thevoice5d|2020/07/14 年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

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thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份



Lots of Drops,Twists and Turns


Yet Inside Our Hearts Certain Victory Burns!


Attention Ascension Coaster Passengers:


I will begin with a recap of the first half of 2020 as it has been quite an Epic Year and then I'll dive into the Amazing Progress we have made with our Global Meditations–we have achieved more this year than any other year to date and we have much to celebrate.


I will be revealing some long hidden secrets about the real reason for the long delay in the release of prosperity funds plus a whole lot more including some major announcements that will be made soon here in the U.S.regarding additional ongoing stimulus money for our citizens.


It's a longer read than usual,but you won't want to miss it as this article is packed with Essential Ascension Prep knowledge and intel that you'll need in preparation for the upcoming Solar Flash(Galactic Superwave)Event we are expecting at the end of December.


A nice cup of Joe or tea and a pastry will make a nice companion as you settle in for an eye-opening commentary and plenty of mind expanding revelations.This time we are going into DEEP SPACE Territory… be sure to strap on your Galactic Transmission Cap as this journey is going to be epic.?


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Please forward this article far and wide so we can contact more beloved souls and help further awaken as many as possible to assist us in the liberation process and properly prepare them for a major solar event directly tied to our Ascension that we expect to occur in December of this year!


The first 6 months of 2020 have not been easy by any stretch of the imagination,as the Matrix has thrown its entire arsenal at the Light Worker/Light Warrior Community and Earth's inhabitants these last few months in an effort to keep us stuck on the'Destruction of Mankind'Timeline where they would get to play out their most nefarious de-population and complete control/transhumanism scenarios.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

We are now entering what will go down in history as the"Final Showdown"(quite literally)between Dark and Light so keep those seatbelts firmly fastened because this ride is not over yet!If you've seen any of the Marvel"Avenger"movies or the Star Wars saga…..the last half of 2020 is going to be"The Final Battle"before"The Ultimate Victory"Of The Light!Our goal as meditators is to maintain peaceful conditions and prevent casualties of any kind.


It's Been a Wild Ride So Far


The first half of 2020 has been one continuous Superloop Ride with lots of unexpected heart-pounding drops and head-spinning twists and turns…..enough to make even the most die-hard coaster enthusiast a bit queasy.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

We began the year with a large influx of unprecedented 5D gamma waves and light codes entering our atmosphere and our bodies,causing extreme ascension symptoms for many around the globe and kick-starting the transition from carbon-based bodies to silica/crystalline forms-a vital part of the Ascension process as these new body structures will allow us to withstand the huge rise in frequencies as the fifth dimension oscillates between 40-100 hz.

新年伊始,史无前例的5D 伽马波和光密码大量涌入我们的大气层和身体,对全球许多人造成极端的提升症状,并开始从碳基身体向硅/水晶形态的转变——这是提升过程的一个重要部分,因为这些新的身体结构将允许我们承受第五维度在40-100赫兹之间振荡时频率的巨大上升。

thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Considering that as a planet our frequency was drastically lowered and held at the incredibly low frequency of 7.83 hz for thousands of years(which is also what kept human consciousness so low and unable to grow),an uptick to even 40 hz is a massive adjustment for our bodies to make!


The Schumann Resonance graph measures up to 40 hz so when you see those top-to-bottom"whiteouts"on the graph that means we've been oscillating at 40 hz for several hours and many people experience extreme discomfort or pain when that happens.


That is why these waves are being precisely timed by the higher realms so we can handle these jumps in frequency and integrate the new light codes.These 5D gamma waves emanate from the Cosmic Central Sun and are then guided towards Earth.This is all part of a grand cosmic upgrade for the human race and our planet.


In January we began hearing reports about the virus emerging from China and in late January it reportedly had traveled to the U.S.No one could imagine how much the world would change over the next 3 months.In mid-to-late March the lockdowns began around the globe–schools and universities were closed,followed by businesses,stores and finally restaurants,beaches and parks.Travel restrictions began to be imposed until all travel virtually ceased.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份For weeks and even months in some locations,citizens were under government orders to stay quarantined in their homes and could only leave for essential errands such as going to the grocery store or banking.


By April 2020 the entire world was under quarantine and most citizens were ordered to stay at home for an unspecified duration of time.Fear and apprehension were running rampant.

20204月,全世界都被隔离,大多数公民被命令在家呆上一段时间。恐惧和忧虑四处蔓延。thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Essential supplies flew off shelves until most shelves were bare.Millions suddenly found themselves unemployed.Business owners wondered if they would survive the crisis and be able to re-open.Many people are still wondering how they will manage financially as here in America the country is re-opening very slowly,in several phases.



The level of societal shutdown


in the Year of 2020


is unprecedented


and has never before been experienced.



thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份For the first time in decades,the 24-hour hamster wheel humans had been traveling on at breakneck speeds suddenly derailed and LIFE as we knew it came to a screeching halt!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份Even more shocking-hospital apparatus once only worn by surgeons and nurses was now becoming a mainstay among the general population.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份Distancing protocols no longer applied strictly to drivers but shoppers and customers around the world.


