2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球

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 March 22, 2022 2022年3月22日

2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球

The flood of truth continues to flow as we learn of the underhanded, sneaky, unlawful and malicious plans of the deep state to best Humanity.


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and his crew of journalists reveal that the Federal District of New York spied on their communications long before the pre-dawn raid on journalists’ homes last November. We can surely see by now that these thugs are lawless and legalities are for us, not them. They act with impunity to maintain the upper hand and watch everything done by the opposition that might thwart their plan to install a New World Order.

真理计划的詹姆斯 · 奥基夫和他的记者团队透露,早在去年11月黎明前突袭记者住宅之前,纽约联邦区就对他们的通讯进行了监听。我们现在可以肯定地看到,这些暴徒是无法无天的,合法行为是为了我们,而不是为了他们。他们可以不受惩罚地行动,保持优势地位,观察反对派所做的一切可能阻挠他们建立新世界秩序的计划的事情。

You can watch the full video, less than 4 minutes, below, and/or share on Twitter, etc. We’ll see how long it lasts on Themtube.

你可以观看完整的视频,不到4分钟,在下面,或者在 Twitter 上分享等等。我们来看看它能在电视上持续多久。

DOJ Spied on Journalists’ Emails Via Sealed Search Warrants & Non-Disclosure Orders


If you think the New World Order is a myth or a conspiracy theory, you might reconsider after Sleepy Joe Biden speaks of it out loud, as did George H.W. Bush many years ago. Watch and listen at Red Voice Media.


“There is Gonna Be a New World Order”


2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球

Crazy days and crazy nights. We never know what we’ll hear or see.


Back on March 17 [seventeen]… Nancy Drew reported on Telegram about the Evergreen Forward container ship that “ran aground” in Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore.

回到3月17日[17] ... Nancy Drew 在 Telegram 上报道了长荣前进集装箱船在巴尔的摩附近的切萨皮克湾“搁浅”。

10:15 am
According to the guy who works in the guard shack, the Evergreen is still there, somewhere in that fog. He too, thinks it’s bizarre that it went “aground”. I’ll check back tomorrow.

3/17/2210:15 am

Seventeen years? Link to Telegram.

17年? 链接到 Telegram。

Evergreen shipping container stuck again


Walmart distribution center up in 2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球


Disneyland floods in which Fox News CLAIMS employee told them he hasn’t seen anything like it in 17 years…

迪斯尼乐园被洪水淹没,福克斯新闻声称员工告诉他们,他已经17年没有见过这样的东西了... ..。

But yeah, nothing is happening…


EVERGREEN on Repeat: Vessel runs aground in US  – Link to Telegram for video.

常青重复: 船搁浅在美国-链接到电报的视频。

Almost exactly a year after one of its ships famously blocked the Suez Canal for six days – costing billions to global trade – another Evergreen vessel has run aground outside Baltimore.


The 1,096-foot-long Ever Forward is stranded in Chesapeake Bay, having left the Port of Baltimore Sunday night. The incident has reportedly not caused any damage or delays.


There are no accidents. Wink-wink!


2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球

Coming around again… in case you missed it, the crew is on it. Gotta love those Q’s and Z’s.

再来一次... 如果你错过了,船员们都在上面。一定要喜欢这些 q 和 z。

If you only have time for one longish video today, the crew and I recommend this one from Clif High. It’s extra good, in my opinion, but not too long. He pooh-poohs on the famine and starvation story and also calls into question the QFS. Take it for what you will. Sounds like we won’t hear from Clif again for a while so… enjoy. 31 min.

如果你今天只有一个较长的视频时间,我和我的工作人员推荐这一个来自克里夫高中。在我看来,这是特别好的,但不会太长。他对饥荒和饥饿的故事嗤之以鼻,也对 QFS 提出了质疑。随便你怎么拿。听起来我们有一段时间不会再听到克里夫的消息了,所以... 好好享受吧。31分钟。


Every now and then the White Hats give us a wink and a nod. This got the attention of a lot of people.


We reported on the wildfires in Texas and now they’ve had multiple tornadoes. Video and details at the link below.


Severe weather threat winds down in Central Texas


Today, there are tornado warnings in the deep south.


We heard that Taiwan would be in the news shortly and now we have the earthquake story—which often isn’t really earthquakes—at least not naturally-occurring ones. It’s most often about the Earth Alliance dealing with the cabal’s tunnels and DUMBs.


Here in Arizona we are asked to block this bill that will open our private medical records to untold sources. Link to Telegram.

在亚利桑那州,我们被要求阻止这项将我们的私人医疗记录公之于众的法案。链接到 Telegram。

Your help is needed to stop a bad bill that removes your control over your own personal health information that is set to receive a vote in the Arizona State Senate.


If passed, Senate Bill 1167 (House companion bill HB 2100) would ensconce into Arizona statute aspects of the Governor’s Executive Order 2022-02 that are detrimental to patient privacy. This shocking measure empowers a wide range of entities to access and redisclose your medical records — including your COVID-19 status and vaccination history — without your knowledge or permission.

如果通过,参议院第1167号法案(众议院同伴法案 HB 2100)将纳入亚利桑那州州长行政命令的第2022-02号方面,有损病人的隐私。这一令人震惊的措施授权广泛的实体获取和重新披露你的医疗记录,包括你的2019冠状病毒疾病状况和疫苗接种史,而不需要你的知情或许可。

Unfortunately, a good amendment proposed by Senator Nancy Barto, to stop the sharing of patients’ records without their consent, was not approved.

