本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇

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本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇

The Khazarian Mafia and their slave countries are secretly trying to negotiate peace with the planetary liberation alliance but their offers are being spurned, White Dragon Society sources say. Instead, Russia is demanding the abolition of the Federal Reserve Board while China is preparing to invade Taiwan, Russian FSB and Asian secret society sources say.


Meanwhile, the undeclared civil war in the West has taken an ominous turn as MI6 discovers Queen Elizabeth was murdered with a directed energy weapon by the Khazarian Mafia. That is why the British military and intelligence apparatus have decided to ally themselves with Russia and China against the KM.


There is also major underworld action in Japan, Indonesia and elsewhere as KM rule worldwide continues its collapse.


There is a lot to cover this week so let us start with the offer to Russia made by the KM agent posing as Pope Francis. The fake pope flew last week to the Congress s of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana and begged for meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Archbishop Kiril, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Pope” Francis was spurned.

这个星期有很多内容要讲,所以让我们从假扮成教皇弗朗西斯的 KM 代理人向俄罗斯提出的条件开始。假教皇上周飞往位于哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳的世界和传统宗教领袖大会,请求与中国国家主席习近平和俄罗斯正教会主教基里尔会面。“教皇”弗朗西斯被拒绝了。



The “pope” offered to “give away the Donetsk and the Luhansk regions and make a peace deal,” according to Russian FSB sources. However, the Russians rejected the new peace offer as “just a manipulation to win time and get gas and oil resources.” They say “the Soros foundation and the Rothschilds are funding activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to repeat the Ukraine scenario.”  

俄罗斯联邦安全局消息人士称,“教皇”提出“放弃顿涅茨克和 Luhansk 地区,达成和平协议”。然而,俄罗斯拒绝了新的和平提议,称其“只是为了赢得时间和获得天然气和石油资源而进行的操纵”他们说,“索罗斯基金会和罗斯柴尔德家族正在资助亚美尼亚、阿塞拜疆和哈萨克斯坦的活动,以重复乌克兰的情况。”

The FSB also notes that “the US has already signed off on funding the Ukrainian Nazis’ weapons and military bases until 2025 to prepare for a new round of war with Russia.”


The Russians suggested it was in their interests to “wait until after the winter,” before negotiating saying “Peace will start from ending the Federal Reserve Board and the current financial system as well as forming a new multi-polar world order with equality for all countries.”

俄罗斯方面表示,“等到冬天过后”再进行谈判符合他们的利益。他们表示,“和平将从结束美联储(Federal Reserve Board)和当前的金融体系,以及建立一个所有国家平等的多极世界新秩序开始。”

The “pope” also repeated his offer to China of control of ASEAN, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Australia and New Zealand and sweetened the pot by offering Taiwan as well, according to Asian secret society sources. All the KM wanted in exchange was continued funding for their UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation beyond September 30th.


The Chinese of course, know the people behind the pope are just trying to buy time so they could continue attempts to stay in power by killing 90% of the world’s population. That is why Xi Jinping refused to meet the pope.

中国人当然知道教皇背后的人只是想争取时间这样他们就可以通过杀死世界上90% 的人口来继续掌权。这就是习近平拒绝会见教皇的原因。

They also have a very justified fear the KM would just use the meeting to kill Xi just like they killed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the Queen.

他们还有一种非常合理的担忧,担心朝鲜领导人会利用这次会晤杀死习近平,就像他们杀死朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)和女王一样。

OK, now let us look at why MI6 is sure the Queen was murdered. The head of MI6 notes her death came just a few days after his private secretary was murdered. “Someone very close to The Queen at the same time reported to us Her Majesty was perfectly well apart from old age problems.” The murder of the Queen came just after the alliance installed Liz Truss as Prime Minister instead of the KM World Economic Forum designated puppet Rishi Sunak, he noted. “The Queen did not die by way of natural causes. I know this because she would have told me beforehand,” he added.

好了,现在让我们来看看为什么军情六处确信女王是被谋杀的。军情六处的负责人说她的死亡发生在他的私人秘书被谋杀的几天之后。“同时,一个与女王关系非常密切的人向我们报告说,女王陛下除了老年问题之外一切都很好。”他指出,就在女王遇害之前,联盟刚刚任命利兹 · 特拉斯(Liz Truss)为总理,而不是被指定为 KM 世界经济论坛(KM World Economic Forum)傀儡的里希 · 苏纳克(Rishi Sunak)。女王不是自然死亡。我知道这一点,因为她会事先告诉我,”他补充说。

The KM leadership is a “bunch of creeps who now have every MI6 and SAS officer around the world down their backs on a shoot to kill on my orders,” promises the head of British intelligence.  


