop that is very revealing about the 'panDEMic'.

爱国者少校分享了一个关于大流行的非常有启发性的 q 值下降。


Andrew Torba, Gab CEO, is right - the authorities do not have enough staff to enforce business jab mandates. It's the same in New Zealand. Small business owners are complying with the jab mandates for their employees. I asked a local small business owner who is the authority above her forcing this measure on her business. Her reply - 'the government'. Media indoctrination.

Gab 首席执行官安德鲁•托尔巴(Andrew Torba)是对的——当局没有足够的人手来执行商业注射命令。在新西兰也是一样。小企业主们正在遵守员工注射疫苗的规定。我问了一个当地的小企业主,他是她的上级,强迫这项措施在她的企业。她的回答是“政府”。媒体的灌输。

Here is proof that We The People are WINNING. The [D]eep [S]tate is dead. Love this story.

Finally, a message from Pepe Lives Matter. https://gab.com/PepeLivesMatter17最后,来自 Pepe Lives Matter. https://gab.com/pepelivesmatter17的消息

Faith was the key ingredient for keeping one's sanity in 2021 during our dark winter precipice moment.
With the rise of Durham: We now have much more tangible victories to hold onto and it's easier to believe that justice will come. It's been an honor to hold the line with all of you.
We've experienced sorrow together and soon I believe we will all be elated to get to the best parts of this journey. WWG1WGA
随着达勒姆的崛起: 我们现在有更多切实的胜利可以坚持,而且更容易相信正义会到来。能和你们一起坚守阵线是我的荣幸。我们一起经历过悲伤,很快我相信我们都会为能够到达这段旅程中最美好的部分而感到高兴。1/wga
I agree. Durham spent four years working behind the scenes with his large team on over 200,000 indictments. Now he is publicly on the warpath. It's going to be BIBLICAL. Stock up on popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 


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