查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat

2021年2月15日13:38:17其他揭露查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat已关闭评论1.9K131字数 33201阅读24分38秒阅读模式

附上三个视频的部分转录:查理·沃德和尼古拉斯·韦尼亚明2-12-21,Gene Decode和 cirstenw 2-5-21,Gene Decode和迈克尔·k·雅各2-11-21。

Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

Enclose partial transcriptions from three videos:Charlie Ward and Nicholas Veniamin 2-12-21,Gene Decode and cirstenw 2-5-21,and Gene Decode and Michael K.Jaco 2-11-21.

附上三个视频的部分转录:查理·沃德和尼古拉斯·韦尼亚明2-12-21Gene Decode cirstenw 2-5-21Gene Decode和迈克尔·k·雅各2-11-21

The essential subjects are:


—The horrific unspeakable depravity discovered in the Washington D.C.D.U.M.B.s,Deep Underground Military Bases,which are,according to Gene Decode,the worst of the worst.

华盛顿特区 D.U.M.B.s 地下军事基地发现的可怕的无法形容的堕落,根据 Gene Decode 的说法,这是最糟糕的地下军事基地。

—The rescue of the children enslaved in the D.C.tunnels and numbers of people who'd been captive there for years without ever seeing the Sun.


—The global Military takedown of intermediate and lower level ca/bal since the upper echelon is already gone.


—As of this writing the Faux Impeachment x2 has ended and President Trump has been acquitted.

ー截至本文撰写之时,假弹劾 x2已经结束,特朗普总统已被宣告无罪。

查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat

—President Trump will shortly return as the 19th President of the Republic and all the promises made will be kept:The RV,GCR,NESARA,GESARA,Quantum Financial and Voting Systems,tsunamis of Wealth,instantaneous Healing technology,Tesla Tech,6k patents of Tech that will restore Gaia and her Kingdoms within months,and far too many wonders to list.

ー特朗普总统不久将作为共和国第19任总统回归,所有承诺都将兑现:房车、GCRNESARAGESARA、量子金融和投票系统、财富海啸、瞬间治愈技术、特斯拉科技(Tesla Tech)6千项技术专利,这些专利将在几个月内恢复盖亚和她的王国,以及太多难以列举的奇迹。

查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat

—As well,the blazing the light of Ascension and the restoration to 5D+Divine Light Realms for Gaia,her Kingdoms and Humanity is coming.Gene Decode explains the planetary Ascension and how it effects everything and everyone.It is a masterful dissertation on Ascension like I've never heard before.

ー同时,为了盖亚,她的王国和人类,燃烧的扬升之光和恢复到5D+神圣之光领域正在到来。Gene Decode解释了行星提升以及它如何影响一切和每个人。这是一篇我从未听说过的关于扬升的杰出论文。

Q,as usual,predicted everything perfectly.This one post illustrates that since the deep state coup d'etat in 1963 and the assassination of President Kennedy,there has been a decades-in-the-making Genius Divine Q-Plan to restore the Republic,to rescue Earth from the disgusting satanic deep state de_mons,and to demolish their entire depraved global empire and that EVERY STEP OF THE WAY has been anticipated and carried out with Military precision.

Q,像往常一样,完美地预测了一切。这个帖子说明,自从1963年的深层政变和肯尼迪总统被暗杀以来,已经有了几十年的天才神圣 q 计划,以恢复共和国,拯救地球从恶心的撒旦深层恶魔状态,并摧毁他们整个堕落的全球帝国,每一步的道路已经被预期和执行的军事精确度。

查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat


Juan O'Savin 11-7-20


"The Q-Operation was about alerting American voters,explaining to them what's going on,educating them,helping them make alliances within the communities within the groups around them…

"q 行动旨在提醒美国选民,向他们解释正在发生的事情,教育他们,帮助他们在他们周围的群体中建立联盟.....

We KNOW how the game is played now.It'll be obvious by the end of the day that the President's won but if it isn't WE'RE NOT BACKING DOWN.


We KNOW how the tricks are done.We see what's going on.We're not going to let our Election,our country be stolen from us by a bunch of tricksters and magician globalists with all of their scamming buddies.


We're not letting that$152 Billion dollars in Obama money reach back into America and corrupt our elections here in America and by the politicians and these globalists that want to run America.


People need to educate themselves with what's going on in the world right in front of them with these magic acts and say No!!and Hell No!!!


查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat



Gene Decode was speechless trying to describe the depravity uncovered in the DC DUMBs,I'm speechless in trying to express my appreciation for the genius,heavenly,magnificent Q-Plan that is unfolding on Gaia.It is THE STORY OF THE UNIVERSE that we are privileged to participate in and witness,which is why throughout Creation all eyes are on Earth.