Directional arrows were placed on floors in every store to enforce these new rules.








So many bought into the new narrative that they began turning on one another–neighbor policing neighbor if they weren't fully complying with the"new rules"and much anger and division arising among the masses.


Remember–the#1 Rule of the dark side is to"Divide---and---Conquer."


They used this same tactic in the religious cult I grew up in so I am intimately familiar with it.Family members were always expected to"police"one another and"tell"on them(report to the elders of the congregation)if they did not adhere to every single rule they came up with.This is exactly what the Matrix is attempting to do now–with their tracing apps that they want people to sign up for and use on one another.


People tend to blindly comply in the spirit of"this is the loving thing to do"because they said it is or"it came from an authority figure so I have to listen to them."It was a very harsh and unloving environment to grow up in–there was never any freedom of choice or inner peace.


Regardless of how we feel about a given situation or what is being shouted from the media and political bullhorns,we should think for ourselves and not simply parrot what we saw on a news headline or a social media post.We should always treat one another with love and compassion.The minute we stop doing that–the dark ones have taken control of our behavior.


I am expounding on this subject so that the reader may begin to see what is playing out on the global scene from a higher perspective.All is not as it appears.The Matrix motto is to lie at every turn so it is important to question everything they'officially'tell us through their biased media channels.


This just came out today from a consultant who works at a major regional hospital in Surrey(which appears to be in the UK).


I think it is fairly safe to assume this is also the case in the U.S.and elsewhere(although there were more actual cases in Wuhan and Italy due to more virulent strains of the virus there along with 5G that was activated when the virus was released in China).

我认为可以肯定的是,美国和其他地方也是如此(尽管在武汉和意大利有更多的病例,因为那里的病毒毒株更加致命,而且在中国释放病毒时,5G 也被激活了)

I've seen many other similar stories being told by hospital workers here in the U.S.(some who have revealed themselves by face and name)and so many nurses and doctors are speaking out and saying they are being absolutely forced and coerced to record every single death as the CV virus even if the cause of death was something else.Here is the post which reveals a lot of what is going on behind the scenes that the powers-that-be don't want us to know:

我看到美国医院工作人员(有些人透露了自己的面孔和姓名)讲述了许多其他类似的故事,许多护士和医生大声疾呼,说他们绝对是被强迫和胁迫把每一个死亡记录为 CV 病毒,即使死亡原因是其他原因。这篇文章揭示了许多幕后发生的事情,而这些事情是当权者不想让我们知道的:

Now I have to make a disclaimer before continuing:I realize that some of my readers may not require the disclaimer but I am trying to be mindful of all of my readers,recognizing that everyone is at a different place and has various levels of knowledge,understanding and experience.


If you are a person who only follows mainstream media(cable news networks for example),you will have received a vastly different portrait of what has actually been occurring during this"plandemic."


I have spent the last 15+years researching tens of thousands of pages of information and a plethora of sources before I settled on what resonated with me as being the closest version of Truth I could piece together–and I am still adding to that puzzle board–we must remain fluid in our outlook and beliefs until a complete picture emerges.


The Matrix construct we've lived in for so long is one of the most difficult places to discern truth because this illusory world is built on mountains of lies and deceit-but if you listen to your heart and that deep still inner voice,your discernment will grow and a much clearer picture will emerge.


The information I am sharing is gaining a lot more traction in light of all the unprecedented global events,but until full disclosure occurs across all mainstream media channels,all arrests of the Cabal occur and all the evidence of their crimes becomes public knowledge there will still be a lot of doubt and confusion among the masses.Hopefully,you have done a lot of your own research and will resonate with the insights I am passing along.?


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Some Shocking Revelations 一些令人震惊的揭露

Personal freedom and freedom of choice quickly became all but obsolete in just a matter of weeks.It's time to uncover the hidden agenda behind all of this and what those trying desperately to hold onto their positions of power over us wish to accomplish.


For those with eyes to see,what really happened was indeed planned years in advance–thus the term'plandemic.'One thing about the"Darth Vadars"(invaders)and evil empires of the cosmos is that they leave nothing to chance–they are highly organized,plan their agendas years or decades in advance and execute their plans with precision.That is one thing we can learn from them.In stark contrast,they keep the surface population(namely all of us)in constant chaos and confusion and fighting amongst ourselves which prevents us from coming together and working as the large force that we are.


Evidence has emerged that'the elite'held secret meetings several years ago in which they planned out this entire global shutdown of society.A sinister virus was indeed created in a lab and it was intended to kill millions.


After the initial wave of de-population they planned to vaxxinate those remaining with tracking micro-chips and implement their final phase of total domination over the human species which would have put a near choke-hold on any freedom of movement,privacy or personal choice.


