Teri Wade|维度转变

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Teri Wade|维度转变

Part 1


What's going to happen in the near future?What's happening right now?What usually happens when we approach this point in the Precession...(Precession of the Equinox post in comments)where this change takes place everything starts to break down meaning all social structures begin to dissolve and break down.


A major reason this is happening is because of the magnetic field and the electromagnetic field of Earth.The magnetic field is what we use to interpret who and what we think we are and also to store our memory with.We need an exterior magnetic field to retain memory.We cannot live without some form of magnetic field.


Look at major cities all over the world before,after and during a full moon there is more rape and murder.The reason is the full moon causes a ripple in the magnetic field and this change is just enough to take people that are already emotionally over the edge,over the edge.The magnetic field effects the emotional body.


Imagine if you were at the point of the Precession,on a planet,where things are starting to get out of balance...People start losing it,people start getting crazy and this is all necessary to bring about the breaking down of the structures of this planet.Without balance everything starts to fall apart.And I think you all agree that our planet is way out of balance and this is why were seeing it all fall apart.


Eventually,and what we have been told in ancient texts and writings the magnetic field will go away entirely for about three days,we've all heard about the"three days of darkness."? This will happen more than likely right before a build up of chaos and major destabilization on this planet.Like I've said for years it's going to get real ugly!


Every time a human being plugs into this higher vibrational consciousness grid it increases that signal.It'll come to a point that human beings will start remembering and breathing in a certain way children will have the least problem,the older you are the harder it'll be.This is the final time during this axis shift and dimensional interface.Hopefully,it won't get too ugly and crazy out there.This is where we've all heard that Ohhhhh so frightening word"Armageddon"comes from.?


If you look back in ancient records in 1400 A.D.in South America they all started fighting and warring with each other because their emotions got so strong and out of control.So,hopefully that will not happen this time.


Many of you have been reading Q's drops...probably the largest military operation in the history of this planet and its reason is to bring about disclosure in small increments,to get us prepared for this axis shift that will change absolutely everything.Also,many of us are here to bring in this wave of higher frequency awareness to humanity that need that final push.?


Usually it's about 5-6 hours before this massive dimensional shift in consciousness which takes place,which is usually tied to the axis shift.No one even the ET's monitoring our planetary progress really knows if the consciousness shift will happen before,during or after the axis shift.I believe the ET's who are very intensely watching hope it happens simultaneously.It's a crap shoot!We are the Greatest Show on Earth!


Usually what happens before,during or after this dimensional shift is a visual phenomena.This will almost for certain happen when we will experience the 3rd and 4th dimensions begin to interface and our consciousness begins to fully move into 4th dimensional consciousness and 3rd dimensional consciousness starts to recede away.


When this happens synthetic manufactured materials that do not occur naturally on Earth begin to disappear.Say goodbye to all plastic!They won't disappear all at once depending what they're made of.This supposedly will happen during this 5-6 hour period.


Since these axis changes/shifts have been happening for millions of years this is the reason that we do not see synthetic manufactured remnants of previous civilizations that were much more advanced then we are because it all disappeared.We only see the structures made from stone still remaining.


The process when synthetic materials start to disappear is when people who don't understand what's happening will start to go crazy.But,you need to understand and will be very important when this shift begins the safest place you should be is a natural,not an artificial structure.Be out on Earth if possible.This is why previous civilizations built massive cities out of stone and that is why they're still standing.They make it through these dimensional changes and remain there.


The Dimensional Shift


Part 2-The Day of Purification


The Day of Purification means everything will be restored back to natural balance.There's a 1400 year old structure in New Mexico"Taos Pueblo"and by tribal law no synthetic material is allowed inside the structures because when this purification process takes place they know it'll all just disappear.Like I said in Part 1 anything made of synthetic material will disappear.

