X22报道|第2615集: 人们正在进行经济活动,这只是冰山一角

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X22报道|第2615集: 人们正在进行经济活动,这只是冰山一角

Ep. 2615a – People Are Now Making An Economic Move, Dark To Light

Ep. 2615a-人们正在进行一场经济运动,从黑暗到光明

Ep. 2615b – This Is The Tip Of The Iceberg, The Call For Election Decertification Is Getting Louder

Ep. 2615b –这只是冰山一角,要求取消选举资格的呼声越来越高



The economic crisis is hitting other countries first, they are seeing power outages and other problems. Trump says gas could go over ten dollars a gallon, inflation nation. Trump points out that [JB] wants to pay non citizens $450,000. People around the world who are experiencing inflation are starting to realize what real money is.



The patriots are in control, the CDC put out a paper that says the vaccines are better than natural immunity, this was not peer reviewed and it is now debunked. The [DS] is now panicking, the call to decertify the election is growing. Fraud is being produced, prosecutions are coming down the pike and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The [DS] is continuing to silence voices. This is panic, they are afraid of those who speak the truth.

爱国者们控制了局面,CDC 发表了一篇论文,说疫苗比自然免疫更好,这没有经过同行评审,现在已经被揭穿。现在[DS] 感到恐慌,要求撤销选举的呼声越来越高。欺诈正在产生,起诉正在接踵而至,而这只是冰山一角。[ DS ]仍在继续压制声音。这是恐慌,他们害怕那些说真话的人。


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