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Enclose fascinating partial transcripts from 5 Juan O Savin videos recorded between April 1st and April 17th.


I really wanted to post on 4-17-21 which was 17th day of the month and the 107th day of the year in honor of his name:Juan O Savin=107=17 in Gematria,but my mind has been so scrambled the past few weeks it's been difficult to put 2 thoughts together much less make sense out of hours of transcription.

我真的很想在4-17-21上发表文章,那是一个月的第17天,也是一年的第107天,以纪念他的名字:Juan o Savin=107=17 in Gematria,但是过去的几个星期里,我的脑子是如此的混乱,以至于我很难把两个想法放在一起,更不用说通过几个小时的抄写来理解了。

The white-electromagnetic light bursts on the Schuman Resonance have been intensifying all April and EM flashes knock me out.All of a sudden I feel leaden,drowsy and achy.I check the chart and sure enough,huge blasts are being recorded.Happily when the light-burst is over I'm filled with exhilarating energy like I'm celestially wired,which I suppose I am.






We are absorbing and acclimatizing to higher and higher quantifiable 5D++Divine light.Personally I'm euphoric.I feel lighter and lighter in body,mind and soul every moment.


"I sing the body electric."


~Walt Whitman


Since Juan O Savin is involved with the film,SOUND OF FREEDOM,I wanted to include some articles and information about it.I don't know if he's a producer,promoter,investor or what.


All I know is that O Savin hosted a weekend of SOUND screenings for several hundred Truthers and Influencers in Las Vegas a while back.

我只知道胡安•奥萨文不久前在拉斯维加斯为几百个真相论者和影响者举办了一个周末的 SOUND 放映会。

Juan O Savin:"The film,SOUND OF FREEDOM

Juan o Savin:"电影,自由之声

is an opening salvo,a beginning point,


to help wake the public up


to what's been going on


right under their noses


in plain sight


out across America and the world.


It's a battle cry for us to regain control of our country."


As a follow-up on my 4-16-21 Jim Caviezel SOUND OF FREEDOM post,I found an 18-minute video from a livestream with Caviezel talking about his film.https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2021/04/jim-caviezels-sound-of-freedom-is.html

作为我4-16-21吉姆·卡维泽尔《自由之声》文章的后续,我发现了一段18分钟的视频,卡维泽尔在直播中谈到了他的电影。I didn't transcribe it but for those who wish to watch it,here is the link:


Jim Caviezel at the Health&Freedom Conference 4-16-21 https://www.brighteon.com/12c646a7-062a-4ebd-ad92-fee033415f09


WARNING—I heard from several peeps on anonup that you can't post the Jim Caviezel SOUND OF FREEDOM link on Facebook because they deny it.No surprise,right?

警告——我从一些匿名者那里听说,你不能在 Facebook 上发布 Jim Caviezel "自由之声"链接,因为他们否认这个链接。没什么好惊讶的,对吧?


This is such an important film.It is THE subject deep state demons are PETRIFIED to have revealed.But it's too late now.Global disclosure of the horrific adrenochrome trade has begun.



THEY are terrified



God bless Jim Caviezel's courageous heart.He's wearing his Full Armor of God and is willing to stand and be counted for the Truth and the Children.He's started the reveal rolling and Patriots the world over are cheering him while the cabal are FREAKING OUT.



Oh my God the frantic pushback on Jim Caviezel's livestream appearance at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa on 4-17 is incredible.


On 4-17-21 Vanity Fair published a jeering sneering condescending article about Jim,"COVID-deniers"and"Qanon lunatics."WOWZA!!!Scared much?!

4-17-21《名利场》杂志上发表了一篇嘲笑性的、居高临下的文章,是关于吉姆、"COVID-deniers""Qanon 疯子"的!


"Person of Interest and The Passion of the Christ star Jim Caviezel gave a checked-in with a rally of COVID-deniers and QAnon lunatics in Tulsa this weekend.

"犯罪嫌疑人和《耶稣受难记》主演吉姆·卡维泽尔本周末在塔尔萨与一群否认 COVID-deniers QAnon 的疯子进行了会面。

The"Health and Freedom Conference,"at which lawyer-provocateur Lin Wood led the assembled to furious applause by miming a Q in the air,was graced by Caviezel,one of the few proud conservative voices out there in Hollyweird.

"健康与自由大会"上,律师兼挑衅者林伍德在空气中模仿了一个 q,引起了热烈的掌声。这次大会的亮点是 Caviezel,他是好莱坞少数骄傲的保守派声音之一。

Caviezel checked in to hype his forthcoming film Sound of Freedom,in which he portrays Timothy Ballard,a former special agent for the Department of Homeland Security whose group,The Nazarene Fund,works to"liberate the captive,to free the enslaved,and to rescue,rebuild and restore the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious and ethnic minorities wherever and whenever they are in need."In doing so he alluded to a fringe conspiracy theory that suggests that people are
harvesting adrenaline from children,an act called"adrenochroming."

Caviezel 在他即将上映的电影《自由之声》中大肆宣传他扮演的 Timothy Ballard,一位前国土安全部特工,他的组织 Nazarene 基金致力于"解放被俘者,解放被奴役者,拯救,重建和恢复基督徒和其他受迫害的宗教和少数民族的生活,无论他们在何时何地需要帮助。"在这样做时,他暗示了一种边缘阴谋论,即人们正在从儿童身上获取肾上腺素,这种行为被称为"肾上腺素变色"

He also threw in a reminder that he starred in The Count of Monte Cristo.


The Tulsa rally will conclude with a public mask-burning.COVID-19 has killed over 3 million people worldwide,and mask-wearing is a proven measure for slowing the spread of the virus.


There have been consistent rumors that Mel Gibson and screenwriter Randall Wallace intend to make a second The Passion of the Christ film,devoted to the resurrection.Caviezel claimed as recently as last September that it was happening."

