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最新的例子是伦敦市长萨迪克·汗(Sadiq Khan)利用二战爆发80周年纪念日,将唐纳德·特朗普总统(Donald Trump)和英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)与德国纳粹进行了比较——这是一种令人震惊的、历史上荒谬的比较,因为特朗普和约翰逊都没有消灭纳粹曾经消灭过的数千万人类,但事实,让这些社会主义者无视维基解密(Wikileaks)领导人朱利安•阿桑奇(Julian Assange)刚刚被扔进”地狱般的牢房”而发出的真实而可怕的警告

A thought provoking new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that,for the first time in history,the United States has flown its fearsome B-2 nuclear armed stealth bombers to Iceland as it continues its preparations to take over Greenland by force if need be—while at the same time—China is reeling as pork prices continue to explode to record levels gravely endangering its ability to feed its over one billion citizens,and who,also,are trembling in fear as America prepares to default on the$1 trillion in debt it owes the Chinese government that would collapse their entire economy—states that the Western world needed to confront such growing global crises as these before total war erupts continues collapsing into even greater bouts of socialist induced insanities—the latest example being socialist London Mayor Sadiq Khan using the 80th Anniversary of the start of World War II to compare both President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the German Nazis—a beyond shocking and historically absurd comparison as neither Trump nor Johnson have exterminated from existence the tens-of-millions of human beings the Nazis did—but which did allow these socialists to ignore the real and factual terrifying warning just issued arising from the"hellish prison cell"Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has been thrown into because he knows that Russia didn't hack the Democrat Party e-mails,as the evidence proves they were leaked—and is a warning that says"All Of Us Are In Danger"due to"The Silence Of A New Kind Of Tyranny"that's sweeping across the West.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份引人深思的新外交部(MoFA)报告。报告指出,美国历史上首次派出令人生畏的 b-2核武隐形轰炸机前往冰岛,继续准备在必要时动用武力接管格陵兰岛。与此同时,猪肉价格继续飙升,创下历史新高,严重危及XX养活10多亿人口的能力,当美国准备拖欠欠XX政府的1万亿美元债务时,他们也在恐惧中颤抖。这些债务将导致XX整个经济崩溃,在全面战争爆发之前,这些问题继续演变成更严重的社会主义诱发的疯狂行为——最新的例子是伦敦市长萨迪克·(Sadiq Khan)利用二战爆发80周年纪念日,将唐纳德·特朗普总统(Donald Trump)和英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)与德国纳粹进行了比较——这是一种令人震惊的、历史上荒谬的比较,因为特朗普和约翰逊都没有消灭纳粹曾经消灭过的数千万人类,但事实,让这些社会主义者无视维基解密(Wikileaks)领导人朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)刚刚被扔进"地狱般的牢房"而发出的真实而可怕的警告,因为他知道,俄罗斯没有黑掉民主党的电子邮件,因为有证据证明这些邮件被泄露了出去——而且,由于席卷西方的《新型暴政的沉默》(The Silence Of a New Kind Of Tyranny),这是一个警告,上面写着"我们都处于危险之中":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,this"New Kind Of Tyranny"sweeping the Western world is being fueled by an"American Cultural Revolution"that's comparable to its Chinese"Cultural Revolution"counterpart that lasted from 1966 to 1976 and exterminated up to 2-million of its nation's citizens—and in the United States today sees its elite cultural revolutionary leaders spawning from its socialist Academic-Hollywood-Media Complex who want to turn their nation into what would be a"New China".


To support the creation of this"New China"in America,this report continues,the elite socialist leaders in Hollywood are now demanding that a blacklist of all Trump supporters be created so they can be banned and thrown out of their jobs—are being supported by new socialist laws that compel Christian filmmakers to celebrate gay marriage—sees Democrat Party controlled socialist churches now displaying signs saying"A Black Vote for Trump Is Mental Illness,A White Vote for Trump is Pure Racism"—has Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist socialist writer Rebecca Makkai demanding that every Americancitizen stop wearing red hats"because it's making everyone scared"—even has top Democrat Party socialist leader US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flooding America with Soviet communist era inspired posters to promote her"Green New Deal"radical restructuring of their nation's entire economy—and whose power cannot be underestimated as their"Socialist Twitter Trials"forced suicide death toll continues to rise among those failing to submit to their tyrannical rule—thus making it more than understandable that the future of America is now being described as:"there will be no compromise in the current environment…the unmistakable smell of conflict is in the air…debt,civic decay and global disorder are three category 5 hurricanes relentlessly moving towards a final denouement".




