俄罗斯军事力量宣布乌克兰起源于 C19! DNC全球委员会创造了冠状病毒疾病!|秘密通讯

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 俄罗斯军事力量宣布乌克兰起源于 C19! DNC全球委员会创造了冠状病毒疾病!|秘密通讯
 俄罗斯军事力量宣布乌克兰起源于 C19! DNC全球委员会创造了冠状病毒疾病!|秘密通讯



New briefing from Chief of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defence Forces, General Igor Kirillov, on military biological activities of the United States in the territory of Ukraine.

辐射、化学和生物防卫部队司令伊戈尔 · 基里洛夫将军关于美国在乌克兰领土上的军事生物活动的新情况介绍。

 俄罗斯军事力量宣布乌克兰起源于 C19! DNC全球委员会创造了冠状病毒疾病!|秘密通讯

The Russian MIL have been studying biological samples from surrendered Ukrainian soldiers, and what they have been finding is beyond disturbing. Approximately 20% of them carrying West Nile pathogens, which were being studied “by the Pentagon as part of the Ukrainian UP-4 and UP-8 projects”. Suggesting that Ukrainian soldiers are being subject to involuntary biological experimentation and exposure to biological weapons (think Nuremberg).

俄罗斯军方一直在研究投降乌克兰士兵的生物样本,他们的发现令人不安。其中大约20% 携带西尼罗河病原体,“作为乌克兰 UP-4和 UP-8项目的一部分”,五角大楼正在对这些病原体进行研究。暗示乌克兰士兵正在接受非自愿的生物实验和暴露在生物武器下(想想纽伦堡)。

In addition to carrying pathogens, nearly all of the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers carried traces of a wide variety of narcotics and opioids, including Meth and Codeine.


Russia were sure to remind us of the Nazi’s usage of methamphetamines in WW2. I covered this 2 weeks ago, when the left-wing media tried to spin this reality as some sort of X-men mutant conspiracy theory. No, they are just Nazis, and historically, Nazis use drugs. Particularly as an advantage in war.

俄罗斯肯定会提醒我们纳粹在二战中使用甲基安非他命。我两周前报道过这个,当时左翼媒体试图把这个现实编造成某种 X 战警变种人阴谋论。不,他们只是纳粹,历史上,纳粹都吸毒。特别是作为战争优势。

Clandestine’s Newsletter 秘密通讯
Ukraine Adopts Historic Nazi Tactic of Supplying Methamphetamines to Military Forces
The imbeciles at the Daily Beast, falsely claim Russia are losing the war and falsely claim they are blaming it on genetically modified “mutant-troops” as a result of the US biolabs in Ukraine. Before reading the article, understand that this is straight up nonsense from the Daily Beast and the left-wing media, and the only reason I’m reporting on it is …

Read more 继续读

Russia goes on to cite that this methamphetamine Ukraine are using, Pervitin, was also used by US soldiers during Vietnam and Korea. It’s designed to reduce the psycho-emotional burdens of war.

俄罗斯继续引用乌克兰正在使用的甲基苯丙胺,Pervitin 在越战和朝鲜战争期间也被美国士兵使用过。这是为了减轻战争带来的心理情感负担。

However, an intended side effect is excessive aggression, which Russia alleges is one of the main factors for the Nationalist Ukrainian forces displaying “extreme cruelty” to civilians and the shelling of their own people in Donbas. Ukraine are using mind-numbing agents on their forces to make them more susceptible to carrying out heinous acts.

然而,一个预期的副作用是过度的侵略,俄罗斯声称,这是乌克兰国民党军队在 Donbas 对平民“极端残忍”并炮击本国人民的主要因素之一。乌克兰正在其部队中使用令人头脑麻木的特工,使他们更容易实施令人发指的行为。

 俄罗斯军事力量宣布乌克兰起源于 C19! DNC全球委员会创造了冠状病毒疾病!|秘密通讯

Next, we find perhaps the most explosive slide to date, in which Russia FINALLY comes out and DIRECTLY accuses the US of being responsible for the creation and release of Covid-19. What I have been saying from the beginning, is that this allllll leads to C-19, which will be the nail in the coffin and the red-pill that wakes up the world.

