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我们必须拯救自己|Teri WadeWe’ve all heard the saying “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We are the ones that will save ourselves nobody is going to do it for us. We are the ones responsible for saving ourselves. Too many think it’s a frightening thought but believe me there is a plan, there always has been a plan and your higher self is in on it.

我们都听过这样的说法: “我们就是我们一直在等待的人。”我们是那些能够拯救自己的人,没有人会为我们这样做。我们应该为拯救自己负责。太多人认为这是一个可怕的想法,但相信我,有一个计划,总是有一个计划,你的高我在其中。

Unraveling the truth and finding out the darkness of what really has been going on in our world, our entire existence, can be quite shocking for some. It takes understanding and some level of objectivity to be able to handle the truth without going insane or becoming depressed and some handle it very well.


The majority of the population has no idea of the dense energetic field that has been placed around our planet that not only traps us but works in favor of the ones who are enslaving us. Try explaining this to someone that is not open minded enough to even believe that there is life on other planets, much less than this planet was taken over by a small group of psychopaths and Artificial Intelligent thought forms.


When you tell people that we are not going to be saved some feel an intense feeling of fear and abandonment in the pit of their stomach, frightened by the thought of an enemy that we cannot see. While others feel an overwhelming sensation of empowerment and the feeling of helping this planet.


Many of us ask ourselves this question…why is there so many still so asleep on this planet, they must be here for a reason? We all know that we volunteered to come to Earth to experience this third dimensional existence to further the growth of our souls, however there are others pulling the strings, so to speak, making sure we’re doing what we came here to do. Everything that has happened in your life from day one has been preplanned, there is nothing random about your existence.

我们许多人问自己这个问题... ... 为什么这个星球上还有那么多人在沉睡,他们来到这里一定有原因?我们都知道,我们自愿来到地球体验这种三维存在,以促进我们灵魂的成长,然而,有其他人在幕后操纵,可以说,确保我们在做我们来到这里要做的事情。从第一天开始,你生命中发生的一切都是事先计划好的,你的存在没有什么是随机的。

The truth is everything has been in place, pre-programmed since before the time of our planet being taken over. Source, Creator is all knowing of the Universe so how would it not know how to correct such an imbalance.


There is a plan in place that is beyond our fullest comprehension in our current 3d consciousness that involves helpers from the higher dimensional planes to help us exit this Matrix that has kept us trapped for cycles of lifetimes.


All of creation is cyclical and it always has a beginning and an end but the end is always just a transformation of a new beginning. We are currently at this time. Meaning, the cycle of experience that we have been in for thousands of years is coming to a close and we are now transitioning into a new cycle of experience.


Not only has the end been planned out for a long time but the freedom and liberation of humanity has already happened for our future selves outside of time. Every possibility that has been a thought has a timeline, and that thought has unraveled and created a probable future. This is why you’ve heard me say many times that “they can see further down our timeline then we can.”


Our helpers can make timeline changes and can bring messages to the ground crew here on Earth who have a strong connection with them through our consciousness level and help with our requests. These helpers, our guides are us from the past and future and cannot break Universal Law concerning free will choice with us on this planet. However, free will has been taken from us in a tricky way through the reincarnation trap to make free will decisions to suffer in lifetime after lifetime so our emotional energy could be harvested.


Our memories have been wiped time and time again and false lifetimes have been inserted into our life reviews that made our souls think we have to pay karmic debts of suffering and disease. Humanity has intentionally been put in a loop and that loop consists of lifetimes of consciousness slavery that is finally seeing it’s end.


I see it like this… Yes we chose to come here but we didn’t choose to come here to learn lessons of suffering, disease and despair and to live in a proverbial hell. Remember, we all have a soul family , guides, aspects of our higher self that are helping us, fighting for us from outside of these prison walls.

我是这样认为的... ... 是的,我们选择来到这里,但我们不是来这里学习痛苦、疾病和绝望的教训,也不是来这里生活在众所周知的地狱里。记住,我们每个人都有一个灵魂家族,一个引导者,一个帮助我们的更高自我的方面,在监狱之外为我们而战。

Remember, incarnating into a human body will not be possible in the next time line because we are transforming into a different form of energy, a different frequency. The human body is just too dense so enjoy this experience as much is you can.


Also, remember these oppressors that have kept us enslaved are slaves themselves from a hierarchy above them. They have been so busy fighting for their own survival that they fell for the same entrapment they have done to the human species. Their vibrational frequency is now trapped and cannot be maintained in this current higher frequency. Again, this is why we are seeing the incredible desperation of these Dark rulers trying to keep humanity and this planet at a low frequency by suffering, disease, war etc. it’s all to keep control of their mighty Empire.


We are in the last days of the war on consciousness as we are getting blasted by higher vibrational energy that’s coming deep within our Universe from our Central Sun, these waves of higher energy affects every single cell on the planet. Source is healing itself, it’s bringing back balance. Meaning, we will finally be able to live without cut throat survival instincts. Everything will be transmuted to the highest frequency which is love and anything not of love will be transmuted.

我们正处于意识战争的最后几天,因为我们受到来自我们宇宙深处的中央太阳的更高振动能量的冲击---- 这些更高能量的波影响着地球上的每一个细胞。源头正在自我疗愈,它正在恢复平衡。也就是说,我们终于可以不再有割喉求生的本能了。一切都将被转化到最高的频率,那就是爱,而任何非爱的事物都将被转化。

Parasites of every shape and form will be dissolved in this higher frequency. They must decide to connect to this higher vibration or they will not be able to exist on this healed planet. We are powerful fractals of Source and we will once again stand in our power.


**By Teri Wade

* * 作者: Teri Wade


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