2020年2月7日10:18:08特朗普弹劾秀结束,命运多舛的恋人皮埃尔•德莱托和南希•佩洛西私奔已关闭评论 7458629字阅读28分45秒

特朗普被指——佩洛西对特朗普的憎恨,与她命运多舛的情人皮埃尔·德莱克托(Pierre deleto)不相上下。后者是美国共和党参议员米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)在 twitter 上的一个秘密名字,抨击特朗普。罗姆尼在两项弹劾指控中投了有罪票。

A too funny for words new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today commenting on former Obama-Clinton Regime intelligence officials launching spoiled child-like petty attacksagainst Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gina Haspel because she clapped,stood and cheered during President Donald Trump's nationwide delivered State of the Union Address,states that Director Haspel's public reactions align perfectly with her other role as being a member of the White House Cabinet—all of whose members are political appointees fully expected to support whomever their President is and the political party they work for—and except for"Designated Survivor"Interior Secretary David Bernhardt being kept away from the US Capital in case it was destroyed and the US government had to be rebuilt,saw all other Cabinet Members cheering Trump on,too—and as one would expect,as this event kicked off the two-part season finale of the Trump Impeachment Show—part-one that aired on Tuesday evening in front of a television audience of over 37-million American people who watched what's being described as a masterpiece show of"political door prizes,special guests,big name boycotts,hyperbole galore and the nation's top Democrats literally shredding the ex-Celebrity Apprentice's speech in front of Congress and the cameras"—a reference to Democrat Party House Leader Nancy Pelosi providing the"cliffhanger"ending to part-one of this season finale(an ending to an episode of a serial drama that leaves the audience in suspense)with her tearing to shreds her copy of Trump's speech on live television—which was followed on Wednesday afternoon when part-two of this season finale aired—otherwise known as the US Senate sham impeachment trial of Trump that saw him being acquitted of the made up charges against him—and in its shock ending,saw Pelosi's hatred of Trump being matched with that of her star-crossed lover Pierre Delecto—the secret Trump-bashing twitter name of Republican Party US Senator Mitt Romney who voted guilty on one of the two impeachment charges—after which Pelosi lavished praise on Romney-Delecto like a young bride about to elope with her secret lover—a marriage from political hell that then caused the US leftist mainstream propaganda media to proclaim Romney-Delecto as the new"President of the Republican Resistance"—a title,however,Romney-Delecto actually earned in 2016 after watching in envy while Trump won more than 8-million votes than he did during his failed 2012 presidential election—and its worth being remembered is the same Romney-Delecto who"Stabbed American Workers In The Back Long Before He Stabbed Trump"—a back stabbing of American workers that made Romney-Delecto billions-of-dollars as he closed their factories and bankrupted them—and while these hundreds-of-thousands of American workers were left penniless,they were forced to watch as Romney-Delecto made$20,000 off of each and every one of them—all of which explains why when this two-part season finale ended,"liberal tears"began to flow from the eyes of"depressed"Democrat lawmakers—all of whom know their days are surely numbered.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