The Light Forces who have been working tirelessly on our behalf(both above and below the surface of the Earth)with their advanced technology and capabilities were able to mutate the virus to sufficiently stave off the majority of deaths the dark ones had so desperately hoped for.


This is why they went into panic mode after a major portion of their plan did not materialize.And why they continued to extend the shutdown,fabricate or overinflate the number of deaths from the virus to keep panic high,make the wearing of masks mandatory and then organized racially charged deaths and riots around America to incite Civil War.Death,destruction,economic collapse and totalitarian rule are their primary goals.


There is also a deeper reason why they don't want to re-open America and it is strictly political in nature.They don't want Americans returning to work so that they can force a hard crash of the economic system and they also don't want voters to be able to get out and vote so they can steal the election(in favor of Dems and implementing their totalitarian police state)by sending in fake mail-in ballots.


This is also why many of the"blue"states are currently experiencing the harshest lockdown measures and those governors are pushing for forced injections on their constituents just to be able to work,shop or travel in states like Illinois.


The media has done everything in their power to malign the current U.S.President and turned a large swath of voters against him.Never in the history of the United States has the media so vehemently attacked or thwarted a president in office until now.That alone should raise a lot of eyebrows.


The only reason they would ever do this is if he were not enforcing their dark agenda on unsuspecting citizens.The majority of presidents in this country were always afforded the highest honor and respect–even if those presidents were known war-mongers or guilty of other atrocities or crimes.


That said……let's take a moment to take a deep breath and disconnect from the entire media circus……because this next statement is very important.


Let's focus on what this president has accomplished that has strongly advanced our freedom from the matrix–as this is the only aspect that really matters if you belong to the Ascension crowd.


The 45th President of the United States has taken extraordinary measures to expose and take down the cabal,stop the'fake news'propaganda machine,and put an end to the torture of our nation's children–and is one of the only presidents ever to do so which is why they view him as one of their biggest threats and will go to any lengths to prevent him from being re-elected this fall.


If an election does in fact take place in November and the only other candidates running are proponents of the"Humanity Extinction Agenda,"(which would include anyone in the opposing blue party)it would be prudent to keep this man in office because if the other side were to get elected,our worst nightmares would begin to materialize as they would most assuredly roll out all dark agendas and complete totalitarian rule in earnest–and I for one refuse to live in a dystopian world!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

New intel is also surfacing that the true reason they orchestrated the 9-11 crisis when the towers fell in New York(a secret they kept hidden for almost 20 years)-was to keep NE-SARA(The Economic Reform Act)which would have included a debt jubilee/debt forgiveness and trillions of dollars in prosperity funds-from being released to American citizens.

新的情报也浮出水面,他们策划9-11危机时,塔倒在纽约(一个秘密,他们隐瞒了近20)的真正原因是,保持 NE-SARA(经济改革法案),其中包括债务禧年/债务免除和数万亿美元的繁荣基金,被释放给美国公民。

The public announcement for NE-SARA was set to be made on the morning of………September 11,2001,the very day the towers fell.This proves how evil this regime is and how much they don't want us to have one red cent or experience relief or prosperity of any kind.Their greed and oppression has no bounds.

公众公告的 NE-SARA 被设置在...2001911日早晨,非常的一天双子塔倒塌。这证明了这个政权是多么邪恶,他们是多么不希望我们得到一分钱,或者经历任何形式的救济或繁荣。他们的贪婪和压迫是没有止境的。

The original NE-SARA Law is still under a gag order so that is why that term is not being used publicly.It is possible that the president will make an announcement of a nearly identical re-packaged version that original Law……what he is now calling"The Transition To Greatness"by November 3rd(election day)after which an election would have to be held within 120 days of that announcement.

最初的 NE-SARA 法律仍然处于禁言令之下,所以这就是为什么该术语没有被公开使用的原因。总统可能会宣布一个几乎完全相同的重新包装的版本,原来的法律..。在113(选举日)之前,他现在称之为"向伟大的过渡",在此之后,选举必须在宣布之后的120天内举行。

A recent Forbes article outlined three bill proposals currently in the U.S.legislature that would provide$2,000 a month for U.S.citizens for at least the next 6-12 months.This is what we should all be focusing on manifesting with our daily meditations for both the U.S.and similar measures around the world!


Recent figures released here in the U.S.revealed that a staggering 50%of All Americans are currently unemployed.A recent survey showed that business owners are behind in making rent payments and the list of financial decline continues.


The Democratic party only want a one time second stimulus payment of$1200 which is not enough for those who have been out of work or have shuttered businesses the last 4 months and have families and children to feed and rent or mortgages to pay.


Keep in mind that the Matrix created this harsh debt/slave monetary and job system.Most of us have worked for decades doing extremely hard jobs we do not enjoy in abusive conditions for very long hours and very little compensation.Prices of goods and services have continued to skyrocket while the wages of the people has remained the same.


