本杰明|2020/01/18 世界未来的时间线将于本周选定

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本杰明|2020/01/18 世界未来的时间线将于本周选定

Over the next week,one of several timelines will determine the future of humanity.One is the fraudulent installment of Joe Biden as President followed by the U.S.surrender to Communist C*a.The second is the re-election of Donald Trump as president of the bankrupt U.S.Corporation,which may happen following an interim military government,publicly viewed election fraud investigation,and eventually what Trump described as"a smooth transition"to the new Republic.This could involve an escalating trade and cyberwar with China,to the detriment of Planet Earth.

在接下来的一周里,几条时间线中的一条将决定人类的未来。一个是乔·拜登当选总统后,美国向共产主义天*投降。第二个是唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)再次当选破产的美国公司(u.s.Corporation)的总裁,这可能发生在临时军政府、公开关注的选举舞弊调查之后,并最终实现特朗普所说的向新共和国"平稳过渡"。这可能涉及与中国不断升级的贸易和网络战争,对地球造成损害。

The third is to choose neither of the above,followed by an interregnum to replace a corrupted and bankrupt U.S.Corporation with something that actually represents the aspirations of the American people and of humanity as a whole.This third option would mean humanity would be free to decide its own future,instead of being herded by fear from one manufactured crisis to the next.


The future of the United States will be in the hands of 20,000+National Guard troops who have been deployed in Washington DC to oversee the inauguration of the next president of the U.S.Corporation.What these troops need to ask themselves is why are they guarding the so-called democratically elected government from the people.


Instead of facing out to protect a corrupt government from the wrath of the people they supposedly represent,they need to realize instead they have the criminals surrounded.They have to round up the Deep State actors inside the beltway who were knowingly involved in the certification of a fraudulent election and committed treason.


That means the American people need to work the phones,call friends and friends of friends,to contact the people deployed in DC,and remind them they swore to protect the constitution of the Republic of the United States of America against ALL enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.On January 20th you will have them surrounded.Go round them up while you can.


The troops stationed in DC may have been brainwashed into believing they are protecting a legitimately elected Joe Biden against"White Supremacist"Trump fanatics.That is why these troops need to ask themselves why they did not have to protect Barack Obama from these same"White Supremacists"when he was elected.The reason is that when Obama was elected they believed it was by a majority of the American people(and Dominion voting machine software).That is not the case with C*a Joe where additional fake ballot dumps in the middle of the night were required.

驻扎在华盛顿的军队可能被洗脑了,以为他们是在保护合法当选的乔·拜登(Joe Biden),对抗"白人至上主义者"特朗普狂热分子。这就是为什么这些军队需要扪心自问,为什么他们不必在奥巴马当选时保护他免受这些"白人至上主义者"的伤害。原因是,当奥巴马当选时,他们相信这是由大多数美国人民(Dominion投票机软件)。但天*乔却不是这样,他们需要在半夜进行额外的假投票。

The other thing the troops need to understand is that they are being lied to about why the presidential inauguration has to be held behind closed doors as a"virtual inauguration,"because of the"Covid-19"pandemic.The U.S.military has been provided with decisive proof that the entire manufactured crisis is the result of a long-planned,elaborate fraud.Additionally,there is also the possibility they may be aware that a transition is about to take place from the U.S.Corporation to the return of the Republic.


Below is the scan of a patent for a"Covid-19"test that was registered by Richard A Rothschild in 2016,three years before the so-called pandemic broke out.Take a look at the third line from the bottom:"Last updated 22.06.2016."Covid test patent

以下是2019冠状病毒疾病大流行三年前,理查德·a·罗斯柴尔德2016年注册的一项"covid-19"检测专利扫描图。看看底部的第三行:"Last updated 22.06.2016最后更新22.06.2016"Covid 测试专利

We made a hard copy of this patent registration because we are sure once this is exposed they will break into the database and try to alter the dates.


本杰明|2020/01/18 世界未来的时间线将于本周选定

MI6 sent the following message to the Western-allied military command:


"The public health emergency is either false or a cover for something far worse all of which appears to stack up having established the single fact that in 2016 the patent was filed in the Netherlands for the PCR test…[therefore]we urge the international armed forces and military intelligence capabilities to conduct a counter-intelligence operation and deep dive."

