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June 03, 2022 2022年6月3日

This weekend there will be a global meditation organized by Simon Parkes. The meditation is at 5pm on Sunday 5th June Eastern time - that is 9am Monday 6th June in New Zealand. Historically, global meditations have proven to be immensely successful. Right now, Gaia and humanity need all the Light we can muster. I will be participating. Simon explains in this video...

这个周末将有一个由西蒙 · 帕克斯组织的全球冥想。冥想时间是东部时间6月5日星期日下午5点,也就是新西兰6月6日星期一上午9点。从历史上看,全球冥想已被证明是非常成功的。现在,盖亚和人类需要所有我们能聚集的光。我会参加的。西蒙在这段视频中解释道。


Matthew Ward's latest channeled message is uplifting. He makes it clear that the bright wonderful future for humanity is ALREADY underway in the higher realms. They are waiting for us to join them! He gives reassuring information about Elon Musk (great Light Warrior), and some interesting background to conception, miscarriages and abortions.

马修· 沃德的最新通灵信息是令人振奋的。他清楚地表明,人类光明美好的未来已经在更高的领域中进行着。他们在等着我们加入他们!他给出了关于埃隆 · 马斯克(伟大的光之战士)的信息,以及一些关于受孕、流产和堕胎的有趣背景。


This short video about timeline-jumping is fascinating.  



Basically, we Light Warriors are jumping timelines from 3D to 5D constantly throughout the day. You know when you are on the 3D timeline because you feel flat, disillusioned and isolated. You know when you are on the 5D timeline because you feel energized, motivated and connected to other Light Warriors. There is a big incentive to spend as much time as possible in 5D - it gives us the energy to cope with 3D life.

基本上,我们光之勇士在一天中不断地将时间线从3D 跳跃到5D。你知道当你在3D 时间线上,因为你感到平淡,幻灭和孤立。你知道当你在5F 时间线上的时候,因为你感到精力充沛,充满动力,并且与其他光之勇士相连接。在5D 上花费尽可能多的时间是有很大动机的——它给了我们应对3F 生活的能量。

I have been sharing my latest favorite mantra with weary Light Warrior friends: 'Whatever it takes...' Whatever it takes for you to survive these extremely challenging times, do what you need to do. Ease up on yourself. I dislike cooking so I am treating myself to quick versions of meals that I would never have done in the past. Whatever it takes. I have identified that I need a lot of support right now, so I am not shy about asking for it from loved Light Warrior friends, something I have never done before. Whatever it takes.  

我一直在和疲惫的光战士朋友们分享我最新最喜欢的口头禅: ‘不管付出什么代价... ...’不管付出什么代价,只要能让你在这个极具挑战性的时代生存下来,做你需要做的事情。放松自己。我不喜欢做饭,所以我给自己买了一些过去绝不会做的快餐。不惜一切代价。我已经认识到我现在需要很多的支持,所以我不会羞于向我喜欢的光战士朋友们要求,这是我以前从未做过的事情。不惜一切代价.

It also helps to have little or no expectation of people around us at present. Everyone is struggling in their own way. Look for - and appreciate - the unexpected ways that friends and loved ones reach out, and ignore the times when they don't. They are ALSO doing 'whatever it takes' to survive right now.


Thank goodness I got to enjoy some sunshine today and time with a couple of lovely Light Warrior friends. It's raining heavily again but I am smiling.


Speaking of smiling, if at all possible, try to have a good belly laugh every day. It's amazing what a difference laughing can make to your sense of wellbeing. I am fortunate to have some witty fun-loving Light Warrior friends who laugh easily.


Finally, a shout-out to my friend Emma who has collaborated on many blog posts. Emma has stepped back from post collaboration to focus on her burgeoning little business. We wish her all the best. Thanks so much Emma for your valuable contributions over recent months.


Light Warriors, you are a wonderful bunch of people. I consider every one of you a friend. I hope to meet many of you after victory is in the bag and we can all travel and enjoy freedom again. 轻武士们,你们是一群了不起的人。我把你们每个人都当作朋友。我希望在胜利之后能遇见你们中的许多人,我们都能再次旅行,享受自由



Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 爱与光



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