今天,克里姆林宫里流传着一份新的外国情报局(SVR)报告,其中评论了前奥巴马-克林顿政权的情报官员对中央情报局局长吉娜·哈斯佩尔(Gina Haspel)发动的被宠坏的小孩般的攻击,因为在唐纳德·特朗普总统发表全国性的国情咨文时,她鼓掌、站着、欢呼,哈斯佩尔局长的公开反应与她作为白宫内阁成员的其他角色完全一致,所有内阁成员都是政治任命的,他们完全希望支持他们的总统和他们所效力的政党,除了"指定幸存者"内政部长大卫·伯恩哈特不在美国首都,以防首都被摧毁,美国政府不得不重建,看到所有其他内阁成员也在为特朗普欢呼ーー正如人们所预料的那样,这一事 件拉开了《弹劾总统秀》本季两集结局的序幕ーー第一集于周二晚上在超过3700万观众面前播出,他们观看了所描述的一切——作为"政治门奖、特别嘉宾、大牌抵制、夸大其词和全国民主党高层的一场杰作秀,《名人学徒》的前名人演讲在国会和摄像机面前被粉碎了"——这里指的是民主党众议院领袖南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)为本季第一部提供了"扣人心弦"的结尾(这是一部连续剧最后一集的结尾,让观众陷入悬念),她撕碎了自己在电视直播节目上的演讲稿——周三下午,这一季的第二部分播出了弹劾特朗普的决赛——也就是众所周知的美国参议院对特朗普的虚假审判——结束时,特朗普被指——佩洛西对特朗普的憎恨,与她命运多舛的情人皮埃尔·德莱克托(Pierre deleto)不相上下。后者是美国共和党参议员米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney) twitter 上的一个秘密名字,抨击特朗普。罗姆尼在两项弹劾指控中投了有罪票。佩洛西对罗姆尼-德莱克托大加赞扬,就像一个年轻的新娘准备与秘密情人私奔一样。这场政治地狱般的婚姻导致美国主流宣传媒体宣称罗姆尼-德莱克托为新的"共和党左翼反抗——然而,2016年,罗姆尼-德莱克托实际上是在嫉妒地看着特朗普赢得了超过800万张选票,而他在2012年失败的总统大选中赢得了这些选票。人们记住的是"在刺伤特朗普之前很久就在背后捅了美国工人一刀"的罗姆尼-德莱克托,他在关闭工厂并导致工人破产时,暗算美国工人,让罗姆尼-德莱克托赚了数十亿美元,而这些成千上万的美国工人却身无分文,他们被迫看着罗姆尼-德莱克托从他们每个人身上赚了2万美元。这一切都解释了为什么在这个分为两部分的季终集结束时,"沮丧的"民主党议员们开始流下"自由主义的眼泪"——他们都知道自己的日子肯定不多了。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,competing for airtime with the two-part season finale of The Trump Impeachment Show,was the season opener for the horror series"Democrat Debacles On The Road To The White House"—both of which were panned by critics—with noted failed presidential candidate,e-mail savant and warmonger Hillary Clinton panning the first by saying about it:"As the president's impeachment trial began,Republican senators pledged an oath to defend the Constitution...Today,52 of them voted to betray that oath—and all of us...We're entering dangerous territory for our democracy"—and the second being panned by socialist Democrat Party US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson who screamed:"The Russians Did It!".

根据这份报告,与《特朗普弹劾秀》(The Trump Impeachment Show)两集大结局竞争播出时间的《民主党在通往白宫的道路上的崩溃》(Democrat depalcles On The Road To The White House)是该系列恐怖片第一季的开场节目。这两部剧都遭到了批评人士的猛烈抨击,著名的总统候选人、电子邮件专家和好战分子希拉里·克林顿("总统弹劾审判开始时,共和党参议员宣誓捍卫宪法......今天,其中52名参议员投票违背了这一誓言,我们所有人......我们正在进入我们民主的危险境地。"ーー第二次是由社会主义民主党美国国会女议员希拉·杰克逊批评,她大喊:"俄罗斯人做到了!".

Far from the Russians having anything at all to do with the Democrat debacle horror show called the Iowa Caucuses,this report notes,Congresswoman Jackson would be better served by talking to her fellow television critic Hillary Clinton—as it was a company hilariously named Shadow staffed with Hillary Clinton operatives that screwed up the Democrat Party presidential vote in Iowaall of whom now work for Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg—and in this horror show's latest plot twist,now sees it being revealed that globalist-socialist multi-billionaire George Soros funded Shadow with millions-of-dollars,too—and aside from Buttigieg being awarded the acting prize #MayorCheat for his role in this horror show,and mockingly being named"The Juan Guaido Of America"after the lunatic pretending to be the president of Venezuela—and that sees one of its first review headlines being:"WOW!After 48 Hours Iowa Democrats FINALLY ADMIT Crazy Bernie Won Most Votes—But Somehow Lost to Buttigieg…WTH Iowa?".

