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Ashian| 你愿意吗Jennifer: Greetings!

珍妮佛: 你好!

Ashian: And blessings to you all. We bring forth so much love for you, to you, through you at this time. There is so much afoot at present, seismic shifts are occurring in every sector of every country and all of it ~ all evidence to the contrary ~ is dancing in alignment with Highest Good of All.

祝福你们所有人。此时此刻,我们通过你们为你们带来了如此多的爱。目前有如此多的事情正在发生,每个国家的每个部门都在发生地震般的变化,所有这一切 ~ 所有相反的证据 ~ 都在与最高的善一致起舞。

J: That’s wonderful news.


A: It is the greatest blessing to have been granted the honour of embodying at this time, because it took the hardiest, strongest souls to hold the light through such intense darkness.

A: 这是最大的祝福,在这个时候被授予体现的荣誉,因为它需要最坚强,最强大的灵魂持有光通过如此强烈的黑暗。

Now the dawn is emerging, what has been understood to be ‘up’ is found to be ‘down’, what was ‘good’ is ‘bad’, what was ‘wrong’ is ‘right.’ How do you know where to stand? How do you hold your balance when everything is swirling around you and the energies are flying through your body, your emotions and your psyche like a sandstorm?


Back to basics! Centre on your breath. Use your breath as your gateway point to accessing your Higher Self, your intuition, your knowingness.


From that point of stillness, you access your wisdom. You begin to see what is stuck in fear, rejection and greed from what is infused with kindness, compassion, gratitude, generosity and expansion. You will know; and if you don’t know the answer, it’s not yet time.

从那个静止的点,你获得你的智慧。你开始从充满善意、同情、感恩、慷慨和扩张的事物中看到困在恐惧、拒绝和贪婪中的东西。你会知道的; 如果你不知道答案,那么现在还不是时候。

You brave Light workers, you have all the tools and all the knowingness, which reveals itself as and when it is needed, so as not to overwhelm you.


Notice your inspirations ~ what you, Jennifer, say ‘dropped in’ ~ notice your daydreams. Truth does not shout, only fear shouts because it has nothing else to substantiate it. There is no weight behind it, no resonance of truth within it, no outcome of peace emerging from it.

注意你的灵感 ~ 珍妮弗,你说的‘掉进’~ 注意你的白日梦。真理不叫喊,只有恐惧叫喊,因为它没有别的东西来证实它。它背后没有重量,没有真理的共鸣,也没有和平的结果。

All the skills you have been practicing for decades, this is their moment. This is YOUR moment, our beloved Sparkles of Light.


You are the blessing.


You inspire others simply by being the way you are. Allow the courage in your Self to expand. Enjoy your ‘you-ness’; the unique divine expression that you are, as you be, say and do YOU.

你只要做你自己就能激励别人。允许你自我中的勇气扩张。享受你的“你”; 独特的神圣的表达,你是,因为你是,说和做你。

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