DNA 激活的症状

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完全意识到并感激 DNA 激活的过程,因为你正在向真实的你转化,这是一个奇迹。

DNA 激活的症状At this moment, many people are experiencing these symptoms. They are becoming aware of what is really going on with them.


And what is actually happening, is activation of all the levels of your consciousness and a general rise of your vibration. These are the symptoms of DNA activation.

实际上正在发生的,是你们所有意识层次的激活,以及你们振动的普遍上升。这些都是 DNA 激活的症状。

1. Sleep disorder, insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night. Don’t try to go back to sleep. The more you do it, the more tired you will feel. Use those moments to meditate and work on your inner development.


2. Worry, discomfort.

2. 担忧---- 不适。

3. Burning sensation and tingling in the feet and hands.

3. 手脚有烧灼感和刺痛感。

4. Feeling tired and disoriented in the morning.

4. 早上感到疲惫和迷失方向。

5. Unusual activity (buzzing, tingling, pressure) at the crown of your head, in the area of the seventh chakra. Don’t be afraid, you are simply becoming more open to the divine energy so it can flow through you.


6. Strange tingling on the skull and down the spine.

6. 奇怪的头骨和脊柱的刺痛感。

7. Unexpected mood swings and depression that you can’t explain. There is no place for fear here. This is a sign that your heart chakra is cleansing.


8. Experiencing nervous breakdowns or outbursts of happiness for no obvious reason. Another symptom that your heart chakra is activating and it’s making you put an end to all the negative ties you have. Get rid or everything in your life that is not on the same vibrational level with you.


9. Constant development of situations that drive you off the rails, or encountering people who provoke negative emotions in you. These are the lessons that you need to work on. Accept them with gratitude and cut them loose forever.


10. Weight changes (losing or gaining weight). All the fears that you need to face are resurfacing. This can make you eat compulsively, or it can go in the opposite way, and you will lose any interest in food. The food that you used to hate, will become very tasty, and the food you really liked could become repulsive to you.


11. Your eyes are going through a change (they look heavy and tired, your sight is blurry).

11. 你的眼睛正在经历一个变化(它们看起来沉重而疲惫,你的视线模糊)。

12. You are able to see small, shiny particles floating in the air, auras, even rainbows in the most unexpected places.


13. When you close your eyes, you don’t see darkness anymore, you see light.

13. 当你闭上眼睛,你看到的不再是黑暗,而是光明。

14. You can also see geometrical shapes, colors and wonderful images when you close your eyes.

14. 当你闭上眼睛的时候,你也可以看到几何图形、颜色和美妙的图像。

15. Every color you see becomes brighter and clearer.

15. 你看到的每一种颜色都变得越来越明亮和清晰。

16. With the increase of the level of perception you start seeing objects with your inner sight. Those are objects from other dimensions.


17. At sunrise and sunset, using the peripheral eyesight, you are able to see white lines.

17. 在日出和日落的时候,利用周围的视力,你可以看到白线。

18. Improvement or deterioration of your hearing.

18. 听力改善或衰退。

19. Increase of heart rate.

19. 增加心率。

20. You may start loving some foods, and hate the food that used to be your favorite.

20. 你可能开始喜欢一些食物,讨厌那些曾经是你最喜欢的食物。

21. Sharpened perception.

21. 敏锐的洞察力。

22. Skin rashes and allergies.

22. 皮疹和过敏。

23. Repetitive periods of hyperactivity.

23. 重复性过度活跃。

24. Fatigue and apathy.

24. 疲劳和冷漠。

25. Changes in your meditation routines (difficulty to concentrate).

25. 改变你的冥想习惯(难以集中注意力)。

26. Increase of your energy levels.

26. 提高你的能量水平。

27. Headaches and pain in the neck and back.

27. 头痛,颈部和背部疼痛。

28. Digestion problems.

28. 消化问题。

29. Muscle spasms.

29. 肌肉痉挛。

30. Increased heartbeat and general heart activity and chest pains without any medical reasons.

30. 没有任何医学原因,心跳加快,心脏活动增加,胸部疼痛加剧。

31. Changes in your libido and sexual potency.

31. 性欲和性能力的变化。

32. Experiencing a need to stay quiet and not talk, or pain in the jaw.

32. 需要保持安静,不说话,或者下巴疼痛。

33. Reduction of muscle tone.

33. 减少肌肉张力。

34. Changes in your physical appearance.

34. 外表的变化。

35. Having vivid dreams that contain messages for you.

35. 拥有生动的梦境,其中包含着对你的信息。

36. Things, situations, and people show up in your life and change your perspectives on life and everything that surrounds you.


37. You want to be alone and isolated.

37. 你想要独处和孤独。

38. Loss of desire to communicate with others.

38. 丧失与他人交流的欲望。

39. Creativity outbursts.

39. 创造力爆发。

40. Sensation that time goes by faster than before.

40. 感觉时间过得比以前快。

41. Impatience.

41. 不耐烦。

42. Feeling that you are not the same person you used to be.

42. 感觉你不再是以前的你了。

43. You feel a strong connection with the Earth and the nature around you.

43. 你感到与地球和你周围的大自然有着强烈的联系。

44. Home appliances and light bulbs keep burning out in your presence.

44. 家用电器和灯泡总是在你面前烧坏。

45. All the puzzles in your life start to fit together perfectly.

45. 你生活中的所有谜题开始完美地结合在一起。

46. Manifestation or increase of paranormal abilities.


47. Feeling of unity with everything there is. Limitless, unconditional LOVE.

47. 感受到与万物的统一,无限,无条件为你。

48. You become selfless and noble.

48. 你变得无私和高尚。

49. Your thoughts and desires manifest much faster.

49. 你的想法和欲望表现得更快。

50. Increase in activity in the left hemisphere of your brain.

50. 增加大脑左半球的活动。

51. Vertigo and dizziness.

51. 眩晕和头晕。

52. Faster growth of hair and nails.

52. 头发和指甲生长更快。

53. An insatiable desire to meet your other half.

53. 一种永无止境的渴望与你的另一半相遇。

54. Periodical depression (feeling lonely and abandoned).

54. 周期性的抑郁(感到孤独和被抛弃)。

Please, don’t worry, because at this moment all of these symptoms are normal. There is no need to be afraid because you are not alone. There are millions of people experiencing these symptoms. And our number is growing with every passing minute.


Once you experience a combination of a good number of symptoms listed above, address your Higher Self, listen to your soul and your body, and they will help you find the answers to all your questions.


Be completely aware of and grateful for the process of DNA activation because you are transforming onto the real you, and it’s a miracle.

完全意识到并感激 DNA 激活的过程,因为你正在向真实的你转化,这是一个奇迹。

DNA activation means coming home.


(Disclaimer: The symptoms listed above may happen as a result of a medical condition. Please seek professional help if you feel your health might be compromised.

(免责声明: 以上列出的症状可能是由于身体状况造成的。如果你觉得自己的健康可能受到影响,请寻求专业帮助。



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