Facebook 被政府起诉,**拥有Dominion,拜登脚踝骨折,奥巴马被捕,等等|Nyla Nguyen

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FB 被多个政府机构起诉。我们正在慢慢目睹卡巴尔大型科技巨头的崩溃。

By 3D to 5D Consciousness 2020126


Facebook 被政府起诉,**拥有Dominion,拜登脚踝骨折,奥巴马被捕,等等|Nyla Nguyen

FB is being sued by various government agencies.We are slowly witness the collapse of the Kabal's big tech giants.China owns the Dominion Voting System,which means the entire election is corrupt.Both Governors in Arizona and California have certified their votes for[B]iden,which means they have certified their own arrest for treason.AG Barr has exposed himself as a Demon Rat which his public comment that there is no election fraud.[B]iden has been detained wearing ankle bracelet.[O]bama has been arrested.Gina Haspel is gone.News on the Sting update.Understanding the Dark One's vaccination plan from a 5D perspective.There is a greater agenda than just killing you and sterilizing the population.

FB 被多个政府机构起诉。我们正在慢慢目睹卡巴尔大型科技巨头的崩溃。**拥有Dominion投票系统,这意味着整个选举都是腐败的。亚利桑那州和加利福尼亚州的州长们已经证明他们的选票支持拜登,这意味着他们已经证明他们自己因叛国罪被逮捕。巴尔将自己暴露为一只恶魔鼠,他的公开评论是没有选举舞弊。拜登被拘留时戴着脚环。奥巴马被捕了。吉娜·哈斯佩尔走了。斯汀最新消息。从5维角度理解黑暗者的疫苗接种计划。除了杀死你们和让人口绝育之外,还有一个更大的议程

[OpDis Editor Note:Nyla Nguyen provides her opinion on various topics relating to[D]eep[S]tate[C]abal corruption and also topics relating to health and spirituality.

[OpDis 编者按:妮拉·阮就有关腐败的各种话题以及与健康和灵性有关的话题发表了自己的意见]



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