本杰明|2021/10/11 第三次世界大战在波兰和白俄罗斯边境爆发

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本杰明|2021/10/11 第三次世界大战在波兰和白俄罗斯边境爆发

Events are unfolding at a blistering pace now with huge changes in Europe,Japan,China and elsewhere.This should lead to the liberation of the United States before too long.


The most earth-shattering event was shots fired by the Belarus military against the Polish military at the two countries'border.Here are some news quotes describing this:


Anna Michalska,a spokesperson for Poland's Border Guards,said Belarusian forces fired shots at Poland's troops across the European Union's eastern border Thursday…The area along the border is restricted as part of a state of emergency that Poland imposed in early September,They allege the Moscow-backed Belarusian government is organizing and encouraging people to enter EU territory as an element of"hybrid war"in retaliation for Western sanctions on the authoritarian government in Minsk.

波兰边防部队发言人安娜·米查尔斯卡(Anna Michalska)表示,白俄罗斯军队周四在欧盟东部边境向波兰军队开火......边境沿线地区受到限制,作为波兰9月初实施的紧急状态的一部分。他们声称,由莫斯科支持的白俄罗斯政府正在组织和鼓励人们进入欧盟领土,作为"混合战争"的一部分,以报复西方对明斯克威权政府的制裁。


This is a move by Russian patriot forces to fill the vacuum being created by the fall of Angela Hitler and her Nazi European Union,Russian FSB and other sources say.It is payback for the Nazi overthrow of the Russian spiritual heartland of the Ukraine and countless other abuses against the Russian people,the sources say.


Make no mistake,for Russian linked military forces to deliberately fire weapons against a NATO country is tantamount to a formal declaration of war.This is possible because the United States military is not going to fight Russia to protect the fascist forces who control the EU.


A public sign of this can be seen in this news:


The Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating a group of seven American fighters under the federal war crimes statute for war crimes[in the Ukraine]…no one,experts say,has ever been prosecuted,let alone convicted,under the US War Crimes Act.

美国司法部(Department of Justice)和联邦调查局(FBI)正在根据联邦战争罪法案(在乌克兰)调查一个由7名美国战士组成的团体。专家表示,迄今为止,还没有人根据美国《战争罪法案》(War Crimes Act)被起诉,更不用说被定罪。


Without US backing,the continental European nations(not the UK)will have no choice but to accept Russia as their new protector.Russia is planning to use the 47 member Council of Europe,


https://www.coe.int/en/web/portal-the continent's leading human rights organization-as the basis for a new organization to replace the EU,Russian and MI6 sources say.

来自俄罗斯和军情六处的消息称,欧洲大陆领先的人权组织----https://www.coe.int/en/web/portal ----将成为一个新组织的基础,以取代欧盟。

There are many other signs the EU is collapsing.For example,there is now open talk of Poland leaving the EU or Polexit,after Polish courts declared themselves to be above the EU.Specifically-in a victory for democracy-Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruled that key articles of one of the EU's primary treaties were incompatible with Polish law.



Another big sign the EU is collapsing is the near-simultaneous fall of governments in Austria and the Czech Republic.In something straight out of Hollywood,Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to a hospital after Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party lost the election there.The Pandora Papers investigation revealed Babis secretly moved$22 million through offshore companies to purchase an estate on the French Riviera in 2009 before he entered politics.Zeman was certainly put in the hospital in a move to delay the installation of a new government that would look into these criminal dealings.



In Austria as well Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has stepped down because of a corruption scandal.



What these nations have in common is that they were part of the Autro-Hungarian Empire.Remember,it was at the very first Davos World Economic Forum meeting that Austro-Hungarian would be Emperor and Habsburg family heir Otto von Habsburg introduced Klaus Rothschild(Schwab)as his frontman.Schwab is the guy behind the"great reset"and the fake pandemic.


It won't be long now before Rothschild henchman Emmanuelle Macron becomes the next domino to fall,French patriots promise.The guillotine was invented for people like him.


It is interesting in this context that the EU has called off trade talks with Australia;allegedly because they are no longer buying submarines and helicopters from them.In reality,it means the Rothschilds are also losing Australia now.



Here is one of many signs Canadians are waking up as well.


Randy Hillier, Member of Provincial Parliament (Canada).

No Description


Justin Castro's days are numbered for sure.


OK so now let us look at the situation in the US.Here we see open revolt in the form of pilot strikes,a military move into Facebook headquarters and much more.

好,现在我们来看看美国的情况。在这里,我们看到了以飞行员罢工、军队进入 Facebook 总部等形式的公开反抗。

What people need to still realize though,is that Donald Trump is not the man to lead the US back to democracy and independence.Remember,open-source information in places like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal show he was bailed out by the Rothschilds each time he went bankrupt as a businessman.Trump is also openly calling for everybody to be vaccinated for the non-existent pandemic.


General Michael Flynn has said the US military offered Trump a chance to overturn the stolen 2020 election and Trump betrayed them by refusing.For this reason,the White Dragon Society sent a representative to meet in person with Flynn last week.The idea was to offer Flynn the job of interim president of the US following the formal bankruptcy of the USA Corporation.According to this Dragon family member,Michael Flynn is not to be trusted.Flynn told the WDS representative that he had never heard of the dragon family or of this writer and his work.Since he was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency this means he is either lying,dumb,completely out of the loop or secretly working for the Khazarian mafia.