"公共卫生突发事件要么是虚假的,要么是掩盖了某些更糟糕的事情。所有这些似乎都证明了一个事实,即2016年,这项专利是在荷兰申请进行 PCR 测试的......因此,我们敦促国际武装部队和军事情报能力进行反情报行动和深度潜水。"

Plenty of other documents have been put out by whistleblowers making it clear this"pandemic"campaign was planned long in advance in order to force the population to be injected with DNA altering vaccines containing microchips.Remember COVID-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019.

检举人已经公布了大量其他文件,清楚地表明这场"大流行"运动是早就计划好的,目的是迫使人们注射含有微芯片的 DNA 改变疫苗。记住 covid-19代表2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗鉴定证书。

This is now out in the open with slave"leaders"in the EU and elsewhere pushing for vaccine passports.

https://summit.news/2021/01/13/eu-leaders-demand-standardised-vaccine-passport-for-travel/https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210114-france-imposes-6-00-pm-nationwide-virus-curfew https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/microsoft-big-tech-coalition-developing-rockefeller-funded-covid-passports


Remember both Biden and Trump are pushing vaccines for a non-existent virus.If the Rockefeller gangsters,using Biden as a frontman,take power,they have already announced they will deploy the National Guard to enforce vaccinations.https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/15/biden-to-deploy-fema-national-guard-to-set-up-covid-vaccine-clinics-across-the-us.html


In a speech last week Trump called the scamdemic a"horrible,horrible invisible enemy."Actually though,the enemy is visible now.


In Japan,for example,all the so-called positive Covid test results come from quack"PCR"tests made by companies owned by the hedge fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.The Japanese military police were hand-delivered evidence that KKR Japan was responsible for all the fake Covid results and the company was engaged in insider trading,based on pre-knowledge of this entire plandemic psy-op.

例如,在日本,所有所谓的 Covid 阳性检测结果都来自对冲基金科尔伯格-克拉维斯-罗伯茨(kohlberg kravis roberts)旗下公司进行的庸医"PCR"检测。日本宪兵队收到了亲手提供的证据,证明 KKR 日本公司对所有伪造的 Covid 结果负有责任,该公司参与了内幕交易,基于对整个计划性心理战行动的事先了解。

Mossad and FSB sources both say so-called"world leaders,"have been bribed with exclusive contracts to sell masks,vaccines,etc.,in exchange for going along with the fake pandemic.MI6 says the IMF,the World Bank,and the BIS are financing the entire operation.


Rest assured the White Hats are not standing idly by.Most of our readers have probably seen the following news item,splashed all over global media about the death of Benjamin de Rothschild.For example,ABS news reported it as follows:

请放心,白帽子不会袖手旁观。我们的大多数读者可能已经看到了下面这则关于本杰明··罗斯柴尔德之死的新闻,它在全球媒体上广为流传。例如,ABS 新闻报道如下:

NEW YORK—Benjamin de Rothschild,who oversaw the banking empire started by his father in 1953,has died.He was 57.

纽约--本杰明·德·罗斯柴尔德(Benjamin De Rothschild)去世,享年57岁。罗斯柴尔德曾掌管他父亲于1953年创立的银行帝国。

The Edmond de Rothschild Group,the company he was chairman of,said that de Rothschild died of a heart attack Friday afternoon at his home in Pregny,Switzerland.

罗斯柴尔德集团(Edmond de Rothschild Group)表示,罗斯柴尔德于周五下午在瑞士 Pregny 的家中死于心脏病发作。

However,according to Mossad sources he faked his death because special forces were closing in on him as one of the key criminals behind the ongoing"pandemic,"and the associated medical totalitarianism.


According to Mossad,de Rothschild is currently hiding in the following location in Ushuaia in southern Patagonia,Argentina:


There is no place on or off this planet where these people can hide when their crimes against humanity are fully known.They are systematically hunted by White Hat special forces.


Asian secret societies are also on the case,realizing that many top C*e Communist Party officials are also corrupt Rothschild servants who are betraying and murdering their own people for profit and personal gain in the name of this fake pandemic.


