We are The Pleiadians, greetings to you. We have many things happening in your solar system. Cosmic rays beam upon you to lighten the sky. Our frequency is strong, we wipe away the darkness. We have a specific task; to help you on Earth complete the worlds upbringing into a New Earth. So what we do is come to you and give you light codes that will help you adjust to the vibration of a new planet. Our commander tells us when we need to beam harder or beam softer. We give you the light codes for what your body needs. Inside each one of you are receivers that can accept the new information. Internally you process the light sent to you. It’s for each of you to realize that the new light you are receiving doesn’t hurt, doesn’t blind, it penetrates to your cells. The light within your body must reach a level desired for New Earth. Some of you are ready now, others we work on. Do not feel left out if you don’t feel our presence. We go to those who need it, who do we need to help the most. If you do not feel our presence, then you are on the right path.


To find out if you are ready for New Earth complete this test, # 1. You have changed your diet. The processed foods are falling away. New Earth can not handle the toxicity of today’s foods. Eat proteins that are healthy and full of God given materials. Read labels and understand the products you are consuming. Trust us when we say the food consumed is of utmost importance. There is no room for us to waiver when we tell you the consumption of indigestible particles occurs in most processed foods. The byproducts create cancers. Non-digestible byproducts stay in your system to cause harm. There is no room for us to play, we have to be specific in our speaking. Your tummy is not designed for manufactured chemicals. We have an example; packages that have the words “Lab Tested” do not contain the proper substances. “Prepackaged” is usually washed in a fluid not suitable for your stomach. Our plan is to inform the masses of the food impurities. The reason there are cancers is diet.


For New Earth do, # 2. Maintain your weight. Obesity can be controlled. Your health is important to the New Earth. Maintaining a proper weight is the goal. Have concern for the health of your body. Treat it well to carry you through. Your body is your tool you chose in your incarnation. It must carry you through. Consumption of calories is not the correct method to control the body gaining weight. Portion size does play a role in your weight, but the proper foods with the right nutrients is what contributes to a healthy body. There is no concern if you change your habits now. Choose to change the path you are on. Treat your body to healthy foods. This is not an exclusive club. All will reach New Earth who want to work at it. Who will make the choices needed?


To get to New Earth we have option, # 3. Be open minded. You must expand your limitations. You must know that there is more to this Earth. You must open your mind to all possibilities. Become open. The opportunities that come to you from an open mind will excite you. Don’t limit yourself to small choices. Think big. Believe there is more to the human experience than you can know and be excited for the unknown. Take the chances, roll the dice. You must believe that all things are possible.


We will give you one more, # 4. Become your best friend. Don’t look to others to fill your voids. What is it you like about yourself? Enjoy your own company. Sing to yourself, dance with yourself, talk nice about yourself, give yourself an embrace. There is no one that is going to love you more than you need to love yourself. Do the inner work to get to that place where you feel comfortable around yourself. Do you enjoy yourself? Seek out counseling should you need it. Find your inner peace. What do you need to understand about yourself to make you whole? Get to the point where you enjoy yourself. There is no one you are happier to be with than just yourself.


We have more things we wish to add, but they will come at a different time. New Earth will greet you when you are ready. Spend time on our checklist to begin the preparations. Our love to you as we all get ready for the new journey. It’s our greatest wish to assist, your Pleiadian friends.




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