一直有传言说梅尔·吉布森和编剧兰德尔·华莱士打算制作第二部《耶稣受难记》,专门讲述耶稣复活的故事。Caviezel 最近在去年九月宣称它正在发生。"

https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2021/04/jim-caviezel-decries-the-adrenochroming-of-children-as-if-thats-a-thing 4-20-21 COMPLEX:"Star of Mel Gibson's'Passion of the Christ'Pushes Unhinged QAnon Conspiracy at Conservative Conference


Trace William Cowen

Trace William Cowen 威廉·考恩

Tue,April 20,2021,9:06 AM


"Jim Caviezel,perhaps most known for playing a bloodied Jesus in Mel Gibson's widely questioned Passion of the Christ,has now put whatever is left of his pop culture weight behind the QAnon-associated conspiracy theory of adrenochrome-inspired baby harvesting.

"吉姆·卡维泽尔(Jim Caviezel)在梅尔·吉布森(Mel Gibson)广受质疑的《耶稣受难记》(Passion of the Christ)中饰演一个血淋淋的耶稣,这一角色也许是他最为人所知的角色。现在,他把自己流行文化中仅存的一点影响力,都放在了与 qanon 相关的阴谋论——受肾上腺素激发的采集婴儿理论背后。

The actor,whose credits also include the TV series Person of Interest and the upcoming film Sound of Freedom,appeared via videochat at a conservative,coronavirus-downplaying conference earlier this month.When discussing the latter project,which is an action film focused on the real-life figure Tim Ballard,Caviezel offhandedly mentioned"the adrenochroming of children."

这位演员在本月早些时候通过视频聊天出现在一个保守的、对冠状病毒轻描淡写的会议上。他的作品还包括电视连续剧《嫌疑人》(Person of Interest)和即将上映的电影《自由之声》(Sound of Freedom)。当谈到后一个项目,这是一个动作电影集中在现实生活中的人物蒂姆巴拉德,卡维泽尔不假思索地提到"肾上腺色素的儿童。"

Later,Caviezel was asked to go into further detail about his mention of"adrenochroming,"which is a key element of a baseless conspiracy theory touted by QAnon supporters about"liberal elite"figures harvesting the blood of kidnapped children.

后来,卡维泽尔被要求进一步详细说明他提到的"肾上腺色素",这是一个毫无根据的阴谋论的关键要素,QAnon 的支持者吹嘘说,"自由精英"人物收集被绑架儿童的血液。

"Essentially,you have adrenaline in your body and when you are scared,you produce the adrenaline.…If a child knows he's going to die,his body will secrete this adrenaline and they have a lot of terms that they use that he takes me through but it's
the worst horror I've seen,"Caviezel said."It's screaming alone.Even if I never,ever,ever saw it,it's beyond.And these people that do it,um,there will be no mercy for them."


In addition to being absolutely ridiculous,this conspiracy theory—as touched on in Cullen Hoback's recent
Q:Into the Storm
docuseries on HBO Max—has roots in the hateful anti-Semitic messaging of centuries ago."

除了绝对荒谬之外,这种阴谋论——正如卡伦霍贝克(Cullen Hoback)最近在 HBO max 频道的《问:进入风暴》(q:Into the Storm)纪录片中提到的那样——还源于几个世纪前充满仇恨的反犹太言论。"



My devout prayer is that by the time SOUND OF FREEDOM opens,MILLIONS of Patriots will line up at Box Offices across the globe and shatter attendance records and ticket sales.And so it is.



"QAnon"seems to be on every Mockingbird-MSM-fiend's lips lately.

最近,"QAnon"这个名字似乎出现在了每一个知更鸟-msm-fiend 的嘴唇上。

HBO is airing a(laughable)docu-series,"Q:Into the Storm."

HBO 正在播放一部(可笑的)纪录片系列,《q:进入风暴》

Newsweek:"Lin Wood's QAnon Gesture Sends Audience Wild during Oklahoma Conference 4-17-21."

新闻周刊:"林伍德的 QAnon 手势让观众在俄克拉荷马会议4-17-21期间疯狂。"

Newsweek:"QAnon Followers Excited by Mike Pompeo'Checkmate'Photo 4-12-21:'If Mike Pompeo's latest tweet isn't comms then I don't know what is,'wrote the Telegram account Pepe Lives Matter,which has more than 63k subscribers."

新闻周刊:"QAnon 的追随者们被 Mike Pompeo'将军'所激动。照片4-12-21:'如果 Mike Pompeo 最新的推文不是通讯,那么我不知道什么是通讯,'拥有超过63000名订阅者的 Telegram 帐号 Pepe Lives Matter 写道


BTW,as every Digital Soldier knows,there's NO SUCH THING AS"QAnon."







In one of these transcripts,Juan O Savin reveals that he's been waiting for this epic battle with evil all his life.In a very small way,I can understand how he feels.


I first learned about NESARA and the GCR in 2005.What I couldn't understand was why these marvelous changes weren't being implemented?Early days in the journey for me.

我第一次了解 NESARA GCR 是在2005年。我不能理解的是为什么这些奇妙的改变没有被实施?对我来说,旅途的早期。

In the 1970's,Sacha Stone met"The Dove"(codename)who was one of the writers of the NESARA law back in the 1950's.The law has gone through a number of permutations.President Kennedy lost his life trying to implement one part of it—taking down the Federal Reserve.

20世纪70年代,萨沙·斯通遇到了"鸽子"(代号),他是20世纪50年代 NESARA 法律的作者之一。这项法律经历了一系列的变化。肯尼迪总统为了执行法案的一部分——推翻美联储——而献出了生命。

The Kennedy family has paid the highest price in this war with the deep state.They've lost too many beautiful family members in what I've come to understand were"targeted hits."


Joseph P.Kennedy Jr.died in a plane crash in 1944.

