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Q贴解密|FISAGATE: 罗斯柴尔德家族(后附大师解码信息译文)We continue to decode the Maestro's tweets posted on "Skull and Bones" day.


Img0 In my previous article, we stopped at the amazing observation that the Mueller probe lasted exactly 675 days, which is also exactly the same number of days between the day Trump signed the $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia and the day he signed the Proclamation recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Peruvian coffee for those who noticed 675 is the value for THEY FALSELY ACCUSE ME OF BEING A ZIONIST WHEN THEY ARE THE ZIONISTS! Wow. This is pretty straightforward. Who is "THEY"? And why did the Maestro link the Mueller investigation to his foreign policy in the Middle East? This is related to one of the most complex issues about Israel and Trump's general policy in the Middle East. Ready?


​First, the State of Israel was created by the Rothschild family. Yes, the very Cabal we are fighting. In this video, the 4th lord Rothschild proudly explains how it all started with the Nov. 2nd 1917 Balfour Declaration. What Rothschild will not tell you is the truth about how his family got that letter from the UK authorities. I will not have the space to go through all the details here but everything you'll read is open source information that you will be able to easily confirm with a little research. From here, you will see that, as they had the military upper hand in WW1, Germany and their allies publicly called for peace negotiations with their enemies in 1916, stating no specific conditions or demands. Drained France and Great Britain were about to accept this proposal but finally refused. Why? Because in the meantime they received the promise from Rothschild that the US would enter the war despite President Woodrow Wilson's campaign promise to stay out of it. You got it: the US entering the war is what the UK obtained from the Rothschilds in exchange for the Balfour Declaration. After the usual required false flags aiming at manipulating the American public opinion, compromised President Wilson fulfilled the Rothschild "prophecy", entered the war, defeated the Germans and, unlike the outcome Germans were offering in 1916, huge war compensations were paid here and there to the Rothschild's great joy…

首先,以色列国是由罗斯柴尔德家族建立的。是的,就是我们正在对抗的阴谋集团。在这段视频(本段后附)中,罗斯柴尔德四世勋爵自豪地解释了这一切是如何始于1917112日的贝尔福宣言。罗斯柴尔德不会告诉你的是,他的家人是如何从英国当局那里得到那封信的。我没有足够的篇幅详细介绍这里的所有细节,但是你将读到的所有东西都是开源信息,你可以通过一些小小的研究轻松地确认这些信息。从这里,你会看到,因为他们在一战中占据了军事上的优势,德国和他们的盟友在1916年公开呼吁与他们的敌人进行和平谈判,没有提出任何具体的条件或要求。精疲力竭的法国和英国本打算接受这一提议,但最终拒绝了。为什么?因为与此同时,他们得到了罗斯柴尔德的承诺,即美国将参战,尽管伍德罗·威尔逊总统在竞选中承诺置身事外。你明白了: 美国参战是英国从罗斯柴尔德家族那里得到的,作为交换,他们得到了贝尔福宣言。为了操纵美国公众舆论,威尔逊总统采取了惯常的假旗手段,实现了罗斯柴尔德家族的"预言",参战,打败了德国人。与1916年德国人提供的结果不同,这里和那里为罗斯柴尔德家族的巨大喜悦支付了巨额战争赔偿。

[dplayer url="https://www3.laqddc.com/hls/2019/03/30/SSkKNBwd/playlist.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]

​After WW1, with the help of assets like Churchill, the Rothschilds actively lobbied the reluctant UK political infrastructure to get the Balfour Declaration to be enforced in the most detrimental way possible for the local Arab populations. It will only be after WW2, that the Rothschilds, thanks to their new Bretton Woods toolbox, will enjoy the UN Partition Plan for Palestine on Nov 29 1947, which finally led to the Establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.


​For justification purposes and to efficiently populate their new playground, the Rothschild Cabal organized the usual false flags and propaganda during and after WW2. Research this, it's a fascinating subject. So fascinating that it's a crime to talk about it in some countries…


​Q833 Reality is labeled as conspiracy. Q


​So what do we have? We have a State created by the Rothschild Cabal and that is progressively being populated by Jews who genuinely believe this is where they have to be. What if this population starts studying the true history of their State and knows more about the Cabal? What if they realize their insecurity was engineered by the very creators of the State? When you are Rothschild, what do you do to control this growing population? Yes: you make them dependent through the US Congress financial aid, you control their politicians through the Deep State and you ensure they live in constant fear. Then, you give millions of dollars to a few corrupt Palestinian leaders who make sure peace talks will always fail and who cynically give stones to their people to throw at the over equipped Israeli military. Finally, you finance operations like ISIS or nuclear Iran and you make sure the region is destabilized enough so that, for example, nobody can safely exploit the enormous reserves of oil and natural gas in the Golan Heights.


