X22报道|第2675集: 国会议员推动一切,新闻周期的变化即将到来

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现在(DS)被爱国者所困,流感大流行是一个大失败,现在他们正在倒退,为“更换面糊”让路。假新闻将需要改变新闻周期,[ FF ]可能正在筹备中。

X22报道|第2675集: 国会议员推动一切,新闻周期的变化即将到来

Ep. 2675a – [CB] Panic, Congressman Puts Everything In Motion, Digital Gold

Ep. 2675a – [CB] 恐慌,国会议员让一切运转起来,数字黄金

Ep. 2675b – Change Of News Cycle Coming, No One Person Is Above Another, Justice

Ep. 2675b-新闻周期的改变即将到来,没有人高于他人,正义



Inflation is now picking up and the people are seeing the dollars decline in value. Store shelves are empty and people understand that the economy should not be headed in this direction. [CB] panicking over Crypto, they are pushing to keep people away from alternative currencies. Congressman introduces bill to ban CBDC.



The [DS] is now trapped by the patriots, the pandemic is a big fail and now they are backtracking to make way for the ‘change of batter’. Fake news will need to change the news cycle, [FF] might be in the works. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward, the people see the truth, the [DS] lies to the people, the fake news lies to the people, the corrupt politicians lie to the people, etc.. Fauci is now under the microscope as more information is brought out into the open to show he was responsible and directed the pandemic. Will this be the shot heard around the world.?

现在(DS)被爱国者所困,流感大流行是一个大失败,现在他们正在倒退,为“更换面糊”让路。假新闻将需要改变新闻周期,[ FF ]可能正在筹备中。特朗普和爱国者们正在前进,人们看到了真相,[ DS ]对人民撒谎,假新闻对人民撒谎,腐败的政客对人民撒谎,等等... ..。随着更多的信息被公开,福奇现在正处于显微镜下,以显示他对这次流感大流行负责并指挥了这次流感大流行。这会是全世界都能听到的枪声吗。?


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