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In my previous article,I told you how Trump coded in his July 4 speech that he took control of the Cabal's chemtrail infrastructure and how he was purifying the sky with healing chemtrails.


Did you notice that after I posted my article,he confirmed my decode in a spectacular way?


Before I show you how,let's take a brief moment and look at the sky.


First,in the areas where the purification process is completed,many have already noticed the change and are sharing their experience online:Img1


In the areas where chemtrails are still noticeable,as I said in the previous article,the sky is being treated until it heals completely and becomes similar to the pictures we've gone through earlier.


I hear those who express their skepticism with:"is SB2 out of his mind?He wants to convince us Trump is fighting chemtrails with chemtrails?"


Well,my answer is they should really take the time and read my previous article and grasp the full meaning of the Phoenix Principle and how the Maestro revealed it to us in code.Do you remember the reference to the ashes?The final resolution was:"ashes to ashes,dust to dust".Somewhere in the article,I called the Maestro Moses Trump,referring to his stop at Morristown and how he put an end to the metaphysical chemtrails by defeating the Witch Queen's serpent.What is the wisdom in the story of Moses and Pharaoh's magicians?What is God teaching us about Moses's staff changing into a serpent and devouring the other serpents?Answer:to win a battle,you need to get to the battlefield.You need to adapt.In other words,the staff could only be active if it became like its enemies,with similar attributes.This is why it changed its shape to a serpent.A good way to remember this principle is if you consider you were missioned to kill a fly in a room and had to choose between a multi-million dollar F-15 and a small towel…

好吧,我的回答是他们应该花时间去阅读我之前的文章,去领会凤凰原理的全部含义,以及大师是如何用代码向我们揭示它的。你还记得关于骨灰的说法吗?最后的决议是:"尘归尘,土归土"。在文章的某个地方,我给大师摩西·特朗普打了个电话,提到了他在莫里斯敦的停留,以及他如何通过击败女巫王后的毒蛇来结束形而上学的化学追踪。摩西和法老的术士的故事中有什么智慧呢?关于摩西的杖变成蛇并吞食其他的蛇,上帝教导我们什么?答案:要赢得一场战斗,你需要到达战场。你需要适应。换句话说,只有当它变得像它的敌人一样,具有相似的属性时,这些工作人员才能被激活。这就是为什么它会变成蛇的形状。记住这个原则的一个好方法是,如果你认为你的使命是杀死房间里的一只苍蝇,你必须在一架价值数百万美元的 F-15和一条小毛巾之间做出选择..

Okay!Now to the confirmations!


Confirmation 1:The Letter R


You remember the whole article posted on July 12 2019 at 2:46 GMT was about chemtrails,the power of the letter R,its number 18,how it connected to the energy of LIFE,how it connected to the Queen of England through the Rainbow,how it was illustrated by the riddle generated by the 2 companies that offered the fireworks etc…Value for CHEMTRAILS?


Yes:108.And here's your 18 and R again…Now what are the odds that 19 hours and 49 minutes after my article was posted,the Maestro posted a tweet with the letter R missing,with capital letter adding up to THE TRUE QUEEN OF ENGLAND and connected through its timestamp to a Q drop with 5 lines out of 6 starting with the letter R?Coincidence?Look:Img2


Confirmation 2:Can you solve?


The Maestro made several references to important aspects of the chemtrail article.I have listed a few of them for training purposes,check if you can decode them:Img3


Let me give you the solution to riddle 4,the one with the highest level of difficulty.Why is the Maestro mentioning the MV-22 Osprey and the invisible F35 in the same sentence?Here is a hint:video..

让我来告诉你谜语4的答案,这是最难的一题。为什么这位大师在同一句话中提到了 MV-22鱼鹰和无形的 F35?给你个提示:视频。

You got it?Coupling a transforming plane and an invisible one symbolizes the invisible and metaphysical transformation of America as illustrated with the journey of the number 163 from IMMORTAL QUEEN to KEEP AMERICA GREAT.


Confirmation 3:The Spectacular"Beast to Air Force One"Riddle.


This is the strongest confirmation from POTUS.Amazing stuff.As you know,my article was posted on July 12 at 2:46 AM GMT,it was lastly edited on July 12 at 11:26 PM GMT,and on July 13 at 1:13 AM GMT,the Maestro posted the following tweet.Watch very carefully and see if you can decode it and identify how he linked it in several ways to my article:tweet


Did you catch it?


