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Teri Wade| 全球震荡

Worldwide Shakeup


Posted on  from Era of Light


What we are all about to go through is going to be very painful. We are being prepped for something unimaginable on several different fronts.


Many people who are still completely asleep are about to learn that their entire lifetime and generations before them have been nothing but LIES. The Trump Presidency no doubt stirred the pot to put it mildly but it is time.


It is going to take some time to get over this. Some may never. The entire planet is going to be Re-wired. Every system and every technology that you know now will be obsolete. It’ll never work trying to fix the old system it needs to be completely torn down. Nothing in this third dimensional reality will be relevant to where we’re heading.


A lot of money is coming back to nations that have been Raped, Pillaged, Genocided & War Torn. Many will return to these countries to build & rebuild under good and much smaller governments, 10% the size of what they are now. This will enable homeless to get off the streets and into homes.

大量的资金回流到那些被强奸、掠夺、种族灭绝和战争蹂躏的国家。许多人会回到这些国家,在良好和规模小得多的政府的领导下建设和重建,这些政府的规模只有现在的10% 。这将使无家可归者能够离开街道,进入家庭。

There will be no more wars and no more poverty. 6000 cures including UV light and sound frequency therapies and many others will be released to cure every disease known to man that were created in labs and also through poisons in Vaccines and sprayed on foods etc. Many industries will no longer be needed and will be replaced with new industries through new technologies and history will be rewritten. Many fields will need to completely stop in order to be re-wired and pull out all obsolete systems.


Think Education, Medical, Big Pharma & Computer Systems. There will be lots of training and re-training going on. Every man, woman & child deserves peace and freedom to achieve what they desire.


Planet Earth is in for a SHAKE UP the size that could only be described as biblical.


**By Teri Wade

作者: Teri Wade


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