Facebook,Google,Twitter ceo 被传唤到参议院就230条款作证

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Facebook,Google,Twitter ceo 被传唤到参议院就230条款作证

Subpoenas have been issued to the CEOs of the big three social media companies compelling them to appear before a Senate committee to testify on the subject of whether or not they shouldn't be held liable for content on their platforms.


The Senate Commerce Committee unanimously voted to subpoena Sundar Pichai of Google,Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook,and Jack Dorsey of Twitter,to testify on the matter of the Communications Decency Act.


Facebook,Google,Twitter ceo 被传唤到参议院就230条款作证

Under Section 230 of the social media platforms and other websites that publish user-based content are not liable,in most cases,for the content posted by users.This is juxtaposition to laws that govern traditional publishers who can be subject to lawsuits for liable and slander.


Facebook,Google,Twitter ceo 被传唤到参议院就230条款作证

In the wee wee hours just 32 days before the election President Trump announced on Twitter that he and the First Lady had tested positive for the Chinese plague known as Coronavirus.Immediately,the lowest forms of humanity began responding to the tweet with Satanic imagery replete with archaic text.

就在大选前32天的凌晨,特朗普总统在 Twitter 上宣布,他和第一夫人的天/朝冠状病毒检测结果呈阳性。很快,最底层的人类开始用充满了古老文字的撒旦式图像回应这条推特。

"Public testimony from these CEOs is critical as the committee considers several proposals to reform the Communications Decency Act,"said committee chairman Sen.Roger Wicker(R-MS)."Technology companies argue that their broad liability shield should remain in place.However,they disproportionately suppress and censor conservative views online."

委员会主席参议员 Roger Wicker :"这些首席执行官的公开证词至关重要,因为委员会正在考虑几项改革通信规范法案的提案。""科技公司辩称,它们的广泛责任保护应该继续存在。然而,他们不成比例地压制和审查网上的保守观点。"

President Trump has made it clear that he feels such protections should be eliminated if a social media platform engages in"editorial conduct,"this referring to the addition of so-called fact-check warnings and labels to tweets.


"There has never been such an aggregation of power in the history of humankind as big tech enjoys today,with money and monopoly,power and the hubris that comes with the unchecked use of power,"Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX)said after the vote.

参议员特德·克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)在投票结束后表示,"人类历史上从来没有出现过像今天这样权力如此集中的大科技,金钱、垄断、权力,以及不受约束地使用权力所带来的傲慢。"

A date for the hearing has not yet been placed on the committee's schedule.




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