报告指出,俄罗斯人与民主党在艾奥瓦州党团会议(Iowa Caucuses)上惨败的恐怖秀毫无关系,国会女议员杰克逊最好与电视评论家希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)交谈,因为这是一家名字滑稽的 Shadow 公司,雇佣了希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的特工,搞砸了艾奥瓦州民主党的总统选举。这些特工现在都为民主党总统候选人皮特布蒂吉格(Pete buttieg gieg)工作,现在我们看到,全球主义者、社会主义者、亿万富翁乔治索罗斯(George Soros)也以数百万美元资助了 Shadow。除了布蒂吉格(Buttigieg)因在这部恐怖片中扮演的角色而获得了#mayorcheat 表演奖,还被取笑为"美国的胡安盖伊多"(The Juan Guaido Of America),因为这个疯子假装是委内瑞拉总统——这是该片最早的评论标题之一:"!"48小时后,爱荷华州民主党人终于承认疯狂的伯尼赢得了大多数选票ーー但不知何故输给了布蒂吉格......爱荷华州?".


First episode of"Democrat Debacles On The Road To The White House"television series depicts gruesome true horror.


With the two-part season finale of The Trump Impeachment Show having exposed the lies and treachery of the socialist Democrats,as well as its shock reveal of the star-crossed love affair between Nancy Pelosi and Pierre Delecto,this report concludes,legendary reality television show producer President Trump has gone back into production to put the finishing touches on his next masterpiece—a masterpiece whose most fitting title should be"How To Win A Landslide Election Victory By Running Over Democrat Clown Cars"—warnings about which are now being sounded by the likes of Clinton guru James Carville who said he's"scared to death"of it because it will air at the same time"the Democratic Party is losing relevance and becoming an ideological cult"—and whose appeal to black voters now has Obama guru Van Jones further warning"Trump is helping African-Americans in real life"and reaching out to them for their vote in 2020…WAKE UP,folks…The#IowaCaucus was a debacle,followed by a strong#SOTU speech laying out Trump's strategy to win"—a winning strategy Trump will put on display in his new series,some of whose new episodes will include such news coming just this past 24-hours alone,to include"Private Payrolls Soar In January,The Best Monthly Gain In Nearly 5 Years","Yearly Trade Gap Falls For First Time Since 2013","China To Reduce Tariffs On Some Imported US Goods By 50 Percent On 14 February","Markets Reach New Highs:S-P 500 And Nasdaq Closed at All-Time Highs–DOW Up Nearly 2%",and"Record Economic Optimism Under Trump,Better Than Reagan,Clinton,And Obama"—all of which were preceded by Trump promising the American people during his nationwide address"The Best Is Yet To Come"—and explains why aging and fading Democrat Party once leading clown car driver Joe Biden has just told his rapidly diminishing supporters"we took a gut punch".

随着《特朗普弹劾秀》两季的最后一集揭露了社会主义民主党人的谎言和背叛,以及南希·佩洛西和皮埃尔·德莱克托之间不幸的爱情故事的令人震惊的揭示,本报告得出结论:传奇电视真人秀制片人特朗普总统已经重新投入制作,为他的下一部杰作做最后的润色。这部杰作最合适的标题应该是《如何碾过民主党的小丑车,赢得压倒性的选举胜利》。克林顿大师詹姆斯·卡维尔(James Carville)等人正在发出警告,他说自己"怕得要死",因为它会在播出的同时"民主党正在失去重要性,成为一种意识形态崇拜"。奥巴马··琼斯(Obama Van Jones)对黑人选民的吸引力现在进一步警告说,"特朗普在现实生活中帮助非裔美国人",并在2002年主动 0...醒醒,伙计们。。#iowacaucus 是一个溃败,紧接着是#sotu 演讲,强烈阐述了特朗普的获胜战略"——这是特朗普将在他的新系列中展示的获胜战略,其中一些新的插曲将包括这样的新闻,仅在过去的24小时,包括"1月份私人就业人数飙升,近5年来最好的每月增长""年度贸易逆差自2013年以来首次下降""中国将在214日将部分进口美国商品的关税降低50%",市场触及新高:s-p500和纳斯达克收于史上最高点,道琼斯指数上涨近2%"创纪录的经济乐观在特朗普,比里根,克林顿和奥巴马"——所有这一切之前,特朗普在他的全国讲话中承诺美国人民"最好的还没有到来"——并解释了为什么衰老和衰落的民主党曾经领导小丑汽车司机乔·拜登刚刚告诉他迅速减少的支持者"我们挨了一拳"



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