(OpDis) 4年,4年,4年– 里努斯•费尔哈根

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(OpDis) 4年,4年,4年– 里努斯•费尔哈根


Read the picture already seen story and enjoy the show in high solution so fare possible.


How much State of the Union have you heard?


How much State of the Union have you seen?!


Did you hear what wasn't said?


Have you seen the reaction of not being pronounced?!


Anyone who expected to hear a direct announcement from the RV will be disappointed by the law.


Whoever thought GESARA would be proclaimed will also be disappointed.


What we saw was the starting shot for the action now to come.


Afterwards Donald J Trump ordered General Milley,who was not wearing the parade clothes but active combat gear ready for action.


The included Photo tells the why,and how,and who is responsible.


On February 3,another batch of US Marines arrived in Antwerp,to reinforce the troops for an exercise that will be carried out throughout Europe.



U.S.Army arrives in Antwerp for large-scale military exercise


-03 February 2020


BELGAONTHESPOT The disembarkation of the first military vehicles.


ANTWERPEN Monday morning the first ship was moored in the port of Antwerp for an American military exercise on the European mainland.In the coming months thousands of vehicles and soldiers will pass through a temporary military zone in the port.


Defender Europe 20'is the largest American exercise in Europe in 25 years.Eighteen NATO member states take part in the military deployment,representing a total of 37,000 soldiers and 20,000 pieces of equipment.These are shipped to various ports in Europe,including Antwerp.


The first ship moored at the Antwerp Euroterminal in Beveren on Monday morning.The British Eddystone London brings in some 200 pieces of material,including 150 vehicles.The Belgian army coordinates,among other things,the refuelling of the vehicles.


Over the next four months,a military zone will be set up at the terminal,the size of which will vary between 20,000 and 125,000 square metres.5 American and 2 British ships will deliver 3,000 vehicles there.In Antwerp,6,000 soldiers will also pass through.


To Poland and Germany


The final destination of the material and the soldiers will be training grounds in Germany and Poland.From Antwerp 185 km have to be covered on Belgian roads.According to the Belgian army,the inconvenience to the port and traffic will be limited,because the journeys will take place between 9 pm and 5 am,via a total of 140 columns.The exercise will last until mid-May.


The Deep State and Cabal will be removed all over Europe,Globalism is Death.


It has always been told that arrests must begin before the RV for Tiers 4 would start.


In the background,payoffs are already underway in Reno,Zurich,and Honkong.


Today the 5th or tomorrow the 6th of February 2020 we can expect our contact numbers or website to be available to make an appointment.


This will require a lot of security that requires a lot of manpower,to secure the Redeem,which will undergo the transition throughout Europe to be GESARA compatible.


The moral degradation of the world will stop now,the confused misguided youth,by the false politics,Soros,and Satan in the Vatican will be thrown out of power if my thoughts are right.


Before the State of the Union started,Donald J Trump would have released the RV/GCR,I will not go into detail about this so as not to betray the source.


It is no exaggeration to say that the removal of the traitors in the police,EU and Vatican will be of biblical proportions.


Much desire will disappear from the scene,this is not a declaration of war to the people but the liberation of the Cabal from their own ranks,and their vassals who have oppressed the people.


Don't get in the way of the army,but ask how you can help to remove the Rutte,Macron and Merkel Bilderberg Mafia and Officials.


This will be the stock market crash that will put the FED,and ECB out of action,and the gold standard will come into effect.


Trump has told the State of the Union what his ambitions are,to renew the overdue maintenance of the entire infrastructure in the US,Space Force,better agriculture projects,the wall along the border,to renew the learning system,to let knowledge and no more left-wing propaganda to keep the population stupid.


New techniques to come,everything will have to be paid for,and this is not possible with a bankrupt government that has a Fiat debt mountain that can never be paid,simply because this money does not exist under the Fiat money system.


The Petrodollar has been replaced by the digital USN,which is covered by GOLD,in order to pay for the prosperity that has been proclaimed.


With this they put the bankers and politicians out of the night,which we should observe on Wall Street trading,because there the shares bought with funny Fiat money will clearly have to drop in value,when the news becomes known,of the arrests of the NWO Elite.


So those who were disappointed with the best speech ever,take your time to observe it again,because it was three speeches mixed up,one in speech,two in body language,from Trump,and Pelosie,with her fellow losers.


A landslide of power,which nervous Nancy had understood correctly,at the handover of the script of the State of the Union,where Trump did not consider her worthy of a word or Hand.


With this,Trump gives power back to the population,of all layers and origins.


He does this without a salary,or self-enrichment as the Democrats were and are used to.


The harder the Democrats went against Trump,the stronger they made him,because that was the plan,and the shot that would go around the world.



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