2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 January 26, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年1月26日

2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球

Fascinating developments continue to surface as the winds pick up and the storm approaches. Some believe we are already in the storm. I believe it will get a lot gustier and wetter as the Truths flood both the alt media and choice aspects of the mainstream.


The news everywhere shows us that multiple countries are picking sides and we hear the war drums loudly now. Russia is being vilified, the Ukraine is a desperate situation, and this popped up on Telegram this afternoon. So many situations are a tinder box waiting for a spark.


Rocket sirens sound in south, hours after deadly West Bank raid


All indications are that big stuff is going to be happening before long. Any day now, perhaps.


We continue to get reports that record numbers of military aircraft are in the skies over the US on unknown missions and in the background, the swamp is draining. Link to Telegram.


Saudi Arabia arrests 142 government officials on corruption, bribery charges

沙特阿拉伯逮捕了142名政府官员,罪名是腐败和贿赂 english.alarabiya.net/news/Saudi-Arabia/2023/01/25/Saudi-Arabia-arrests-142-government-officials-on-corruption-bribery-charges

Desperate people do desperate things and this news ties into the globalists’ plan to create food shortages and meat shortages to force we Humans to eat insects. They had it all figured out. You may have heard the stories about egg shortages and the cost of eggs being astronomical. Last I checked, Trader Joes still had reasonably good prices on eggs, and perhaps only slightly higher than several months ago.

绝望的人做绝望的事情,这个新闻联系到全球主义者的计划,制造食物短缺和肉类短缺,迫使我们人类吃昆虫。他们都想好了。你可能听说过鸡蛋短缺的故事,而且鸡蛋的价格是天文数字。据我所知,Trader Joes 的鸡蛋价格还是相当不错的,可能只比几个月前高了一点点。

Tractor Supply Chicken Feed Reportedly Causing Egglaying to Stop, Board has Ties to WEF, Jeffrey Epstein

据报道,拖拉机供应鸡饲料导致鸡蛋停产,董事会与世界经济论坛有联系,杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦

This person is terrified.


SHOCKING: Pfizer Director Physically Assaults James O’Keefe & Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings About “Mutating” Covid Virus; NYPD RESPONDS!

令人震惊的是: 辉瑞公司董事对詹姆斯 · 奥基夫和 Veritas 员工进行身体攻击,摧毁了展示关于“突变”冠状病毒疾病病毒的秘密录音的 iPad,纽约警察局做出回应!

“I’m just someone who’s working in a company that’s trying to literally help the public.”


“You fu*ked up!”



点击这里转发这个令人震惊的视频: https://ctt.ec/jpoqe

2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球

David Nino Rodriguez is hosting Illuminati insider Jessie Czerbotar information again and her material is sometimes very dark and possibly difficult to believe but most agree it is probably very accurate.

大卫 · 尼诺 · 罗德里格斯再次主持了光照派内部人士杰西 · 切波塔的信息,她的材料有时非常黑暗,可能很难让人相信,但大多数人同意这可能是非常准确的。

Trump has distanced himself from Pence so whatever comes out about him will not be tied back to President Trump or viewed as a political hit. Trump knows exactly what Pence did but it’s all about optics. Nino posted on Telegram:

特朗普与彭斯保持了距离,因此,无论彭斯出了什么问题,都不会与特朗普总统有关,也不会被视为政治上的打击。Trump 很清楚 Pence 做了什么,但这都是为了公众利益。尼诺在电报中写道:

The highly controversial and SHOCKING interview with Jessie Czerbotar “ The Dark Side Of The Documents” involving Pence will be uploaded this evening. Remember folks… This is the cleaned up version of the original interview that involved gruesome disturbing details. She has asked me to leave those out in fear of interference of the affidavits.
I simply provide a free speech platform for my guests. You decide! Please use discernment on all my guests

这个极具争议性和令人震惊的采访杰西 · 切尔博塔“文件的黑暗面”涉及彭斯将在今天晚上上传。记住,伙计们... 这是最初采访的清理版本包含了可怕的令人不安的细节。她让我不要提这些因为害怕书面证词会受到干扰。免责声明: 我的客人的意见,观点和陈述不会反映在我或者 NINOSCORNER。电视我只是为我的客人提供一个自由的演讲平台。你来决定!请对我所有的客人有鉴别力

No matter how hard they try, the truth is getting out. Twitter wasn’t letting much truth slide by back when Stew Peters did this story, and the comments reflect it. They killed the Tweets with truth in them and let the attacks flow unchecked.

不管他们怎么努力,真相总会大白的。当 Stew Peters 写这篇文章的时候,Twitter 并没有放过太多的真相,评论反映了这一点。他们杀死了带有真理的推特,让攻击肆无忌惮地流传。


As we wade through the information and disinformation about the Covid “virus”, we see more and more supporting the theory that it is not an illness caused by a “virus”, and that a virus is not what we believe it to be.


