2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

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 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大图片

 July 9, 2022 2022年7月9日

2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

It’s happening. The flurry of activity we have been anticipating for so long is finally beginning to unroll. The fuses lit by the Earth Alliance are beginning to reach their detonation points and let’s not forget about the land mines they pulled the pins on long ago. It’s all coming together in countries all over the world.


The Great Awakening is spurring action from People who never before got involved in what was happening in their countries. They are riled and ready for combat.


One way or another, the incumbent regime is having the rug pulled out from under them. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked to resign by a large portion of his cabinet.

无论如何,现任政权正在把他们的地毯从他们身边拉走。英国首相鲍里斯 · 约翰逊被内阁大部分成员要求辞职。

In the United States, the election audits in 46 of 50 states, last I heard, stated it was clear that election fraud made it appear Joe Biden won when he did not and Trump is in the wings ready for the next step. Most hope he will return to the White House sooner rather than later.

在美国,据我所知,50个州中有46个州的选举审计表明,很明显,选举舞弊让乔 · 拜登(Joe Biden)看起来像是赢了,而实际上他没有赢,而特朗普已经为下一步做好了准备。大多数人希望他能尽快回到白宫。

In Sri Lanka, the people stormed the Presidential grounds and their fearless leader fled. Holy cow; look at the people.


We have heard that he was allegedly seen escaping on a Navy ship. Link to Telegram.


2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球 BREAKING NEWS2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球


Footage emerges said to be of President Rajapakse fleeing Sri Lanka aboard a Navy Vessel.


Ladies and Gentleman this is what a people’s UPRISING looks like!


In Canada, protestors accosted Prime Minister Trudeau and told him what they think of him.


Justin Trudeau accosted by protesters: ‘free our political prisoners’

贾斯汀 · 特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)被抗议者称为“释放我们的政治犯”

Our most recent intel drop this afternoon from Ezra Cohen on Telegram said…

我们今天下午从 Ezra Cohen 那里得到的最新情报显示..。

Trudeau [OUT]


Ezra seems to know what the White Hats are going to do in advance and it certainly seems like the Canucks are ripe for a revolt. Social media reports stated that Canadian banks were shut down recently and from an Ottawa crew member we hear that Rogers communications were shut down as well. Stuff is finally coming to a head in the Great White Gulag.


In Rome we have a breaking report of a massive explosion and fire. Link to Telegram.


Huge explosion & fire Rome @mgshowchannel

巨大的爆炸和火灾 _ R@mgshowchannel

I think I forgot to post about the obelisk in the Philippines that was hit by “lightning” on July 7. Intel suggests it was NOT lightning. Wink-wink. It certainly appears that surgical precision is in play with these monuments.


Lightning HAS played a role in the past, however. Was it controlled? Probably, from what we’re told about the technology now in use. It seems that where evil hides, we can expect the war to break out in some form. It’s subtle and the average person wouldn’t question.


2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

Phil G. was asked about the EBS announcement and he thinks it will look as I imagined it would, with military leadership explaining some of what has happened, what has been done about it, what the legal status of the ‘resident’ and President in Exile are, and what we can expect in the near future according to the Constitution, Devolution, and Rule of Law, to return to the Republic the United States is, rather than a ‘democracy’ as the left claims.

菲尔 G 被问及 EBS 的声明,他认为这将看起来像我想象的那样,军方领导人解释了一些已经发生的事情,已经做了些什么,“居民”和流亡总统的法律地位是什么,以及根据宪法、权力下放和法治,我们可以期待在不久的将来美国回归共和国,而不是像左派宣称的那样是一个“民主国家”。

Will it extend to other countries at that time? We’ll have to wait and see. It would be quite a task to address everything that has happened in every major country. It seems that the US must come first, but that’s just my logic. The People don’t seem to be able to handle much at one time and that would be a lot to chew.


On a global basis, I don’t think the People are going to be happy when they learn that certain foreign material detrimental to long term health and damaging to their DNA and immune systems was injected into them when they got their quackcines. Is it permanent and irreversible? We don’t know, because this ‘movie’ is very realistic and so many doctors, researchers, and scientists have stated the jabs were potentially deadly—if not immediately then possibly one or two years down the road. Link to Telegram for a video that shows what was detected in dark field and bright field microscopy in all four injections; Pfizer, ModeRNA, Janssen/Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

在全球范围内,我不认为人们会高兴当他们知道某些有害于长期健康和破坏他们的 DNA 和免疫系统的外来物质被注射到他们身上时,他们得到了他们的 Quackcines。是永久性的,不可逆转的吗?我们不知道,因为这部“电影”非常真实,而且很多医生、研究人员和科学家都表示,这种注射可能会致命ーー如果不是立即发生,那么可能需要一到两年的时间。链接到 Telegram 的视频,该视频显示了辉瑞、 ModeRNA、詹森/强生和阿斯利康在暗场和亮视野显微镜术中的检测结果。

2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

I saw a notification something about Trump and “make the death penalty great again” and then I saw this post suggesting that there are currently operations ongoing in the Black Forest in Germany with respect to the Human hunting parties held there by the El-ites, and that trains have been shut down in the stated corridors [ie. Zurich to Stuttgart] as a result of the investigations. Link to Telegram for more information.

