X22报道|第2702集: 泰德 · 克鲁兹出来说话,斯加维诺信息收到,人质不再,我们准备好了

2022年2月15日16:35:49最新动态X22报道|第2702集: 泰德 · 克鲁兹出来说话,斯加维诺信息收到,人质不再,我们准备好了已关闭评论3681字数 1458阅读4分51秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2702集: 泰德 · 克鲁兹出来说话,斯加维诺信息收到,人质不再,我们准备好了

Ep. 2702a – Ted Cruz Just Comes Out And Says It, Why Do They Hate Bitcoin, They Can’t Control It

Ep.2702a ——泰德 · 克鲁兹站出来说,他们为什么讨厌比特币,他们无法控制它

Ep. 2702b – Scavino Message Received, Hostage No More, We Are Ready, Drip, Drip Then Flood

Ep. 2702b –收到斯加维诺的信息,人质不再,我们准备好了,滴,滴,然后洪水



The [CB] are now moving forward with their plan, this will backfire on them. [NP] is moving to ban stock trades, Massie has a better idea. Bank system shutting down Mike Lindell’s account. Fed says credibility on the line. Cruz says that Bitcoin cannot be controlled.



The [DS] is now in the process of creating chaos, they are pushing a [FF] in Ukraine, Zelensky already gave the date of the Russian invasion, why would they know the date and announce it? Trudeau is preparing martial law in his country. The Durham evidence has dropped and the fake news is not reporting on it, Trump prepares to go around and then take the bull horn from the [DS]. Scavino sends a message, hostage no more. The clock is ticking down.



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