Very early on in the Wu flu scam I listened to an interview with a holistic doctor by the name of Zach Bush and the way he described a cold, flu, illness etc. was that the body is processing and casting out toxins which may be from food, or other sources, and the illness may be a result of stress, overwhelm, etc.

在吴氏流感骗局的早期,我听了一位名叫扎克 · 布什的全科医生的采访,他描述感冒、流感、疾病等的方式是,身体正在处理和排出毒素,这些毒素可能来自食物或其他来源,而疾病可能是压力、不堪重负等的结果。

If memory serves, Dr. Bush said a virus is not something you can catch or pass on to someone else; it is something the body creates in an effort to cleanse and heal itself. He said you cannot consider it “contagious” and you would have to literally inject it into someone’s blood to “catch a virus”.


Since then, we have also learned that the remedies for the so-called SARS-Cov2 “virus” are in most cases “anti-parasitic”, which led us to ask what exactly, this Covid-19 bioweapon is. Is it caused by parasites?

从那时起,我们还了解到,所谓的 SARS-cov2“病毒”的治疗方法在大多数情况下是“抗寄生虫”的,这让我们不禁要问,这种2019冠状病毒疾病的生物武器到底是什么。是由寄生虫引起的吗?

Many have suggested over the past few years that cancer and many other diseases may actually be caused by parasites. Clearly, the medical industrial complex has not been truthful with us about how our bodies work, or how to heal them.


You might enjoy the following video about viruses, the flu, etc. to help formulate your own beliefs about the dis-ease we see and experience on our planet. 21 min.


As the situation on our planet evolves, and more information and truth is exposed about the plandemic, many governments are shifting their recommendations as to how to combat it and return to normal. Japan is coming along but if the whole truth were known, all this nonsense could go away. Thailand has already made the same downgrade. Link to Telegram.


Japan to downgrade COVID to same threat category as seasonal flu


Japan has announced that it will downgrade the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to the same threat level as seasonal influenza.


That news reminds me that the Texas doctor who called in prescriptions to compounding pharmacies for HCQ, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and other necessary products to stop the Covid pneumonia in its tracks for out-of-state patients she acquired here in Arizona and perhaps other locations—had a house fire on Christmas Eve. Qincidence?

这个消息让我想起了一位德克萨斯州的医生,她在亚利桑那州或者其他地方收治的非本州患者,为了阻止冠状病毒疾病肺炎的发生,她打电话给 HCQ、伊维菌素(Ivermectin)、阿奇霉素(Azithromycin)以及其他一些必要产品的复方药房,要求他们开出处方。她在平安夜发生了一起房屋火灾。巧合?

Who knows how many lives she saved? She saved the life of a close friend of ours who was admitted to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale with pneumonia where they refused to administer a high-dose intravenous Vit C but were only too happy to give him an IV drip of Remdesivir.

谁知道她救了多少人?她救了我们的一位密友的命,这位密友因肺炎住进了斯科茨代尔的梅奥诊所(Mayo Clinic) ,诊所拒绝给他注射大剂量的维生素 c (Vit c) ,但非常乐意为他静脉滴注雷德西韦(Remdesivir)。

2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球

If this doctor had not provided the safe, proven remedies that his wife smuggled in to the hospital, he wouldn’t be here today to tell the story. He thought he was going to die.


I just discovered the following when researching the news of the fire that a friend passed on to me recently. I remember her telling me last fall that she got an odd text message from the doctor so it seems something was up and Dr. Straface may have been under surveillance. The link below will take you to a GoFundMe page for this doctor and hero who honoured her Hippocratic Oath and is in need. In case you have funds to spare… they lost everything.

我刚刚在调查一个朋友最近传给我的火灾消息时发现了以下几点。我记得去年秋天她告诉我她收到了一条医生发来的奇怪短信所以好像出了什么事斯特拉法斯医生可能被监视了。下面的链接将带你进入 GoFundMe 页面,找到这位医生和英雄,他尊重她的希波克拉底誓词,并且需要帮助。万一你有闲钱... 他们就什么都没了。

House fire on Christmas Eve, Single Mom w 2 girls


They are always trying to cover their tracks and put the blame where it doesn’t belong. There is ample evidence to suggest that autism and crib deaths are the result of the appalling number of vaccinations the American medical “experts” [Big Pharma] are pushing on babies.



There is more tragedy in the news today as the real footage from the J6 false flag event in Washington, DC is published. These people are monsters and hired men to instigate violence. A lot of detail is available now that has never been released or even hinted at, and the Capitol Police are looking very bad while compassionate patriots who tried to assist are now awaiting their fate. How can we live in such an upside-down, evil world? How can so many ignore it?