净化日意味着一切都将恢复到自然平衡。在新墨西哥州有一个有1400年历史的建筑"Taos Pueblo",根据部落法律,建筑内部不允许使用合成材料,因为当这个净化过程发生时,他们知道这些材料都会消失。正如我在第一部分所说的,任何由合成材料制成的东西都会消失。

There will be other possible phenomenon happening also at this time as the dimensional interface occurs.4th dimensional objects might appear in the 3rd dimensional world.These objects will seem to not fit in with any other colors that we've seen in our 3rd dimensional world it will boggle our minds.


I believe the ET's that are monitoring this Ascension process desire this dimensional interface to be as gradual as possible.Meaning,while moving through this shift it is said that we do not touch or look at any of these objects,to touch and look at these objects it will pull you instantly and fully into the 4th dimension.


If you are calm and centered you will be able to watch all of this for a small amount of time.As soon as the magnetic field collapses your field of vision will disappear and you'll find yourself in a black void and the 3rd dimensional world will gone for you.


Many will fall asleep during this process and will start dreaming during this process that will supposedly last between 3 to 4 days.This is where we get the term"Three days of Darkness."??


When this process takes place do not worry about anything,it's a natural process and fear will cause lots of trouble for you.Remember,your manifestation ability will skyrocket and you do not want to manifest fear during this time.


We look at this process as something new but this process is very,very old.It's very possible during this process you will remember that you have gone through this before and that will bring about a calmness.Meaning,the 4th dimension starts appearing in your perception in the form of higher Light Data and we know Light is information so it would make sense we will start to remember like never before.


You will find yourself in a world like you've never seen before,but really you have,you just don't fully remember...because our memories have been erased so many times.It'll be a brand new place all the colors,shapes and feel of everything will be new.


What's happening is you're entering a whole New World,a Rebirth,but upon entering this 4th dimensional world you will be the same size you are now...not a baby.


There are many things that are similar transitioning from world to world and some of those similarities are the Holy Trinity and Mother,Father,Child.As you enter this brand new place,and you won't understand anything,there will be two beings standing in front of you"Mom&Dad"and they will be very big compared to you about 10-15 feet tall.One will be male and one will be female.These two beings have a bond with you and will guide and protect you during the informative period in this world.


These two beings have a relationship with you not like the relationship you had with your mother and father in the third dimensional world.They know who you truly are,they know you are part of the Creator and recognize your divine nature.You will appear to them just as you are now but more than likely naked since any synthetic clothing will not have made it through the shift.You will feel intense love and familiarity towards these two beings.


Your physical form might appear to be exactly the same but your atomic structure has changed dramatically.Meaning,the heavy denseness of your 3D physical structure will have been converted into energy.You're in the early process of returning to Light!?


There are many called but few are chosen scenario...


Bible verses....
"there will be two people laying in bed,one will be taken the other one left.""Then there shall be two men in the field;one will be taken,and one will be left.Two women will be grinding at the mill;one will be taken,and one will be left."Meaning,you can talk to you're blue in the face and plant seeds but many will not make it through this process you go through this process alone.Again,as the Bible verse goes..."the Wheat and the Chaff will be separated."