接下来,我们发现了或许是迄今为止最具爆炸性的幻灯片,其中俄罗斯终于站出来,直接指责美国对制造和释放2019冠状病毒疾病负有责任。我从一开始就一直在说,这一切都将指向 C-19,它将是棺材上的钉子和唤醒世界的红色药丸。

The backlash the US are facing from Russia and the rest of Eastern world, is directly because the world found out THE UNITED STATES CREATED COVID. Specifically the “DNC/Liberal Globalists”, as the Russians allege. Not Trump.

美国正面临来自俄罗斯和其他东方国家的强烈反对,这直接是因为世界发现美国制造了冠状病毒疾病。尤其是俄罗斯所称的“DNC全国委员会/自由全球主义者”。不是 Trump。

Russia clarifies they have record of over 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, transported from Ukraine to the US, Georgia, European countries.


The US claimed that all of these biological samples would be used “exclusively for peaceful purposes”, but we can see that they were not.


Russia then pointed to US Congressman Jason Crow of the House Intelligence Committee, warned Americans about the dangers of giving their DNA to private companies (Think 23&Me) for testing because:

俄罗斯随后指出,众议院情报委员会(House Intelligence Committee)的美国国会议员贾森•克罗(Jason Crow)警告美国人,将自己的 DNA 提供给私人公司(Think 23 & Me)进行检测是危险的,因为:

"...there is a possibility that test results will be sold to third parties... and the information obtained could be used to develop biological weapons targeting specific groups... or individuals."

“ ... 有可能将试验结果卖给第三方... 获得的信息可用于研制针对特定群体... 或个人的生物武器”

Sounds exactly like what Russia have been alleging all along. That the US have been producing biological weapons to ethnically cleanse certain individuals of select genome sequences. Idk about you all, but ethnic cleansing with biological weapons doesn’t sound very “Democratic”, but maybe that’s just me.


Russia says this activity gives reasonable cause to question US military biologists in the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 pathogen. Russia cites:


“In May 2022, Jeffrey Sachs - a leading expert in the respected medical journal The Lancet and professor at Columbia University, the leading academic institution for global biosecurity, told a conference in Spain that ‘..the coronavirus was artificially created and is very likely to have been created using American advances in biotechnology...’.”

“2022年5月,著名医学杂志《柳叶刀》(The Lancet)的权威专家、全球生物安全领先学术机构哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)教授杰弗里•萨克斯(Jeffrey Sachs)在西班牙的一次会议上表示:。.冠状病毒是人工制造的,很可能是利用美国生物技术的进步制造出来的... ...”

Take that in for a moment. Yup. Russia just accused the United States of creating and releasing Covid-19. But wait, there’s more.


Russia confirms the unnatural behavior of C19 proves that this virus was not only man-made, but being constantly worked on and “artificially fueled” via the introduction of different variants to different regions.

俄罗斯证实了 C19的非自然行为,证明了这种病毒不仅是人造的,而且通过向不同地区引入不同的变种,不断地被加工和“人为加料”。

Myself and many others have been leaning towards the idea that Wuhan was not the only “origin” of the C19 outbreak. It was released at multiple labs around the world, with different specially engineered variants, designed to target the people of the region with genome specific C19 virus.

我和其他许多人一直倾向于认为武汉不是 C19爆发的唯一“源头”。它在世界各地的多个实验室发布,带有不同的特别设计的变种,旨在针对该地区的人与基因组特异性 C19病毒。

The DNC Globalists were using Ukraine as the home base for production of the virus, then shipping the genome specific viruses to labs around the world, to be released to ensure the virus infected the entire world…


According to our experts, this is evidenced by the uncharacteristic variability of the genovariants that cause different peaks in the incidence of coronaviruses, significant differences in lethality and contagiousness, uneven geographical distribution, and the unpredictable nature of the epidemic process as a whole. It appears that despite efforts to contain and isolate the disease, the pandemic is being artificially fuelled by the introduction of new variants of the virus in a particular region.

我们的专家认为,这一点可以从以下方面得到证明: 导致冠状病毒发病率出现不同高峰的基因变异的非典型变异性、致命性和传染性的显著差异、不均衡的地域分布以及整个流行过程的不可预测性。看来,尽管努力遏制和隔离这一疾病,但在某一特定区域引入新的病毒变体,人为地助长了这一大流行病。

Russia goes on to directly accuse the US Agency of International Development, (USAID), of involvement of the creation of the new Covid variants. Citing that they have been studying coronavirus since 2009 (Obama), and that one of the main contractors for the project is the infamous Biden biolab company, Metabiota, the main source of biological malfeasance in Ukraine.

