掩盖! 1000英里/加仑的技术存在于20世纪70年代

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掩盖! 1000英里/加仑的技术存在于20世纪70年代

Did you know that the technology for getting 1,000 MPG in your car has existed since the 1970's?


An amazing video proves Shell Oil scientists,working at a lab in Modesto,California,figured out how to get over 1,000 miles per gallon(mpg)in the late 1970s!



掩盖! 1000英里/加仑的技术存在于20世纪70年代

The son of one of the members of this team was excited about telling the story of his father but suddenly stopped returning phone calls from the producer.I'm sure he was threatened.


Oh,and don't think this 1,000 MPG was made using a modified bicycle with a tiny engine or something,these were in fairly stock automobiles.


[dplayer url="https://m3u8.91panzy.com/W51XG9zK.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]

These Shell Oil scientists in California started by modifying the engine on a 1947 Studebaker.They were able to get 149.95 miles per gallon on their first test.That tells you right there we've been scammed.With today's advancements in reducing friction,computers,aerodynamics,tires and engines this would mean a standard Honda Accord would most likely easily get over 300 miles per gallon.


Are you starting to realize just how badly we've been conned yet?


They've known how to get at least hundreds of miles per gallon(if not 1,000 as this information claims)with regular cars since the 1970s but it was all suppressed for profit.


In February of 2007,the makers of this video were able to interview David Blackmore,a retired Shell oil researcher living in England.Mr.Blackmore edited a book Shell produced called,"Fuel Economy of the Gasoline Engine".He said Shell began their gasoline experiments back in 1942 and in their first test on a standard car of the day(much heavier and less efficient than today's vehicles),they attained about 50 mpg.They kept working on getting more miles per gallon over the next decades and eventually they broke 1,000 mpg in the late 1970s!


Tom Ogle figured out how to get massive gains in miles per gallon using a special vapor carburetor.Ogle said the oil companies tried to buy his invention with the agreement that he would never sell another one of his carburetors and would walk away.He wouldn't take the deal,so was killed.They made it look like he overdosed on drugs and booze and he didn't drink or take pills.Just his invention alone was getting about 150 mpg in huge heavy V8 powered cars.That would easily get you 300 mpg in today's vehicles with all the advancements.

汤姆奥格尔想出了如何使用一种特殊的蒸汽化油器在每加仑/英里获得巨大的收益。奥格尔说,石油公司试图购买他的发明,但他们达成的协议是,他永远不会再卖掉另一个化油器,并且会离开。他不接受这笔交易,所以被杀了。他们伪装成他吸毒和酗酒过量,不喝酒也不吃药的样子。仅仅是他的发明就足以让巨大的重型 v8动力汽车每加仑行驶150英里。这将很容易让你300英里在今天的车辆与所有的先进技术。

Here's some of the Tom Ogle story:

以下是 Tom Ogle 的一些故事:

[dplayer url="https://m3u8.91panzy.com/4AJlTSJc.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]

I know about how much we've been scammed from several people I know.One person I know helped developed the GM Vortec engine.He knows right now how to get at least triple what GM gets with the engine.In fact,he can get over 100 mpg in a truck if he was allowed to build it.GM would only put part of what he developed into the production Vortec engine.This man is still alive and could begin building high mileage engines tomorrow if we didn't have evil crooks in charge of our government who want to kill this man.

我知道我们被几个我认识的人骗了多少钱。我认识的一个人帮助开发了通用 Vortec 发动机。他现在知道如何得到至少三倍于通用汽车的发动机。事实上,如果允许他建造一辆卡车,他可以达到每加仑100英里以上。通用汽车将只把他开发的一部分进入生产沃特克发动机。这个人还活着,如果我们没有邪恶的骗子控制我们的政府想要杀死这个人,明天他就可以开始制造高里程的引擎。

Sure,there are some Fuel Savings Products out there that do give a boost to your MPG,but nothing like what we would be getting from the suppressed Tom Ogle technology or the stuff Shell Oil was using when they admitted they broke the 1,000 MPG barrier in the 1970s.

当然,确实有一些省油产品可以提高你的 MPG,但是没有什么比得上我们从受到压制的 Tom Ogle 技术或者壳牌石油公司在承认他们在20世纪70年代突破1000 MPG 障碍时所使用的东西。

They've kept cars from getting significantly better miles per gallon for one reason–greed!They give us 1 or 2 mpg increases every year,which is a total joke.They want to extract as much money from all of us as they possibly can.


Our government,politicians,and fake news media helps them do this by pretending this high mileage technology never existed and is a conspiracy theory.Don't let them get away with it without exposing them every chance you get.


Share this article and video to everybody you know.Tell everybody they broke 1,000 MPG in the late 70s and hid the technology to rip us all off.


The first step to getting free is to know you've been enslaved and scammed.




In5D Addendum

In5d 附录

Gregg Prescott,M.S.


In 1987,Stanley Meyer invented a car that could go from coast to coast in the United States on 22 gallons of water.It could be any water:saltwater,lake water,tap water,compressed snow,etc…

[dplayer url="https://m3u8.91panzy.com/Fr2NDXqG.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]


Meyer was offered$1 billion from the automotive industry but turned it down because he wanted this invention to go out to the people.Shortly afterwards,he was poisoned to death.


掩盖! 1000英里/加仑的技术存在于20世纪70年代

Above picture:"Decedent supposedly at lunch with N.A.T.O.officials at a Cracker Barrel dinner.The group made an opening toast with cranberry juice.Immediately after which,decedent ran outside followed by his brother,then vomited violently&told his brother that he had been poisoned."

上图:"死者应该是在 Cracker Barrel 晚宴上与 n.a.t.o.官员共进午餐。小组成员用蔓越莓汁做了开场祝酒词。紧接着,死者跟着他的兄弟跑了出去,然后剧烈呕吐,并告诉他的兄弟他中毒了。"

掩盖! 1000英里/加仑的技术存在于20世纪70年代

The technology for cars that can get over 100 MPG has been around for decades,yet corporate greed has suppressed this technology from us.


[dplayer url="https://m3u8.91panzy.com/eh7RqI2L.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]

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