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Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday and will appear in New York court on Monday to be charged with sex trafficking,according to multiple law enforcement sources.



Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex traffickingdozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005,and will appear in court in New York on Monday,according to three law enforcement sources.The arrest,by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force,comes about 12 years after the 66-year-old financier essentially got a slap on the wrist for allegedly molesting dozens of underage girls in Florida.


For more than a decade,Epstein's alleged abuse of minors has been the subject of lawsuits brought by victims,investigations by local and federal authorities,and exposés in the press.But despite the attention cast on his alleged sex crimes,the hedge-funder has managed to avoid any meaningful jail time,let alone federal charges.


The new indictment—which,according to two sources,will be unsealed Monday in Manhattan federal court—will reportedly allege that Epstein sexually exploited dozens of underage girls in a now-familiar scheme:paying them cash for"massages"and then molesting or sexually abusing them in his Upper East Side mansion or his palatial residence in Palm Beach.Epstein will be charged with one count of sex trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of minors—which could put him away for a maximum of 45 years.The case is being handled by the Public Corruption Unit of the Southern District of New York,with assistance from the district's human-trafficking officials and the FBI.


Several of the billionaire's employees and associates allegedly recruited the girls for Epstein's abuse,and some victims eventually became recruiters themselves,according to law enforcement.The girls were as young as 14,and Epstein knew they were underage,according to details of the arrest and indictment shared by two officials.


Epstein's attorney Martin Weinberg declined to comment when reached by The Daily Beast on Saturday night.The SDNY also declined to comment.

爱泼斯坦的律师马丁·温伯格周六晚上接受《每日野兽》采访时拒绝发表评论。Sdny 也拒绝置评。

"It's been a long time coming—it's been too long coming,"said attorney David Boies,who represents Epstein accusers Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Sarah Ransome."It is an important step towards getting justice for the many victims of Mr.Epstein's sex trafficking enterprise.


"We hope that prosecutors will not stop with Mr.Epstein because there were many other people who participated with him and made the sex trafficking possible,"he told The Daily Beast.


In an era where#MeToo has toppled powerful men,Epstein's name was largely absent from the national conversation,until the Miami Herald published a three-part series on how his wealth,power and influence shielded him from federal prosecution.For years,The Daily Beast has reported on Epstein's alleged abuse,and his easy jail sentence and soft treatment by the U.S.Attorney's Office,which ultimately scrapped a 53-page indictment against Epstein.An earlier version of Epstein's plea deal included a 10-year federal sentence—before his star-studded lawyers threatened to go to trial in a case prosecutors feared was unwinnable,in part because Epstein's team dredged up dirt on the victims,including social media posts indicating drug use.

在一个"我也是"推翻权势人物的时代,爱泼斯坦的名字基本上没有出现在全国性的讨论中,直到迈阿密先驱报出版了一个由三部分组成的系列文章,讲述他的财富、权力和影响力如何保护他免受联邦起诉。多年来,《每日野兽》(The Daily Beast)一直在报道爱泼斯坦被指控的性侵行为,以及他轻易入狱和美国检察官办公室(u.s.Attorney's Office)的温和对待,最终取消了对爱泼斯坦长达53页的起诉书。爱泼斯坦的认罪协议的早期版本包括10年的联邦刑期,之后他的众星云集的律师威胁要就检察官担心无法获胜的案件进行审判,部分原因是爱泼斯坦的团队挖出了受害者的丑闻,包括在社交媒体上发布的有关吸毒的帖子。

Meanwhile,the financier flitted among his homes in Palm Beach,New York City,and the Virgin Islands,as well as his secluded Zorro Ranch in Stanley,New Mexico,transporting young women on his private jet to facilitate the sexual abuse that's gone unchecked by authorities,his alleged victims say.

与此同时,这位金融家在他位于纽约市棕榈滩、维尔京群岛的家中,以及他位于新墨西哥州斯坦利的隐蔽佐罗牧场(Zorro Ranch)中飞来飞去,用他的私人飞机运送年轻女性,为当局未经核实的性虐待提供便利,他的所谓受害者说。

In an announcement planned for Monday the FBI is expected to provide a number for other victims to contact the SDNY.

