本杰明|2020/8/24 Covid-19恐惧色情贩子正在被系统地追捕和杀害

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本杰明|2020/8/24 Covid-19恐惧色情贩子正在被系统地追捕和杀害


Make no mistake about it,Satan-worshipping Khazarian gangsters are trying to kill you and your family.That is why a campaign to systematically hunt down and kill all the Covid-19,fear-mongering,fascist Western leaders has begun,multiple sources say.


"The entire Covid-19 fiasco is part of the UN agenda 2030,which includes many things but most importantly the digital currency and RFID implants to interface between government and private industry surveillance of global populations,"MI6 sources say.

军情六处的消息人士说:"整个新型冠状病毒肺炎的惨败是联合国2030年议程的一部分,其中包括许多事情,但最重要的是数字货币和 RFID 植入物,以便在政府和私营企业之间建立接口,对全球人口进行监控。"

P3 sources are claiming the trail leads directly to the Rockefeller family and their current patriarch,David Rockefeller Jr.While Japanese military intelligence sources agree,the Rockefeller family did not respond to my queries as of the time this report went live.


If this sounds like a"paranoid conspiracy theory"please note that David Rockefeller Jr.,Warren Buffet,Michael Bloomberg,George Soros,Ted Turner,Oprah Winfrey,and others have publicly said they wanted to reduce the world's population.




Now David Beasley,Executive Director of the UN World Food Program(WFP)is saying that because of Covid-19 the world is facing"a famine of biblical proportions."


现在,联合国世界粮食计划署执行主任 David Beasley 说,由于新型冠状病毒肺炎,世界正面临着一场"圣经规定的大饥荒"

Given that Covid-19 is an entirely man-made fake"natural pandemic"psyop crisis with a patented,laboratory"gain of function"bioweapon as its disease…the entire plot is equivalent to crimes against humanity for causing premeditated deaths,suffering,and economic hardship,in combination with the suppression of preventive medications and natural treatments.Therefore,killing these people is a legitimate act of self-defense and not a crime.


MI6 sources promise:


"Covid-19 is very clearly a eugenics program at work and a crime against humanity.The'state'has clearly gone rogue and turned against the people.When that happens it becomes a military matter and we move because we have a mandate."


U.S.President Donald Trump,for his part,took a major shot at the pharmacidical companies last week as can be seen in the following tweet:


"A'Favored Nations Clause'against Big Pharma,which I signed last week,means that the USA gets a price on Prescription Drugs that matches the price of the Country that pays the lowest price anywhere in the World.50%,60%,maybe 70%reduction."


This is just a first shot.MI6 sources promise:


"The medical-industrial complex needs to be leveled the same way we leveled the financial-industrial complex…no ifs and or buts you just level it."


The Pentagon is also on the case,especially vis-a-vis the rogue Khazarian mob state of Israel(see further down the report for details).


For me,as it is for many of us,this is personal.In my case,the latest attack came from a man called Yoichiro Ikeuchi,whose picture and contact information can be seen here:


对我来说,就像对我们中的许多人一样,这是个人问题。在我的案例中,最新的攻击来自一个叫 Yoichiro Ikeuchi 的人,他的照片和联系方式可以在这里看到:

This summer,while I was in Canada,he tried to kill a Japanese woman who has been helping me post Japanese language videos.Ikeuchi had access to private information about her that she never made public.He told her that two of my former girlfriends had been killed.In specific he mentioned Lisa Tohama,who worked with me for 12 years before dying of cancer at the age of 39.Tohama was poisoned by a genetically engineered Epstein Barr virus.


The man who bragged to an associate of killing her,Tenzan Nakai,has fled to a remote island in the Okinawa archipelago,according to Japanese underworld sources.


据日本黑社会消息人士称,向杀害她的同伙中井天山(Tenzan Nakai)吹嘘的男子已逃往冲绳群岛的一个偏远岛屿。

We are not aware of any other female associates being killed but another former girlfriend,who turned out to be a North Korean operative sent to spy on me,has also vanished.She may have also been killed.In any case,my assistant says she suffered an electromagnetic attack of some sort and only survived by fleeing the scene.Ikeuchi failed to respond to multiple attempts to contact him.