I hope that every reader of this article can understand that we are not manifesting the stimulus money as some erroneously claim to"be lazy"or not contribute to society and unfairly burden others.Far from it!We wish to be free of THEIR slave system and engage in fulfilling work as well as important Ascension Projects that will create our New Earth,Our New Society and Our New Communities and Sacred Cities of Light!


Essential services will continue for a time until they're no longer needed(due to the coming release of highly advanced technologies).Employers here in the U.S.are already offering additional income for employees who are willing to continue providing those services so we don't have to unduly worry that we'll be left without what we need–the Universe will provide everything we need plus a whole lot more as we undergo the greatest Transition in Earth's history.


We also as a society need to break away from the"Time"system the Matrix rules us by and have much more time to heal,rest and simply ENJOY being alive!!


So on that premise,I fully expect one of the following 3 bills to be passed into Law by the end of July here in the U.S.The president himself supports the larger longer term payouts and is in a position to garner the support from Congress that he needs.


Let's all focus on the$2,000 monthly stimulus checks being approved for at least one year in our meditations as we CAN create the outcome we desire!


Congress returns to their regular sessions July 20th and the president has said a stimulus measure will be passed by the end of July.So let's really amp up our meditations and send out our collective prosperity intention to the quantum field of all possibility!The Universe is listening and ready to comply…..


BILL PROPOSAL#1–The Emergency Money for the People Act–will provide a monthly stimulus check of$2,000 for up to one year


BILL PROPOSAL#2-Automatic Boost to Communities(ABC)Act would provide a monthly stimulus check for$2,000 for a minimum of 12 months during the payment period,with another$1,000 monthly payment for 12 months after the payment period ends.The monthly payment amount is the same for both adults and dependents.There are no income limitations.


BILL PROPOSAL#3-The Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act would provide a$2,000 monthly stimulus check for individuals and up to three dependents for at least six months.There are income eligibility limitations.


I expect a series of MIRACLES to occur over the next 3-6 months that will open the floodgates of Prosperity and Healing to humanity far beyond anything we could currently imagine!


This is the only scenario I accept and focus on--to the exclusion of all others.I highly encourage everyone reading this article to do the same because our Powers of Manifestation are much stronger now than they have ever been so let's ONLY Focus on and give energy to the liberation scenarios and amazing new world we wish to see unfold in our reality!!


It is 1000%TRUE that we(individually and collectively)CREATE every experience we have Moment-To-Moment.The sooner more of us understand and accept this…..the FASTER we will see vastly improved conditions on Earth!!!


One other thing to note is that the abbreviated name of the virus actually stands for"Certificate of Vaxxination ID"and the number 19 as it relates to letters of the alphabet stands for A.I.(artificial intelligence).It is in essence an elaborate TRACING(global surveillance)program of Orwellian proportions.

另一件需要注意的事情是,病毒的缩写名实际上代表"Certificate of vaxxation ID",数字19与字母表中的字母有关,代表 a.i.(人工智能)。它本质上是一个精心设计的奥威尔式的追踪(全球监视)计划。

thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Six months or more before the plan-demic was announced Gates and his foundation was busy putting together this$100 billion forced vaxxine program that would chip all humans and track their every movement and interaction(with the potential to create personal suffering and even end the lives of all those who were chipped if they didn't comply with the new even more oppressive rules of the overlords).

在《计划-学术》宣布之前的六个月或更长时间,盖茨和他的基金会正忙于筹集1000亿美元的强制性 vaxxine 计划,该计划将植入所有人的芯片,跟踪他们的每一个动作和互动(如果他们不遵守霸主们新出台的更具压迫性的规则,就有可能造成个人痛苦,甚至结束所有被植入芯片的人的生命)

This was the PLAN but take heart and continue reading because intel sources are proclaiming that the arrest of Gates and other high profile elite may be imminent and our global meditations have greatly curtailed the probability of these scenarios to very minimal numbers!


That is why your continued participation as this year progresses is SO critical.WE make a HUGE difference in how events will play out in the world and the POWER ultimately lies with all of US!


Note:Since this very dark agenda and meaning was revealed,all internet searches related to the acronym/virus described above are now being called'false'and pages of searches have been allocated to'debunking'this fact(whereas originally this information came up in top searches).


OK!So now that we've gotten all the crazy stuff out of the way,let's dive right into what you've all been waiting to hear……what actual PROGRESS have we made on the global scene and in terms of the long awaited seriously overdue Liberation Of Our Precious Planet?!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

We Have Achieved Milestones in 2020!


First a little background……


I have been participating in mass meditations since 2012.While individual meditation was gaining popularity in the years leading up to 2012,very few people had heard of or understood the immense power of MASS Meditation and that this singular practice was the Magic Key to Liberating the entire human race!


Why?Liberation and Ascension are directly tied to Global Consciousness.The only way the 3D Matrix even exists is because the Matrix Creators(dark beings from other planets)implemented a dizzying number of measures to put us into a near coma state of unconscious sleep and forgetfulness and seriously block our manifestation powers and abilities!

