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作者:Judy ByingtonMSWLCSW,治疗专家,记者,作者,"22张脸:珍妮·希尔和她的22个多重人格的非凡生活的内幕。"

Source:Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:Notification and receipt of a Safe Link Website was expected at any time.


You would have until Mon.14 Sept.to exchange at the Contract Rates–only available at Redemption Centers.


On Tues.15 Sept.the General Public could exchange at the new International currency rates.


On Thurs.1 Oct.there would be full online functioning of the Quantum Financial System for global business,plus full online use of the asset-backed USN for the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year start that was also on Thurs.1 Oct.

101日星期四,量子金融系统将在全球范围内全面运作,另外,在101日星期四开始的恢复共和国联邦政府财政年度中,资产支持的 USN 也将全面在线使用。

Various sources have reported that a 10-day blackout and readjustment of the banking system to the Quantum Financial System began on Fri.4 Sept.and would go until at least Mon.14 Sept,perhaps longer(although not all banks were affected).


The below Charlie Ward video reported,"The first thing they did was to serve these last emissaries of the Fed with over 1,000 Criminal charges and they immediately seized all of the records and seized all of their funds and they took back…north of$11 Trillion dollars…now they would go through a lawful investigation for all their criminal activities…so it's beautiful beyond belief."


Judy Note WARNING:With major arrests of Cabal members occurring globally,paid rioters were planning on"protests"in cities worldwide.It was advised to stay off the streets and out of harm's way as much as possible.


That was more than true in my little city of Saratoga Springs Utah where 25 out-of-staters just registered for a"protest"on Thurs.10 Sept.The group confessed they had both Black Lives Matter and rifle-armed"Conservatives"in their group–none of whom lived in Utah.


Many years ago a drugged-out teen who happened to be black,was killed by police when after an extensive chase,he began running toward a crowd of Walmart shoppers,screaming,with a large sword held high with both hands.The matter was thoroughly investigated,traumatized officers held not accountable and his grieving mother,compensated.


Now it was suspected that Soros-funded Antifa"protestors"were being bused in to our peaceful city to drum up hate.The other day Saratoga police went before the city council to ask citizens to quit sending the cookies and treats they had barraged them with since riots in other cities began,and to instead,support them on Thurs.by staying home and out of harm's way.I can just imagine what the Mass Media will depict of the situation.


A.布鲁斯,202098(星期二):Thebigcall.net 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1.Bankers and Intel people were under gag orders.


2.On Sat.5 Sept.some large amounts of funds were allocated to a number of accounts(Tier 3 SKRs?).

95日星期六,一些大量资金被分配到一些账户(Tier 3 SKRs?)

3.Some Prosperity Packages have been delivered.


4.Some CMKX packages were sent out.

4.一些 CMKX 包裹已经寄出。

5.New Rates were on the bank screens as of this am.Tues.8 Sept.


6.Redemption Center staff had plans to go in tomorrow Wed.9 Sept.at 8 am.They were told not to make any plans for this week,nor over the weekend.


7.A high source said if we didn't go Tues.8 Sept.we had a high chance of going Wed.9 Sept.


8.The General Public was supposed to start around the 15 Sept.



1.A technical issue prevented the RV liquidity start today Tues.8 Sept.Attorney General Barr had to sign off on documents related to measures required for transitioning to the Restored Republic that were required for a Shotgun Release.

1.98日星期二,一个技术问题阻止了 RV 的流动性开始。司法部长巴尔(Barr)不得不签署一些文件,这些文件涉及到向恢复共和国过渡所需的措施,而这些措施需要一个猎枪式的释放。

2.The Department of Justice doc's were signed off late afternoon EDT today Tues.8 Sept.


3.Tests done today Tues.8 Sept.showed that notifications and a Safe Link web site were working,so he said to stay ready.


4.Some test emails were sent out,though most went into Spam folders,so be sure to check your Spam folders.


C.9月8日,星期二."Charlie Freak and Collywog Q&A:NESARA,DUMBs,Med Beds,God Wins"by Kat-9.8.20
https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2020/09/charlie-freak-and-collywog-q-nesara.html Charlie Freak&Collywog-What's really going on?(Part 2)Interview with Lokesh@Soul Freedom 9-6-20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLrrCUCmDxI

27:55 Then the first thing they did was served these last emissaries of the Fed with over 1,000 Criminal charges and they immediately seized all of the records and seized all of their funds and they took back…north of$11 Trillion dollars…now they would go through a lawful investigation for all their criminal activities…so it's beautiful beyond belief…


37:45 EVERYTHING:Mortgage,credit cards,medical debt,car debt,student loans…all debt is gonna go…But whatever you've done privately between somebody else,personal debt,that's up to you…that's your thing…but in terms of any REGISTERED debt it's ALL GOING…because it can't exist…it's a lie…it's not lawful…and it will no longer exist…ALL TAXES ARE GONE…the ONLY tax that will still exist is a point of sale tax on things that are non-essential…and THAT is more than enough money to run government through…


The Exchequer for the Federal Reserve Banking system has been done through Rome[Vatican City]…run through the Jesuits…"Society of Jesus"has been controlling the money…