今天的新闻中还有更多的悲剧,因为在华盛顿特区发生的 J6假旗事件的真实画面被公布了出来。这些人是怪物,是煽动暴力的雇佣兵。现在有很多细节是可用的,从来没有被公布,甚至暗示,和国会警察看起来非常糟糕,而富有同情心的爱国者,谁试图协助现在等待他们的命运。我们怎么能生活在这样一个颠倒的,邪恶的世界里?这么多人怎么能无视它呢?


难以置信的令人心碎的 J6视频!独家水晶清晰视频罗珊博伊兰德,因为她死在美国国会大厦的台阶1月6日-为什么不会政治家和媒体说她的名字?

2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球

In the UK, tax filing headaches plagued many people and another “outage” complicated things further. The taxation system is crumbling—and that’s a good thing—but with it come headaches. What a perfect opportunity for a jubilee; debt forgiveness and an end to income tax, and other taxes. Link to Telegram.


HMRC outage blocks taxpayers from filing tax returns.


Self assessment filers have been plagued with IT meltdowns and long waiting times

自我评估申请人一直被 IT 崩溃和漫长的等待时间所困扰

An outage on HM Revenue and Customs’ website blocked taxpayers from completing their tax returns in the latest of a string of delays and IT meltdowns.

英国税务海关总署(HM Revenue and Customs)网站的一次中断,导致纳税人无法填写纳税申报表,这是一系列拖延和信息技术崩溃事件中的最新一起。

Thousands of reports were made to the outage tracking website Downdetector between late morning and early afternoon on Tuesday as an IT problem left taxpayers unable to fill in their tax return online with only a week to go before the self-assessment deadline (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/news/taxpayers-left-waiting-year-reply-hmrc/).
Nearly 3.4 million taxpayers have yet to complete their self assessment which is due on 31 January, along with the payment of any tax owed.

由于资讯科技问题导致纳税人未能在网上填报报税表,而距离自我评税截止日期只剩下一星期( https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/news/taxpayers-left-waiting-year-reply-hmrc/) ,星期二上午晚些时候至下午早些时候,有数以千计的电脑故障报告透过电脑下载。近340万名纳税人仍未完成1月31日到期的自行评税,以及缴付所欠税款。

HMRC said the online portal is now accessible again and it is looking into what caused the temporary outage.

HMRC 说,在线门户网站现在可以访问了,他们正在调查造成暂时中断的原因。

Self assessment filers have been plagued with IT meltdowns and long waiting times on the phone in the run-up to the deadline as HMRC has struggled to cope with a surge in taxpayer queries. The tax authority has cut its customer service staff from 25,500 to 19,500 over the past five years.
A telephone blackout in December caused the taxman to miss 100,000 calls from taxpayers as the deadline drew closer. Then in January callers were having to wait on the phone for more than an hour to get answers to their tax return queries, while some were cut off before they could receive a response.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales warned that taxpayers and accountants are having to wait up to a year for HMRC to respond to postal queries amid chronic delays.


HMRC has said that taxpayers with routine questions will be sent a text message containing a link to the HMRC website instead of being put through to a call handler at the tax office. This is part of a trial running until April.


Taxpayers who ring in with more complex queries will also be given the option of receiving a text message and an online link but can choose to stay on the line and speak to a call handler.



The Telegraph (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/news/taxpayers-left-waiting-year-reply-hmrc/)
Taxpayers left waiting a year for a reply from HMRC
Warning comes after MPs gave tax authority three months to improve ‘unacceptable’ customer service

英国《每日电讯报》(Telegraph)报道,英国 https://www.Telegraph.co.uk/tax/news/Taxpayers-left-waiting-year-reply-HMRC/等待英国税务海关总署(hMRC)警告一年后才得到答复。此前,英国国会议员给予税务机关三个月的时间,以改善“不可接受的”客户服务

2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球

There is good news for the Canucks, too. SGAnon posted the following:

加拿大人队也有好消息。 SGAnon 发布了以下消息:

To our Canadians brothers and sisters -> You also, are in a Continuity-of-Government situation (though much less optically dramatic than in USA/elsewhere).

致我们的加拿大兄弟姐妹—— > 你们也是,处于政府连续性的情况下(尽管在视觉上不像美国或其他地方那么戏剧化)。

Check out the dental comparisons of Justin Castro, 2016 v. Actor Justin Castro, 2022.

看看贾斯汀 · 卡斯特罗2016年诉演员贾斯汀 · 卡斯特罗2022年的牙齿对比。

Keep the faith, Patriots. We have more than we know.
These idiots wouldn’t have doubles and actors playing roles (forced,submission) if they were winning.


They aren’t. Nothing can stop us.


Signing off for today, folks. Talk soon.  ~ BP


2023年1月26日: 战鼓声越来越响|星际飞船地球


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