为什么?解放和扬升与全球意识直接相关。3D 矩阵存在的唯一原因是因为矩阵创造者(来自其他星球的黑暗生物)实施了一系列令人眼花缭乱的措施,让我们进入无意识睡眠和遗忘的近乎昏迷的状态,严重阻碍了我们的显化力量和能力!

When you get the full story,you will be dumbfounded at how extensive their strategy was and how many myriads of layers it entails!The"rabbit hole"is almost the equivalent of an endless dark pit.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

The consciousness of this planet had been lowered to nearly lethal/extinction levels and the fastest way to bypass the need for every single human alive to be at optimal consciousness levels is for a Critical Mass Number of individuals from the collective to UNITE their Energy Fields and With a Unified Intention at a Singular(synchronized)Moment in Time–IMPRESS that Intention with a Laser Bolt of Electric Energy upon the Quantum Field–thus sending shockwaves of change through that field of energy!


THIS is the incredible POWER we possess collectively that we have NOT been using!!


Needless to say it was very difficult in those first few years to even reach the minimum critical mass,let alone exceed it.Critical mass means that a minimum of 144,000 people globally came together at the same moment during a synchronized meditation with a specific purpose or intention.


It seems like a very small number compared to the billions who live on this planet.However,it is enough to make a tangible impact on the Quantum Field of All Possibility–we do that with group consciousness,when we combine our'mind power'and project that power out through our unified heart field.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

When we surpass numbers like One Million(or greater)then we begin to see Major Impacts on the Quantum Field and undeniable Manifestations in the Physical Realm–timeline shifts,complete stoppage of large events playing out or unexpected positive events occuring,and accelerated manifestation of desired outcomes!


The human heart is one of the most powerful electromagnetic devices on Earth!The heart has 40,000 sensory neurons that constantly send information to the brain.The heart creates an electromagnetic field that is 5,000 times more powerful than that of the brain.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

One heart is said to project enough energy


to power an entire city


Think of what a Giant Energy Field we can create if


One Million or more of us come together in a


synchronized global meditation!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

That is exactly what we did on April 4,2020 for the first time ever!And the 3D Prison Matrix has been crumbling at rapid speed ever since.

这正是我们在202044日有史以来第一次所做的!从那时起,3D 监狱矩阵就开始以快速的速度崩溃。

If you read my article titled"Cracking the Matrix Code:Resource Links"that I am publishing soon after this article,you will see that everything is happening exactly as it needs to in order for complete liberation of the planet to occur,no matter how chaotic things may seem at the moment.You will find a wealth information in the links I will provide.


2020 was the first year we achieved and even far exceeded critical mass more than twice(and we still have another 6 months to go)!


Most of the time we were not even reaching critical mass.In 2013 we achieved critical mass twice,once in 2015 and then not again until 2017 when we had TWO Big Breakthrough global meditations.February 2017 we had 150-200k participating in the Etheric Liberation meditation and August 2017 we had over 250,000 participants for the Unity Solar Eclipse Meditation(which occurred directly over the United States for the first time in 100 years).


Participation really slipped in 2018 and we did not reach critical mass at all that year.We started off 2019 with a bang when we achieved a new record with our January"Return of the Light Activation"meditation at which time 300-400,000 joined us!


2020 has definitely been a history-making year for Mass Meditations and we are so thrilled,that despite all obstacles and outright attacks on Light Workers/Light Warriors that we surpassed all previous records and started effecting real change on our planet!


Our"Age of Aquarius"meditation on January 12th reached the critical mass(just barely)with 150,000 participating.This year is really the last battle between Light and Dark and the dark ones who know their defeat is imminent are taking more extraordinary measures in an attempt to reduce or prevent our progress.


But I can assure you that they will NOT be successful and despite all of that interference,we should celebrate the fact that we manifested MIRACLES on the Earthly plane the first half of this year!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份



On April 4th,2020 we defied all the odds and set a new planetary record of 1.1 MILLION souls participating during the"Ascension Timeline"global meditation–something we should be SO proud of!!


We attempted to exceed that historic number of participants during the critical Triple Eclipse Window that occurred between May 25 when we officially entered the Eclipse Window and July 5 which was the date of the final Lunar Eclipse.


However,the dark side created a great deal of chaos(especially here in the U.S.with staged riots and looting intended to foment a civil race war)and increased regulation of the masses in certain locations here and abroad.


I also noticed a huge increase in the production of online content which was too much to digest but served the purpose of majorly distracting people so that our global meditations got all but lost in the fast and furious stream of content being posted on all social media channels.It was a very noticeable surge in postings,the likes of which I'd not seen before.


DISTRACTION is one of the dark's greatest weapons which is why they use it so much.If they can scatter and divert everyone's focus in a thousand different directions,the real important messages get missed!


Even spiritual leaders who I reached out to were so busy churning out large volumes of their own content,hosting webinars,etc.that in most cases they did not respond to my requests to participate in those key global meditations.