俄罗斯接着直接指责美国国际开发署(USAID)参与了新型冠状病毒疾病的研制。奥巴马称,他们自2009年以来一直在研究冠状病毒,该项目的主要承包商之一是臭名昭著的拜登生物实验室公司 Metabiota,该公司是乌克兰生物违法行为的主要来源。

The implementation of the COVID-19 scenario and USAID's emergency wind-down of the Predict programme in 2019 suggest the deliberate nature of the pandemic and US involvement in its emergence.


Russia believes not only did the US create and release C19, but they did so with deliberate intentions.

俄罗斯认为,美国不仅制造并释放了 C19,而且是有意为之。

 俄罗斯军事力量宣布乌克兰起源于 C19! DNC全球委员会创造了冠状病毒疾病!|秘密通讯

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… it gets worse.


In the third slide, Russia highlight the activities of Labyrinth Ukraine. Particularly their vaccination of Ukrainian soldiers, and collecting biological samples from them so they can develop genome specific biological weapons. Citing one of the main contractors affiliated with Labyrinth is, once again, Biden’s Metabiota.

在第三张幻灯片中,俄罗斯强调了迷宫乌克兰的活动。特别是他们为乌克兰士兵接种疫苗,并从他们身上收集生物样本,以便他们能够研制出针对基因组的生物武器。引用与迷宫有关联的一个主要承包商,再一次成为拜登的 Metabiota。

Russia also notes that Labyrinth Global Health have been studying CORONAVIRUSES AND MONKEYPOX.


Thus we see a clear trend: infectious disease agents that reach the Pentagon's zone of interest are subsequently pandemic, with US pharmaceutical companies and their patrons, the leaders of the US Democratic Party, as the beneficiaries.

因此,我们看到了一个明显的趋势: 进入五角大楼利益区的传染病制剂随后会大规模流行,美国制药公司及其赞助人——美国民主党领导人——将成为受益者。

HOLY SHIT… Russia just said the DNC and US big pharma are intentionally causing pandemics to win elections…

天啊... 俄罗斯刚刚说DNC全国委员会和美国大型制药公司正在故意制造流行病来赢得选举..。

Giving serious legitimacy to Anons overall thesis about C19 and 2020, and giving legitimacy to my thesis that Monkeypox is the next bioweapon released intentionally by the Deep State to attempt to steal the 2022 election with mass mail-in voting.

给匿名者组织关于 C19和2020的总体论点赋予了严肃的合法性,也给我的论点赋予了合法性,即猴痘是深层政府故意释放的下一个生物武器,试图通过大规模邮寄投票来窃取2022年的选举。

Clandestine’s Newsletter 秘密通讯
Globalists Initiate Monkeypox Fear Campaign to Push for Mail-In Voting
It appears myself, and the majority of the community, were correct to foresee the DNC/Globalist plan to introduce Monkeypox as the next “emergency” to instill fear in the sheep and justify mass mail-in voting, so they can utilize their voter fraud network, as per “2,000 Mules…

Read more 继续读

In conclusion, Russia have now DIRECTLY accused the DNC Globalists of:


-creating and releasing new variants of Coronaviruses, and now Monkeypox, intentionally, for the purposes of political control and world domination.


-using non-consensual experimentation on citizens of the world to create genome specific biological weapons for ethnic cleansing.

- 在世界公民身上进行非自愿实验,为种族清洗制造特定基因组的生物武器。

-creation and usage of narcotics, such as methamphetamines, on Ukrainian forces to dehumanize them in order to carry out heinous crimes against humanity on civilians in Ukraine.

- 制造和使用麻醉品,如甲基安非他明,使乌克兰部队失去人性,以便对乌克兰平民犯下令人发指的危害人类罪。

Russia just confirmed my overall narrative; that the war in Ukraine is backlash for the Deep State’s creation and usage of C19. We are already in WW3 and C19 was the first weapon fired.

俄罗斯刚刚证实了我的总体叙述: 乌克兰战争是对“深层国家”创造和使用 C19的反弹。我们已经在第三次世界大战和 C19是第一个武器发射。

The fact that Russia have now come out and openly called this spade a spade… suggests we are approaching the finish line. Russia claims final dossier will be complete in “Autumn”.


Folks… it’s happening. 


-Clandestine 秘密行动



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