老约瑟夫 p 肯尼迪死于1944年的一场空难。

Kathleen"Kick"Cavendish died in a plane crash in 1948.


Ethel Kennedy's parents George and Ann Skakel,died in a plane crash in 1955.

Ethel Kennedy 的父母 George Ann Skakel 死于1955年的一场空难。

President John F.Kennedy,was assassinated in 1963.


Senator Edward Kennedy narrowly escaped death in a 1964 plane crash.


Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968.


John F.Kennedy Jr.staged his passing in a plane crash in 1999,which has poetic Kennedy symmetry to his chosen method of a faux exit.


Not one of these tragic deaths was an"accident."The cabal was killing Kennedy's.


I've written several times now,that with the use of Alien Tech"Looking Glass"as well as Remote Viewers,the deep state were able to look into future Timelines and see that in every Timeline where they were defeated,a Kennedy figured heavily in their downfall.



Good news is,as Gene Decode recently reported,the cabal no longer have Looking Glass and their Remote Viewers are not reliable any more.The deep state demons are suffering huge defeats and the light factor on Earth,Galaxy,Solar System and in Humanity is rising making it harder for beings from lower dimensional hell to function at full capacity.

好消息是,正如 Gene Decode 最近报道的那样,阴谋集团不再拥有窥镜,他们的远程观察者也不再可靠。深层恶魔正在遭受巨大的失败,地球、银河系、太阳系和人类的光因子正在上升,使得来自低维度地狱的生命更难以全力运转。

Here are Key Juan O Savin Transcription Points—


Juan O Savin lost his April 1st bet that the fools would be out of power,kind of.In fact,Trump IS our duly elected and sworn-in President,just not publicly…yet.


President Trump is a great President and that's a great family.


The USA is being mightily Militarily protected lest anyone think we've let that slide while the Political turmoil is playing out.


The reasons why Q-team just doesn't spell everything out;the gamesmanship and trolling behind some of the Q-drops;an essential facet of the Q-Operation is WAKING PEOPLE UP and it has succeeded brilliantly.America is growing,owning our information and research,which is American citizenry and world citizenry.We are coming awake.There's a place for everybody in the Q-Operation.

Q 小组之所以没有把一切都说清楚,是因为他们的策略和一些 Q-drops 背后的恶作剧;q 小组的一个重要方面就是唤醒人们,它已经取得了辉煌的成功。美国正在成长,拥有我们的信息和研究,这就是美国公民和世界公民。我们正在觉醒。Q 行动中每个人都有自己的位置。

President Trump and the people around him are fighting the globalistas,the real deep state,a global conglomerate;and they are fighting tooth and nail to stop Freedom Earth and enslave us.


Understanding this situation we're in as a country,as a people,as a world,and getting up to speed on all the MK-Ultra mind games that are being played on us and how they do it,it's a process.

理解我们作为一个国家,作为一个民族,作为一个世界所处的这种状况,加快了解我们身上正在玩的所有 MK-Ultra 心理游戏以及他们是如何做到的,这是一个过程。

PATIENCE with those just waking up.


If we don't win this fight our kids and grandkids for generations will serve alien masters and it will be horrific.


If the globalistas win,they want to subjugate us,have us be their slaves,work slaves,sex slaves,energy slaves,be their food,rip the pineal gland out of the brains of our children and adrenalize themselves forever.


That's the fight we're in.It's so much bigger than people can even begin to comprehend.


It may be that there's a lot of people that are exhausted and have been up here on the front for too long.There's no disgrace in having to rotate back and let fresh troops at the line.If you need to go take a rest,that's fine.Don't burn yourself out.


Personally,myself,I've been waiting for this ALL MY LIFE.It's so energizing,so beautiful,to see a country coming alive and waking up.The Spirit of God bringing a revival across the land.This isn't just a political thing.Souls are coming alive.



Prayer is the one thing these evil people can't defeat.They cannot stop it,they can't stop God.


It's a Political,Religious and an Economic war,but they're not done after the Race card is played.


The American people,in the majority,know how they voted.


This has always been a numbers game:Is enough of the population AWAKE and AWARE of what's happening,or happened,and on the right side of the equation?Our numbers scare the crap out of them.They're afraid.They're much smaller in numbers than we are.[Kat Note:There are approximately 328 million Americans.If a little over half WAKE UP,it's GAME OVER for the demons.There are almost 8 BILLION people on Earth that even Bill Gates can't kill fast enough.If a fifth of those WAKE UP?Be afraid,demons,be very afraid.Q-Team has awakened an Army of Digital Soldiers blogging TRUTH 24/7 and you have so lost the narrative as well as everything else,especially Banking.Begone corrupt SWIFT and City of No Longer London.Hello 5D+++Quantum Financial System.]

这一直是一个数字游戏:是否有足够的人口觉醒和意识到正在发生的事情,或发生的事情,并在公式的右边?我们的数字把他们吓得屁滚尿流。他们害怕。他们的人数比我们少得多。大约有3.28亿美国人。如果超过一半的人醒来,恶魔的游戏就结束了。地球上有将近80亿人,即使是比尔盖茨也杀不死他们。如果他们中的五分之一醒来?害怕吧,恶魔,非常害怕。Q 小组已经唤醒了一支全天候写真理博客的数字士兵大军,你们已经失去了故事和其他一切,尤其是银行业。腐败的环球银行金融电信协会和不再属于伦敦的城市。Hello 5D+++Quantum Financial System]

That's the threat to em.We wake up?Do it en masse and say SLAVES NO MORE?.Game over.


Yes,they've diverted the Potomac and are flooding the D.C.tunnels and D.U.M.B.s[like Juan O Savin has been saying they would since 2015.]