While their contributions are wonderful and aid spiritual growth,if only they could slow down a little so they could pay attention to key spiritual messages and join others for important collaborations–like our Mass Meditations!Our meditations only last 20 minutes and it would only take a few moments to post an announcement about the meditations on their channels.


The Matrix wants everyone so self-absorbed that it is nearly impossible for us to come together for any common goal,and especially for any goals that revolve around Freedom from their oppressive systems of control.


This is why we are so excited about ushering in The Age of Aquarius because this will be an age of far greater cooperation and unity!


At the end of the Triple Eclipse Window,I was shown by the Higher Realms that we ALL need to begin to Disconnect From the Matrix Tech Wheel and the choke hold it's had on us.They showed me we need to slow down the pace of life quite dramatically,take more time to nurture and care for ourselves,and listen to our inner guidance.


And they emphasized that we definitely need to take time to come together in greater UNITY with SINGULAR INTENTION and participate in Global Mass Meditations from now on as this is our TICKET out of the Matrix!I simply cannot emphasize this enough!!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Accomplishment Highlights


Triple Eclipse Window May-June 2020


Now I'd like to share with you some highlights of our accomplishments–what we managed to either prevent from occurring on a global level and what we helped Manifest on the physical plane with our recent round of global meditations.


(I would recommend to finish reading this article to the end and then come back and look up the links referenced as they will take some time to read through and that way you won't interrupt your train of thought)


1.ALL Plasma Toplet Bombs have been removed!This is a HUGE Victory as it has taken us many years to complete this mission.


This'booby trap'network was vast and very difficult to remove and is one of the#1 reasons the Forces of Light could not intervene more on our behalf for thousands of years!These implants have been placed into every single incarnating human for the last 26,000 years since the prison matrix was first built.


(I am still waiting for confirmation that the etheric implants inside of every human have been removed as they were tied to the toplets in a network using very complex wormhole technology–the implants can also create toplets so the entire network must be removed before the planet is truly safe.This is the stuff of sci-fi but very REAL)


The layers of implants,imprisonment and surveillance in this Matrix truly defies comprehension!It was not until 2016 that the Light Forces discovered a previously undetectable additional layer of implants(physical biochips)that connect to the optic nerves in the eyes and the auditory cortex in the brain.


These biochips were tied to the Matrix mainframe system and would allow our captors to literally see everything we were seeing,saying and doing!


This article explains more about the biochips:


We have been constantly monitored and primarily our energy levels and consciousness levels were strictly monitored so that if any one of us experienced a rise in consciousness they would take sometimes drastic measures using their etheric plasma technology to cause us distress or even torment on a mental and physical level.


See this article for a complete description of the Etheric Archon Grid:


2.All significant Plasma Anomaly has been removed.This too is huge!You may remember that in the original Star Trek they were always talking about encountering this mysterious"Anomaly"or"Space-Time Distortion"–turns out there really is such a thing and in fact the Primary Anomaly is the root cause of all evil and all suffering!


Once you understand that absolutely everything is energy it is not too much of a stretch to realize that when energy and plasma is distorted in a massive way as the Archon beings have done on and around our planet,this creates mass confusion,chaos and destruction of everything that was once pure and undefiled.


Here are a series of articles which describe the Primary Anomaly,how it was created(in concert with some huge interstellar particle colliders called Dyson Rings):

这里有一系列描述原始异常点的文章,以及它是如何被创造出来的(与一些巨大的被称为戴森环的星际粒子对撞机一起): article but very informative and I highly recommend reading it–you'll have to overlook the photo at the end as it was not appropriate nor necessary and detracts from the wonderful information presented)


3.Reactivation of Operation Mjolnir(Hammor of Thor)and accelerated clearing of the Draco Fleet that has been guarding Sub-Lunar Space above Earth–this is an amazing technology the Light Forces are using to clear the remaining Draco Fleet in sublunar space(which is the last line of defense of the dark forces,aside from the implants if they have not yet fully been removed).You can read more about Mjolnir here:


4.A massive positive Timeline Shift occurred directly after our June 30th Mass Meditation and this immediately resulted in the arrest of Ghislane Maxwell(described in#5 below)who had been hiding out in an exclusive property in a very small town in New Hampshire aptly named'Tucked Away'while her victims continued to suffer daily from the trauma she and her cohorts inflicted on them.


5.On July 2,2020 Ghislane Maxwell was arrested–this is a MAJOR Victory for the Light!Maxwell is a top key individual behind the worldwide child trafficking/satanic ritual abuse of children operation who can expose all the other key individuals involved in these despicable crimes against children and minors).


Jeffrey Epstein reportedly worked for her.Mass meditations are being conducted daily since her arrest to keep her alive until she can testify and provide needed names and evidence to once and for all put an END to the rape and torture of innocent children and women.


6.The notion of mass arrests is reaching mainstream media for the first time ever and could soon result in the arrest of top criminals such as Bill Gates and royals like Prince Andrew.