Needless to say,Japanese police and other official authorities have done nothing about cases like these even when presented with strong,actionable evidence.Personal grudges aside,strong action is needed because the Western world is facing civilizational collapse,especially in the United States.


Take a look at these photos of San Francisco's deserted financial district to confirm the U.S.is in the middle of a Soviet Union style collapse.



Here you can see articles describing quarter-mile long bread lines,failed garbage collection,dysfunctional public transit,and depopulation in New York.






Also,U.S.cities have become war zones with major shooting sprees constantly taking place in Chicago,New York,Los Angeles,etc.





The societal collapse also means many police forces in the U.S.have degenerated into uniformed criminals.



The Canadian government used to warn its citizens not to carry cash to the U.S.because police would steal it.Now it is telling Canadians not to go to the U.S.at all.


NSA sources are also saying there is a strong danger of major terrorist incidents over the next 90 days inside the U.S.and elsewhere.




Fortunately,there are growing signs of some sort of mind-blowing military move against the cabal,possibly as early as September,multiple sources agree.


Of particular interest is a total blackout of satellites over a huge area of the South Atlantic.The story at the link below talks about some sort of"magnetic anomaly"that forces operators to shut down satellites going over the South Atlantic.If you look at the map though,it is centered right on Buenos Aires,Argentina.Nazi sources say this is to cover up a major military deployment.



Then we have credible Russian reports and videos of UFOs flying over Antarctica.Could this anomaly be the cover for some sort of secret space force military move against the cabal?


然后我们有可靠的俄罗斯报告和 ufo 飞越南极洲的视频。这种异常现象会不会是某种秘密太空部队军事行动对抗阴谋集团的掩护?

We shall see.As always with this space stuff,believe it when you see it and even then examine it and question it,as the fake blue beam psyop is rumored to be just getting warmed up.


Even if no space force comes the rescue,the U.S.military needs to invade California and occupy the big hi-tech companies'headquarters.Whoever controls the Fed printing press in the U.S.right now is clearly pumping vast amounts of money into them.If you remove Facebook,Apple,Amazon,Microsoft,and Google from the stock indexes then the stock market remains stuck at the lows reached after the March price collapse.



即使没有太空部队来救援,美国军方也需要入侵加利福尼亚,占领大型高科技公司的总部。无论是谁控制着美联储的印钞机,现在他们显然是在向美联储注入大量资金。如果你把 Facebook、苹果(Apple)、亚马逊(Amazon)、微软(Microsoft)和谷歌(Google)从股指中剔除,那么股市仍然停留在3月份价格暴跌后的低点标准普尔

These companies are key to mass mind control via the internet.The fact that most of the computer-generated central bank money seems to be pouring into them is supporting evidence that the gnostic Illuminati are right and we are dealing with a"rogue AI."Even if there is no rogue AI,these companies are behaving in ways that can only be described as criminal.This writer,along with many other reporters of the truth,has long been attacked,de-platformed,robbed of revenue,etc.by these companies.


Here is a small example of abuse of power by Apple,considered to be one of the less evil of the tech giants.For some reason every time I try to download photographs from my iPhone to my computer,only about half end up making it.Then,a while later,I get an email from Apple offering me a chance to put my photos in their cloud storage system.It is a pretty good bet Apple is deliberately preventing people from putting their own photos on their own computers in order to push their online storage business.This sort of abuse is one of the many reasons why the California tech giants need to be seriously investigated and forced to face criminal charges.Teeny tiny fines do nothing to deter trillion-dollar companies.Putting hi-tech CEOs in jail for long periods would.