With Western socialist hypocrisy-laden insanities mounting by the day,this report notes,it was nevertheless shocking when socialist Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met his nation's murder rate soaring to new record highs this year with a declaration this week celebrating how successful their country is doing—a mind-twisting convolution of logic and common sense that was then met by socialist leaders in the State of Colorado who banned from school a 16-year-old boy child who committed the"crime"of going to a shooting range with his mother—the socialist leaders of the US Open fining one of their athletes$10,000 because it looked like he pointed his tennis racket like a gun—a socialist court in the State of Pennsylvania convicting a man for the"crime"of using a"gunlike hand gesture"—and at the same time all of these socialist lunacies were being committed—a socialist court in the"Peoples Republic"of the State of California found it wise to throw out the criminal murder conviction of an illegal Mexican migrant who shot to death a young white woman—but that with socialist logic makes perfect sense because even their main mouthpiece The New York Times has declared that"it's time to give up on white people".

随着西方社会主义伪善的疯狂与日俱增,本报告指出,然而,令人震惊的是,墨西哥社会主义者总统 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador 本周发表了一份声明,庆祝他们的国家取得了多么大的成功ーー这是一场逻辑和常识的思想扭曲的革命,随后,墨西哥科罗拉多州的社会主义领导人迎接了这场革命,他们禁止一名16岁的男孩上学,因为他犯下了与母亲一起去射击场的"罪行"ーー美国公开赛的社会主义领导人向他们的一名运动员罚款10美元,因为他的网球拍看起来像把枪一样指向对方(在一个社会主义法庭上,一名男子因使用"类似枪的手势"而被宾夕法尼亚州定罪),同时,所有这些社会主义者,疯狂行为正在发生ーー加利福尼亚州"人民共和国"的一个社会主义法庭认为,撤销一名非法墨西哥移民枪杀一名年轻白人妇女的谋杀罪判决是明智的ーー但从社会主义的逻辑来看,这是完全合理的,因为即便是他们的主要喉舌《纽约时报》也宣称,"是时候放弃白人了"


As to the greatest hope of these"American Cultural Revolution"socialists seeking to impose a"New Kind Of Tyranny"on their nation's citizens as they remake the United States into a"New China",this report details,is to place in power Obama's former Vice President Joe Biden—not because he would make a great leader,but because he is a 76-year-old obviously senile and memory challenged senior citizen—and is the same tactic these socialists used when they put 75-year-old Robert Mueller in charge of investigating President Trump—and just like Biden,was revealed during his"stammering stuttering mess"called a US Congressional hearing to obviously be senile and suffering from memory loss,too.

这些"美国文化大革命"社会主义者试图在将美国改造成"XX"的过程中,将"新型暴政"强加于本国公民身上,本报告详细说明,他们最大的希望是让奥巴马的前副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)掌权——不是因为他会成为一个伟大的领导人,而是因为他是一个76岁的老人,显然记忆力有问题——而且这些社会主义者在让75岁的罗伯特·穆勒(Robert Mueller)负责调查特朗普总统时也采用了同样的策略——就像拜登那样结结巴巴地在被称为美国国会听证会的"混乱"中暴露出来,

The socialist tactic of placing senile senior citizens into positions of power,this report points out,was first displayed in the former Soviet Union during the late 1970's to mid 1980's—that began in 1979 when gravely ill 73-year-old senile Leonid Brezhnev was kept in power until his death in 1982—who was then replaced by 68-year-old senile and barely able to mentally function Yuri Andropov who died two years later 1984—who was followed by 73-year-old senile and already near death Konstantin Chernenko who lasted just 13-months until his death in 1985—all three of whom were kept in power by their socialist underlings who looted the nation of its wealth to make themselves richer—that is until 54-year-old leader Mikhail Gorbachev took power,stripped these socialists of all their power,and dissolved the Soviet Union—because after these socialists were done with it,there wasn't anything of value left.