联邦调查局计划在周一发表声明,希望能提供其他受害者联系 SDNY 的电话号码。

As early as 2003,Vicky Ward's Vanity Fair profile cracked into Epstein's enigmatic facade and,as Ward noted,revealed"he was definitely not what he claimed to be."Back then,allegations of sexual abuse leveled by one accuser,Maria Farmer,and her family were excised from Ward's piece after Epstein pressured the magazine.


Epstein's bust comes mere months after a federal judge ruled his 2007 non-prosecution agreement—secretly inked under former U.S.Attorney and current Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta—violated federal law by keeping Epstein's victims in the dark.Under the sweetheart deal,Epstein dodged federal charges that might have sent him to prison for life.He instead pleaded guilty to minor state charges in Palm Beach,and served 13 months in a private wing of a county jail,mostly on work release.

爱泼斯坦被捕仅仅几个月前,一名联邦法官裁定他2007年签署的不起诉协议违反了联邦法律,因为该协议对爱泼斯坦的受害者一无所知。爱泼斯坦是在前美国司法部长、现任劳工部长亚历山大·阿科斯塔(Alexander acosta)。在私下达成的交易中,爱泼斯坦躲过了可能会让他终身监禁的联邦指控。相反,他在棕榈滩对州政府的一些轻微指控表示认罪,并在县监狱的私人监区服刑13个月,大部分时间是工作释放。

The alleged victims,who sued the government for violating the Crime Victims'Rights Act,asked the court to rescind Epstein's non-prosecution agreement and called for the feds to hold him criminally liable.The NPA also granted immunity to Epstein's co-conspirators,identified in the document as"including but not limited to Sarah Kellen,Adriana Ross,Lesley Groff,or Nadia Marcinkova."

这些所谓的受害者起诉政府违反了《犯罪受害者权利法案》(Crime Victims'Rights Act),要求法院撤销爱泼斯坦的不起诉协议,并呼吁联邦政府追究他的刑事责任。挪威警察局还对爱泼斯坦的同谋给予了豁免权,文件中指出,这些同谋"包括但不限于萨拉·凯伦(Sarah Kellen)、阿德里亚娜·罗斯(Adriana Ross)、莱斯利·格罗夫(Lesley Groff)或纳迪娅·马辛科娃(Nadia Marcinkova)"

But in June,prosecutors for the government advised the judge to uphold the plea deal,saying that voiding it would"cause unintended harm to many of"the victims and jeopardize monetary settlements that more than a dozen of them received.


"If today's report is true,it only proves that Epstein should have been charged by federal prosecutors 12 years ago in Florida.With his money,Epstein was able to buy more than a decade of delay in facing justice—but fortunately he wasn't able to postpone justice forever,"said attorney Paul Cassell,who represents multiple victims of Epstein in their lawsuit against the federal government.

"如果今天的报告是真的,它只能证明爱泼斯坦应该在12年前在佛罗里达州被联邦检察官起诉。爱泼斯坦的律师保罗·卡塞尔(Paul Cassell)代表爱泼斯坦的多名受害者对联邦政府提起诉讼,他说,爱泼斯坦用自己的钱买到了拖延了十多年的审判,但幸运的是,他没能永远推迟审判。

"While New York prosecutors are apparently seeking to hold Epstein accountable,the fight will continue to force federal prosecutors in Florida to do the same thing,"Cassell added in a statement."While Epstein was at the head of the international sex trafficking organization,that conspiracy could not have functioned without many others playing their part.Jane Doe 1 and 2 will continue to fight for all of Epstein's co-conspirators to be held accountable in New York,Florida,and anywhere else they committed crimes."


Epstein reportedly supplied valuable intel to federal investigators in exchange for his lenient plea deal;it's been speculated this information may have been related to Bear Stearns executives'alleged crimes in the lead-up to the 2008 financial crisis.


