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I think we should be a little more alert and alarmed inasmuch as if the vaccines in circulation are not as advertised and if there are bad health effects(to put it mildly)then why is this being allowed.Are we participating-by simply seeing to our own welfare and ability to make the right decision-in some kind of culling of the(innocent)ignorant.


Now I know we are better than that,but all I have to go on that this isn't quite the case is this latest Message from Matthew(here)-but there are still a far too many open questions,wouldn't you say?


There needs to be more of an initiative by those with a controlling overview of the situation to supply proof that everything that is happening is educational and that real people,whose only'sin'is they watch too much tv and believe in the news too much,are not being allowed to be led into jeopordy due to too much faith in'the system'.


Otherwise we are also culpable because we are trusting in those who are doing,or allowing to be done,what we would never do.


Anyway here is Matthew...who,to be honest,isn't quite as stirred as me over the issue...




"Now let us answer your questions about the virus,beginning with The variant virus strain is more contagious and may be more deadly than its predecessor.As mentioned in a previous message,tests are designed to detect"regular"flu and colds,and those are being called"variants."


We cannot emphasize too strongly that the purpose of all mainstream media"pandemic"-related reporting is to create fear.That is why lie upon lie is disseminated and the truth from thousands of medical professionals that is published on the Internet is removed as soon as it is discovered.


The energy of fear for self or others for any reason lowers immunity and makes bodies more susceptible to contracting covid and a number of other illnesses.That is one of the benefits the Illuminati are reaping;the fear energy emitted by everyone in financial straits due to lockdown is another.Remember,dark hearts and minds require fear energy's low vibrations for their very survival.


Extraterrestrial special forces scientists decreased the virus potency in vaccines to the extent possible;complete elimination would be noticeable.But even greatly reduced toxicity is producing serious adverse effects in people with weak immunity,and the number of deaths following vaccination is growing.


If you and your loved ones are healthy and have no medical issues,you need not be unduly concerned if employment mandates vaccination—people with strong immune systems usually have short-lived mild reactions.


However,if you or loved ones have any health issues,it would be wise to get a written statement from your care provider that your condition requires an exemption.If vaccination is voluntary,we recommend that you avoid it.


Vaccines have much less or no effect on bodies with crystalline cells than on bodies with carbon-based cells.We cannot tell you how to discern if your cellular structure is crystalline,but we can tell you the transformation from carbon comes with light absorption,and that comes easily.As God told my mother:"It is as simple as,be kind."We add that during the past two decades,many souls have come in with crystalline cells and many people who are older have attained the level of light that enabled the cellular change.


Our thought about vaccines that require two inoculations and perhaps booster shots to be effective is,put those in Follow-the-Money category.The individuals who years ago devised the diabolical plan to mutate a virus in a laboratory,release it in a location saturated with damaging 5G emissions,and name it coronavirus-19 expected billions to die quickly.That plan failed and they had to settle for making billions from"pandemic"-related products.

我们认为疫苗需要两次接种并且可能需要加强注射才能有效,因此将这些疫苗归入"跟着钱走"的类别。几年前,一些人设计了一个恶魔般的计划,在实验室里变异一种病毒,在一个充斥着破坏性5G 排放物的地方释放它,并将其命名为冠状病毒——19,预计数十亿人将很快死亡。这个计划失败了,他们不得不满足于从"大流行"相关产品中赚取数十亿美元

Their greed is as boundless as their desire to rule your world,and in both,they have lost.Light forces are retrieving the illegally and immorally amassed fortunes that helped the Illuminati control life on Earth.And,the curtain of the world stage is rising for the final act of a very,very long play about the darkness that permeated Earth and prevented her civilizations from evolving in conscious and spiritual awareness.


The next play will be a very,very long story about love,peace,joy,prosperity and life in harmony with Nature.We honor you and all other lightworkers for invaluable contributions to Earth's new story."




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