是的,他们已经改变了波多马克河的流向,并且正在淹没华盛顿特区的隧道和 D.U.M.B.s.(就像 Juan o Savin 2015年以来一直说的那样)

I remember just how incredible and beautiful it was,all the promises of the'60's with the technology and Space and going and doing important BIG things…


We're gonna get our country back on track…we're gonna do big things…we're gonna create a future for our families and our children with the ability to actually provide in meaningful ways and enjoy a bright future.


We just have to show up and say No!Hell No!NO MORE!


Drama's about to happen and God's gonna be the author.



I apologize to Juan O Savin for this crazy quilt of a blog,but even a soupcon of Savin is enlightening and moves the truth-journey forward to a greater awakening.


With blessings unceasing.


This is Kat,over and out.






American Media Periscope,John Michael Chambers 4-1-21


Partially Transcribed By Kat

部分转录自 Kat

4:15 Juan O Savin:As I've said all along,a corrupt congress would not look into in a meaningful way any evidence concerning the vote-fraud that occurred on November 3rd…11-3 of last year…they artfully looked the other way on all of it…and didn't allow the States complaints from a majority of states saying…


4:47 Hey a handful of states have corrupted the vote and thrown the election for President Trump…and those locations their vote can't be trusted due to various types of fraud that occurred in those 4 to 6 states depending on which one you want to look at is as to which actually threw the election…


6:33 Juan O Savin:The contention has always been,since January 20th,when the Congress recognized Bye-din as the elected President by the people of the United States.A corrupt congress did that…


6:48 When the Courts,which are captured,they're controlled,there's honey-pots,blackmail,bribes,payoffs,potentially even murder involved in the control of the Supreme Court to this point in time…


7:23 So if you have a corrupt congress and captured courts and can't get to Justice and the Justice Department,what's left?The Military…


7:33 As I and others have contended since January 20th over and over and over and over again we've seen anomalies in the Bidan presidency that seem to confirm repeatedly that at the very highest levels in Military branches,in the Military overall,it has not conveyed that it has handed over the keys to Bidan as president or Commander in Chief of the U.S.Military in any way…

.7:33正如我和其他人自120日以来一遍又一遍地争论的那样,我们看到 Bidan 总统任期内的反常现象似乎一再证实,在军事部门的最高层,在整个军队中,它没有以任何方式传达它已经把总统或美国军队总司令的钥匙交给 Bidan..




最新消息 JUAN o'savin SHARNAEL WOLVERTON SEHON 博士,快火国际4-2-21

Partially Transcribed By Kat

部分转录自 Kat

1:58 Juan O Savin:I've been talking about for well over a year…that whoever ended up being the candidate for the Presidency running against Trump from the Democratic side,and later when it became Bidan,that Trump would win the election…

1:58胡安•奥•萨文:我已经谈论了一年多了......无论谁最终成为总统候选人,从民主党一方与特朗普竞争,后来成为 Bidan,特朗普将赢得选举.....


Kat Note:Much was made of Juan O Savin's bet that by April 1st/April Fool's Day,the fools would no longer be in charge.He was correct.But he can't"legally"win his bet because President Trump hasn't been"officially"announced as Commander-in-Chief…yet.



20:10 Juan O Savin:Alright,alright,you're right.I lost.I didn't win my[April 1st]bet…Trump isn't"recognized"as President…YET…I believe that we will recognize that he's President…he will be back and put into that position…I think the Military is going to do that…IF they haven't already done it and I actually think they've already done several days ago and I don't know the exact day and hourbut let's say that he isn't…there's certainly nothing in the overt world that acknowledges that…I'm not going to argue,I'm not welshing on the bet,you win…20:50 Bidan is recognized clearly by the[corrupt]congress and courts that he is President…so he is President…I didn't say Bidan wouldn't be President after April 1st…57:42 Juan O Savin:Let me clarify one thing…Trump stepped down from the Presidency…he has left that position of authority…

20:10胡安•奥•萨文:好吧,好吧,你说得对。我输了。我没有赢得我的[41]赌注。特朗普没有被"承认"为总统...目前。我相信我们会承认他是总统...他会回来担任这个职位。我认为军方会这么做...如果他们还没有这样做,而且我认为他们几天前已经这样做了,我不知道确切的日期和时间。但是我们假设他没有...公开的世界里肯定没有人承认这一点。我不会争辩,我不会赖账,你赢了...20:50 Bidan 被腐败的国会和法院清楚地承认他是总统。所以他是总统...我没说 Bidan 41日之后就不是总统了。胡安·萨文:让我澄清一件事...特朗普辞去了总统职务。他已经离开了权威的位置...
















Kat Note:Quite a few believe,including me,that sometime before President Trump left the White House on 1-20-21,he was in fact secretly sworn back in as the clear,legally and duly elected Commander in Chief.JC Kay had that vision.As well,First Lady Melania Trump was recently criticized for referring to her husband as"President"Trump.

包括我在内的不少人都认为,在特朗普总统1-20-21离开白宫之前的某个时候,他实际上已经秘密宣誓重新成为明确的、合法的、正式选举产生的总司令。JC Kay 也有这样的愿景。此外,第一夫人梅拉尼娅·特朗普(Melania Trump)最近也因称自己的丈夫为"总统"特朗普而受到批评。


Far as I'm concerned,Juan won his bet and FLOTUS oughta know.




58:02 Juan O Savin:Unless that has actually,technically,materially happened…then he has no power to do anything at this moment in time,he's a civilian like everybody else…58:18 So the requirement to protect is in the hands of the Military…The question of how quickly do they act?The requirement is they act at the earliest opportunity to safely restore Lawful Civilian Authority to control here in the United States…



Spaceshot interviews Juan O Savin update in depth interview 4-3-21

Spaceshot 采访 Juan o Savin 更新深度采访4-3-21

Partially transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat

38:50 Juan O Savin:Anybody that thinks this is over…


40:17 Spaceshot:People just don't see this stuff and my favorite is MonkeyWerx…who watches the airplanes all the time…

40:17太空射击:人们就是看不到这些东西,我最喜欢的是 MonkeyWerx...他一直在看飞机。

40:21 Juan O Savin:Oh I love him,give that guy a shout out…he's a blast…


40:25 Spaceshot:And we have yet to see a flight where Joe Bye-din was on an airplane and they named it Air Force One…

40:25 Spaceshot:我们还没有看到 Joe Bye-din 乘坐的飞机,他们把它命名为空军一号...