迈克尔·弗林将军表示,美国军方为特朗普提供了一个推翻偷来的2020年大选的机会,而特朗普拒绝了这个机会,背叛了他们。出于这个原因,白龙会上周派了一名代表亲自会见了弗林。当时的想法是让弗林在美国公司正式破产后担任美国临时总统。根据这位龙族成员的说法,迈克尔·弗林是不可信任的。弗林告诉 WDS 的代表,他从来没有听说过龙家族或这位作家和他的工作。既然他是国防情报局局长,这意味着他要么是在撒谎,要么是哑巴,完全不知情,要么就是在为可萨黑手党秘密工作。

Russian intelligence corroborated doubts about Flynn by sending us evidence he is connected to a cult of fraudulent spiritualists linked to Adolf Hitler.


Why is Mike Flynn promoting Alice Bailey and the sevenfold rays?

Correction to video: Alice Bailey's husband was Foster Bailey not Paul Foster Case. St. Germain's lodge in France that he participated in was The Nine Sisters not the Seven Muses. Sorry for the mistake, Douglas knew better than that but was going to...


For this reason,the WDS is now recommending Robert F.Kennedy Jr.as a possible interim president following the chapter 11 bankruptcy of the USA.However,as a matter of disclosure,please note this writer is distantly related to Kennedy since he is descended from my paternal great-grandmother McCarthy's sister(according to my grandmother).Kennedy is nonetheless clearly intelligent,articulate and well-informed,which is a rarity in US politics these days.


In any case,the Rothschild/Rockefeller clan behind the fake Biden regime is far from finished and they are fighting tooth and nail to stay in power.They have been using every trick in their arsenal to avoid being declared insolvent on October 18th.


For example,they are trying to issue a$1 trillion"coin,"backed by the SDR,to keep solvent,according to MI6 sources and media reports.



They also appear to be trying to loot Japan's Norinchukin Agricultural bank for survival money.According to various news reports an outfit known as"Octagon Investment Partners,"was able to get$500 million worth of"Collateralized Loan Obligations"or CLOs from this bank last week.What this means,according to MI6 and other sources,is they are using real money deposited at Norinchukin as collateral and leveraging it 100 times to create"$50 billion."This is part of the money they apparently used to kick the bankruptcy can down the road for a few weeks.

他们似乎还试图掠夺日本农业银行的生存资金。根据各种新闻报道,一家名为"Octagon Investment Partners"的机构上周从该银行获得了价值5亿美元的"抵押贷款债券"(clo)。根据军情六处和其他消息来源,这意味着他们使用存在 Norinchukin 的真实货币作为抵押,并利用它100次来创造"500亿美元"这显然是他们用来推翻破产的钱的一部分,可以用几个星期。


However,since the US posted a record$73.3 billion trade deficit in August alone you can see even$50 billion isn't going to go very far.


The people behind the phony Biden regime held emergency talks with the Chinese in Zurich last week in a desperate attempt to both blackmail and give the Chinese a blowjob to refinance.


The talks,which took place behind closed doors in a Zurich airport hotel,were led by U.S.National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and his Chinese counterpart,top diplomat Yang Jiechi.


Public statements from both sides used phrases such as"open"and far-reaching.


The U.S.side also said China should avoid misperceptions that could lead to competition turning into conflict.


Later,Sullivan said,I don't think he[Yang]necessarily accepted our view.


In other words,threats and promises were made,but no agreement was reached.





This is the kind of official comment issued by China after the talks:


Raising the debt limit does not authorize any new federal spending,but only allows the Treasury to borrow additional funds to cover spending already authorized by Congress,but with an extension that lasts only a few weeks,the United States still faces the real possibility of default….


Since the United States has never defaulted on its obligations,this is expected to have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences for the U.S.(and global)economy,economists at the White House Council of Economic Advisers said in a blog post earlier this week.

白宫经济顾问委员会(White House Council of Economic Advisers)的经济学家本周早些时候在一篇博客文章中表示,由于美国从未违约,预计这将对美国(乃至全球)经济产生深远的灾难性后果。


In addition,the U.S.side has apparently begun to make good on its threats to sabotage a facility that supplies the Russian gas pipeline to China.This is a repeat of the old"you cut off our money,we cut off your energy"threat.



A campaign has also been launched to vilify Russia and blame it for the rise in gas prices in Europe.


The spot market was manipulated to make it appear that gas prices were rising by several hundred percent.However,most of the gas is sold through long-term contracts,so these manipulations on the spot market have little impact.


According to Russias FSB,the oligarchs hiding in Switzerland are driving up food and energy prices around the world because people refuse to become debt slaves and borrow money created out of thin air.They are trying to squeeze money out of ordinary people by raising the prices of essential goods to pay their debts,the source explained.



There is also much intrigue in Switzerland around attempts to monetize historic Asian and other bonds,according to sources in Asian Dragon families.


