2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球

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 September 14, 2022 2022年9月14日

2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球

Fall is slipping into the valley with a drop in temperature of 10 degrees F. It is most welcome. Official fall, on the Autumn Equinox is next Friday the 23rd and the difference in the light is dramatic. It used to get light at 4 am in the summer, now it’s still dim at 6 am.


Fascinating intel appears regularly on Telegram and we need to our our discernment—even if only to caution that “intel” can always be disinformation designed to manipulate the enemy. Logically, the White Hats will not tell the enemy what they are GOING to do; they will report on what they have ALREADY done or say nothing at all. Having said that, Scott McKay reported the following today as it came from his source:

有趣的情报经常出现在电报上,我们需要我们的洞察力ーー即使只是警告“情报”可能总是为了操纵敌人而设计的假情报。从逻辑上讲,白帽子不会告诉敌人他们将要做什么; 他们会报告他们已经做了什么,或者什么也不说。说完这些,斯科特 · 麦凯(Scott McKay)今天根据他的消息来源报道了以下内容:

Flash Intel drop from Overwatch… “守望者”发来闪电情报
Just 30 minutes ago. 就在30分钟前

Mass arrests actioned one hr ago by USMC JAG against all heads of state & big pharma – please be situationally aware when out & about brother !


There were, however, more fun and games today north of Los Angeles at the Lancaster High School where someone called in an active shooter situation which turned out to be a hoax. It’s called domestic terrorism.



Believe it or not, Mike Lindell was also raided by the FBI and they confiscated his phone. Do we hate the FBI yet?

信不信由你 Mike Lindell 也被 FBI 突袭了,他们没收了他的手机。我们恨联调局了吗?


Ben Fulford did a solid summary on the shift taking place since the official demise of Queenie you can read at this link if you desire. He also included a photo of one of the families the public will be getting to know soon. All related. They just change the names.


2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球

Nicholas Veniamin had an interesting conversation with Alan Fountain about the ending of the royal monarchy and what it would mean, and also about how the public may not learn for some time the darker side of the royal family or the activities of the globalists, particularly with respect to the children because it would leave too many in psychological meltdowns. They’re suggesting 30 –  40 years until this generation is gone and the next generation won’t be emotionally devastated. Alan says what is about to happen is the dissolving of an illusion. This interview took place immediately before the announcement of the passing of QE2 and also discusses the perfect opportunity for a revamping of the financial notes with the Queen’s image on them. 25 min.

Nicholas Veniamin 和 Alan Fountain 进行了一次有趣的谈话,内容是关于王室的终结及其意义,以及公众可能在一段时间内无法了解王室的阴暗面或者全球主义者的活动,特别是关于孩子的,因为这会让太多人陷入心理崩溃。他们建议30-40年,直到这一代人走了,下一代不会在情感上被摧毁。艾伦说接下来要发生的是幻觉的消失。这次采访是在宣布通过第二轮量化宽松政策之前不久进行的,并讨论了修改印有女王头像的金融票据的绝佳机会。25分钟。

Alan Fountain Discusses Queens Death Chess Move with Nicholas Veniamin

艾伦 · 方丹与尼古拉斯 · 维尼亚明探讨女王死亡象棋

Megan Rose also reports that her off-world contact Val Nek of The Federation of Worlds, who communicates directly with her via an implant, says we will not see “first contact” or acknowledgement of the ETs in the next couple of years and explains why. Positive ETs—great. But there are very evil ones who have tried to eradicate us and you can’t tell one side without telling the other and it would be too traumatizing for most people at this point because they’re so brainwashed that there are no ETs, etc. They have no idea who has been running the world. 6 min.

梅根-罗斯还报告说,她在世界外的联系人、世界联合会的瓦尔-内克通过植入物与她直接交流,他说我们在未来几年内不会看到ETs的 "首次接触 "或承认,并解释了原因。积极的ETs--很好。但也有非常邪恶的人试图消灭我们,你不能只告诉一方而不告诉另一方,而且在这一点上对大多数人来说创伤太大,因为他们被洗脑了,认为没有ET,等等。他们不知道谁一直在管理这个世界。6分钟。

I suspect that is why we have these odd series on SyFy and Peacock like “Resident Alien”. It’s hysterically funny and goofy, but also factual and has a whole lot of disclosure in it. The last episode we watched had a skier in competition with a big “17” on their vest. Qincidence?