不幸的是,参议员南希 · 巴托提出的一项很好的修正案没有得到批准,该修正案要求禁止在未经病人同意的情况下共享病历。

We need your help to stop the bill!


Please send a note to your Arizona State Senator and Representatives. Ask them to protect patient privacy and VOTE NO on SB 1167 and HB 2100.

请给你们的亚利桑那州参议员和众议员发一封信。要求他们保护病人的隐私,并对 SB 1167和 HB 2100投反对票。

Click on the link and send your message.



Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (https://p2a.co/1mOjtUa)
AZ Alert: NO to SB 1167! Protect Patient Privacy
No to SB 1167! Protect Arizonans’ Medical Privacy. http://p2a.co/1mOjtUa

美国内科医生和外科医生协会( https://p2a.co/1mojtua ) AZ 警告: 对 SB 1167不行!保护病人隐私向 SB 1167号!保护亚利桑那州人的医疗隐私。Http://p2a.co/1mojtua

Jetson White has several new installments of his Trump Time Travel series uploaded that you may want to watch. Most are quite short, and he makes very interesting postulations. I’ll post Part 7 to get you started. I’ll be watching #9 later.

杰特森 · 怀特上传了他的特朗普时间旅行系列的几部新片,你可能想看看。大多数都很短,他的假设很有趣。我将发布第7部分来帮助你开始。我一会儿再看第9号。

The Trump Time Travel Series 2022 Revisit-Part 72022年特朗普时间旅行系列再访——第七部分

Here’s more on that Tesla energy Jetson mentioned in his videos above that’s coming to us in the near future.


Like we said, folks… they are everywhere. Be vigilant, protect your children, and trust no one.

就像我们说的,伙计们... ... 他们无处不在。保持警惕,保护你的孩子,不要相信任何人。

In case that one disappears…


I did not address the death of Bob Saget at the time because I knew the truth wasn’t told and there would be more coming. Pedos don’t last long once they’re exposed. Even in prisons there is zero tolerance for men who hurt children. I don’t know the whole story about Bob Saget, but I’ve heard he was a pedophile and it was suggested that he may be related to Bill Gates. Regardless, the story below has a lot of holes.

我当时没有提到鲍勃 · 萨吉特的死因,因为我知道真相不会被告知,而且还会有更多的事情发生。一旦它们暴露在外,就不会持续很久。即使在监狱里,对于伤害儿童的男人也是零容忍的。我不知道关于鲍勃 · 萨吉特的整个故事,但是我听说他是个恋童癖,有人说他可能和比尔 · 盖茨有关系。不管怎样,下面的故事有很多漏洞。

Bob Saget’s Cause of Death Revealed: Something More At Play Here?

鲍勃 · 萨吉特的死因揭示: 还有其他原因吗?

In Arizona the pedos are trying to stop legislation that would increase jail time for pedophiles and traffickers.


Justice is coming to all. Greasy attorney Michael Avenatti got his just desserts and opportunist stripper Stormy Daniels is getting hers.

正义终将到来。油腔滑调的律师迈克尔 · 阿文纳蒂得到了他应得的,机会主义的脱衣舞娘斯托米 · 丹尼尔斯得到了她应得的。

Stormy Daniels Forced To Pay Trump Massive Sum After Losing Appeal


2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球

In Canada, the lying, treasonous state media is under the gun. Justice.


CBC forced to pay $1.95 million in libel case as court finds it “failed in its duty to be fair, balanced and responsible”


Do you remember the Polish pastor in Calgary, Alberta who refused to close his church due to the absurd scamdemic mandates and was arrested multiple times? He is still not free. In this upside-down, inside-out world, the wrong people are in jail and criminals run free and terrorize the innocent.

你还记得在阿尔伯塔省卡尔加里的一位波兰牧师吗? 他拒绝关闭他的教堂,理由是荒谬的欺诈行为,并且被多次逮捕?他仍然没有自由。在这个颠倒的、由内而外的世界里,错误的人被关进了监狱,罪犯逍遥法外,恐吓无辜的人。

Pastor Artur has been in jail since he was arrested at his home on February 8.


LIVE UPDATES: Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s second bail hearing since February arrest

实时更新: 自二月份被捕以来,帕夫洛斯基牧师的第二次保释听证会

Overall, the situation in the Great White Gulag is enough to make one vomit. Turdeau is turning everyone’s stomach.


This odd video said to be gruesome footage of dead Ukrainian soldiers is suspect. Is it just me, or do at least some of these look like dummies? And if one is, they probably all are. It looks fake. If it isn’t, we are sorry for the victims’ families.


Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday was very good and for those needing perspective on what is unfolding globally, Dave is one of the best analysts.

Dave 昨天的 x22报告非常好,对于那些需要了解全球情况的人来说,Dave 是最好的分析师之一。

I like to leave with a laugh, so here you go…


And that concludes today’s update. Lots going on out there and we continue to keep the hailing frequencies open. Stay safe… live long and prosper.  ~ BP

今天的更新到此为止。很多事情正在发生,我们继续保持网络呼叫频率的开放。保持安全... 长寿和繁荣。~ BP

2022年3月22日: 人类未来卡片中的世界新秩序|星际飞船地球


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