Gene Decode试图描述在华盛顿发现的堕落DUMBs,我无话可说,试图表达我的赞赏天才,天堂,宏伟的 q 计划正在盖亚上展开。我们有幸参与并见证了《宇宙的故事》,这就是为什么在整个创世过程中,所有的目光都集中在地球上。

查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat

So what exactly is taking place right now?Too much to recount here,as Melissa outlines in her Tweet:


Not to mention all the resignations of CEOs,the collapse of Governments worldwide and many mysterious"deaths"for bizarre reasons.

更不用说所有 ceo 的辞职,世界范围内政府的崩溃,以及许多奇怪原因造成的神秘"死亡"

As well,we never know exactly where President Trump is and that is for his safety.


查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat

But for the sake of this blog,I'm going to focus on D.C.:


We see prison walls going up.We see helicopters,vans,buses,fire trucks,blacked out SUVs,Police cars,body bags,tens of thousands of Marines and National Guard pouring into the former capital city,etc.We read about explosions.We see the White House is dark.We hear about arrests.

我们看到监狱的围墙竖起来了。我们看到直升机、面包车、公共汽车、消防车、涂黑的 suv、警车、运尸袋、成千上万的海军陆战队和国民警卫队涌入这个前首都城市,等等。我们读到关于爆炸的报道。我们看到白宫一片漆黑。我们听到了逮捕的消息。

But what does it all amount to?


Gene Decode reveals some of what is going on and it's even more horrific than anyone imagined.

Gene Decode揭示了一些正在发生的事情,它甚至比任何人想象的更可怕。

Gene Decode
is a former U.S.Navy decoder.He is recognized as one of the foremost authorities of Deep Underground Military Bases/D.U.M.B.s.

Gene Decode 是前美国海军解码员。他被认为是深地下军事基地/d.u.m.b.s 的最重要的权威人士之一。

From his bio,Gene has"valuable INTEL of the deep state agendas,aristo-rat bloodlines,adrenochrome,satanic cults,alien races,ancient civilizations buried underground,Antarctica,human harvesting,God,The Great Awakening,etc."


Gene Decode was trained to take massive amounts of information and glean the slimmest threads of facts on myriad levels:Galactic,Planetary,Cosmic,Spiritual,corporeal,Governmental,Medical,numeric,linguistic,mathematical,Military,civilian,technological,Religious,game theory,archaic,historic,futuristic,etc.—he can take a morass of information and literally crack the codes.

Gene Decode 接受的训练是获取大量信息并收集各种层面的最细微的事实线索:银河系、行星、宇宙、精神、物质、政府、医疗、数字、语言、数学、军事、民用、技术、宗教、博弈论、古代、历史、未来主义等等,他可以获取大量信息并真正破解密码。

When Gene reports a fact it can be understood as TRUTH in the most exhaustive and profound sense.


When Gene talks about a new prison facility on the Moon that has transparent aluminum walls,as he does in a below transcript,this is not nonsense he's spewing for shock effect—this is fact.


查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kathttps://s3.ax1x.com/2021/02/15/yyj30H.jpg

查理•沃德和Gene Decode:恐怖的华盛顿 D.U.M.B.s,惊人的扬升,奇迹般的健康和财富(第一部分)|Kat

There are two very important points to remember in the coming days as horrific deep state de_monic crimes are revealed.


I confess I'm tiptoeing in unchartered territory for me,but Charlie Ward,in his transcription below encourages us to not worry about making mistakes,so here goes:


(1.)The deep state de_mons are NOT Human Beings.


Human Beings,that posess a God-created eternal soul,cannot possibly commit these depraved killings or carry out these sick practices.


Juan O'Savin calls the deep state satanists"monsters."Gene Decode calls them"soulless."Charlie Freak calls them"rats."I call them"de_mons."However you want to identify deep state rats monsters soulless luciferian de_mons,they do not have an immaculate soul.

胡安·奥萨文称这些深层次的撒旦教徒为"怪物"Gene Decode 称他们为"没有灵魂的"Charlie Freak 称他们为"老鼠"我叫他们"恶魔"无论你如何想要区分那些没有灵魂的魔鬼,他们都没有一个完美无瑕的灵魂。

I have two friends who don't know each other,both intelligent women that are not prone to flights of fancy,who told me on two separate occasions that they have seen Queen Elizabeth shape-shift into a reptile and back to human again.


I have an open mind.It's entirely possible but I have never seen it.I only report it because it bears on the next bit.However,they both saw this queenly shape-shift on VIDEO and we know how easy it is to manipulate images.Just sayin'.



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