我怀疑这就是为什么我们在 SyFy 和孔雀上有这些奇怪的系列,就像“居民外星人”一样。这是歇斯底里的滑稽和愚蠢,但也是事实,并在其中有很多披露。我们看的最后一集有一个滑雪者在比赛,他们的背心上有一个大大的“17”。巧合?

2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球

The skyward eyes caught a green something-or-other sailing through the sky over Scotland and England. We have heard that if it’s green, it’s a ship. It seems to have some debris behind it, characteristic of a downed ship. Another cabal ship trying to escape justice?




Something else from the weird and unexplained files I saw today…



Candace Owens had a horrible experience at a Tennessee hospital with the birth of her child. Part of the treatment of this young mother hinged on insurance and gaming the system. It’s a racket and the threats aimed at this woman by hospital staff are appalling. It’s all about money and not about providing care or safety.

坎迪斯 · 欧文斯在田纳西州一家医院生下孩子的时候有过一段可怕的经历。这位年轻母亲的部分待遇取决于保险和赌博制度。这是一种欺诈行为,医院工作人员对这个女人的威胁令人震惊。这一切都是为了钱,而不是提供照顾或安全。

Candace Owens Says Tennessee Hospital Threatened To Call Child Services and Stopped Her From Leaving Until Her Newborn Underwent Tests

坎迪斯 · 欧文斯说田纳西医院威胁要打电话给儿童服务机构,在她的新生儿接受检查前不让她离开

2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球

How much worse can reality get? This is from a hidden user on Telegram. They are stuck in the dark ages. The whole world knows the truth about the scamdemic except Canadians—my family included.


I’m in Canada and we are still in full Covid mode. Still can’t visit the US without being vaxxed. Still can’t go to work without being vaxxed. And now they want us to update boosters every 90 days! SOS!!!!!


Juan O Savin did a very detailed discussion of the scamdemic agenda, the vaxxines, and the TransHuman Agenda. It was riveting to hear more details on (NEW) JUAN O SAVIN * ADRENOCHROME * WE ARE BEING PROGRAMMED * VACCINES DEATH * MILITARY COMING SOON.  Watch at the link below.

Juan O Savin 做了一个非常详细的讨论,关于骗局议程 Vaxxines 和超人类议程。听到更多关于 JUAN O SAVIN (新)的细节令人着迷 * 肾上腺素 * 我们正在被编程 * 疫苗死亡 * 军队即将到来。请留意以下连结。



2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球

When they say 80 per cent of Congress should be fired, this is one reason why. Where is the integrity? The ethics? How can they look us in the eye? How do they sleep at night?

当他们说80% 的国会议员应该被解雇时,这就是原因之一。正直在哪里?道德?他们怎么能看着我们的眼睛?他们晚上怎么睡得着?

REVEALED: 97 members of Congress or their families bought or sold stock that may have been a conflict of interest

揭秘: 97名国会议员或他们的家庭成员买卖可能存在利益冲突的股票

  • Of the 435 House members, 183 traded stocks through themselves or their immediate family members from 2019 to 2021
  • 在435名众议员中,从2019年到2021年,有183人通过自己或直系亲属交易股票
  • At least 97 bought or sold stocks, bonds or other financial assets that directly intersected with their congressional work 
  • 至少有97人买卖股票、债券或其他金融资产,这些资产与他们的国会工作直接相关
  •  The trades that intersect with committee work are split evenly on partisan lines – 49 Republicans and 48 Democrats
  • 与委员会工作相关的交易按党派划分——49名共和党人和48名民主党人

I think I’m done for today. See you next time. Stay free.  ~ BP


2022年9月14日: 阴谋集团垮台期间的秋季事件|星际飞船地球


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