7.We were able to greatly weaken the negative timeline and prevent many negative scenarios from playing out on the world scene.In fact since our April 4 2020 record setting Mass Meditation we prevented FAR MORE negative scenarios than we can imagine!


8.During the June 30th Global Meditation we partially Reactivated an extremely important Goddess Double Vortex in Paris/Versailles(France)that is key to our Ascension and has been dormant for 200 years!This is truly a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT as 5D Earth will be marked by the Return of the Goddess!!


9.The Dragon Vortex in Taiwan was reactivated after 200 years of dormancy on June 21,2020 during the Solar Eclipse mass meditation.


10.Without the 1 Million Plus April 4th Mass Meditation,the Jesuit plan for global domination would have advanced far more than it has.Also the coronavirus pandemic was majorly contained because of that meditation,along with the work the Light Forces have been doing to mutate the virus to a much weaker strain.


11.Our Age of Aquarius part 2 global meditation on June 30th further stabilized the Ascension Timeline and ensured very favorable long term consequences.


It has been communicated to us many times that the greater participation we have for our Mass Meditations,the more the Light Forces can do to intervene on our behalf.Current operations being conducted by the Light Forces include:


-Clearing of underground Reptilians using sonic weapons


-Clearing directed energy weapons and EMP pulse weapons from military satellites in Low Earth Orbit


-Clearing the quantum primary anomaly that is preventing physical materialization of Ascended beings on the surface of the planet


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Our Direction and Focus for the Next 6 Months


The Most Crucial Time in Earth's History


In the coming weeks and months we are going to witness the last battle on Earth between the Dark and the Light.The dark is going to use everything in their arsenal to try to foment fear,division,unrest and even war among the masses.


We could also experience a bouncing back and forth between timelines these next few months–a literal Tug of War will be in play.I have already been experiencing this as some days the presence of darkness is much more palpable and other days I feel the lightness of the new earth grid all around me.


The dark ones will fight until their last breath to maintain what little semblance of power they have left and work feverishly to implement their dark agendas as they make their final push towards totalitarian rule and AI control of our minds and bodies.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

Rest assured that the Victory will be ours.


The Light will win!


However,we are all needed in order to make this final time of potential upheaval as smooth and as peaceful as possible.It is best if we simply'observe'what unfolds from a distance but remain as mentally and emotionally detached from it all as possible so that we can hold and anchor the greatest amount of Light and Love during this crucial period and stabilize the global situation.


This is truly going to be a time to"Keep Calm and Carry On."


Luckily,we have done much to drastically reduce the probabilities of any serious loss of life and there will certainly not be any type of"Armaggedon"scenarios playing out.


However,here are the final"wild cards"the dark ones may pull out between now and November to try to prevent the election here in the United States and fully roll out their darkest plans(and this is coming directly from the Light Forces who see all and have dealt with every possible scenario imaginable,here and on other planets).


Again the probabilities of any of these events happening are very LOW.So let's make sure that in our personal and group meditations we are ensuring that none of these events play out and block them completely with our high vibrational energy field!


You may have heard a lot of chatter about the possibility of the cabal and dark factions staging a"fake"alien invasion.Well they actually do have the technology to pull this off.


In the last phase of Draco fleet clearing,there is a 10%probability that the Cabal will try to stage a fake alien invasion with TR-3B craft and only a remote 5%probability that the Dracos will try to stage a real invasion with the remaining Draco ships emerging into the physical and attacking the surface population(highly unlikely this would ever happen as they know the minute they do this the much larger positive Galactic Confederation fleet would obliterate them swiftly).

在德拉科舰队清理的最后阶段,有10%的可能性,阴谋集团会试图用 TR-3B 飞船上演一场虚假的外星人入侵,只有5%的可能性,德拉科人会试图上演一场真正的入侵,剩下的德拉科飞船会出现在地面上,攻击地表人口(这种可能性很小,因为他们知道一旦他们这么做,规模大得多的正面银河联盟舰队就会迅速消灭他们)

Another strategy of the dark is to break up the United States at the time of the November elections(similar to what they did in the USSR)by re-introducing Hillary Clinton(which would be more like her 4th or 5th clone suddenly appearing out of nowhere)and creating maximum polarization over left-right within the population.They wish to do this because it's much easier to control and completely take over a nation that is deeply divided and states that'deflect'from the whole.Again,the theme of"Divide and Conquer"is at the forefront of their agenda.


The chances of this breakup happening are still quite low,being estimated at only 25%-another reason NOT to buy into the political polarization narrative in any way,shape or form.


Another nefarious strategy would be to trigger a Chinese EMP attack on the U.S.electrical grid that would escalate into a new world war.The Light Forces(along with the help of our meditations)have prevented countless attempts at starting a global war and I believe this time we will stop them again.Here is some intel about this plan:

另一个邪恶的策略是引发中国对美国电网的 EMP 攻击,这将升级为一场新的世界大战。光明力量(在我们冥想的帮助下)阻止了发动全球战争的无数企图,我相信这一次我们将再次阻止他们。这里有一些关于这个计划的情报:

And the last known scenario they have been working overtime to create is that of civil war in the staging all these violent riots and racially charged deaths.Again,this can only happen if we buy into their divisive narrative.Despite the massive effort they are putting into the civil war agenda,it still only has a 35%probability of occurring at this point.


