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太阳系的激烈战况(上)Intense War Going On inside the Solar System(1/2):


Planet Earth is still the focus of the proxy war between many extraterrestrial races.Representatives of many races have entered the quarantine many lifetimes ago and they kept fighting.On the Light side,most of the Lightworkers have come from Pleiades and Sirius.Many Lightwarriors originate from Antares and Arcturus.Most representatives of the Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race.Many members of the Resistance Movement and Positive Military have Andromedan origin.On the dark side,the Rothschilds come from Orion.The Rockefeller/Bush/Illuminazi faction comes from the negative faction of the Draconian race.Islamic State and Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries have Reptilian origin.The Jesuits and Black Nobility families come from the negative Andromedan faction.


The general plan of the Light Forces to liberate our Solar System and rough outline of their fleet positions has been known for decades:



All ships of the Light forces inside of our Solar System are cloaked with a Tachyon membrane to avoid detection from the surface of the planet.Many of these ships follow similar orbit as main belt asteroids and Kuiper belt objects and most of their Tachyon membranes project the spectral signature of an ordinary chondrite(for asteroid belt ships)and the spectral signature of frozen methane(for Kuiper belt ships).Therefore surface astronomers mistake them for regular asteroids or Kuiper belt objects.


These ships are not ships as we understand them,they are multidimensional biosatellites,an organic interaction of consciousness and intelligent Light matter.


The smaller ships belong to the Ashtar Command,the Jupiter Command and Pleiadian,Sirian,Andromedan,Arcturian and Resistance fleets.The larger spheric biosatellites belong to the Central Civilization.


The Central Civilization is an ancient race,which evolved close to the Galactic Central Sun and is the first race in the Galaxy which reached spiritual maturity many millions of year ago.In some circles,this race is known as the Wingmakers:



Sometimes they have manifested throughout the human history as physical angelic beings with wings.


One of their representatives,Iona,brought Goddess mysteries to Earth in Atlantis:




Millions of years ago,the Central Civilization began to build interdimensional doorways throughout the Galaxy and create the Galactic network of Light.As it did so,it encountered many races throughout the Galaxy,assisting them to achieve the same level of spiritual maturity.All those sovereign,spiritually mature races have created a confederate union which is called the Galactic Confederation(NOT Galactic Federation).As the name implies,it is NOT a hive-mentality centralized federation,but a loose,constructive confederate union of sovereign,mature races.You can read the distinction between a federation and confederation here:



译注:银河联邦的正确英文是Galactic Confederation(银河联盟)Confederation(联盟)的成员资格自愿制,而federatio(联邦)的成员资格则是以法律约束。

There is a special division of the Galactic Confederation which is called the Ashtar Command.The purpose of the Ashtar Command is the liberation of this planet.Another important division is called the Jupiter Command.The Jupiter Command is the guardian of the Ganymede portal and its main purpose is the spiritual liberation of this Solar System.It is the main spiritual force behind the Order of the Star and behind the Blue Dragon families.



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