That is why MI6 opened a back channel with Russia last week. “We know everything about KM and the KM Russo Genocide of near on five million [more like 50 million] Russians. The mass graves are many. The KM is the root cause of all world terrorism,” MI6 notes. “We are not alone. I have had numerous covert contacts in the last few days,” he added. 

这就是军情六处上周与俄罗斯开通秘密渠道的原因。“我们知道近500万(更像是5000万)俄罗斯人的 KM 和 KM Russo 种族灭绝的一切。乱葬岗有很多。KM是所有世界恐怖主义的根源,”军情六处指出。“我们并不孤单。在过去的几天里,我有许多秘密接触。”他补充道。

That is why the British agree with the following statement put out by the Chinese Foreign Ministry “China is ready to work together with Russia to…promote the development of the international order in a more just and reasonable direction.”

这就是为什么英国同意中国外交部发表的以下声明: “中国愿与俄罗斯共同努力... ... 推动国际秩序朝着更加公正合理的方向发展。”

Russia’s Putin reflected similar sentiments when he said: “Attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken an absolutely ugly shape and are absolutely unacceptable to the overwhelming number of states on the planet.”

俄罗斯总统普京也表达了类似的观点,他说: “创造一个单极世界的企图最近呈现出一种绝对丑陋的形态,这是地球上绝大多数国家绝对不能接受的。”

The Russian official Tass news agency also announced Russia and China were joining the UK in repudiating the fake Covid pandemic by noting that when “Putin chatted with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping…they did not resort to anti-COVID restrictions: they spoke at close distance, without masks.”  

俄罗斯官方通讯社塔斯社(Tass news agency)还宣布,俄罗斯和中国将与英国一道,否认假的新冠冠状病毒疾病疫情。该社指出,当“普京与中国国家主席习近平交谈时... ... 他们没有采取抗新冠疫情的限制措施,而是近距离交谈,没有戴口罩。”

本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇


The Chinese further signaled to the world they knew they were under 5G electromagnetic attack and are responding by destroying the infrastructure involved as can be seen in this video of a massive cell phone facility being burned down. 

中国进一步向世界发出信号,他们知道他们正在遭受5G 电磁攻击,并正在摧毁相关的基础设施作为回应,从这段大规模手机设施被烧毁的视频中可以看出。


China and Russia displayed the power of their alliance last week at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. There Xi issued a declaration of war against the KM by saying “We should prevent external forces from instigating a color revolution.”

上周在乌兹别克斯坦举行的上海合作组织峰会上,中国和俄罗斯展示了他们联盟的力量。在那里,习发表了反对KM宣战的讲话,他说: “我们要防止外部势力煽动颜色革命。”


Instead, he promoted “mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diversity of civilizations and pursuit of common development.”


The countries allied with or signaling alliance with the SCO now include India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Belarus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Belarus, Mongolia, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia,




The fact that Turkey, the nation with the largest NATO army after the United States, has joined this alliance spells military doom for NATO,



There was also a sign that with this huge alliance behind it, China is preparing for a move to take over Taiwan. On Sunday Taiwan was hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was almost certainly artificial because it took place at a depth of 10 kilometers and its epicenter was the huge airbase in Hualien County on the eastern coast of Taiwan.

还有一个迹象表明,在这个庞大联盟的支持下,中国正准备采取行动接管台湾。上周日,台湾发生里氏7.2级地震。这次地震几乎可以肯定是人为的,因为它发生在10公里深的地方,震中位于 Hualien County 东海岸的巨大空军基地。

The US military is unable to resist, being so short of funds that active-duty soldiers need food stamps to feed themselves and their families.



Since most of the world’s major oil-exporting countries are members of the SCO, this means that the continued disruption in oil supplies to the EU and US will lead to complete economic chaos.


Indonesia, another major oil producer, is also likely to join the anti-KM alliance soon. According to Indonesian intelligence sources, a civil war is raging within the military and police forces. Indonesian intelligence officials have uncovered “gambling syndicates, prostitution, trafficking in underage children, drugs and tons of money… Specially appointed outside investigators have already unearthed hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore banks in Singapore and Hong Kong.” The articles linked below reflect a small part of the internal war raging there.

另一个主要产油国印度尼西亚也可能很快加入反KM联盟。根据印度尼西亚情报部门的消息,军队和警察部队内部正在爆发内战。印尼情报官员发现了“赌博集团、卖淫、贩卖未成年儿童、毒品和大量金钱... ... 专门指定的外部调查人员已经在新加坡和香港的离岸银行发现了数亿美元。”下面链接的文章反映了一小部分内战在那里肆虐。

https://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/indonesia-police-inspector-general-ferdy-sambo-suspended-bodyguard-dead-gunshot-wounds-2820001#:~:text=JAKARTA%3A%20The%20Indonesian%20National %20Police%20have%20exposed%20a%20%20shot%20%20er%20shot%20in%20the%20General%20House%20under%20suspicious%20suspects


“This will most likely bring down the Indonesian government before the end of October,” the source said.


