X22报道|第3044集: IMF准备推动CBDC,这个国家最大的威胁是深层国家

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X22报道|第3044集: IMF准备推动CBDC,这个国家最大的威胁是深层国家

Ep. 3044a – IMF Prepares To Push The [CBDC], They Will Try And Fail

国际货币基金组织准备推动[ CBDC ] ,他们会尝试和失败

Ep. 3044b – Biggest Threat To This Country Is The [DS], [JB] Panicking, Nothing Can Stop This, Justice


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Streamed on: Apr 12, 7:58 pm EDT

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People are moving out of the cities, the cities will collapse in the end. Biden is using the SPR to keep fuel levels and inflation steady, this will not last long. People can see the inflation in food, shelter and insurance, they are not fooled. The IMF is now pushing the [CBDC], this will fail in the end.   

人们正在离开城市,城市最终会崩溃。拜登正在利用战略石油储备来保持燃料水平和通货膨胀稳定,这不会持续很长时间。人们可以在食品、住房和保险方面看到通货膨胀,他们不会上当。IMF 现在正在推动(CBDC) ,这最终将会失败。   

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Streamed on: Apr 12, 8:23 pm EDT

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The biggest threat to this country is the [DS]. They have infiltrated the country from within. Trump has accelerated their plan at warp speed and the people are now seeing the criminal syndicate. Trump needed the people to see who the true criminals really are before justice can be served. [JB] is now panicking because everything that he has done to stop Trump has backfired and the people see the truth, justice is coming.



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