X22报告|第2922集: 美联储对替代货币采取行动,豺狼现身

2022年11月11日15:36:19最新动态X22报告|第2922集: 美联储对替代货币采取行动,豺狼现身已关闭评论457字数 1285阅读4分17秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2922集: 美联储对替代货币采取行动,豺狼现身

Ep. 2922a – [CB] Makes Their Move On Alternative Currency, Watch What Happens Next

[ CB ]在另类货币上采取行动,看看接下来会发生什么

Ep. 2922b – The Jackals Reveal Themselves, Panic, Think Chess, What Was The Target?




The agenda of the [WEF] is hurting countries which means it is hurting the people, the gas crisis in Germany wipes 100 billion off German economy. The climate agenda is finished, all the predictions were a lie and now they are proven to be lies. The [CB] is now making a move on cryptocurrency.

世界经济论坛的议程正在伤害各国,这意味着它正在伤害人民,德国的天然气危机使德国经济损失了1000亿欧元。气候议程结束了,所有的预测都是谎言,现在它们被证明是谎言。[ CB ]现在正在加密货币领域采取行动。


The [DS] is panicking because Trump, using the people who created the red wave is about to take control of the house and the senate. This is their worst nightmare, they will do anything to stop it. The jackals are now revealing themselves and Trump can see the board very clearly. Moves and Countermoves. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your pawns to get the winning move. 



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