Japan also secretly joins the alliance. The fact that Russia is still supplying them with gas and oil shows that the Japanese have already struck a secret deal.


High-level members of the Japanese underworld met with a WDS representative last week and said an alliance had been struck between all major Japanese ninkyo (the correct term for the widely used derogatory word yakuza) organizations. This means that the groups that tasked the KM with delivering underage children, assassinating politicians, etc., must now choose between surrender and death.

上周,日本黑社会的高级成员会见了 WDS 的代表,并表示所有主要的日本团体(广泛使用的贬义词 Yakuza 的正确术语)之间已经达成了一个联盟。这意味着那些委托KM机构接生未成年儿童、暗杀政客等的组织现在必须在投降和死亡之间做出选择。

The ninkyo alliance promises to regain control of all listed Japanese companies from KM and its lackeys.


Polish intelligence sources also contacted the WDS last week and announced that they had declared war on the KM. They realize:

波兰情报部门上周也联系了 WDS,并宣布他们已经向 KM 宣战。他们意识到:

The world is ruled by four corporations: Black Rock, State Street Corp., Vanguard Group and FMR owned by several families including: Rockefeller, Rothschild, Onassis, Kennedy, McDonald, Disney, Bundy, Bush and Collins. These companies have made their fortunes in human trafficking, guns, drugs, prostitution, global terrorism and false flag operations. They sit on the governing boards of the International Monetary Fund, all central banks, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve System. They also own oil, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and technology giants.

这个世界由四家公司统治: 黑石、道富集团、先锋集团和由几个家族拥有的 FMR,包括洛克菲勒、罗斯柴尔德、奥纳西斯、肯尼迪、麦当劳、迪士尼、 Bundy、布什和柯林斯。这些公司通过人口贩卖、枪支、毒品、卖淫、全球恐怖主义和假国旗业务发家致富。它们是国际货币基金组织(IMF)、所有央行、世界银行(World Bank)和美联储(Fed)的理事会成员。他们还拥有石油、食品、制药、化工和科技巨头。

本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇

本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇

本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇

They said the Polish military is ready to take over KM subsidiary ALTRIA Holdings, which manages Poland’s economy, politics, parties, politicians, courts and companies.

他们说,波兰军方准备接管 KM 子公司 ALTRIA 控股公司,该公司管理波兰的经济、政治、政党、政治家、法院和公司。

A Polish intelligence source noted: 


Russia knows it is leading to an exit from the Matrix. It leaves behind a corrupt financial system, the media and the Internet. They expose the New World Order, EU, US, NATO, UN, CERN, WHO, CIA and MOSSAD. It’s all a great pit of serpents, full of darkness, uniting in the evil elite pyramid. It will soon be completely destroyed.”


The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy is also about to take decisive action, as most archbishops know that “Pope Francis” is an agent working for “Mammon”. Archbishop Carlo Vigano says: “In the short term, the Church will have to deal with the disasters caused by Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) and his small circle of corrupt collaborators.”

罗马天主教会圣统制也将采取果断行动,因为大多数大主教都知道“教皇弗朗西斯”是“财神”的代理人。大主教卡洛维加诺说: “在短期内,教会将不得不处理由贝尔格里奥(“教皇方济各”)和他的腐败勾结小圈子造成的灾难


Of course, as usual, the KM does not intend to go quietly into the night despite the growing resistance. A rumor has been circulating on the internet and in the intelligence community that some kind of massive 911 or Fukushima-like event is being planned for the Jewish New Year on September 24th. Whatever they do, they won’t be able to murder or terrorize themselves from the hole they dug for themselves.


本杰明报道|2022/09/19 俄罗斯要求废除联邦储备委员会,中国拒绝假教皇

The big question, however, is whether the long-planned “space/UFO” event will happen at or near this time.


As is usual lately, we conclude with the latest evidence for UFOs and Unidentified Area Phenomena (UAP).

和往常一样,最近我们总结了 UFO 和不明区域现象(UAP)的最新证据。

1. Ancient Mosaic Found in Palmyra, Syria Ancient alien spacecraft.


2. UFO seen from a passenger plane

从客机上看到的 UFO

3. Drones fly over a city and are observed by a helicopter

3. 无人机在城市上空飞行,由直升机观察

4. Spotted UFO fly-by on live TV news

4. 电视直播新闻中发现不明飞行物飞过

5. Military SSP vehicle fires weapon

5. 军用 SSP 车辆发射武器

Finally, one more sign that we live in interesting times: “Ukrainian astronomers observe bizarre unidentified aerial phenomena over Kyiv”.

最后,还有一个迹象表明我们生活在一个有趣的时代: “乌克兰天文学家在基辅上空观察到奇异的不明飞行现象”。


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