According to one Page Six report,Epstein lost$57 million in Bear Stearns'collapse and was a victim identified as"Major Investor No.1"in the indictment of hedge-fund managers Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tanin.(A federal jury acquitted Cioffi and Tanin of securities fraud charges.)But in March 2019,FOX Business reported that Epstein"did not provide any meaningful cooperation to obtain his relatively light sentence in the hedge fund case or likely any case tied to the financial crisis."Jack Goldberger,one of Epstein's attorneys in the Palm Beach sex-crimes case,told FOX of the Bear Stearns'prosecution,"Mr.Epstein was never spoken to by any of the authorities on this subject.He was a very large investor.No more,no less."

根据《第六页》的一篇报道,爱泼斯坦在贝尔斯登的破产中损失了5700万美元,在对冲基金经理拉尔夫乔菲(Ralph Cioffi)和马修塔宁(Matthew Tanin)的起诉书中,爱泼斯坦被认定为"头号主要投资者"(一个联邦陪审团宣判乔菲和塔宁的证券欺诈指控不成立。)但在20193月,《福克斯商业报》(FOX Business)报道称,爱泼斯坦"没有提供任何有意义的合作,以使他在对冲基金案或任何可能与金融危机有关的案件中获得相对较轻的判决。"杰克·戈德伯格是爱泼斯坦在棕榈滩性犯罪案件中的辩护律师之一,他告诉福克斯关于贝尔斯登的起诉,"爱泼斯坦先生从未被任何当局就这个问题与之交谈过。他是一个非常大的投资者。不多不少。"

One former federal prosecutor on the Bear Stearns case agreed."Bottom line,I have no knowledge of Epstein cooperating in any way in the Bear Stearns case.There was no reason to use him,"the ex-prosecutor told FOX.


Epstein's Victims


Once a math teacher at the elite Dalton School,Jeffrey Epstein left for Bear Stearns before starting his own firm,J.Epstein&Co.,which supposedly only managed the fortunes of billionaires.Les Wexner,chairman of Limited Brands,is his only known client.(In April 2019,a new accuser came forward with claims that Epstein and his alleged madame,Ghislaine Maxwell,assaulted her at Wexner's Ohio residence in the 1990s.Epstein,Maxwell and Wexner have not commented on these allegations.)

杰弗里·爱泼斯坦曾经是精英学校道尔顿学校的数学老师,后来他离开贝尔斯登,创办了自己的公司爱泼斯坦公司,据说这家公司只管理亿万富翁的财富。有限品牌公司(Limited Brands)董事长莱斯韦克斯纳(Les Wexner)是他唯一已知的客户。(20194月,一名新的原告指控爱泼斯坦和他所谓的夫人吉斯莱·马克斯韦尔在上世纪90年代在俄亥俄州韦克斯纳的住所袭击了她。爱泼斯坦、马克斯韦尔和韦克斯纳尚未对这些指控发表评论。)

Epstein's financial career has always been shrouded in mystery.


Over the years,Epstein billed himself as a renowned philanthropist and pledged$30 million for Harvard's Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.He's palled around with a host of famous faces including Donald Trump and Bill Clinton;the latter traveled with Epstein to Africa to address issues like economic development and AIDS.


In a 2002 profile in New York,one fellow Wall Streeter described Epstein as a"mysterious,Gatsbyesque figure"who"likes people to think that he is very rich"and"cultivates this air of aloofness."Another prominent investor added:"He once told me he had 300 people working for him,and I've also heard that he manages Rockefeller money.But one never knows.It's like looking at the Wizard of Oz—there may be less there than meets the eye."

2002年纽约的一篇人物简介中,一位华尔街人士形容爱泼斯坦是一个"神秘的盖茨比式人物","喜欢别人认为他非常富有",并"培养这种冷漠的气氛"另一位知名投资者补充道:"他曾告诉我,他有300人为他工作,我还听说他管理洛克菲勒的资金。但是谁也不知道。这就像是在看《绿野仙踪》(Wizard of oz)——那里可能没有你看到的那么多。"

Vanity Fair's 2003 take on Epstein compared him to the self-made Jay Gatsby,too."The trading desks don't seem to know him.It's unusual for animals that big not to leave any footprints in the snow,"one insider told the magazine.