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      • 太一之子 太一之子 4


          • zhunbeizhuanbian zhunbeizhuanbian

            @ 太一之子 麦子和糠秕将会分开,这懂了吧

              • 太一之子 太一之子 4

                @ zhunbeizhuanbian 指有信仰的人和無信仰的人會分開嗎

                  • zhunbeizhuanbian zhunbeizhuanbian

                    @ 太一之子 不光是信仰,应该是在这条路上一直在努力准备的人

                • 宇宙骑士 宇宙骑士 9

                  @ 太一之子 麦子对人有益,所以麦子是指有益的,有用的,值得留存的,糠秕是指无益的,无用的,不值得保留的,这样解释你是否能理解?有些宗教势力喜欢将人类比作麦子,这就引出“收割”这个概念,被收割的麦子有用的会被保留,剩下毫无价值的会被遗弃,在我看来这是暗指地外文明在这个世界挑选自己需要的成员,有些地外文明只要求忠诚,有些要求仁慈善良和忠诚,有些要求比较高需要有智慧有善良还要有忠诚,不同的族类定下的标准不同,越高维度的存在提出的要求越严格,即使是这个世界各个势力不同的群体定下的加入标准也是各不相同,你想要脱离人类文明跳槽到别的世界,首先你需要对方承认你是“麦子”才有可能,收获麦子时难免会产生糠秕,这是难免的事,在我看来这并非坏事,我觉得外星族类都比较挑食,要知道糠秕也有糠秕的用途,例如可以加入自然界的能量转化工作,自然环境植物生产的果实需要动物配合才能将种子分离出来种植在适合生长的环境,参与这项工作的将果实被转化为肥料,肥料和种子种植在新的环境,这就需要一定能量的转化工作者,只需要改变“糠秕”的基因使之食肠宽大就能胜任这份工作,这些工作者每天所作的工作就是在舒适的环境里吃下食物拉出大便,如此即可,对这些工作者而言接受这份工作是件极好的差使,对这个世界而言这些工作者很有效益的转化能量形式提供了肥料,对人类成员来说自己族类里的“糠秕”能获得这份重要的工作是值得庆祝的事,据《圣经》记载,耶和华曾经将一些人改变基因使之成为专业的能量转化工作者,你们将这些工作者起名称作“猪”,这些工作者每天认真的工作这值得尊敬,“糠秕”现在所作的工作除了残害民众破坏社会污染自然环境以外,他们的主要工作仍然是能量转化工作,他们每天积极的在饭桌上将食物转化为肥料,与其让“糠秕”们死亡,倒不如转化它们的基因使之可以勤奋的效力在能量转化事业,对它们而言这是天堂般美好的生活,这对人类文明来说是极为有益的和诣选择……

                    • 太一之子 太一之子 4

                      @ 宇宙骑士 理解了一些,把麥子和糠秕區分開,對糠秕未必是公平的,就像學習能力不同的學生,老師只關心學習好的,對學習能力弱的不公平。而且拋開二元性,就沒有學習好和學習差一說,好和差都是被老師定義的。我們是一,對任何一個可以拯救的人都不能放棄

                        • zhunbeizhuanbian zhunbeizhuanbian

                          @ 太一之子 这是世间人的理解方式,每个人都有不同的路去走,有些是强迫不来的,无公平与不公平之说。

                            • 太一之子 太一之子 4

                              @ zhunbeizhuanbian 我們是一,每個人都是重要的一部分。我可能說公平和不公平也是一種二元對立,糾正此錯誤。但必須說明的是,我們很多人一直呆在地球上的使命,是去關愛每一個人,盡我所能地幫助每一個人。

                            • 宇宙骑士 宇宙骑士 9

                              @ 太一之子 麦子和糠秕是由种子生长而成,就像不同的灵魂来源于同样的源头,难道有些灵魂生来就是卑劣邪恶的?人之初,性本善,任何灵魂最初都是干净纯洁的,都是在存在过程中沾染不洁,最终沦为不洁之物,不洁的东西并非有害,只是将有用的东西放错了位置才会有害,就像人们都厌恶的大便,你要知道,大便是宝贵的天然肥料,对自然界来说是极为有益的好东西,可是有些人不肯排泄大便想让它们再变成食物,结果是肚肠破裂大便渗入身体各个器官最终导致死亡,现在的人类文明被邪恶势力操纵强行挽留邪恶的人在这个社会,利用邪恶污染纯洁,结果是导致邪恶的人将这天堂变成它们将要去往的地狱,邪恶的人有它们应去的归宿,那毫无秩序到处嫖娼乱伦的地狱对邪恶的人而言却是美好的天堂,麦子有麦子的位置,糠秕有糠秕位置,各有各的位置,有些自大狂傲的人却不这样认为,他们认为凭什么作了坏事就必须去地狱?凭什么不能留在天堂?自大狂傲的族类想要挑战宇宙,他们不遵从宇宙秩序想要控制宇宙的运作,他们控制这个世界操纵人类的发展过程,他们阻碍灵魂的正常投生过程,他们控制所有人失去前世的记忆,没有人能反抗他们,没有人能揭发他们,直到他们的罪行被别的世界发现,在无以计数的飞船围剿邪恶势力时,他们才懂得什么是恐惧,他们非常积极的把所有罪名推给人类,想要灭绝人类抹除活口让自己洗清犯罪嫌疑,他们的行为已被察觉,他们在临终前一边进行着灭绝人口的计划一边散布谎言想要人们宽恕他们,他们妄想在自己失败时还有人分担他们应得的惩罚,麦子和糠秕终会被强行分开,对麦子和糠秕来说,只有分离才是从苦难中获得解脱;