这份报告指出,社会主义者将老年公民安置到权力岗位的策略最早出现在20世纪70年代末至80年代中期的前苏联,始于1979年,当时73岁的老迈的列昂尼德·勃列日涅夫(Leonid Brezhnev)身患重病,一直掌权到1982年去世 1984年晚些时候,73岁的老年人尤里·安德罗波夫在1984年去世,他的康斯坦丁·乌斯季诺维奇·契尔年科只持续了13年,直到54岁的米哈伊尔·戈尔巴乔夫上台,剥夺了这些社会主义者的所有权力,解散了苏联,因为在这些社会主义者废除了它之后,就没有任何有价值的东西了。


With President Trump knowing full well that Hillary Clinton socialist"legal thug"Andrew Weissmann was the one actually conducting the witch hunt investigation him,to include Weismann himself writing the child-like screed called the Mueller Report,this report continues,it didn't take him long to discover how actually demented and deluded these socialists really are in trying to make Biden their new figurehead leader whom they can hide behind while they loot America—the insane lunacy of which now even sees these socialists having created an entire new genre of Obama-Biden books depicting them both as socialist super herosin order to"prove"how mentally stable and alert Biden is—and because of,now sees Biden stunningly vowing that he will be the"champion"for his nation's union workers—all of whom his senile mind probably believes have read his Obama-Biden super hero fantasy books to get their facts from—instead of their knowing his true history of being responsible for shipping tens-of-millions of their jobs overseas to China.

特朗普总统清楚地知道,希拉里·克林顿的社会主义"法律暴徒"安德鲁·魏斯曼实际上是对他进行政治迫害调查的人,其中包括魏斯曼本人撰写的名为《穆勒报告》(Mueller Report)的长篇小说,本报告继续写道


As President Trump,also,knows full well that the unions Biden is vowing to"champion"are gunning for the free speech rights of their workers,with government unions and their political allies pushing legislation across the country that cements union power to compel workers to support their political agendas,this report details,it is no wonder that he's just blasted socialist AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka for making his workers pay exorbitant union dues—or his having the FBI raid the homes of the top leadership of the socialist United Automobile Workers union,who for decades have been robbing their workers blind—and is why it's being reported this week that union workers all over America are supporting Trump—a support their fearful socialist union bosses are now calling"a serious problem".

特朗普总统也非常清楚,拜登发誓要"捍卫"工会工人的言论自由权,政府工会及其政治盟友在全国各地推动立法,加强工会力量,迫使工人支持自己的政治议程,本报告详细说明了这一点,难怪他刚刚抨击了美国劳工联合会-产业工会联合会(AFL-CIO)的社会主义工会领袖理查德特拉姆卡(Richard Trumka),理由是他让工人支付过高的工会会费,也难怪他让美国联邦调查局(FBI)突袭了社会主义汽车工人联合会(United Automobile Workers)高层领导人的住宅。数十年来,该组织一直在对工人进行抢劫。难怪本周有报道称,全美各地的工会工人都在支。


After these demonic and godless socialists had looted and destroyed the former Soviet Union to the point that it could longer function and had to be dissolved,this report concludes,the only thing left of value in the entire country were the Russian people—all of whom followed President Putin on the pathway that led to the"Triumph Of Christianity In Russia"—that restored to the Motherland family values and Christianmorality—and because of sees its economy today now having become the most diversified in the world making Russia the most self-sufficient country on this Earth and impervious to trade wars,tariffs and sanctions—whose industrial production has grown more than 50%while having undergone a total modernization at the same time—has seen its production of food surging by 100%--has seen its exports skyrocketing by almost 400% outdoing all major Western countries—with even the growth of exports of other than oil and gas products rising by an austounding 250%too—no true facts about,however,were ever allowed to be known to the American people as the socialist Obama-Clinton Regime had their intelligence agencies cook up fake reports about the Russian economy and the whole nation—but are true facts known to President Trump about how returning to Christian morality and family values can save an entire nation and its people—and that today sees Trump holding the most devastating weapon these socialist monsters have ever seen that he can use to destroy them—which are century-old Chinese bonds worth over$1 trillion that Trump can redeem any time he chooses against the over$1 trillion in debt that the US owes to China—and upon their redemption by Trump,would collapse the economy of China—thus leaving them with nothing left to support their"New China"cultural revolutionary socialists in America—all of whom failed to remember God's truth that only He can"removeth kings and setteth up kings"—not their devious and despicable socialist plots.




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