In Trump's Whirlpool speech he was talking about the middlemen…who were these middlemen?…they[Jesuits/Mafia/deep state]were sucking all this money away and that's why prices were so high and that's why Trump was saying…all we've done is we've got rid of the middlemen…that's how we can take the Pharmaceutical prices and drop them all the way down…


47:14 Charlie:The oil stuff is all code…so you say to yourself,then why doesn't he just say so?...why the confusions…he's talked about fracking…it's purposeful…they know what happens when you frack underground…so it's code…look at especially the states…PA,it's the whole diseased East Coast…


48:20 Colleen:I have to interject here…THEY ARE STILL WORKING ON THE UNDERGROUND TUNNELS…they are under the ground[DUMBs]and they're trying to eradicate all of these facilities that have been in operation for God knows how long…perhaps hundreds of years…And they're working diligently to extract the children…to destroy the tunnels…this is a process that isn't going to happen in a couple of months…they've been working at it and they're going to be working at it for possibly years…


48:56 So when they talk about these things…fracking…they ARE under the ground as we speak…working all over the world…the entire world…Argentina,the Falkland Islands,Canada,The United States,Australia,Philippines…everywhere…


Kat :我认为这是一个基因解码的 D.U.M.B.s 的视频 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLheTt8SVCQ

51:44 Charlie:What Gene has been sharing with everyone with staggering accuracy is all of these tunnel systems and how far along they are…what's been done…


52:00 Colleen:And you can correlate this information to the earthquakes…if you look up on the internet"Earthquakes"there are these small Earthquakes all over and they will correlate to what Gene is talking about…other people are saying there's fires coming up from the manholes…


52:34 These DUMBS…Deep Underground Military Bases…they don't always have to be Military and that's what they've discovered…there are so many they didn't even know about…that are under there…some of them are underneath cities…well you can imagine how tough it would be to go in and blow them up…


54:48 There are no Chem Bombs over Australia…no smart dust and heavy metals anymore…we stopped that…the 5G network…if the demons had turned it on you would all know because they could kill you with the strongest of the frequencies with the smart dust and heavy metals that are already in you…

澳大利亚上空已经没有化学炸弹了,再也没有智能灰尘和重金属了,我们停止了那个5G 网络,如果恶魔已经打开了它,你们都会知道的因为他们可以用最强的频率杀死你用你体内已经存在的智能灰尘和重金属。

57:15 THERE ARE NO 5G TOWERS ACTIVE IN THE WORLD…not one…and nobody is exploding chem bombs over Australia…there are no worries…zero worries…you just have to be patient…

57:15世界上没有活跃的5G 信号塔...没有一个...也没有人在澳大利亚上空引爆化学炸弹...没有担心...没有担心...你只需要耐心..

57:33 Like we reported to you…the first wave that went through there covered an enormous tunnel system…once the Americans Marines,Army Corps of Engineers,ventilators,etc.]…came through with training and equipment and left things in the hands of the Aussies to complete the task…they found an ENTIRE OTHER LABRYNTHE…ANOTHER LEVEL and it was far WORSE…


57:57 So we just heard from Charlie Ward today…in the last 2-weeks that has come out of the second wave of tunnels like in Australia,like in New Zealand…it's been used as kind of like a capture center for all these kids in the Southern Hemisphere and they've been taken and stored there…


58:40 Charlie Ward threw out a number that was between 300,00 and 1 million children…and that's just the second system of tunnels underneath Australia…predominately in the Victoria State,Melbourne area…


1:01:23 There's not going to be any fracking…it's all code…"fracking"is taking down the DUMBs…When Donald Trump talks about'we have to frack moving forward'…he's just trying to tie in ways that the Mainstream Media doesn't catch on…it all has to sound plausible enough at one level for the moronic MSM to call him a kook…that's why Trump has done things that"seem"so weird…he's just establishing this pattern that can be written off…which is what the MSM have done…

1:01:23不会有任何水力压裂...这是所有的代码..."水力压裂"正在打倒哑巴...当唐纳德·特朗普谈论"我们必须水力压裂向前发展"...他只是试图结合的方式,主流媒体没有赶上...这一切必须听起来足够合理,在一个水平上,白痴 MSM 称他为怪人...这就是为什么特朗普做的事情"看起来"如此奇怪...他只是建立了这种模式,可以注销...这就是 MSM 做了什么..

1:02:58 They took over the 5G Network and it's now Tesla Towers…they have people working around the world now making Tesla coils…Tesla coils are flying out all over in these airplanes from China…because China has the most incredible manufacturing base…

1:02:58他们接管了5G 网络,现在是特斯拉塔,他们在世界各地工作,现在制造特斯拉线圈,特斯拉线圈从中国飞往世界各地,因为中国有最不可思议的制造基地。

1:03:23 China is no longer ruled by an evil Communist Chinese Dictatorship…there's a Chinese Republic and the Republic is trying to make amends for all the evil things that have come out of China…


1:57:56 Charlie Freak:Yes.They are right now[The Med Beds are accessible right now.]