If,or when,things should escalate or if any of these scenarios are on the verge of being triggered,we will be notified andwe will use our collective meditative POWER to nullify any and all such events from ever gaining any momentum.




You'll want to stay in the loop and be informed when I release important updates as well as times and dates for upcoming key Mass Meditations.Subscribe to my blog if you have not already and be sure to click on the email link you will receive;otherwise you won't receive notifications when I publish a new article.


Sadly,I've noticed many have not done the email verification and are not receiving my updates and I cannot change the 2-step verification required on this platform.But I will definitely keep you informed and notify you in advance of any critical upcoming Global Meditations.


Focus Exclusively On Your Grandest Life Script


Which Reinforces the Positive Timeline


The absolute BEST thing we can do the next 6 months is to FOCUS INTENTLY on the Best Possible Life and World we can imagine and do this on a Daily Basis


We should put all of our energy into visualizing our Grandest Life and Liberated New Earth in great detail and play it back like a movie in our mind!!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

If time allows,I will attempt to revise the Solar Eclipse Guided Audio I made solely for this purpose but in the meantime you can still use it in its original form:


You can also record your own audio version of your Dream Life and a detailed Vision of our Liberated Healed Thriving Society and Planet and listen to it while you sleep so that you can reprogram your subconscious mind and have it work each night on manifesting that Dream to the exclusion of all other possibilities.


Stay Vigilant With Our Mass Meditations


and Help Us Increase Participation


When we meditate en masse,we literally de-construct and dissolve portions of the Matrix Grid that has held mankind captive for aeons of time–this is why I put so much emphasis on increasing the numbers of participants.So a deep note of gratitude for those of you who have been actively participating and spending your time informing others.


We need hundreds of thousands(250-500,000)and preferably MILLIONS to come together for specific purposes and mass meditations as we move through the rest of 2020 so please help us reach those numbers by forwarding these articles and invitations to all of your contacts and encourage them to do the same!


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

You can also send the intention of moving the hearts of Millions to participate in your personal meditations as we approach the next global meditation.


This is one of the most powerful ways we can assist in the Liberation of Our Planet!As a side benefit,we receive a great deal of Healing during our mass meditations as we are sending pure LOVE through our hearts to one another and the entire planet.


So I ask each one of you to commit now to spreading the word far and wide about upcoming global meditations which typically occur on"Stargate Dates"when cosmic portals open as well as meditations we may need to do on short notice to prevent any dark agendas from playing out.


The Stargates allow us to Anchor Into Gaia unprecedented volumes of Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun which we then use to collapse unwanted Timelines,Prevent Dark Agendas and Scenarios from playing out,Accelerate Planetary Liberation,Strongly Secure the Ascension Timeline and usher in the Age of Aquarius–the long awaited'Golden Age'in which humanity heals on all levels and begins to THRIVE!


Thank you for staying with me this far and I truly hope your senses have been further awakened and that you feel much more empowered and prepared to tackle the rest of this year with confidence and with the innate strength you came into this world with.I am so grateful that we are finally waking up from the matrix-induced Rip Van Winkle sleep marathon and coming together in ever increasing numbers as a Unified Field of Intention to Reclaim Our Freedom and Sovereignty!!


On a final note,here is what is coming up and what I will be writing about next…….


WE HAVE ANOTHER VERY POWERFUL STARGATE OPENING SOON WHICH IS THE 8-8 LIONS GATE ON WHICH WE'LL BE DOING A GLOBAL MEDITATION–you'll definitely want to leap through this portal as it is a true Ascension Portal used by the ancients.


thevoice5d|2020/07/14  年中进展报告:我们的成就和未来的关键月份

I'll be posting a fascinating article in about a week regarding the celestial alignments on that day and how we can harness its power to fully Exit the Matrix for good by the end of this year.The veils are very thin on the 8-8 portal date,a day that is loaded with'Quantum Leap'potential!


You'll also discover some incredible clues about the celestial power the Lions Gate unleashes that I'll be revealing which are hidden within an iconic 80's movie,so stay tuned for the upcoming Lions Gate article–it will be a must read.


Congratulations for having made it this far in your Earth journey!It's hard to believe that in just a few more months we will witness the GREATEST MOMENT in the history of this entire Universe–the final removal of ALL DARKNESS and the complete Liberation of Earth!!!The legions of Light are stationed all around us and will be celebrating this Victorious Event along with us very soon!


With a heart full of love and elation,I stand with you all in great anticipation of the long awaited Solar Flash and Return of the Light.


Until that moment I remain,


~The Sacred Architect 5D~



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