X22报道|第3217集: 真正的货币战争即将开始,宣传渠道暴露

2023年11月22日13:43:01最新动态X22报道|第3217集: 真正的货币战争即将开始,宣传渠道暴露已关闭评论221阅读模式

现在[DS] 已经被曝光,一旦人们看到这个假的新系统,它将被重组。

X22报道|第3217集: 真正的货币战争即将开始,宣传渠道暴露

Ep 3217a – [CB] Makes Their Move, The Real Currency War Is About To Begin, The People Are Ready

Ep 3217a-[ CB ]采取行动,真正的货币战争即将开始,人们已经准备好了

Ep 3217b – [DS] Propaganda Outlets Are Being Exposed, What You Are Witnessing Is The Counterinsurgency

Ep 3217b-[ DS ]宣传渠道被曝光,你们看到的是镇压暴乱

X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 21, 5:45 pm EST

X22报道: 11月21日,美国东部时间下午5:45


Biden admin and the IRS are going after everyone. The gig workers who make 600 or more will need to pay taxes, previously they only had to pay if they made over 20k. The BLS manipulates the CPI numbers to keep the illusion alive. The [CB] is now ready to try to move the world into the [CBDC], the currency war has begun, they will attack all other alternative currencies.

拜登行政部门和国税局正在调查所有人。工资在600美元以上的零工需要纳税,以前只有工资超过20000美元才需要纳税。劳工统计局操纵 CPI 数据来维持这种错觉。(CB)现在已经准备好将世界推向(CBDC) ,货币战争已经开始,他们将攻击所有其它替代货币。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 21, 6:15 pm EST

X22报道: 11月21日,美国东部时间下午6:15


The [DS] propaganda outlet is now be exposed and it will be restructured once the people see the fake new system. The [DS] setup an insurgency and they been trying to slowly take over the country and turn it into something they want. Trump countered this with the counterinsurgency, but this tactic takes time, you need to show the people the system so the people can fight back. The plan is working and the people are countering the 16 year plan. 

现在[DS] 已经被曝光,一旦人们看到这个假的新系统,它将被重组。[DS] 策划了一场叛乱,他们试图慢慢接管这个国家,把它变成他们想要的东西。特朗普用镇压叛乱来反击,但这种策略需要时间,你需要向人民展示这个系统,这样人民才能反击。计划正在起作用,人们正在反对16年计划。 


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