下面是苹果滥用权力的一个小例子,苹果被认为是邪恶程度较低的科技巨头之一。出于某种原因,每次我试图从我的 iPhone 下载照片到我的电脑上,只有大约一半的人最终成功了。然后,过了一会儿,我收到了一封苹果的电子邮件,提供给我一个机会把我的照片放到他们的云存储系统中。我敢打赌,苹果公司是故意阻止人们把自己的照片放在自己的电脑上,以推动他们的在线存储业务。这种滥用是加州科技巨头需要认真调查并被迫面对刑事指控的众多原因之一。微不足道的罚款对数万亿美元的公司毫无威慑力。把高科技公司的 ceo 长期关押起来。

Even hi-tech companies like Tesla,which actually make things,are clearly getting more money than a functioning capital market would allocate to them.Last week Tesla's PE,price to earnings ratio passed one thousand to one.That means it would take a thousand years for Tesla to pay off any investment in its stock right now.



Aside from California,another cabal stronghold appears to be South Korea.Korean gangsters who have been subcontracting control of Japan and South Korea for the cabal are starting to panic as they see the wheels of justice grinding towards them.A sign of this is that the South Korean slave regime is upping Covid-19 restrictions to draconian levels in a bid to keep their populace under control.


They are desperate in part because North Korea is getting ready to announce South Korean government officials were responsible for murdering Kim Jong Un.You can be sure the guilty parties will not be long for this Earth.




In Japan meanwhile,Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appears to have survived another cabal poisoning attempt.Abe has recently gone off the cabal reservation and has been undermining their attempts to use Covid-19 to destroy the Japanese economy,Japanese military intelligence sources say.They promise a major campaign to round up cabal agents in Japan soon.Presumably,this would mean occupying the Khazarian slave media in Japan as well as taking control of the Bank of Japan.


We also have reports of explosions at Bill Gate's compound in Karuizawa,Japan.The construction of a massive facility is rumored to be close to completion,so some form of raid may have taken place.We will try to investigate further and update when possible.


Now let us look at what the U.S.Defense Intelligence Agency has to say about the takedown of the Khazarian rogue state of Israel etc.Here is their report:


"After the Iraqi Prime Minister met with Trump,U.S.troops began to draw down…Beggars can't be choosers.So Trump forced BiBi[Benjamin Netanyahu]not to block F35 jet sales to UAE,and then to Saudi,Egypt,and others.

"在伊拉克总理会见特朗普之后,美军开始减员......乞丐不能挑三拣四。所以特朗普强迫 BiBi[本雅明·内塔尼亚胡]不要阻止 F35飞机销售给阿联酋,然后销售给沙特阿拉伯、埃及和其他国家。

With threats of public disclosure of 9/11,Beirut,Fukushima,Bali 2002,nukes used in Yemen and Syria,and the 2005 Hariri assassination,Israel is on the back foot as Saudi Arabia proclaims no normalization without peace deal with Palestine per 2002 Arab peace initiative and UN resolutions.


Zionism is dead as the UN special tribunal for Lebanon failed to convict Hezbollah leaders or Syria for the death of Rafic Hariri,since everybody knows that Israel nuked him in 2005.


The Arab world may unite under cover of normalizations to compel Israel to return all stolen lands,evacuate all illegal Jewish settlements,lift the siege of Gaza,return to 1967 borders or accept a bi-national one-state solution with equal rights for all.


Israel no longer has a qualitative military edge as it lost F35s over Syria in 2018,and Iran is getting advanced Russian weapons like S-400,Su-57,and jammers that can disable any platform on the ground,air,and sea."

2018年,以色列在对叙利亚的战争中失去了 f35战斗机,以色列不再具有实质性的军事优势,伊朗正在获得先进的俄罗斯武器,如 S-400、苏-57和干扰机,这些武器可以使地面、空中和海上的任何平台失去功能。"

Finally this week we can report multiple sources are talking about some sort of imminent financial reset.Pentagon sources say the Zionist-controlled SWIFT international bank transfer system has been taken down as the"Quantum financial system goes online."

最后,本周我们可以报道多个消息来源正在讨论某种即将到来的财政重置。五角大楼消息人士说,由犹太复国主义者控制的 SWIFT 国际银行转账系统已经被拆除,因为"量子金融系统已经上线"

Two different Dragon Family sources also say massive funds are being readied for a campaign to fix the planet.We are reluctant to give specific dates,but many sources say something might happen as early as September.Given all the false alarms we have seen,believe when you see it.




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