X22报道|第2837集: 特朗普警告说,美国经济正在走向比经济衰退更大的灾难,总统先生,什么风暴?

2022年7月30日15:35:18揭露宇宙X22报道|第2837集: 特朗普警告说,美国经济正在走向比经济衰退更大的灾难,总统先生,什么风暴?已关闭评论322字数 1396阅读4分39秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2837集: 特朗普警告说,美国经济正在走向比经济衰退更大的灾难,总统先生,什么风暴?

Ep. 2837a – Trump Has Warned That America’s Economy Is On Track For Bigger Disaster Than A Recession


Ep. 2837b – What Storm Mr. President? You’ll Find Out. Message Received, Storm Coming

什么风暴总统先生? 你会知道的。信息已收到,风暴即将来临



The [CB]/[JB] are trying to gas light the people into believing we are not in a recession. They are now changing the definition of recession to try to convince the people. This is not just about a recession or depression, this is about destroying the [CB] economic system and exposing it all to the people.

[ CB ]/[ JB ]正试图让人们相信我们没有陷入衰退。他们现在正在改变衰退的定义,试图说服人们。这不仅仅是关于衰退或萧条,而是关于摧毁 [CB]经济体系,并将其全部暴露给人民。


The [DS] has no place to hide. The propaganda narrative has failed, they are censoring more and more people and words. The people of this country are seeing this very clearly. The people are reaching the precipice with these tyrants and now its time to take back the country. The Biden’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s and the puppet masters are being exposed to the public. This is no longer the calm before the storm, the storm is coming and it’s going to be biblical. 



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