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美国特勤局(Secret Service)将白宫高级国家安全主管安德鲁·皮克(Andrew Peek)驱逐出境。皮克目前”正在等待有关安全问题的调查”——在美国参议院完全控制唐纳德·特朗普总统的”混乱弹劾”之后不久,他就被驱逐出境

A cautiously upbeat new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the decision this week to continue boosting investment in US debt securities after furiously dumping them over the past two years,notes that the affirmation by the American economic organization S&P of Russia's stable outlook BBB-rating based on the new government's plan to maintain macroeconomic policy continuity and to broadly comply with its conservative fiscal rule is but one part of this turnaround—as the most important factor considered to begin reinvestment in the US debt security market is based on the long-term viability of its government—a long-term viability strengthened two days ago on Friday,17 January,when the Secret Service escorted and threw out of the White House top National Security director Andrew Peek,who's now been"placed on administrative leave pending an investigation concerning security matters"—an ouster coming shortly after the United States Senate took full control over the"shampeachment"of President Donald Trumpan actual coup attempt initiated by Obama Regime holdovers in the White House National Security Council—and with Peek's shocking and sudden White House ouster,proves that this Deep State coup-leader has been under surveillance since this coup attempt began—a sudden ouster plunging the socialist Democrats and their leftist mainstream media lapdogs into such a fit of rage,they're now threatening to jail any American citizen who votes for Trump—and as these maniacs have so blared with their NBC News warning headline"It May Be Illegal To Vote For President Trump And The Government Should Take Action".[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天发布了一份谨慎乐观的安理会(Security Council)新报告,讨论在过去两年疯狂抛售美国债券后,本周决定继续增加对美国债券的投资,指出,美国经济组织标准普尔(s&p)基于新政府维持宏观经济政策连续性和广泛遵守其保守财政规则的计划,确认了俄罗斯的稳定前景 bbb 评级,但这只是这种转变的一部分,因为人们认为,开始对美国债券市场进行再投资的最重要因素,是基于其政府的长期生存能力ーー两天前的上周五,俄罗斯的长期生存能力得到了加强,117日,美国特勤局(Secret Service)将白宫高级国家安全主管安德鲁·皮克(Andrew Peek)驱逐出境。皮克目前"正在等待有关安全问题的调查"——在美国参议院完全控制唐纳德·特朗普总统的"混乱弹劾"之后不久,他就被驱逐出境——这是奥巴马政权在白宫国家安全委员会的继任者发起的一次真正的政变企图,随着皮克令人震惊的突然驱逐白宫,证明了这位"深州"政变领导人自这次政变开始以来一直处于监视之下ーー社会主义民主党人及其左翼主流媒体走狗的突然下台让他们怒不可遏,他们现在威胁要把所有投票支持特朗普的美国公民关进监狱ーー而且这些疯子还大肆宣扬 NBC 新闻的警告标题:"投票支持特朗普总统可能是非法的,政府应该采取行动":本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

According to this report,the very essence of this"shampeachment"circus was fully exposed this past week by socialist Democrat Party House Leader Nancy Pelosi—who stunningly proclaimed her view that the American people are children she needs to throw punches for—and in explaining to her"children"what the impeachment process against President Trump is all about,actually saw Pelosi telling them"It's Not A Question Of Proof It's About Allegations"—which explains why Pelosi ordered her top Democrat Party leaders to tell the US Department of Justice and FBI not to turn over to the Republicans the information they requested on how the Democrats colluded with Ukraine against Trump—as the truth of these facts don't fit in the deranged narrative of a 61-page document these Democrats filed a few hours with the US Senate titled TRIAL MEMORANDUM OF THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IN THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL OF PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP—the introduction of which begins with the provably false words:"President Donald J.Trump used his official powers to pressure a foreign government to interfere in a United States election for his personal political gain,and then attempted to cover up his scheme by obstructing Congress's investigation into his misconduct".

根据这份报告,上周,社会党民主党众议院领袖南希·佩洛西(Nancy pelosi)充分暴露了这场"混乱"闹剧的本质。佩洛西令人惊叹地宣称,她认为美国人民是孩子,她需要对他们拳打脚踢,并向她的"孩子们"解释弹劾特朗普总统的程序是怎么回事,实际上,佩洛西告诉他们"这不是证据的问题,这是关于指控"——这就解释了为什么佩洛西命令她的民主党高层领导人告诉美国司法部和联邦调查局,不要把他们要求的有关民主党如何做的信息交给共和党人——这些民主党人在美国参议院提交了一份名为《美国众议院弹劾唐纳德·j·特朗普总统审判备忘录》的长达61页的文件,由于这些事实的真相与这份文件的疯狂叙述并不相符,因此这份文件的导言以一句可以证明是错误的话开头:"唐纳德·j·特朗普总统利用他的官方权力向一个外国政府施压,为了个人的政治利益干涉美国大选,然后试图通过阻挠国会调查他的不当行为来掩盖他的阴谋。".

Prior to Democrat Party Leader Pelosi filing this"moving forward to nowhere"lie-filled screed with the US Senate that"showcases the Democrats'detachment from life on the ground in America",this report notes,she would have been wise to have listened to Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley who warned Pelosi that she was playing right into the hands of Republican Party US Senate Leader Mitch McConnell's hands—the same Senate Leader McConnell who openly declared he was working with the White House—and from where Trump's legal team has just launched an all-out assault against these deranged socialist Democrats and their shampeachment hoax—a withering assault blasting this"brazen and unlawful coup attempt"in a"Framers'Worst Nightmare"legal brief filed a few hours ago with the US Senate titled simply Answer Of President Donald Trump—which needed only 6-pages to lay waste to every single Democrat shampeachment lie—and truthfully exposed what this whole hoax is about with the stunning truth:"In the end,this entire process is nothing more than a dangerous attack on the American people themselves and their fundamental right to vote".