40:36 Juan O Savin:Well that name is designated…

40:36 胡安•奥•萨文:这个名字是指定的。

40:36 Spaceshot:Designated,yeah…and some people said,well maybe it's for security…isn't it actually FOR security why they designate it AF1?

40:36 Spaceshot:指定,是的...有人说,也许是为了安全起见。难道不是为了安全起见,他们为什么把它命名为 AF1

41:08 Juan O Savin:If the President climbs on a Sopwith Camel from WWI it is Air Force 1I remember when President Trump flew into Dallas a year and a half ago back and we counted the number of aircraft that were flying with AF1 and it was like 18…the ones that were visible were like a dozen…6 more were flying overwatch at much higher altitudes…it was stunning…

41:08 Juan o Savin:如果总统和第一次世界大战的骆驼一起爬上了战略地图,那就是空军一号..。我记得一年半前,特朗普总统飞抵达拉斯时我们数了一下乘坐 AF1的飞机数量,大概有18..能看到的大概有12架。还有6架在更高的地方进行监视...令人震惊

41:54 Of course those aircraft were there not just there in a protective stance but there were literally there to take a bullet anything came their way they got the hotter engines and they would bring it in…it was pretty amazing…you have nothing like that with any aircraft that's been on so far…


42:19 Remember the first one they showed that older aircraft Bidan gets on in the second door and they finally get the engine started and the biggest cloud of kerosene you've ever seen in your whole life comes out the back of that thing…we don't know where he's going cuz you can't see past the smoke cloud…


43:25 Spaceshot:Weren't there a cr*pload of these P-8's?They're submarine hunters,right?

43:25太空射击:那里不是有一堆 P-8?他们是潜艇猎人,对吧?

43:34 Juan O Savin:Yes…they're running off the Florida coast heavy and hard…the waters around there are pretty hard to hide in…but you could get something smaller in there…


43:50 The nice thing about Florida is it is kind of a defensible peninsula in its own way and there certainly is those Poseidon aircraft…there is a very interesting aspect to what they're doing from a protective stance…



The Boeing P-8 Poseidon(formerly Multimission Maritime Aircraft)is an American maritime patrol aircraft developed and produced by Boeing Defense,Space&Security,modified from the 737-800ERX.

波音 p-8波赛顿海上巡逻机(以前是多任务海上飞机)是美国的一种海上巡逻机,由波音国防、航天和安全公司开发和生产,改进自737-800ERX



Kat Note:I've seen a lot of these flying off my Southern California coast in the last months.Never knew what kind of craft they were.Thank God for the U.S.Navy and U.S.Military.



USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker:April 19,2021:"These are the approximate positions of the U.S.Navy's deployed carrier strike groups and amphibious ready groups throughout the world as of April 19,2021,based on Navy and public data."

USNI 新闻舰队和海洋跟踪器:2021419:"根据海军和公共数据,这些是2021419日美国海军在世界各地部署的航母战斗群和两栖作战准备群的大致位置。"

USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker:April 19,2021

USNI 新闻舰队和海洋跟踪器:2021419


44:13 Juan O Savin:Of course,the whole country is in an interesting stance because we've got 2 Aircraft Carrier task forces off the East Coast and 3 off the West Coast…


44:20 A very very very unusual situation..a task force is normally about 100 ships…bigger and smaller…you have a lot of support ships that don't fit within the regular Navy…the cruisers and other ships…we've got a smaller Navy than we had years ago I don't know the total number now,it's 400 I think…you have a lot of smaller support ships that go with an Aircraft Carrier Task Force and that's about 100 ships each…


45:03 The East Coast and the West Coast are really a picket line of Navy vessels out there doing whatever…making sure everybody out there knows we haven't got our guard dropped while whatever's happening internally in America in the political spectrum of America…we don't look vulnerable…cuz we aren't,whatever's happening,we aren't dropping our guard,we're not backing off,and anybody thinks they're gonna take advantage of that,you know,think again…





With Prym,Jenn&Gerry 4-17-21

PrymJenn&Gerry 4-17-21

Partially transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat


0:01 Juan O Savin:So the American people have to pick a side…they already in the majority…in the vote…KNOW how they voted…you're not going to convince the people that were present in Washington D.C.,a million of em…you're not going to convince them that they showed up to do nefarious actions at the congress cuz they KNOW what the crowd is about,they KNOW what the lie is…


0:25 You can say it a million times but it's not going to make it true…those people did not show up to do damage at the Capital,they showed up to make their presence known,but they did so in a God fearing Patriotic American mode…they weren't there to do damage,they were there to save the country from these globalist threats trying to take us over…


0:49 That's the moment we're in we're going to see the American people show up again…


9:27 Juan O Savin:Part of the thing with the numbers that people have to keep in mind…both sides use the numbers for their own meaning,dates,they use holidays to convey messages,power and energy and all that…but at the end of the day,in reality…

9:27 胡安•奥•萨文:人们必须记住数字的一部分。双方都用数字来表达他们自己的意思,日期,他们用假期来传达信息,力量和能量等等...但在一天结束的时候,在现实中。

9:50 They can pick ANY date they want,they can pick ANY time they want and come up with some kind of ritual'significance'…they can kind of make it fit whatever they want to do…


10:01 BOTH sides are playing that game a little bit…or a lot…and trying to own the high grounds of the numbers,the season or use it against them…against the other side,there's a bit of trolling going on and gamesmanship…


10:23 I'm less"date"or"ritually"driven than checkpoints…


10:33 The main thing that's going on here in America right now is the numbers…


This has ALWAYS been a numbers game


is enough of the population


AWAKE and AWARE of what's happening


or happened


and on the right side of the equation?