During his high-flying finance years,Epstein also allegedly harbored a dark secret:his widespread abuse of underage girls.In 2005,Palm Beach police launched an investigation into Epstein after a 14-year-old girl told police an older man named"Jeff"had molested her at his residence,a two-story pink mansion on a dead-end street.


Authorities would discover a disturbing teen sex ring,where victims were allegedly paid to recruit other young girls to provide"massages"inside Epstein's lair.The victims would be led to Epstein's bedroom,and Epstein would enter and order them to remove their clothing,police said.The financier would then assault them—sometimes forcing them into intercourse with him or a young woman he described as his"sex slave"—and pay them$200 to$1,000 per visit,according to court documents.


Police say Epstein's massages were booked with the help of his personal assistants,including Sarah Kellen,who kept a rolodex of underage girls.


But as The Daily Beast previously reported,the state attorney's office in Palm Beach declined to pursue serious charges against Epstein(filing only a single felony count of soliciting prostitution),claiming the girls weren't credible.The local police chief,Michael Reiter,accused prosecutors of giving Epstein special treatment and in 2006 referred the case to the FBI.By May 2007,the U.S.Attorney's Office in Miami drafted a 53-page indictment against Epstein,alongside an 82-page prosecution memorandum.That summer,however,Epstein's lawyers worked to unravel the case,claiming Epstein wasn't guilty of any federal crimes.

但正如《每日野兽》(The Daily Beast)此前报道的那样,位于棕榈滩的州检察官办公室拒绝对爱泼斯坦提起严肃的指控(只提出一项拉客的重罪指控),称这些女孩不可信。当地警察局长迈克尔·赖特(Michael Reiter)指控检察官给予爱泼斯坦特殊待遇,并于2006年将此案移交给了 FBI。到20075月,迈阿密的美国检察官办公室起草了一份53页的起诉书和一份82页的起诉备忘录。然而,那个夏天,爱泼斯坦的律师们努力解决这个案子,声称爱泼斯坦没有犯下任何联邦罪行。

"The local police chief,Michael Reiter,accused prosecutors of giving Epstein special treatment and in 2006 referred the case to the FBI.

当地警察局长迈克尔·赖特(Michael Reiter)指控检察官给予爱泼斯坦特殊待遇,并于2006年将此案移交给了 FBI"

Epstein and the feds drew up a non-prosecution agreement in September 2007.Without informing any of the victims,the two sides decided that Epstein would plead guilty to a pair of state charges(solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution)and waive his right to contest damages,if the victims decided to sue him over the abuse.He also agreed to pay for the girls'attorney's fees.


Indeed,the NPA stated that"the United States,in consultation with and subject to the good faith approval of Epstein's counsel,shall select an attorney representative for[the victims],who shall be paid for by Epstein."


The NPA also granted immunity to any"potential co-conspirator"of Epstein's and ensured the deal would"not be made part of any public record."


Epstein could have faced multiple federal charges,the NPA noted,including:sex trafficking of children or by force,fraud or coercion,18 U.S.C.1591;the use of a facility or means of interstate commerce to entice minors into prostitution,18 U.S.C.2422(b);and traveling for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with minors,18 U.S.C.2423(b).The document states Epstein might have committed those crimes from around 2001 to September 2007.


Other women claim that Epstein's alleged abuse spanned many years and many locations,according to civil court filings.


"Epstein could have faced multiple federal charges,the NPA noted,including sex trafficking of children or by force,fraud or coercion.

爱泼斯坦可能会面临多项联邦指控,NPA 指出,包括儿童性交易或暴力、欺诈或胁迫"

In an April 2019 affidavit,a woman named Maria Farmer said she met Epstein and Maxwell sometime in 1995,at one of Farmer's art shows in New York.In 1996,Epstein offered her a job to help him acquire art.But according to Farmer,she instead ended up manning the door at Epstein's Upper East Side mansion and keeping records of his visitors.