Img1 Now you understand why the Maestro's Golan Heights 8:13 AM tweet is connected to Q813 where we read: "people kill people, you are watching a movie, they want you weak". This is where you also find the explanation for the US Congress ever increasing assistance to Israel while at the same time Obama gives billions to Iran, millions to Palestinians and why John Kerry coaches Palestinians to sabotage Trump's peace talks. Read the decoded message.

Img1现在你明白为什么大师的戈兰高地推特8:13 AM 连接到 Q813,我们读到:"人们杀人,你在看电影,他们希望你软弱"。这也是为什么美国国会不断增加对以色列的援助,同时奥巴马给伊朗数十亿美元,给巴勒斯坦数百万美元,以及为什么约翰·克里教导巴勒斯坦人破坏特朗普的和平谈判。阅读解码后的信息。

​In the following, each image will have a tweet and the corresponding decoded message. Read each of them very carefully. We will assemble the pieces at the end.

在下面的图片中,每个图片都有一个 tweet 和相应的解码信息。仔细阅读每一条。我们将在最后把零件组装起来。

Img2 Applying the +2400 rule, we find Q3213 is also connected to the Golan Heights tweet. This drop is about FISAGATE and is surrounded by Q3212 and Q3214 which are both about the Trump Tower, how it was bugged and how Trump moved his campaign base of operation after he met with Adm. Rogers. This helps understand why the Maestro when asked about the Golan Heights, he answers: "it's like Jerusalem". One important reason behind why he moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and why he often refers to the small cost of this operation is finally revealed.

Img2运用 + 2400规则,我们发现 Q3213也与戈兰高地的推文有关。这个下降是关于 FISAGATE 的,被 Q3212 Q3214包围,它们都是关于特朗普大厦、它是如何被窃听的,以及特朗普在会见了海军上将罗杰斯之后如何移动他的竞选基地的。这有助于理解为什么当被问及戈兰高地时,大师回答说:"这里就像耶路撒冷。"。他将大使馆从特拉维夫迁往耶路撒冷的一个重要原因,以及他为什么经常提到这次行动的小成本,最终都被揭露出来。

Img3 You caught the $250 M cost the Maestro refers to when talking about the embassy in Jerusalem is code for the war against family Y right? It's in Q142 and from the observation that Y=25. This is why the domino lawsuits I told you about are all $250 M.

Img3你知道大师在谈论耶路撒冷大使馆时提到的2.5亿美元是对Y家族战争的暗号,对吧?这是在 Q142,从观察到 Y= 25。这就是为什么我告诉你的那些多米诺诉讼案都是2.5亿美元。

​Q1537 Trolling is fun! Q


Img4 Now let's listen to our excellent Kudlow in the next tweet. He repeats "REBUILDING AMERICA". The length of the video is 43s, value for HOT which is confirmed by the word HEAT in Kurdlow's message. The next tweet, posted at 11:15, points to Q1115 which in turn links to a NY Times article about the fire at Trump Tower. This confirms the words BUILDING and HEAT in Kudlow's message.

Img4现在让我们在下一条推特中听听我们优秀的库德洛。他重申"重建美国"。视频的长度是43秒,这个数值在库德洛的消息中被单词 HEAT 所证实。下一条推文发布在11:15,指向 Q1115,而这条推文又链接到《纽约时报》关于特朗普大厦火灾的一篇文章。这证实了库德洛的观点,即建筑和热量。

Img5 The Kudlow tweet timestamp 8:33 AM pulls in Q833 and Q3233 which say UP IS DOWN, LEFT IS RIGHT and Reflections are important. The length of the video is the value for FLIP=43. It is obvious we are insistently told to mirror the video length 43. By doing so, we get the number 34, value for FEDS=34. This stands for Federal Reserve System. How do I know? It's confirmed by the tweet posted at 11:47 AM where POTUS announces the appointment of Stephen Moore at the Federal Reserve Board.