这份报告指出,在民主党领袖佩洛西向美国参议院提交这份"毫无进展"的充满谎言的长篇大论之前,她本应明智地听取宪法学教授乔纳森特里(Jonathan Turley)的意见,他警告佩洛西,她正好落入了共和党参议院领袖米奇麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)的手中——也就是参议院领袖麦康奈尔——他公开宣称自己正在与白宫合作,而特朗普的法律团队刚刚在白宫对这些精神错乱的社会主义民主党人及其骗局发起了全面攻击。几个小时前,他向美国参议院提交了一份名为《唐纳德·特朗普总统的回答》(Answer Of President Donald Trump)"制宪者最糟糕的噩梦"(Framers'Worst Nightmare)的法律摘要,其中一篇厚厚的攻击性文章对这起"非法政变企图"进行了猛烈抨击。这篇文章只需要6页,就能粉碎每一个民主党人"归根结底,整个过程只不过是对美国人民自身及其基本选举权的危险攻击。".

As to how much longer this socialist Democrat Party shampeachment hoax will play out to its inevitable crash-and-burn end,this report details,former top Republican Party Leader Trey Gowdy predicts will be two weeks—a prediction Gowdy made based on the indisputable fact that President Trump's best defense is a review of the transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky that clearly shows nothing the Democrats claim even comes close to being the truth—a prediction,however,Gowdy warns may not be accurate if witnesses are called—witnesses,though,top socialist Democrat Party US Senator Chris Coonshas just said he doesn't expect the US Senate will have at the start of this impeachment trial—but if introduced at some future time,will see this impeachment trial's main witness being former Obama Regime Vice President,and current Democrat Party leading presidential candidate Joe Biden—the same Biden who's just been slammed by the New York Post in their bombshell investigative article titled"How the'Biden Five'Made Millions Off Joe Biden Connections"—and—the Gatewaypundit News Service's shocking investigation report titled"Ukraine And China Knew Hunter Biden Was A Chronic Drug Addict,Paid Him Millions Anyway–Used It As Fodder To Blackmail Joe Biden"—both of which caused Vice President Mike Pence to recoil in horror and declare a few hours ago that"the American people have a right to know"about the wide-scale corruption of his predecessor,and Biden's family members.

前共和党高层领导人特雷·高迪预测,至于这个社会主义民主党的骗局不可避免地以失败告终还要持续多久,这份报告详细说明了这一点。高迪的预测是基于一个无可争议的事实做出的,即特朗普总统最好的辩护是回顾他与乌克兰总统泽伦斯基通话的文字记录,该文字记录清楚地表明,民主党声称的任何东西,哪怕是接近事实的东西ーー一个预测,不过,高迪警告说,如果传唤证人,证人可能不准确。不过,美国社会主义民主党参议员克里斯·库恩斯(Chris Coons)刚刚表示,他预计美国参议院在弹劾案开始时不会有证人,但如果在未来某个时候提交,弹劾案的主要证人将是前奥巴马政权副总统,现任民主党总统候选人乔·拜登(Joe Biden)——就是那个刚刚在《纽约邮报》(New York Post)发表的爆炸性调查文章《拜登五人组如何靠拜登关系赚了数百万美元》(How the'Biden Five'Made Millions Off Joe Biden Connections)中受到猛烈抨击的拜登;以及 Gatewaypundit News Service 发表的令人震惊的调查报告《乌克兰和中国知道亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)是一个长期吸毒者,但还是给了他数百万美元——用来敲诈乔·拜登》(Ukraine And China Knew Hunter Biden Was a Chronic Drug AddictPaid Him Millions-Anyway-Used It To Blackmail Joe Biden)——这两件事都让副总统。

As to whom exactly these socialist Democrats have actually pitted themselves against with their shampeachment coup hoax,this report concludes,clues about were given this past week by The Washington Post when this newspaper published excerpts from an upcoming book—excerpts describing President Trump's first meeting after taking office in 2017 with his top generals at the Pentagon—that unbelievably describes Trump's"fit of rage"emotions,as never in his over 50-years of public life in the glare of the world media has he ever been seen this way—but more than believably,as during this same 50-year time period,Trump has never suffered fools lightly and shames them relentlessly,quotes Trump telling his top generals"You're all losers...You don't know how to win anymore...I want to win...We don't win any wars anymore...We spend$7 trillion,everybody else got the oil and we're not winning anymore",and telling them to their faces"I wouldn't go to war with you people...You're a bunch of dopes and babies"—a long overdue slamming and shaming of these top Pentagon generals,who last month,the same Washington Post blasted after discovering the mountain of lies they've told for years about the war in Afghanistan—lies further exposed this past week by the Pentagon's own inspector general for Afghanistan,who stunningly stated about these top generals"there is a disincentive to tell the truth"—thus leaving one to wonder why anyone having a sound mind would want to pick a fight against a man fearless enough to call the world's top military generals"dopes and babies"to their faces—as such a thing is never prudent to do—especially against someone as vengeful as Trump.



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