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SaLuSa|时间网,战争谣言,玛丽安舰队,不可避免的命运,02/02门户The idea of ​​a secure future where you can roam freely and have access to the most wonderful galactic technologies, travel through the Solar System and beyond, and see the eradication of all diseases from your planet seems far from happening in the minds of some.


It is true that with the picture they are shown every day on their news, this really does seem like a utopian dream.


For this reason, we have been calling all of you not to focus on what they try to deliver every day, so that you are not in low vibrations, but that you feed the good thoughts that will surely move the energies and take you to this most sublime reality, which is not mere utopia, but a truth that is in the lifting of the veils.


Your next generations will be extremely grateful for how much you collaborated, staying true to your hearts, even with all the fierce opposition that, at each advance you make, try to impose barriers to impose you a retreat.


Currently, you have seen the disorder they are causing with the constant spread of chaos and fear.


Dear Ones, we are seeing a much bigger picture and trust us when we say that the destiny of Mother Earth and all of you is the luminous Higher Spheres.


Daily, many of your rulers have been thinking of a better way to tell you about our constant presence and their time is funneling each day, as they know that, whatever the cost, it won’t be hidden much longer.


We have received several calls from the Holy Elders of your Solar System alerting us of the approaching cosmic events.


These will trigger significant changes in the way of thinking of souls on Earth as many of the systems that keep you under mind control will completely disintegrate in the coming months and this will give you an even bigger picture.


Even those who are unaware of extraterrestrial reality will be surprised when our teams start visiting them in their dreams or even letting themselves be shown with their closest ships.


Your governments are aware of these events and also continue to plan how they will apologize to the people when the revelation of our existence “in full” will be inevitable.


As these events march towards the current timeline, those who remain in the dark continue to look to raising false flag to bring ongoing fear and keep them insecure in regards to a possible world war.


Needless to say, such an event will not occur.


There is no more room in your planet’s energy field for a war of this proportion.


Know that we have control of all nuclear warheads that may be fired at any nation.


We would intercept them immediately.


Even so, there are souls on Earth who are unaware of our ability to act in this regard, or wonder about our “non-action” in certain situations.


Again it goes without saying that we go as far as your own free will allows.


The planetary consciousness itself has already reached a level that prevents a third world war on your planet, but obviously there are still details in the healing and adjustment phases.


This often leads to local clashes, which also won’t last long.


The fire of discord among some of your leaders is being extinguished, as they are also aware of our capacity for direct action, should they exceed the margin of safety established in the Council by us and them.


Even so, there are among them those who serve the dark fleets which, at this moment, are trying to maintain a line of contact with their representatives on Earth.


However, it is useless, as our scientists have blocked all external signals coming to the Solar System towards us and with the intention of giving instructions to souls who have not yet chosen the Light.


In the coming months, you will also be graced with a closer approach to the Starfleet of the Lady of the Worlds, Mother Mary.


She who has traveled throughout the galaxy summoning billions of beings to present themselves around Earth in this special period of profound transformations.


Many will be able to see thousands of bright bluish dots strolling through the skies at some moments of the current year, and that will not look like simple stars, because the blue will have a different tone.


Many of these ships will also be cloaked in clouds during the day and you will be able to see them in shades of sky blue.


These are the closest to the ongoing support you have received throughout your journey on Earth as you break free from the bonds of darkness and return to your deserved places of peace, freedom and bliss.


Never be discouraged!


Summer will worth all of it!


Your efforts are being seen across the galaxy and you will be rewarded!


Your souls have reached levels of strength like no other in this galaxy and you will see that clearly as time goes on.


Enjoy the great Portal 02/02 and allow yourself to flow towards the softer forces, releasing the burdens you have been carrying over time.


We know how tired you are and some are discouraged, but, once again, we say that when you look to the skies and sincerely ask for help, it will never be late!


You are not alone and you are constantly being intuited about what new step needs to be taken and/or in what direction!


It is normal for many to feel lost and confused when chaos, wars and disease are continually announced.


However, if you withdraw within yourself, choosing the peace of your spirit, you can see something different from what is shown on the outside, for the more you allow this internal look, the more connected you are with the truth.


In this way, you can convey peace to those who look to you for a word of comfort, as they know, albeit unconsciously, that you have something “different” to offer.


The future is certain and there is no room for doubt!


You will achieve freedom and return to an Eden environment.


This is your destiny.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, once again, as spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, I am excited for this year that will prove to be momentous!

我是来自天狼星的 SaLuSa,再一次,作为银河联邦的发言人,我为今年将被证明是重大的一年感到兴奋!

Your consciousness will return to more expanded states and you will be able to have more contact with us, when more and more of you will wake up from well-slept nights, with the clear memory of having been with us aboard our ships.


Everyone is still waiting for special revelations, but we hasten to say that many of them will come from sides you can’t even imagine.


So allow yourself to turn your head in another direction and perhaps you will begin to notice things that you were not aware of before… It is a time when you will also be very surprised by your own intuitive abilities, when the more developed channels will be even better and those in training will feel more connected.

所以,允许自己把头转向另一个方向,也许你会开始注意到以前没有意识到的事情... ... 这是一个你也会为自己的直觉能力感到惊讶的时刻,当更发达的渠道会更好,那些在训练中的人会感觉到更有联系。

The time mesh that holds all the timelines together continues to unravel, leaving no other line than that of Ascension.


It is your unstoppable destiny.


Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All One!)

天狼星: 因为是的,我们都是一体的

Be in Peace,


Be in the Light!


Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Gratitude, SaLuSa!

拉斐尔(涅瓦/加布里埃尔) : 感谢你,SaLuSa!



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