我看到一个关于特朗普的通知,“让死刑再次伟大起来”,然后我看到这个帖子,暗示目前在德国黑森林里正在进行的行动涉及到 El-ites 组织在那里举行的人类狩猎聚会,并且在规定的走廊里已经关闭了火车。苏黎世到斯图加特]作为调查的结果。有关更多信息,请链接到 Telegram。

Trump had remarks about the death penalty in his address in Las Vegas last night, which I have not had time to watch yet. Link to Telegram for a clip.


Phil Godlewski stated that there would probably be a “suicide weekend” coming soon; meaning that many pedophiles and criminals would be taking the cowardly way out and making an excuse for their deaths. It’s easier for the remaining family that way. Link to Telegram to read more on the excerpt below.

菲尔 · 戈德莱夫斯基(Phil Godlewski)表示,“自杀周末”可能很快就会到来; 这意味着许多恋童癖者和罪犯将采取懦弱的方式,为自己的死亡找借口。这样对剩下的家人来说更容易。链接到 Telegram 阅读更多以下摘录。

Nicole Kidman’s father, Dr. Antony Kidman, died after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse & murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. He was a member of the 9th Circle. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian police & Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual & physical assaults on her throughout childhood.

妮可 · 基德曼的父亲安东尼 · 基德曼博士在逃离澳大利亚后死亡,他被指控在悉尼的一个精英恋童癖团伙中对儿童进行性虐待和谋杀。他是第九圈的成员。一个月前,菲奥娜 · 巴尼特向澳大利亚警察和儿童虐待皇家委员会投诉,指控基德曼在整个童年期间对她进行性侵犯和身体侵犯。

When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology & Royal North Shore Hospital — to Singapore until his unnatural death.

当欧盟委员会展开调查时,这位临床心理学家突然离开了悉尼科技大学(Sydney University of Technology)和皇家北岸医院(Royal North Shore Hospital) ,前往新加坡,直到他非正常死亡。

2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

There will be very bad news coming in the near future about the activities of the ruling class. Many members of the public will be in denial and refuse to believe it. Very difficult and dangerous situations have been addressed in the shadows so as not to interfere or derail the operations going on in the public eye. It was important to keep the masses calm and not cause panic—or tip off the criminals.


Classified operations by several militaries and law enforcement groups working in tandem have accomplished a great deal in the fight against Human Trafficking.


This next video provides some insight into the appalling things the leadership on this planet has done while pretending to care about the populace and that they have been acting in our best interests.


You will need to pause the video at times to read the material presented as evidence in what seems like it must be a horror movie but represents the factual situation on the planet until the Earth Alliance began taking steps to address it.




The lunatic left is often synonymous with evil, hence the “demonrats” moniker, but the good people who have chosen to support the Democrat Party because they were brainwashed into simply hating Trump and his movement will have to come to terms with what has happened and will hopefully see the Light.


The latest on Musk and Twitter… from Santa Surfing on Telegram.

马斯克和推特上的最新消息... 来自圣诞老人冲浪电报。

On 4/27/2022 Jack Posobiec tells us Elon purchased evidence of criminal activity!

2022年4月27日 Jack Posobiec 告诉我们 Elon 购买了犯罪证据!

Trump posted wait til the liberals finds out their favorite President invested in Twitter as an investor. 2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

特朗普发帖说,等到自由派人士发现他们最喜欢的总统作为投资者投资了 Twitter。

Yesterday (7/8/2022), news broke Twitter execs will be criminally charged!!!  2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球 2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球

昨天(2022年7月8日) ,有消息称 Twitter 的高管们将受到刑事指控! ! !

It’s late afternoon and Eli is waiting. Have a great weekend and maintain situational awareness wherever you are.  ~ BP

已经是下午晚些时候了,伊莱还在等着。周末愉快,无论在哪里都要保持情势察觉。~ BP

2022年7月9日: 多米诺骨牌正在多个方向倒塌|星际飞船地球


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