For example,officials in Tianjin,China confirmed that the PCR test used to justify the existence of this virus is fake after ice cream tested positive for Covid-19.Of course,the corrupt media is trying to turn this into their fear-mongering.

例如,中国天津的官员在冰淇淋检测出2019冠状病毒毒疾病后证实,用来证明这种病毒存在的 PCR 检测是假的。当然,腐败的媒体正试图把这种情况变成他们制造恐慌的手段。


The reason fruit,goats,Coca Cola,gasoline and ice cream etc.test positive is because the polymerase chain reaction test used is scientific nonsense.


It is basically the same as making a copy of a copy of a copy over a billion times,resulting in random positive results regardless of what you test.


The reason de Rothschild faked his death is that a critical mass within the military intelligence community worldwide is waking up to the enormous crime he and his Khazarian Mafia colleagues have committed.People in general are also waking up with mass demonstrations against outbreaks in several Rothschild slave countries.





Ok,enough about the scam.


Let's not let this distract us from other things happening on the planet.


For example,we noticed a staged press event where Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his entire cabinet resigned over a child welfare scandal.



Pentagon sources have previously told us that Rutte and the Dutch royal family were killed some time ago for torturing and murdering children.

五角大楼消息人士之前告诉我们 Rutte 和荷兰皇室家族前段时间因折磨和谋杀儿童而被杀害。

If you still don't believe that children are being murdered,please read this report on an official Irish government investigation into the deaths of 9,000 children.



In any case,in this age of disinformation,we can't be sure if the resigned Rutte who left parliament on a bicycle in front of media cameras was the real thing or a double.However,the resignation of a government deeply involved in the mass murder of Malaysia Air Flight 370/17 is definitely good news.

无论如何,在这个充斥着虚假信息的时代,我们无法确定辞职的 Rutte 在媒体镜头前骑着自行车离开议会是真的还是假的。然而,深陷马航370/17航班大屠杀的政府辞职绝对是个好消息。

We also note that the former representative of the Italian Khazarian cabal,former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi,and his party have left Italy's governing coalition.According to Pentagon sources,Renzi was deeply involved in U.S.election theft on behalf of the Biden faction.


MI6 sources say German Chancellor Angela Hitler Merkel will be out of office in April,not October as announced.Her ouster would mark the formal end of the German Fourth Reich,which began with the Sept.11,2001 fascist coup in the United States.


We also note that a secret war is still raging in the Catholic Church.In the past week,nine Catholic bishops have been assassinated or died from Covid-19.


We are not sure if they were killed because they were Satanists or if they were silenced because they wanted the world to know that Pope Francis had been killed.The P3 Masons did not give us an answer before this report was published.



Unconfirmed Spanish news also now says that so-called US President Joe Biden died of a heart attack six days ago.


Of course,our sources in Washington say he died even earlier,but it could be a sign that the whole Biden psy-op is unraveling.We will keep our readers posted with special updates on this and other issues related to the January 20"inauguration."



The other news we want to address this week is U.S.Space Force.


Last week,the Director of National Intelligence issued the following press release:



Community Member


It says in part:


Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe today hailed the U.S.Space Force(USSF)as the 18th agency in the United States.Member of the U.S.Intelligence Community(IC).

美国国家情报总监约翰·拉特克利夫(John Ratcliffe)今天称赞美国太空部队(USSF)是美国的第18个机构。美国情报机构(IC)成员。

During an afternoon ceremony,Ratcliffe and Gen.John W.Jay Raymond,chief of space operations,announced the appointment of the U.S.Space Force intelligence element as a member of the IC.What makes this interesting is that it was Raymond who told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to either resign or Tokyo would be obliterated.


This announcement could be a prelude to the long-awaited,but as yet unproven,unveiling of the much-discussed Secret Space program.It would be great if the Space Force came to the rescue of mankind and finished off the satanic cabal once and for all.


As usual,we recommend UFO and space related stuff not to be believed until you see it.Again,there's a lot we can't report for operational security reasons,but your correspondent is more confident than ever that the good guys are winning.

像往常一样,我们建议你不要相信 UFO 和太空相关的东西,除非你亲眼所见。同样,由于操作安全的原因,我们不能报道很多事情,但是你的记者比以往任何时候都更有信心认为好人正在获胜。


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