10:52 Election=MAGA/corn…Election=MAGA squared or cubed,quadrupled or quintupled…that's what I talk about in the book…

10:52 Election=MAGA/corn...Election=MAGA 的平方或立方,四倍或五倍...这就是我在书中谈到的..





11:11 Juan O Savin:WE HAVE TO HAVE THAT MAGNIFICATION OF OUR ENERGY over the enemy,over these corn products…at"The Farm"if you will[CIA Virginia]…where Field Agents are trained…these Farm products that you see out into these world positions…

11:11 胡安•奥•萨文:我们必须把我们的能量放大到超过敌人,超过这些玉米产品......"农场"如果你愿意的话[CIA Virginia]......在那里训练外勤特工......这些农场产品,你看到这些世界上的位置..


Kat Note:On 4-17 Charlie Ward postured that the population had to reach 60%awakeness in order for All Things Go and we might be@56%.But he was simply THINKING out loud on one of his vids.

Kat :4-17号,查理·沃德(Charlie Ward)摆出的姿势是,人们必须达到60%的觉醒,才能让一切都变得正常,我们可能会达到56%。但他只是在大声地思考他的一段视频。

I mention this to verify Juan's point that"it's always been a numbers game."The GREATER number of AWAKE and AWARE Patriots over demons/corn.


BTW,I don't know if Charlie is"officially"on anonup but he or someone saying he's him followed me.Made my day.



However it could be(likely is)a"fake"page and nothing to do with Charlie Ward.So many counterfeit pages cropping up from the demon-bot-shill-corn field cuz they're panicked.They're losing control of the narrative because peeps aren't buying their"MSM-corn"anymore thanks,in great part,to MILLIONS of global Digital Soldiers posting TRUTH 24/7 at the globalista MK-Ultra BS.

然而,它可能是(很可能是)一个""页面,与查理·沃德无关。如此多的伪造页面出现在恶魔-机器人-托尔-玉米地里,因为他们恐慌了。他们正在失去对故事的控制,因为人们不再购买他们的"MSM-corn",这在很大程度上要感谢数百万全球数字士兵24/7在全球主义者 MK-Ultra BS 上发布真相。


#3409"People UNITED&AWAKE is their BIGGEST FEAR."


#981"You are safe.THEY are terrified."



11:37 Juan O Savin:I've said it numerous times but it bears repeating…somebody like Zuckerberg…this huge control operation of Facebook…Did he actually create the Facebook program?…NO…it was a DARPA Operation[Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]…

11:37胡安•奥•萨文:我已经说过很多次了,但它值得重复...... Zuckerberg 这样的人......这个巨大的 Facebook 控制操作......他真的创建了 Facebook 程序吗?...不是。这是 DARPA 行动[国防高级研究计划局]...

11:52 At the same time this DARPA Operation closed down then Facebook started…Zuckerberg was handed the keys to the car that was made with taxpayer money that then goes out and becomes this HUGE influence in the Social Conversation across America and around the world…

11:52与此同时,DARPA 行动关闭了,然后 Facebook 开始了。扎克伯格获得了用纳税人的钱制造的汽车的钥匙,这些钱随后流出去,在全美乃至全世界的社交对话中产生了巨大的影响...

12:09 It was a Black Hat Operation…he's just a figurehead for something much much bigger,much more nefarious…


12:22 And you have that through all different areas of Industry,Banking and Politics…there is a war for these key control and choke points…the masses of the vast populations…


12:39 Their concern is to MANAGE US…OUR NUMBERS SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF EM…they can't control us and leverage and manipulate us with the right players,the right financing,the right politics,even out into the religious realm…THEY'RE AFRAID…they're much smaller numbers than we are…



Kat Note:From Lord Richard Attenborough's 1982 film,GANDHI.

Kat Note:出自理查德·阿滕伯勒勋爵1982年的电影《甘地》。

British Officer:"You don't think we're just going to walk out of India?!"




In the end,you will walk out








if those Indians REFUSE TO COOPERATE.


And that is what we intend to achieve:Peaceful,nonviolent,non-cooperation till you yourselves see the wisdom of leaving."





13:00 Juan O Savin:So if we as the masses suddenly say"Exit Stage Right"and we're ALL moving it's a stampede…they can't POSSIBLY stop us…and I believe that's this God moment galvanizing event that's just somewhere in here right now and they know it's coming and that's why they're afraid…

13:00 胡安•奥•萨文:所以如果我们作为群众突然说"退出舞台右侧",我们都在移动,这是一个踩踏...他们不可能阻止我们...我相信这是上帝时刻激励人心的事件,就在这里的某个地方,他们知道它的到来,这就是为什么他们害怕...

13:22 That's why they want to change and get D.C.Statehood,Puerto Rico Statehood,pack the court with more judges,try to leverage and control and own us even more,even the vote with MORE Dominion Vote Systems out into the 2022 Election…








and say NO MORE!


[No!and Hell No!]


13:49 And that's the women in Argentina all standing up at the same time saying no more of our children…there's some threshold…where there was just a couple mothers too many,a couple mothers got together they went in there without guns…who's going to stop the mothers?


14:05 Juan O Savin:It's Gandhi sitting down and saying no,we're not going to serve foreign masters anymore…

14:05 胡安•奥•萨文:是甘地坐下来说不,我们不再为外国主人服务了..

14:14 Do the American people


understand and recognize


that this was a globalist operation to steal their country,


steal the bridge,


steal the operation of the ship of state


from the American people


and use it for these other people's interests.


