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July 08, 2022 2022年7月8日

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been assassinated in Japan. He was known to be anti-communist and was also a good friend of President Trump. 


[B]iden was yet to acknowledge Abe's assassination when President Trump put out a statement - even before Abe was confirmed dead. Some Anons are speculating that Abe's death may have been faked by the Alliance. We need to keep an open mind about all possibilities at this late stage in the Alliance operation.



This picture of Prime Minister Abe and President Trump at a world leaders meeting is so telling. Look at the stand-over tactics of Merkel, Macron and May (the three Ms) - and look at the 'We don't give a shit' stance of both Abe and Trump. Priceless.



Wow, the breath-taking hypocrisy of the jab companies. Pfizer's defense against a whistle-blower's testimony is that it can't be charged with fraud because 'the government knew about it...'

注射公司的伪善真是令人叹为观止。辉瑞对举报人证词的辩护是,该公司不能被指控欺诈,因为“政府知道这件事... ...”


Meanwhile here in New Zealand, our Prime Minister's minions are admitting that New Zealand is 'losing the battle against the virus'. Translation: The jabs don't work, and even worse, our hospitals are now overwhelmed with injured and dying JABBED people. Sadly, no surprises here for Light Warriors. We saw it coming months ago.

与此同时,在新西兰,我国总理的手下承认,新西兰正在“输掉与病毒的战斗”。翻译过来就是: 注射不起作用,更糟糕的是,我们的医院现在挤满了受伤和垂死的注射者。不幸的是,光明战士没什么好惊讶的。我们几个月前就预料到了。


I make no apologies for including this heart-breaking video of a young Florida model who lost both legs due to blood clots after taking the jab. It is so important to remember that two years ago, healthy young women did not develop blood clots and need both legs amputated. What has changed since then...? The jab.



Supreme irony in this meme. Never forget what they did to our loved ones.



Any conversations with Light Warrior friends now include tragic stories of jab-related injuries and deaths. Children do not routinely have heart attacks on the sports field. Healthy middle-aged men and women don't suddenly drop dead in their driveway. These kind of examples are happening with shocking regularity.


Finally, a video message from a young Light Warrior that needs to be spread far and wide. Do NOT give in to fear. Remember, the dark forces literally feed off humanity's fear - it's called 'loosh'. It is vital that Light Warriors stay out of the realm of doom 'n gloom and scarcity. We need to support the Alliance with our 100% faith in the Divine Plan to liberate humanity.

最后,一个年轻的光明战士的视频信息需要广泛传播。不要向恐惧屈服。请记住,黑暗势力确实是以人类的恐惧为食——它被称为“ loosh”。至关重要的是,光明战士远离厄运、黑暗和匮乏的王国。我们需要用我们对解放人类的神圣计划100% 的信念来支持联盟。


This has been a somber post, after the joyful uplifting previous post. However, that is the nature of war - there are good days and there are not so good days. The way to deal with it is stay calm and positive. And remember that the Light has ALREADY won on the continuum. We are just mopping up now in the 3D dimension.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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