Q833 Q3233中,库德洛推文的时间戳是8:33 AM,上面写着向上就是向下,左边就是右边,而 Reflections 则很重要。视频的长度是 FLIP= 43的值。很明显,我们一直被告知镜像视频长度为43。通过这样做,我们得到了数字34,取值为 FEDS= 34。这意味着美联储系统。我怎么知道?上午11:47,美国总统宣布任命斯蒂芬·摩尔为美联储理事会成员。

Img6 The 11:15 tweet has 2 parts with capital letters adding up to 112 and 40. This stands for LION OF JUDEA=112 and DAVID=40. Those who know their Bible immediately see this is a reference to Revelation 5:5: "behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof". As you can see, this is about DECLAS and unsealed but also about… bloodlines. Since they constitute one tweet, we should also consider their summed value 112+40=152 which is DAVID REINCARNATED...

Img611:15的推文有两部分,大写字母加起来是11240。这是朱迪亚之狮(LION OF JUDEA=112)和大卫(DAVID=40)的缩写。认识圣经的人立刻看到启示录55:"看哪,犹大支派的狮子,就是大卫的根,得了胜,打开那书卷,揭开其中的七印。"。正如你所看到的,这是关于 DECLAS 和未密封但也是关于... 血统。既然它们构成了一条 tweet,我们也应该考虑它们的总和值112 + 40=152,也就是大卫的转世(DAVID REINCARNATED... ..

Img7 Notice the Maestro writes: Fed Board. This is to confirm the word FEDS we found earlier. The timestamp connects to Q1147 where we read Public interest [keep high] and the capital letters add up to 82, value for TOO HIGH. This confirms what he said to Bartiromo about the interest rate/tightening policies and reveals his war against the FED is now raging. Stephen Moore is a SOLDIER, a GAME CHANGER appointed to keep the Fed in check and to make sure the interest rate policy follows the President's macroeconomic objectives. Current Fed Chair Jerome Powell has recently shown his allegiance to the Rothschild Cabal and has pledged to continue the policies of his predecessors as illustrated here. Did you detect Pelley's inquisitorial tone at 51' and his mischievous satisfaction as Powell is giving the answer the Cabal expected? Watch Janet Yellen nod as Powell is submitting. You should watch the entire show. The whole point of this interview was for the Cabal to verify Powell was still one of them despite being appointed by POTUS. This possibility was planned. It's right here:

注意这位大师写道: 美联储董事会。这是为了确认我们之前发现的联邦调查局。时间戳连接到 Q1147,在那里我们读到公共利益[保持高位] ,大写字母加起来是82,太高的价值(TOO HIGH=82)。这证实了他对巴蒂罗姆所说的关于利率/紧缩政策的话,并表明他与美联储的战争正在激烈进行。斯蒂芬·摩尔是一名战士,他被任命为游戏规则改变者,负责控制美联储,并确保利率政策遵循总统的宏观经济目标。现任美联储主席杰罗姆·鲍威尔最近表明了他对罗斯柴尔德阴谋集团的忠诚,并承诺将继续执行他的前任们的政策这里(本段后附视频)。当鲍威尔给出阴谋集团所期望的答案时,你是否察觉到了佩利在51'时处的审问口吻和他的恶作剧般的满足?看看珍妮特·耶伦点头作为鲍威尔提交。你应该看完整场演出。这次采访的目的是为了让阴谋集团证实鲍威尔仍然是他们中的一员,尽管他是被美国总统任命的。这种可能性是计划好的。就在这里:
[dplayer url="https://www3.laqddc.com/hls/2019/03/30/WieTUsym/playlist.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]

Q2575 The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep incline beginning Mar 2019] in an effort to 'kill' the economy prior to 2020 P_elec is known and planned for. Structure change coming? Q


Img8 The next tweet is about the Maestro reversing a US Treasury decision aiming at putting additional sanctions on NK. It points to Q1222 and the capital letters add up to 160, value for STOP SPYING. We deduce the decoded message. For the big hunters, if you notice 160 is also OPULENT NANCY, try to triangulate with Q1184 to Q1187 to deduce how Q explained the Sanction Model.