If they en masse get that


the bridge won't be BIG enough


to everybody showing up


and taking their country back…


18:11 Juan O Savin:I actually talked about diverting the Potomac[and flooding D.C.tunnels and D.U.M.B.s]back in 2015…and that's what happened…

18:11 胡安•奥•萨文:实际上我在2015年曾经谈到过改变波多马克河的水流,并且淹没华盛顿特区的隧道和 D.U.M.B.s。事情就是这样.....

19:00 Gerry:That's what's happening right now.They're flooding it!!I said,'Juan was right the whole time!!'

19:00 Gerry:现在就是这样。他们正在淹没它!我说,胡安一直都是对的!

19:12 Juan O Savin:(Laughing)Well,I mean,it is fun…

19:12 胡安•奥•萨文:()好吧,我是说,这很有趣..


Kat Note:Pages 44,45 KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD by Juan O Savin


The flooding of Washington D.C.


"We have a long road ahead and I don't think Washington,D.C.,can really be cleaned up.It can't be fixed because it's already FIXED—as a rigged game.


My advice to President(That has a pleasant and reverent ring to it,right?)Trump is that he hire all his contractor buddies and have them get together as much fencing materials and heavy equipment as they can possibly muster.


Then bring it all to DC.Under the protection of Marine guards utilizing close-in air support,they should proceed to surround D.C.with multiple layers of chain-link fence and concertina wire,like we did at the city of Fallujah in Iraq.Simultaneously,we need to have all available military,and armored national guard units,surround the city at the beltway.

然后把这些都带到华盛顿。在海军陆战队卫兵的保护下利用近距离空中支援他们应该用多层铁丝网和铁丝网围住华盛顿就像我们在伊拉克的 Fallujah 做的那样。同时,我们需要所有可用的军队和装甲国民警卫队,包围城市的环城高速公路。

His next move is to have military aircraft bomb the area with pamphlets,just as warnings are blasted out on megaphones in every needed language,advising those in DC to immediately get out of the city.Exit checkpoints can be manned by military guards utilizing metal detectors.


They should strip search and identify,as well as process and interrogate,every seditious and treasonous conspirator they find.We are not letting any incriminating evidence,national security secrets,or treasures get out!Announcements like the following must be absolutely clear:


"After three days,anyone remaining will be considered an enemy combatant."


Because we can't risk the safety of even one beautiful patriot,who will be part of invading the remaining mire in the depths of that swamp,(where there will still be legions of demonic leviathan with unimaginable grossness and depravity),once the exodus process is complete,the world will watch our Army Corp of Engineers divert the Potomac River and flood that snake and rat-infested city—flushing it out!!!


Fire fighters from around the globe can join in and turn their hoses on the city,in honor of their fallen comrades at the World Trade Center buildings and other heroes who've been sacrificed by the cabal.And by the way,this won't be one of those green-toilet,low-volume flushes!In fact,we need to turn on the weather machines we know are out there and target a few gully-washer storms to come through,in order to complete our divinely-appointed task.


And by the way,just for good measure,I suggest we throw in one hell of a midnight,shock-and-awe lightning storm to boot.It would be great entertainment for the gathering crowds!!!


President Trump should also request that patriot citizens show up for this national effort with all the toilet-bowl cleaner they can lay their hands on,after which they'll provide that to the military guard units,so that the cleaner can be dispersed into that soupy DC caldron—ASAP!


God in His Heaven knows it's going to take several flushes and plenty of Drano to clear those filthy pipes!All the while,we the citizen soldiers will be keeping a sharp eye out for any of the blue-dyed toilet water and swamp creatures that might be attempting an escape through tunnels coming out at strange places;some even hundreds of miles away.


By now many of you know about the underground tunnels,including the DUMBS(Deep Underground Military Bases).So,we are not dropping our guard.I say we carry out forty days of forty flushes!Hey,just to be sure,God knows,maybe the total flushes should be more like 41…or 44.We'll see.

现在你们中的许多人都知道地下隧道,包括 DUMBS(深地下军事基地)。所以,我们不会放松警惕。我建议我们进行40天的40次同花顺!嘿,只是确认一下,上帝知道,也许总冲水应该是41...或者44次。我们走着瞧。

Next,with extreme care for their safety,we can use the forensic-like surgical precision of our Special Forces and tunnel-clearing teams,to go in door by door,underground room by underground room,and vault to vault.We will document all the incriminating evidence for the whole world to see.These teams must clear that pit out;never to be occupied again after that clearing operation is completed.The only course forward is to leave the now-twisted and chaotic landscape,with its symbolic debris,as a spectacle for the world to ponder;a perpetual monument to the insanity of those groups,who seek to manipulate us children of Adam as we peaceably seek to live under the rule of our God in heaven;not the Luciferin-inspired lovers of death and perversion,who have been in control.


Over time,in a type of bureaucratic justice that is best delivered by Mother Nature herself(God),the weight of their own evil will slowly and incrementally digest and swallow their unholy and abandoned city,(and those who aligned with it),beneath that swamp's murky shores.After a while,even the memory of that decimated ritual city and its evils,will be only a by-line in a future biblical narrative of divine warnings given to later generations in the eons to come."





19:16 Juan O Savin:But at the end of the day I go back to it's a numbers game…unless we get the numbers,we don't win…when's the pain enough that people decide they're just not going to put up with it anymore?