Some of those visitors,Farmer claimed,were underage girls in school uniforms who would be led to an upstairs bedroom for what Maxwell called interviews for"modeling"positions.Farmer witnessed Epstein's lawyer and friend,Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz,head upstairs where the girls were present,the affidavit stated.


Dershowitz has denied Farmer's accusations."Maria Farmer stopped working for Epstein before I ever met Epstein,"Dershowitz told The Daily Beast."It's a totally perjured affidavit.It's all totally made up.For her lawyers to submit these obviously perjured affidavits raises serious questions about their role in this case."


In the summer of 1996,Epstein allegedly arranged for Farmer to work on a special art project at Leslie Wexner's mansion in New Albany,Ohio.Farmer and her two younger brothers stayed at the property at the time.


Farmer claims Maxwell and Epstein sexually assaulted her at the Ohio property,and Wexner's security team refused to let her leave.She said she tried calling the sheriff's office but didn't get a response.Her father had to drive from Kentucky to help her.


Once she returned to New York,Farmer visited the NYPD's sixth precinct to report the Ohio assault,but officers there told her to contact the FBI.Farmer called the feds,but they didn't appear to take any action,the affidavit states.


Feds Are Asking Epstein Victims About Sex-Trafficking Crimes


Meanwhile,Farmer claims Epstein and Maxwell preyed on her 15-year-old sister,molesting her at Epstein's ranch in New Mexico.Epstein also held her sibling's hand at a New York movie theater,where he"was rubbing her in a sexual manner without my knowledge,"Farmer added.


"I was terrified of Maxwell and Epstein and I moved a number of times to try to hide from them,"Farmer stated of the powerful pair's alleged threats against her and their alleged efforts to sabotage her reputation in the art world.


Another accuser,Virginia Roberts Giuffre,has long claimed that Epstein and Maxwell abused minor girls across the country and abroad,and that Epstein loaned his victims out to his famous friends,including Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.

另一名原告弗吉尼亚·罗伯茨·朱弗雷(Virginia Roberts Giuffre)长期以来一直声称,爱泼斯坦和马克斯韦尔在全国各地和海外虐待未成年女孩,爱泼斯坦还把受害者借给了他的名人朋友,包括德肖维茨和安德鲁王子。

Giuffre filed a declaration in 2015 as part of the Crime Victims'Rights Act suit and detailed Epstein's alleged sex ring.She said she met Epstein in 1999 after Maxwell approached her during her summer job at Mar-a-Lago.She was 15 years old.


Dershowitz and Prince Andrew vehemently denied Giuffre's claims,and Buckingham Place quickly released a statement:"It is emphatically denied that HRH The Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts.The allegations made are false and without any foundation."


"The story is totally made up,"Dershowitz told the BBC after Giuffre's court filing made international headlines.He added,"My only feeling is if she's lied about me,which I know to an absolute certainty she has,she should not be believed about anyone else."

"这个故事完全是编造的,"德肖维茨告诉 BBC,此前朱弗的法庭文件登上了国际头条。他补充说,"我唯一的感觉是,如果她对我撒了谎,那么其他人就不应该相信她。我非常肯定她撒了谎。"

"It wasn't just sexual training—they wanted me to be able to cater to all the needs of the men they were going to send me to.这不仅仅是性方面的训练ーー他们希望我能够满足他们要送我去的那些男人的所有需求"

Maxwell allegedly offered Giuffre professional training in massages.But when Giuffre arrived at Epstein's Palm Beach home,she was allegedly forced into sexual activity with the billionaire and would become trapped in his web.


She said that when she began"working"for Epstein,he flew her to New York on his private jet and molested her at his Manhattan mansion."I was trained to be'everything a man wanted me to be,'"Giuffre said in the declaration."It wasn't just sexual training—they wanted me to be able to cater to all the needs of the men they were going to send me to."


Maxwell and Epstein allegedly ordered Giuffre to pay attention to what the men wanted,so she could report back to them.Giuffre said she traveled with Epstein from 1999 through the summer of 2002,to his homes in New York,New Mexico,the U.S.Virgin Islands,and Paris,France.


