X22报道|第2738集: 央行议程陷入困境,特朗普是否揭示了一条线索?

2022年3月31日16:29:12最新动态X22报道|第2738集: 央行议程陷入困境,特朗普是否揭示了一条线索?已关闭评论3101字数 1366阅读4分33秒阅读模式

[ DS ]现在处于恐慌状态。这则假新闻被迫播出了[ HB ]笔记本电脑的故事,因为他们得到消息说起诉书正在进行中。他们正试图尽可能地扭曲事实。很快,越来越多的信息不断滴出,然后变成洪水,他们将需要关闭所有。

X22报道|第2738集: 央行议程陷入困境,特朗普是否揭示了一条线索?

Ep. 2738a – Conspiracy Is Now Truth, The [CB] Agenda Is In Trouble

Ep. 2738a-阴谋即真相,[ CB ]议程陷入困境

Ep. 2738b – Did Trump Reveal A Clue? Do You Attack And Remove Queen Mid-To-End?

Ep. 2738b – 特朗普是否透露了一条线索? 你是否会攻击女王并将其赶下台?



The [CB]/[DS] players just confirmed that the New World Order and the Great Reset were never conspiracy theories, they are now the truth. The patriots already know the playbook, the people are awake, their plan is in trouble. The [CB] is proceeding without a cover story.



The [DS] is now in panic mode. The fake news was forced to broadcast the [HB] laptop story because they were tipped off that indictments are on their way. They are trying to spin it as best they can. Soon as more info continually drips out and then turns into a flood they will need to shut it all down. Trump sent a clue, and let us all know the direction of the plan. @Q sent a message, and displayed the Queen card, the Queen protect the King, when do you remove the queen mid to end.

[ DS ]现在处于恐慌状态。这则假新闻被迫播出了[ HB ]笔记本电脑的故事,因为他们得到消息说起诉书正在进行中。他们正试图尽可能地扭曲事实。很快,越来越多的信息不断滴出,然后变成洪水,他们将需要关闭所有。特朗普发出了一条线索,让我们都知道了计划的方向。@ q 发送了一条消息,并展示了王后卡片,王后保护国王,什么时候可以把王后赶下台。


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