X22报告|第3198集: 黄金脱钩已经开始,爱国者拥有一切,世纪审判

2023年10月29日05:27:13最新动态X22报告|第3198集: 黄金脱钩已经开始,爱国者拥有一切,世纪审判已关闭评论65阅读模式

[ CB ]/[ WEF ]在全球变暖问题上开始显得像个傻瓜,他们现在把这归咎于以色列和哈马斯之间的战争。现在我们可以看到[DS]和爱国者之间的战争。清理行动现在正在进行中。

X22报告|第3198集: 黄金脱钩已经开始,爱国者拥有一切,世纪审判

Ep. 3198a – Gen Z Is Waking Up, The [CB] System Does Not Work, Gold Decoupling Has Begun

Z 一代正在觉醒,[ CB ]系统不起作用,黄金脱钩已经开始

Ep. 3198b – Patriots Have It All, Election Fraud Declas, Trial Of The Century, Shot Heard Around The World


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Streamed on: Oct 27, 5:45 pm EDT

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The [CB]/[WEF] are starting to look like fools when it comes to global warming, they are now blaming it on Israel-Hamas war. The young generation is starting to figure our something is wrong, but they are blaming it on capitalism, they will soon find out it is the [CB]. Gold is now decoupling from the real yields.

[ CB ]/[ WEF ]在全球变暖问题上开始显得像个傻瓜,他们现在把这归咎于以色列和哈马斯之间的战争。年轻一代开始意识到我们出了问题,但他们将其归咎于资本主义,他们很快就会发现问题出在[ CB ]身上。黄金现在与实际收益率脱钩。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 27, 6:15 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 10月27日,美国东部时间下午6:15


The war between the [DS] and Patriots can now be seen. The clean up operation is now moving forward. The [DS] will try to use this to coverup their crimes, this will backfire. Patriots have it all, it was declassed along time ago. Trump has filed a court document that shows he will be introducing classified information on election fraud. This will bypass the fake news, they will try to spin, but this will fail. This will be the short heard around the world when the people find out who was involved.



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