"I had sex with him often in these places and also with the various people he demanded that I have sex with,"Giuffre stated."Epstein paid me for many of these sexual encounters.In fact,my only purpose for Epstein,Maxwell and their friends was to be used for sex."


Giuffre added that"Epstein had sex with underage girls on a daily basis"and that his interest in minor girls was"obvious"to those in his orbit.His code word for this abuse was"massage,"and Maxwell would often have sex with the victims,too,Giuffre claimed.


Maxwell denied Giuffre's claims as early as 2011,after Giuffre gave an interview to the Daily Mail,releasing a statement that claimed"the allegations made against me are abhorrent and entirely untrue and I ask that they stop."

早在2011年,在朱弗雷接受《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)采访后,马克斯韦尔就否认了朱弗雷的说法。当时,朱弗雷发表了一份声明,称"针对我的指控是可恶的,完全不真实的,我要求他们停止这些指控。"

In 2015,Maxwell called Giuffre's allegations"obvious lies,"and Giuffre filed a defamation suit against the socialite.The Miami Herald and other news outlets have asked the U.S.Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to unseal all pleadingsin that case,which was settled in 2017.Paul Cassell,one of Giuffre's lawyers,told the court that if the records are made public,they"will show that Epstein and Maxwell were trafficking girls to the benefit of his friends,including Mr.Dershowitz."

2015年,马克斯韦尔称朱弗尔的指控是"明显的谎言",并对这位社交名媛提起诽谤诉讼。迈阿密先驱报和其他新闻媒体已经要求美国第二巡回上诉法院解封该案的所有诉状,该案已于2017年达成和解。乔弗雷的律师之一保罗·卡塞尔(Paul Cassell)告诉法庭,如果这些记录公之于众,"它们就会显示,爱泼斯坦和马克斯韦尔为了朋友的利益而贩卖女孩,包括德肖维茨先生。"

Last week,the court ordered the release of sealed documents in the case.


Epstein allegedly forced Giuffre to have sex with Britain's Prince Andrew at least three times,including during an orgy.(The court filing includes a photo of"Andy"putting his arm around Giuffre's partially bare waist,while Maxwell smiles in the background.)


Epstein,Dershowitz,and Pals Accused of Trafficking Girls


Giuffre said she was also forced to have sex with another Epstein confidant,Jean Luc Brunel,who runs the MC2 modeling agency.

朱弗尔说,她还被迫与爱泼斯坦的另一位密友,经营 MC2模特经纪公司的让吕克布鲁内尔发生性关系。

Brunel supplied Epstein with girls as young as 12,luring aspiring models from poor countries or poor backgrounds to the United States,Giuffre alleged."Jeffrey Epstein has told me that he has slept with over 1,000 of Brunel's girls,and everything that I have seen confirms this claim,"Giuffre stated.(Brunel,in a previous statement,denied being involved"in the actions Mr.Jeffrey Epstein is being accused of"and said"I have exercised with the utmost ethical standard for almost 40 years.")


Giuffre said she finally escaped Epstein's abuse after he sent her to Thailand to learn Thai massage and to recruit another young girl for his alleged sex ring.Instead,Giuffre met her future husband and relocated to Australia.


Years later,in 2011,two FBI agents from Florida visited Giuffre to discuss Epstein.In another declaration,Giuffre said the investigators"seemed like they were being blocked from doing what they wanted to do—which I thought was to arrest Epstein and his powerful friends for all their illegal sexual crimes."


In 2014,Giuffre tried to contact the FBI again for an update on the Epstein investigation."I have never been able to figure out who was(and still is)stopping a prosecution,"Giuffre stated in the declaration.


"Because nothing is being done,"Giuffre added,"it makes me think that Epstein was right when he told me he had so many people in his pocket.Maybe those people are still helping him escape being prosecuted for what he did against me.


"The justice system doesn't seem to respond to the victims in this case.It seems to favor those who have the most money and power and influence."



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