19:18 Is it the forced vaccinations?Internal passport?THE WHOLE WORLD IS BEING THROWN AGAINST AMERICA…TO FORCE US TO GET ALONG,GO ALONG…the momentum's gonna be pretty hard to resist…at what point do you decide you've reached that threshold where you're not going to go along anymore,it's time to act in some way…


20:01 How do we act?Look at how threatened they were they want to misconstrue the American people showing up in Washington D.C.?…


20:21 When the Bird Refuge thing happened out in Oregon…[1-2-16 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by armed extremist…]Over half the people that were present inside the Bird Refuge were on the payroll of or under the control of as informants,various State and Federal agencies…



20:40 So over half the protestors are on somebody's payroll…how do you have an honest protest?Those were agent provocateurs…and we can go to other events around the country where people have shown up and tried to make their grievances known,and over and over and over again we have these agent provocateurs that are embedded and embedding themselves into these protests and trying to steer the protests into some bizarre direction to ultimately malign and damage their message…


21:18 So then you go to D.C.well you had a million people show up…and then a handful,a few dozen of embedded protestors that are on somebody's payroll take this to a different level…they have a planned action…and then there's bizarre actions on the part of the Park police and the security people there at the Congressional building…there was some kind of collusion there…how do you have an honest protest?


21:58 I would just say again—the numbers…at some point you reach numbers where they don't have enough agent provocateurs to change the narrative…


22:30 We don't have to show up with guns…we don't have to storm any capitals,that's THEIR game…we just have to show up and just say NO MORE!We're not gonna go this way…we're not gonna have internal passports with the vaccinations,etc…


22:53 Within our population,unfortunately,we've been MK-Ultra'd enough that there's such a significant number who do believe they've gotta have that vaccine to be protected and like that…

22:53在我们的人口中,不幸的是,我们已经被 MK-Ultra 控制的够多了以至于有相当多的人相信他们必须要有疫苗来保护他们。


23:00 Juan O Savin:My answer is,well,go ahead and get the vaccine,don't force me to get it though…and if you feel safe getting it,well go ahead a get it,if you feel the need…but don't force me or anybody else to have to do it…



23:26 Juan O Savin:They want to force us to comply because it's not 1 vaccination…it's 2 and 3 and 10 and 20…it's a control thing and now you have an internal passport and that's a passport to the world…




49:15 Juan O Savin:This bringing the world of some next crisis may not have the outcome the people think…because I believe God's going to have his hand and that's where either you believe in prayer and that prayer changes things…


51:06 But if you don't believe prayer changes things you're probably not much help to us…you're not much help to yourself…where's your Faith?You're wining and moanin'and stressed out about what's gonna happen to the country…well then pray…


51:21 Either God's in this with us


or nothing else matters anyway.


God's here and going to reverse what happened.


God's going to act on behalf of the people.


That's what is the threat from January 5th and 6th.


God's people showed up and they prayed and the devil and all the demons and all the demon-crats


are scared to death


that the hand of God may show up


a Belshazzar-handwriting-on-the-wall moment

一个 belshazzar 笔迹在墙上的时刻



They can't block God


the devil himself knows it.


52:00 That's what I'd be praying for


somewhere in here


drama's about to happen and God's gonna be the author.



Belshazzar by Rembrandt



Juan O Savin Provides Updates With Navy Seal Michael Jaco 4-16-21

Juan o Savin 提供海豹突击队最新消息 Michael Jaco 4-16-21

Partially transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat

44:50 Juan O Savin:Think about all the technology that has been shipped offshore…all of the patents that have been given up…all of the mischief that's kept America from growing…


45:01 The big thing,after we get these guys kicked out,how are we going to re-start America?What's it look like?Are we going to do it on somebody's cooked baloney about global warming and carbon…look you can want those things,but there's ways to do it that's far more efficient…


45:21 That's part of why I'm here in Vegas…there's a whole component here that has to be done and it has to be done correctly from right here…so moving out in the future you're gonna hear some stuff and I think it's gonna be shocking to a lot of people…


45:38 But you have to have a clean sheet of paper,a fresh mentality…


45:42 We're building for the next 50–100 years…It's like Steve said before he passed away,"Well I won't get to see it but I sure as hell hope you get this sorted out for the kids and grandkids…


45:55 You gotta have a long-term perspective…things didn't get gone awry overnight…


46:00 I remember just how incredible and beautiful it was,all the promises of the'60's with the technology and Space and going and doing important BIG things…



46:16 Juan O Savin:Yet we've been locked-up…frozen…we've been trapped…it's going around in circles for decades now…cut off from the growth technologically…


46:29 Yeah,you've got better phone,and a better microwave,you've got a flat screen tv but that's not solving an energy problem…people think you're gonna have less energy with more technology?No!You need more…


46:50 A growing planet…there's lots of really cool stuff…these people want to stop the population…we're not running around in carts with horses anymore..and this next evolution for us as a people,as a planet is to go to something far beyond that…and we can…


47:25 But we can't do it with these cooked ideas,over-simplified ideas of people who want to keep us chained down like Gulliver with their Lilliputian ideas and thoughts and concepts…


47:50 I remember when they were talking about peak oil…oh my gosh what a crock of crap…the planet's got so much oil you can't use it all in 10 million years…but we don't need oil forever,we only need it for a window longer…


47:56 You have people that aren't having honest conversations…we're gonna get back to having honest conversations but first we're gonna lock up a bunch of scumbags…that have been twisting the conversations…polluting the conversations…because THEY WANT TO CONTROL US…they don't want the future THEY JUST WANT CONTROL…


48:15 They're mad…and we're going to bet their madness confined someplace on an island far far away where they can enjoy each other's madness someplace else…but not here…we're gonna get our country back on track…we're gonna do big things…we're gonna create a future for our families and our children with the ability to actually provide in meaningful ways and enjoy a bright future…not a dark future…this dark winter stuff,oh my God,what a crock…

49:03 Michael Jaco:When these deep staters are basically taken away…their assets seized…and we reconvert those assets into something positive…there's a lot of people that are going to get put into positions that have great ideas…they have high integrity…incredible ideas that are futuristic…those are the people that are going to stand out as we push forward…it's going to be beautiful…




End Part 1"Juan O Savin:I've Been Waiting For This All My Life.They Can't Block God and the Devil Himself Knows It"Part 1 by Kat 4-21-21


Web link for Part 2



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