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July 15, 2022 2022年7月15日

Today's post opens with a quote from blog reader Peter...


...The energies are much more intense at the moment with energies feeling like moving quicksand under one's feet. Really weird. (Peter)...


I agree. That's exactly how my life feels right now too. I feel as if I cannot find solid footing anywhere  - situations, relationships, everything is tumultuous. My Light Warrior friend Walt used that word in a conversation yesterday. Yes, everything is tumultuous.


The July Super Moon coincides with a return of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction of January 2020. Pluto is a powerful transformative planet of death and rebirth. Saturn is karma, the Great Teacher. Whatever was happening for you in January 2020, you may be re-visiting it again for a conclusion to be reached. Either way, it is a most profound unsettling time right now for everyone.


Walt's brother Stan gives a great analogy for what is currently taking place on the Earth plane...


The world is a chess board. The lights are off at present. People and situations are being manipulated into position in the dark. Forces underneath the board are constantly at work. When the Light flashes on (Solar Flash??), you will see that everyone is in position. (Stan)

世界就是一个棋盘。现在灯是关着的。人们和情况都在黑暗中被操纵。板下的力量一直在起作用。当光闪烁时(太阳闪焰? ?)你会看到每个人都就位了。(Stan)

The place that I have solid footing is when I am with my Light Warrior friends. I can breathe easily, laugh, talk freely and feel completely ME. Those times sustain me during the 'quicksand times'. I know that I am not alone.


Tarot by Janine has now had TWO You Tube channels permanently removed, all within the space of a week. Why? Why would You Tube target a tarot card reader...? Quite simply, Janine's readings of the Alliance plan to liberate humanity were telling the TRUTH. The dark forces could not allow her voice to be heard. It is a great endorsement of Janine's work. She has a new website, look out for it online.

珍妮的塔罗牌现在已经有两个 You Tube 频道永久删除,所有在一个星期的空间。为什么?你为什么要瞄准一个塔罗牌占卜师?很简单,珍妮对联盟解放人类计划的解读是真实的。黑暗势力不允许人们听到她的声音。这是对珍妮工作的极大肯定。她有个新网站,上网查查。

I was reading the comments in the livestream of Jean Claude's Beyond Mystic You Tube channel, where Jean Claude was talking about all the heartache that has been endured by Janine with the loss of her channels, and the hard work being put in behind the scenes to get her back online.

我当时正在看让 · 克劳德(Jean Claude)的《超越神秘的 You Tube 》(Beyond Magic You Tube)频道的直播评论,在那个频道里,让 · 克劳德谈到了珍妮(Janine)因为失去了自己的频道而承受的所有心痛,以及为了让她重新上线而在幕后付出的艰辛努力。

The livestream comments echoed my own recent physical experiences - heart palpitations...feeling dislocated...disrupted sleep...weird dreams...random headaches...nausea...vertigo. It was actually quite comforting to read a long stream of comments that described what I have been going through.

直播的评论回应了我最近的身体体验——心悸... 感觉脱臼... 睡眠紊乱... 奇怪的梦... 偶尔的头痛... 恶心... 眩晕。事实上,看到一长串描述我所经历的事情的评论,我感到非常欣慰。

So, once again Light Warriors, I reassure you that you are not alone.


Today, I am facing my own inner battle. I am going to buy a new laptop. I am not in the slightest bit techie so I feel daunted. But I am visualizing myself returning home with exactly the right laptop for me. I will be off-line for a full day on NZ Monday as the computer shop 'clones' my old laptop into the new one. It will be a mini detox.

今天,我要面对我自己的内心斗争。我打算买一台新的笔记本电脑。我一点技术含量都没有,所以我觉得很害怕。但是我想象着自己带着完全适合自己的笔记本电脑回家。NZ 电脑商店将我的旧笔记本电脑“克隆”成新的,我将在周一下线一整天。这将是一个迷你排毒。

We ARE surviving this, my friends. We are surviving all of it. And what a journey it has been...! There will be so many war stories to share when we Light Warriors met up at the victory celebrations all over the world.

我们会挺过去的,朋友们。我们都挺过来了。这是一段多么美好的旅程... !当我们光明战士在世界各地的胜利庆典上相遇时,将会有很多战争故事可以分享。



Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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