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光之银河联邦 |带来更多欢乐的重大新闻This message regarding the Ascension Event is general in nature and is meant to be broadcast to all peoples of Gaia.” The Galactic Federation of Light


“We come with this message tonight for all our Gaian family. Things have been changing dramatically upon your world, and you have all felt it for many years now. The pace has quickened. World events are happening that you do not understand. Massive energy has been sent to Gaia via solar flares and other celestial events. Your personal lives changed severely in the last year and a half, and this break forced many Gaians to re-evaluate their lives. All this chaos is not coincidence, dear Gaians. It is all connected, all of this has a purpose, and that purpose is your Ascension.


It is the time for hu-manity on Gaia to Ascend. This is grand, historic news that should bring much jubilation to your hearts! Much jubilation! It is not something to be feared, it is something to be ecstatic about! For this process, your spiritual development, has been millennia in the making—millennia! Many races of the Galactic Federation have watched over Gaia and your progress (you as in the hu-mans on Gaia) all this time.


This message is meant to be broadcast to all Gaians; it is not just intended for the spiritually aware. Those who are unaware of the Ascension of all hu-mans need to be informed so that everyone may experience this natural process with ease and joy.


As ascension events happen so very infrequently, and no Beings generally live long enough in-between these events, there are no records that you may refer to if you research the Ascension. There is no information on what happened last time. And to be clear, the structure of the Ascension you will experiences is vastly different than any other that has happened prior on Gaia. This time, Gaians have chosen to ascend in their bodies, as opposed to ‘passing over’ as you say, and their spirit being elevated to the next level without a body. Yes, we said ‘Gaians have chosen’ as “you” as a collective decided how your Ascension would occur.


Many of you may have experienced what some people refer to as “Ascension symptoms” as your bodies have literally been changed in these last 20-30 years. You have been increasing your vibrations and slowly ascending all this time, of course. Gradually your bodies have been changed, the matter that makes up your bodies has been changed. You are lighter. You literally can hold more light in your bodies now than you did 20 or 30 years ago; much, much more light! Have you noticed that you eat differently? Sleep differently? Many people understand these things; but many others have not heard of them and may be surprised when certain things begin to happen. This is why we wished to come speak with you tonight.

你们中的许多人可能已经经历了一些人所说的“扬升症状”,因为你们的身体在过去的20-30年中确实发生了改变。当然,你们一直在增加你们的振动,并且一直在慢慢提升。渐渐地,你的身体发生了变化,组成你身体的物质也发生了变化。你变轻了。比起20年或30年前,现在你的身体可以容纳更多的光,更多的光!你有没有注意到自己的饮食习惯有所不同?睡眠方式不同?许多人理解这些事情; 但是许多人没有听说过这些事情,当某些事情开始发生时,他们可能会感到惊讶。这就是为什么我们今晚想来和你们谈谈。

The first thing that you may notice when the Ascension Event begins to happen, (if you are on the side of the planet where people are awake and going about their day), is that people will suddenly become quiet. If they are driving a car, they will pull over because their Higher Self is telling them to do so. If they are running, say jogging for exercise, they will stop. So, whatever people are doing, they will suddenly stop and be quiet. We account for things such as flying airplanes, people going very fast in cars, trains or ships. We watch over and protect them.


People will want to lay down where-ever they are. If you are working in an office, you will put your head down on your desk. Or, if you are working outdoors at a construction site, or just outside in general, people will stop and lay down where they were standing. In the hours preceding this event, people will be guided to find a place where they may lay down. For example, if they are driving, they will be guided to pull over and find a place to park so that they may lay down in their cars. The Ascension Event is one that people will need to be unconscious. It is something where people will need to lay down and rest as they will be in a state of extreme exhaustion, just wanting sleep. It is a natural process.


The people on the dark side of the planet will experience this while they are asleep. In this manner, you will dream the experience. Everyone will dream the experience. It will be a beautiful dream! Honestly, people will dream of some mode of transportation, and they will get off this transportation at the appropriate spot for them. There are many different levels that people will be ascending to and that should make sense to everyone because people are at all different levels spiritually, so it is not like everyone will arrive at the same point. Do you understand?


People will go to the area that feels comfortable to them, whether it is 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or higher. When they get there, they will rest for a bit more, they literally are going there in their bodies. They will dream the experience but wake up there in their bodies. You will not feel afraid, you will feel a bit confused but your Angel guides, your Spirit guides and/or your Higher Self will be there to talk you through it.

人们会去他们感觉舒服的地方,不管是3D, 4D, 5D, 6D 或更高。当他们到达那里时,他们会多休息一会儿,他们实际上是用他们的身体去那里。他们会梦到这种体验,但是在那里醒来的时候,他们的身体。你们不会感到害怕,你们会感到有点困惑,但是你们的天使向导,你们的精神向导和/或者你们的更高的自我会在那里告诉你们通过它。

We give you these examples of what the Ascension Event may look like in your world with the hope that this information will be a comfort to many. We know that there is concern regarding the separation of your family and friends who may end up in a different destination than you. When that happens (because it will happen to many different people), you will not mourn them as if they are dead. You will understand that you went to where you were meant to go, and they did the same. You will feel connected to them, you will still remember them. You will mourn their loss, but not as if they were dead. You will feel comforted. As we stated earlier, your Angel and Spirit Guides and Higher Self will always be with you to provide understanding.

我们给你们这些扬升事件在你们的世界中可能看起来是什么样子的例子,希望这些信息将成为许多人的安慰。我们知道有人担心你的家人和朋友的分离,他们可能最终会到达与你不同的目的地。当这种情况发生时(因为这种情况会发生在许多不同的人身上) ,你不会像他们已经死了那样哀悼他们。你会明白你去了你应该去的地方,他们也做了同样的事情。你会感觉与他们有联系,你仍然会记得他们。你会为他们的死而哀悼,但不会像他们已经死了一样。你会感到安慰。正如我们之前所说,你们的天使、灵魂向导和更高的自我将永远与你们同在,提供理解。

We will take our leave. We are happy to have brought you this message on this night. We are the ones of the Galactic Federation of Light who have been tasked with sending this message to Gaians. Adonai. Namaste.”


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