                                • Alita Alita 3

                                  @ 宇宙骑士 麦子和糠秕之间的区别,这个问题我也思考过很长一段时间,在这里看到这么详细的解答,非常感谢骑士!我还有一个问题想请教,我们在这里经常谈及银河系联邦、地球起源、光之存有、昴宿星人、人类起源、利姆里亚、诺亚洪水、亚特兰蒂斯、阿努纳奇、执政官、爬虫人、灰人、人工智能、太阳闪焰等等概念,其间如何产生冲突与陨落,奴役与救赎… 但大多都是零碎的片段,很难系统地拼凑起来,尤其在时间跨度上。我知道时间是三维的幻觉,但人们暂且需要线性时间的方式去解读事件。我想知道这一切是如何开始和发展的,这些事件是在怎样的时间顺序下发生的?我记得有看到过,银河系中央太阳每约26000年发射一道脉冲光环,就像银河系的心跳一样,也就是我们所说的“太阳闪焰”;我还看到亚特兰蒂斯是在约26000年前陨落的,这其中有什么联系,是闪焰毁灭了亚特兰蒂斯,还是你曾经所说的“审判之矛”?诺亚洪水也是同时期发生的吗?我在其他渠道也看到过关于地球“真实”历史的描述,通过仙女座人的、某眼镜蛇的、还有天涯解读苏美尔神话造物主阿努纳奇的(现在转而攻击特朗普),这些信息的不稳定性我无法照单全收… 我记得你之前描述过利姆里亚大陆的生活,非常引人入胜!我已经准备好接受新一轮的教导了,我知道这些问题有些复杂,按你的时间,慢慢来,就算你用几万字回复我,我也会一字不落的看完。May love and peace be with you.

                                  • 太一之子 太一之子 4

                                    @ 宇宙骑士 首先,謝謝宇宙騎士的回復。知道您是個修行程度很高的大佬。在人類社會中,大多數人都會對人類進行分類,包括覺醒的程度和理解的能力,善良以及邪惡。過去生的記憶每個真實的人類都有,且都是多重靈魂復合體。每個真實的人類都是神的化身,我們從高我以及其他高靈身上也在不斷地學習,大師的特質就是無條件地愛,耶穌的死雖然是黑暗的一方造成的,但是他的犧牲換來了更多人的覺醒。有一位叫克里昂的高靈告訴我們,也許我們很難理解為什麼光要犧牲自己而不去反抗邪惡,比如一個小女孩被戀童癖傷害了,本來她的守護靈可以救她,她卻放棄了守護靈的拯救,她的靈魂要求自己去經歷它。這對我們來說很不可思議,因為我們明明有可以獲救的能力甚至消滅邪惡的能力,為什麼不去做呢?因為光的犧牲會換來更多人的覺醒,正如911事件,它也許是撒旦的陰謀,但是這個事件卻讓更多人去了解和知道邪惡的存在,這促進了他們的覺醒。每當光為了無條件的愛而犧牲,這種愛的能量就會進入地球網格,促成更多人的覺醒。無條件的愛是大師的特質。而這種特質一方面促進了人們的覺醒,另一方面也讓黑暗無所遁藏。