It turns out that a son of former Philippine leader Ferdinand Marcos(from a previous marriage to an Asian queen)allowed the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to cash in historic bonds through UBS and Goldman Sachs.This was ultimately the cause of the Malaysian 1MBD financial scandal,the source said.




Apparently,this Marcos heir is now dead and all related funds have been taken out of the system,he says.The Marcos era is over,the source concluded.The source also said that there have been many arrests in Zurich this week and many would-be bondholders have been killed.


The source said that Bank of China,Bank of America,Wells Fargo and HSBC are now involved in building a new and non-corrupt quantum financial system.In any case,another reason why the Khazarian mafia is running out of money is that it seems to be losing heroin revenues from Afghanistan.


That is why"ISIS"(Rockefeller/Rothschild mercenaries)is trying to terrorize Afghanistan,and the Taliban is fighting back:Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Monday that the Taliban raided a hideout of the Afghan ISIS offshoot,known as ISIS-K,in a decisive and successful attack.

塔利班发言人扎比胡拉·穆贾希德(Zabihullah Mujahid)周一表示,塔利班袭击了 ISIS 在阿富汗的分支机构 is-k 的藏身之处,这是一次果断而成功的袭击。

Taliban Raid ISIS Hideout After Kabul Mosque Bombing


This prompted Michael Kugelman,deputy director of the Asia program at the U.S.-based Wilson Center,to threaten that Friday's attack[on a mosque in Afghanistan]could be a harbinger of further violence.

这促使美国威尔逊中心(Wilson Center)亚洲项目副主任迈克尔·库格尔曼(Michael Kugelman)威胁称,星期五对阿富汗一座清真寺的袭击可能是进一步暴力事件的前兆。


Nevertheless,Taliban political spokesman Suhail Shaheen told The Associated Press that there would be no cooperation with Washington in containing the increasingly active ISIS group.In other words,despite the threats,"No more heroin money for you."The Khazarian mafia is now preparing to hold an emergency meeting of its highest servants to try to save the day.


Thats why fake Pope Francis met with U.S.House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday.Pelosi is in Rome for a panicked gathering of G20 slaves.It is in this context that this seemingly disturbing news should be viewed:


According to a public consultation paper posted on the website of the National Development and Reform Commission,Chinas top economic planner,private capital will be barred from gathering and disseminating news.



According to CIA sources in Asia,however,the Rockefellers may be the target of this measure.They point out that a certain Jeff Shell works in Rockefeller Plaza and advocates China.He is THE ONLY EMPLOYEE at Peacock TV LLC,which controls 2,428 companies.

然而,根据中情局在亚洲的消息来源,洛克菲勒家族可能是这项措施的目标。他们指出,某个杰夫·谢尔(Jeff Shell)在洛克菲勒广场(Rockefeller Plaza)工作,支持中国。他是孔雀电视有限责任公司的唯一员工,该公司控制着2428家公司。


Here is more information about MSNBC and NBC(the MS in MSNBC stands for Microsoft)and their partnership with China.Both MSNBC and NBC News are operated by NBC Universal,a company with extensive financial ties to the CCP.

以下是更多关于 MSNBC NBC(MSNBC 中的 MS 代表微软)以及它们与中国合作的信息。MSNBC NBC 新闻都由 NBC 环球(NBC Universal)运营,后者与中共有着广泛的财务联系。

In November 2010,NBC signed an agreement with China's state media organization Xinhua to establish business cooperation in international broadcast news.This was the CCP's latest market expansion into U.S.media.

201011月,NBC 与中国官方媒体新华社签署协议,在国际广播新闻领域开展业务合作。这是中共最近一次向美国媒体市场扩张。

Since the signing of the business agreement,the U.S.State Department has classified Xinhua and five other Chinese state media organizations as"foreign missions.They have been identified as direct CCP operations and do not function as independent news outlets.This means that the Rockefellers are trying to stay in business by handing over their U.S.propaganda networks to China.


If the Chinese are just trying to get rid of the Rockefellers,that's great.If they try to strangle the free press,then they will end up strangling the truth and ultimately themselves.Meanwhile,in Japan,the Rockefellers/Rothschilds rule is clearly at an end.


The new government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida plans to reinstate the Economic Planning Agency,which was the key to Japans high growth in the postwar period.The so-called Covid pandemic has also suddenly come to an end here.

日本首相岸田文雄(Fumio Kishida)领导的新政府计划恢复经济规划署(Economic Planning Agency)的职务,这是日本战后实现高增长的关键。所谓的 Covid 大流行也在这里突然结束了。

This may be related to the fact that Japanese police received documents months ago showing that a certain Robert Rothschild issued a patent for a Covid detection method in 2015.This set off a slow Interpol fuse that is now blowing up Rothschild,Rockefeller and Khazarian mafia rule worldwide.

这可能与日本警方几个月前收到的文件有关,文件显示某个罗贝尔·罗特希尔德在2015年发布了 Covid 检测方法的专利。这引发了一场缓慢的国际刑警组织导火索,如今正在摧毁罗斯柴尔德、洛克菲勒和可萨黑手党统治。


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