This was the key to get them[the children]above ground and into these Med Beds that DO exist and this is Photonic Light…what's happening is yes,you're going to see things rolled out…they're not waiting to do these things behind the scenes…You would be horrified to see what has been done to the children…If you had grown with not seeing the Sun your eyes are not fully developed…your ears are not fully developed…your skin is not fully developed…they came above ground,even just under cloud they're little white…just like rice paper their Human skin…it was evaporating away…


Charlie Freak with Alpa Soni:What is Happening Right Now?9-3-21:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIMPMUepAbk


1:07:07 Charlie:Both Trump and Q have said there are over 6,000 suppressed technologies…Trump specified a lot of it in the area of Health Care…Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security,including free energy devices,antigravity,and sonic healing machines.



The group that is behind all of this[The Alliance]…is so small…1:12:51 What you need to know first and foremost is these Military families…and then the Kennedy's and the Trump's


and THAT'S IT…


When you find out what they were putting into us…they spent in excess of 16 trillion dollars to rush out these 5G towers…9-11 all the dust…Covid-19 is 19 years after 2001…

当你发现他们给我们注入了什么...他们花费了超过16万亿美元来建造这些5G 信号塔...所有的灰尘...2019冠状病毒疾病是2001年后的19..

Kat Note:To recap the cabal's plan:


Stage 1–chem trails with smart dust and nanoparticles


Stage 2–vaccine with microchip,lowering immune system,causing sterility


Stage 3–5G with 440 hertz of causing our thoughts to create chaos and pain

阶段3-5G 440赫兹造成我们的思想制造混乱和痛苦

Stage 4–FEMA camp body bag disposal


D."Charlie and Colleen Freak,Part 3:The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan(Part 2)"by Kat-8.6.20 And what's coming with the sunlight in the sky itself on Sept.22nd and then fully December 22nd is going to make things easier for you…everything is going to become easier for you…



F.联合国2030年可持续发展计划全面展开(21世纪议程)FT Rosa Koire,Max Igan and Mr.T





On Fri.30 Aug.many banks worldwide including all in the UK,closed and then opened up again on Tues.1 Sept.–the same day the Quantum Financial System took over the old Cabal SWIFT System.

830日星期五,包括英国在内的世界各地的许多银行关闭,然后在91日星期二重新开业。同一天,量子金融系统接管了旧的阴谋集团SWIFT 系统。

South Africa and most other countries were in the process of nationalizing their Central Banks(owned by private individuals of the Rothchild Banking Empire since at least 1913).The Rothchild Central Banks would go bankrupt as leaders of various countries took over the banking system using a gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System.That meant The People were claiming ownership of their own monies.


On Mon.31 Aug.in a meeting with RV Teams Trump approved the liquidity Shotgun Start and set a schedule for the RV rollout for between Tues.1 Sept.and Tues.8 Sept.


Overnight Tues.to Wed.1,2 Sept.the new currency rates were locked in for Tier 4b exchanges/redemptions.

隔夜星期二至91日和2日星期三,新的货币利率被锁定为4b 级交易所/赎回。

On Tues.1 Sept.gold/asset-backed currency(including the US Note)Quantum Financial System became the sole financial online platform for all 209 countries,while behind the scenes all sixteen NESARA/GESARA measures began implementation and the new currency rates appeared on Bank Screens.

91日星期二,黄金/资产支持货币(包括美国钞票)量子金融系统成为所有209个国家唯一的在线金融平台,而在幕后,所有16 NESARA/GESARA 措施开始实施,新的货币利率出现在银行屏幕上。

Some banks have announced that they would be in a blackout for ten banking days from Fri.4 Sept.at 1 pm EDT until Mon.21 Sept.


If all went to plan,on Tues.8 Sept.or Wed.9 Sept.liquidity would be released and emails would go out with a Secure Link web site in order to set exchange/redemption appointments.


On Wed.9 Sept.the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note(USTN)was expected to be publically acknowledged.Charlie Ward stated that something BIG was going to happen on Wed.9 Sept.


Fri.11 Sept.was the 19th Anniversary of 9-11.


Mon.14 Sept.was the deadline to exchange/redeem at Contract rates at licensed Redemption Centers through appointments obtained by calling 800#s received through a secured website.


On Tues.15 Sept.the General Public Tier 5 could begin exchanging at the new International Rates,plus the NESARA debt forgiveness programs would begin.

915日星期二,第五层公共服务机构将开始以新的国际汇率进行交换,另外 NESARA 债务减免计划也将开始实施。

Thurs.1 Oct.was the beginning of the new fiscal year for the Federal Govt,plus was the beginning of the US Restored Republic and return to the original Constitution.


On Thurs.29 Oct.according to Q,there would be an event called October Surprise.Rumor was that surprise would be an announcement that the presidential election would be done through a new technology whereby voters could cast ballots over their phones and computers and thus rid us of the influence of a corrupt Mass Media and fixed mail-in votes that influenced election results.


From Oct.2020 to Oct.2021 USD currency notes would be exchanged on a 1:1 to the new USN Treasury notes.


The fiat Federal Reserve US Dollar would no longer be valid after Oct.2021.




Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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