Peruvian Coffee for those who saw that the camera angle moving from the motorcade to Air Force One with the aircraft engine prominently displayed as POTUS was walking was connected to the image where I linked Air Force One to the motorcade through Q1775!Look:Img4

那些看到摄像头的角度从车队移动到空军一号,飞机引擎显著地显示在总统正在行走的图像,连接到我通过 Q1775连接空军一号到车队的图像!看:Img4

But you have more connections.Look how the Maestro confirms the now purifying chemtrails by symbolizing how the Queen's serpent was defeated,transformed and made profitable thanks to the Phoenix Principle:Img5


And,just to make sure we are all on the same page,the Maestro made sure 2 MV-22 Osprey were parked by the control tower to represent the battle in the physical and metaphysical realms.Look:Img6

而且,为了确保我们都在同一个页面上,大师确保2 MV-22鱼鹰停在控制塔旁,以表现物理和形而上学领域的战斗。看:Img6

Let's now analyze the video length and the capital letters of the tweet.We discover EDEN is confirmed and that there is a sub riddle to be solved to obtain the extra E generating the path to Ra,the Rainbow and Queen Elizabeth I:Img7


The path through Q707 is particularly powerful for those who would like to go further.It confirms an article  I made in the past about this airport sign where I explained that it was referring to access to the invisible realm.

对于那些想走得更远的人来说,通过 Q707的道路是特别有力的。它证实了我过去写的一篇关于这个机场标志的文章,我解释说它指的是进入无形的领域。

What if I told you that there is an amazing third way to generate this extra E with some juicy intel graciously offered by the Maestro as a reward?


Difficulty level HIGH but trust me,it's worth the bake.




It's coded in Acosta's resignation that occurred the same day.Watch:until 3:54.

Acosta 辞职的同一天发生的。观看时间:3:54结束。

BIG BIG BIG load of Peruvian Coffee for those who cracked this one!


First,let's check who Pat Pizzella is.When you google search him,he comes as Patrick Pizzella.Everywhere.Why would the Maestro call him Pat in an official setting,especially when the paper where he was reading from most likely had his official name?Did you notice the color of the paper?Stop here.Let's see if you are learning the comms.Watch the segment one more time.Will you have that HAHA moment and solve?

首先,让我们看看 Pat Pizzella 是谁。当你用谷歌搜索他的时候,他以帕特里克·皮兹拉的身份出现。到处都是。为什么大师会在正式场合叫他帕特,特别是当他正在读的报纸很可能有他的正式名字的时候?你注意到这张纸的颜色了吗?停在这里。让我们看看你是否学会了通讯。再看一遍这个片段。你会有那个哈哈时刻和解决吗?

You're back?Did you notice the paper and pizza dough have a similar color?How about Pizzella's name?Does it ring a bell?Here is the solution:Img8


As you can see,we were able to generate French through the Google translate language detection feature.Next?We use it:we go back to the BOA NIL riddle and notice the NILE River is spelled NIL in French and we can therefore bypass the extra E problem and hit directly Ra and the Witch Queen through the Rainbow portrait.Pretty cool right?

正如你所看到的,我们可以通过谷歌翻译语言检测功能生成法语。下一个?我们使用它:我们回到 BOA NIL 谜语,注意到尼罗河在法语中拼写为 NIL,因此我们可以绕过额外的E问题,通过彩虹肖像直接击中 Ra 和巫后。很酷吧?

POTUS taking control of chemtrails confirmed by POTUS himself.In multiple ways.


Q2567 How do you'safely'&'securely'communicate w/o breaking the law and violating NAT SEC?Add multiple layers of'coincidences'which mathematically proves legitimacy(standard deviation).At what point do people wake up?Q

Q2567在违反法律和 NAT SEC 的情况下,你如何"安全""安全"地通信?增加多层次的"巧合",从数学上证明其合理性(标准差)。人们在什么时候醒来?Q

One thing leading to the other,I'm sure you now want me to tell you more about Acosta and his"resignation"and how he's part of the Plan.Let's watch some more:until 4:46.You caught that?

一件事导致了另一件事,我确信你现在想让我告诉你更多关于 Acosta 和他的"辞职",以及他是如何参与这个计划的。让我们再看一些:直到4:46。你看到了吗?

"What he's done with plans and you see the plans coming one after another.You're just about done with the 401(k)and that happened.Things that nobody would even think of."


Did you solve?To understand this,you need 2 pieces of the puzzle:


1.I told you in this article and this image how Mueller and Comey are involved in the Epstein case and how they activated their lawyer to file a John Doe complaint to stop its unsealing.