Img8下一条推文是关于大师推翻美国财政部旨在对朝鲜实施额外制裁的决定。它指出 Q1222和大写字母加起来等于160,这就是停止间谍活动(STOP SPYING=160)的值。我们推导出解码后的信息。对于大型猎手,如果你注意到160也是有趣的南希(OPULENT NANCY=160),试着用 Q1184 Q1187进行三角测量来推断Q是如何解释制裁模型的。

Img9 The last tweet of the day is posted at 3:15 PM and is therefore connected to Q1515 where we have the list of all the reporters that colluded with the DNC or the HRC Campaign during the 2016 election cycle. The capital letters add up to 201, value for KEYS TO THE KINGDOM. The video length is 28 sec, which is 20+4+4. We go to Q2044 and read: THEY WANT THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM. Pretty cool right? Q2044 also links to articles about members of the intelligence community getting into politics.

Img9当天的最后一条推文发布在下午3:15,因此与 Q1515相关,我们有2016年选举周期期间与民主党全国委员会或人权委员会竞选活动串通的所有记者名单。大写字母加起来等于201,就是"通往王国的钥匙(KEYS TO THE KINGDOM=201)"的值。视频长度为28秒,即20 + 4 + 4。我们去 Q2044阅读: 他们想要王国的钥匙。很酷吧?Q2044还链接到有关情报机构成员参与政治的文章。

All the pieces are identified. Here is the final decoded message: Img10

所有的碎片都被辨认出来了。这是最后的解码信息: Img10




For decades, the Rothschild Cabal and its afiliated lluminati bloodlines have plotted from the shadows to maintain humans in a permanent state of control and misery.
Inspired by the ancient practice of the Vatican when they aggregated data from confessions to later blackmail people and increase their political power, the Rothschild Cabal is using its international network of political assets and rogue spies lurkingin Government and intelligence agencies to help them further their agenda.
This model has worked so well, not only do they now create money out of thin air andenslave the entire planet through bogus interest rate policies, but they also createstates and give them names we cherish and locations we revere to cover their tracks and spread confusion.
Since the Rothschild Cabal has created the State of Israel, nothing has been done to truly pacify the Middle East. On the contrary, using the aid from US Congress to maintain lsrael in a constant state of dependency and covertly financing its enemies, the Rothschild Cabal has successfully kept the region in a permanent state of chaos and disarray. This is what they needed there and in other places to cover and fuel the main activity required by their satanic religion: child sacrifice, cannibalism and human trafficking.
We are at war. An ancient war. Do you remember when David defeated Goliath?
Q133 Triangle has (3) sides. Eye of Providence. Follow the bloodlines.
If these ancient satanic bloodlines are still around, wouldn't it be conceivable that the ancient divinely blessed bloodlines would also be present?
Q328 Light will defeat darkness.Q

译文1:几十年来,罗斯柴尔德集团(Rothschild Cabal)及其附属的lluminati血统从阴影中汲取灵感,使人类处于永久的控制和痛苦状态。

原文2:It is now established that they have been spying on me long before the election. Whydid they try to stop me? What do they know? My mission is to rebuild the America they destroyed and that the Founding Fathers envisioned.I am not rebuilding anything else: America is the greatest place on earth and they will not distract me.
Using their old playbook, hoping I and my family would crack under the pressure, they started the Mueller probe with its Fake News accompanying drums. To show themI will NEVER be their puppet,I responded by attacking one of their main operation centers by reshaping America's relation with Saudi Arabia that resulted exactly 170
days later with the most tremendous political purge in the Kingdom's history.
Q134 House of Saud US Control.(..) One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history). Other sides falling.
Do you see this "other sides falling"? I am coming for you. Your former power triangle is now a line and will soon become a single piece. When that happens, just like in a past you know very well, it will be crushed and dispersed in the Red Sea..…
In the meantime, know that all the puppets you used in the Government and the Intelligence Community to conduct a coup d' etat will be broughtto justice and held accountable. From the Highest Office of the Land to the smallest public servant. They will all pay. This was the biggest political scandal in our modern history and I will not allow it to ever happen to our country again.
I am also aware of the assets you still have in the Government, at the Federal Reserve and in politics and how they were instructed to sabotage my work.
Q636 Predictable. We SEE ALL. We HEAR ALL.
That's fine. You want to keep playing. Let's play.


Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q



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