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The latest update from Cobra a few days ago makes it clear that there are still some obstacles left on the way to planetary liberation,but it does suggest the Event is within reach("practically all plasma primary anomaly has been removed","as we are getting closer and closer to the Event").


One thing that was done first of all according to Paladin,an Earth Alliance member that was recently interviewed by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot,was to take care of all the Cabal mercenaries so that they cannot execute terror attacks.He didn't have the details how they were taken care of,whether they were killed or arrested,but they have been neutralized.The clearing of shallow underground bases is still continuing,but big progress is being made.Benjamin Fulford mentions that the recent unnatural earthquake at Area 51(Groom Lake),Nevada,was caused by the destruction of the base according to his sources.Area 51 was used for various black projects,including genetic experiments and research on extraterrestrial bodies.Other operations continue as well,and the arrest of public figureheads will be the last phase of the sweep to end Cabal rule.


What puzzles me is that Cobra mentions in his post that there is still a Draco fleet guarding the planet and there are still Chimera spiders on the etheric plane.In his February 18 post he mentioned that after removing the plasma Chimera spiders,only physical Chimera were left:"Having so many people quarantined has enabled the Light Forces to completely clear all plasma Chimera spiders and all other Chimera entities from the non-physical planes".I feel he should mention it explicitly when he has to correct statements he made in previous posts.Nevertheless,I still consider Cobra one of the best sources of deep information.


The word that stands out regarding this stage we are in is purification,it sums up what this time is about more than any other word.Everything that is not of the light is being brought up and that can be quite unpleasant as some people in our societies show disfunctional and outright hostile behaviour.Also the people who follow rules because they are the rules without thinking for themselves can be bothersome with all the draconian coronavirus measures that have been put in place.



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