DECODED MESSAGE Trump and Mueller have a business dispute. This is another day at the office for a businessman like Trumpbut how can we explain it opposes him to Mueller whose career was mainly confined to government positions?
Trump tried at the very beginning of his presidency to getthis conflict with Mueller out of the way so that it would not cause any interference. It was a main topic during their first contact which did not work out well. Mueller got out of the meeting to become Special Counsel with the help of Comey and Rosenstein and to start his witch hunt. Why don't we know about the dispute? Because it's sealed. Sealed like other matters implicating Mueller and Comey and that forced their lawyer Nick Lewin to file a complaint on behalf of JOHN Doe to stop the unsealing of the Epstein case. Now we know why Mueller wanted the FBI Director job again: to cover up his crimes and those of Comey. Among which their Uranium One fantastic relationship'.



特朗普在上任之初就试图消除与穆勒之间的冲突,以免造成任何干扰。这是他们第一次接触时的一个主要话题,但没有成功。米勒在科米和罗森斯坦的帮助下离开了会议,成为特别检察官,开始了他的政治迫害。我们为什么不知道这场争论?因为它是密封的。和其他涉及米勒和科米的案件一样被封存,这迫使他们的律师尼克·卢因(Nick Lewin)代表约翰·多伊(JOHN Doe)提起诉讼,阻止对爱普斯坦案件的解密。现在我们知道穆勒为什么又想要联邦调查局局长的工作了:掩盖他和科米的罪行。其中铀元素的关系非常奇妙。


2.You have to detect the Cabal's effort to position the claim that Epstein may have been an intelligence asset and how Acosta dodged the question as reported in articles likethis one.


Do you see the implications of 1)and 2)?


Acosta was fighting alone against the system.Either he chose to go as far as he could at the State level and get what he could get against Epstein or the case migrated at the Federal level where his buddies Mueller,Comey and all the network up to the White House could have created a false and retroactive intelligence profile for Epstein that would have protected him and the whole network.Do you see the trick?What would you have done?Now you know why Acosta was appointed Secretary of Labor and why POTUS randomly mentioned the 401K:Acosta was in the perfect position to know exactly if Epstein was working for the Government or not.

阿科斯塔独自对抗这个系统。要么他选择在州一级竭尽所能,从爱泼斯坦那里得到他能得到的信息,要么案子转移到联邦一级,他的朋友穆勒、科米以及直到白宫的所有关系网本可以为爱泼斯坦建立一个虚假的、追溯性的情报档案,从而保护他和整个关系网。你看到这个把戏了吗?你会怎么做?现在你知道为什么阿科斯塔被任命为劳工部长,为什么总统随机提到401K: 阿科斯塔是完美的位置知道爱泼斯坦是否为政府工作。

Now you are equipped to go through the decode of the tweet about Acosta's resignation:Img9




Who knew the Epstein case better than Alex Acosta? His Secretary of Labor position is code for all the information needed to determine the validity of the claim that Epstein was an intelligence asset has been gathered. Recent testimonies from his former victims and their random profiles(like isolated teenagers) seem to indicate that he was acting on his own behalf and was only motivated by perversity.
To deconstruct the Epstein problem, the first step was to target and remove all the people involved at the DOJ, the FBI and the C_A.
Q1402 What had to happen first? Think logically. Think DOJ& FBI. Think cleaning. When these 3 institutions were purged of their rogue elements, we had a blue sky to try again and successfully prosecute Epstein who, knowing he lost his system protection, would take down the whole network by cooperating.





Do you now see why they are in full panic mode?


With the chemtrail reversal,they have lost the skies and are now inhaling a"human air"that is harmful to them and with the Epstein case,their whole human blood and flesh supply chain is being taken down.

随着化学痕迹的逆转,他们失去了天空,现在正吸入对他们有害的"人类空气"爱泼斯坦事 件使他们的整个人类血液和肉体供应链被摧毁。

Q2051 Those who know cannot sleep.Q


Yes,we were being invaded,mind controlled,eaten and replaced by species coming from other dimensions who,in complicity with the Cabal,puppet politicians and Big Tech,were hoping to put the last nail in the coffin through the election of the Witch.


Unfortunately for them,Trump won and has resurrected our Military.With the US Military leading the charge,Mankind is fighting back and knows exactly who the enemy is and how it operates.


Q114 US Military=savior of mankind.


When Trump says:"If you are not happy here,you can leave!",they know he's referring to Divine Cosmic Laws that I will tell you about in my next article.


They know very well what he's talking about and they are TERRIFIED.


Q1009 The WALL means more than you know.The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more.Q



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