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Covid-19 Fade Rate



Covid-19 has proven to be"just a bad flu"with a death rate only slightly more draconian than the annual flu.Before the widespread use of testing,the mild or asymptomatic cases were not identified and included in the statistical calculation,so the death rate appeared higher.Nevertheless,deaths have occurred and are horrific with the victim suffocating with water in the lungs and various inflammation elsewhere.But at base,Covid-19 is just another coronavirus,and when herd immunity reaches 60%it dies out.Are we there yet?


The Zetas predicted that there would be"dramatic easing"of Covid-19 by mid-Summer 2020,which presumably could be considered the week of August 5,halfway between the June 20 Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox on September 22.Did it?Per a July 31 snapshot of global statistics,the pandemic died out in the early hot spots in the Spring.Where the pandemic started,in Wuhan China,this first hot spot is now cool.Then Italy became the world's hot spot,but it too has cooled down to near normal.



Covid-19 Pandemic in New Zealand



The first case of the disease in New Zealand was reported on 28 February 2020.All borders and entry ports of New Zealand were closed to all non-residents on 19 March 2020,with returning citizens and residents being required to self-isolate.Since 10 April,all New Zealanders returning from overseas must go into two weeks of managed isolation.


'Significant Milestone'-New Zealand hits 100 Days without Community Transmission




New Zealand has reached a new milestone—100 days since the last case of community transmission of Covid-19.


Has Italy Beaten COVID-19?




Three weeks ago,the hospital Policlinico San Donato in Milan,Italy,slowly started to get back to a semblance of"normal."In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic,this 500-bed hospital was caring for 600 patients with COVID-19.Now,the hospital's chief cardiac surgeon says his unit is operating at 40%to 50%of its normal volume-which may sound underwhelming,but at one point his entire cardiac ICU was dedicated to the care of COVID-19 patients.

三周前,意大利米兰的 Policlinico San Donato 医院开始慢慢恢复"正常"的外表在冠状病毒大流行的早期,这家拥有500张床位的医院照顾了600名患有新型冠状病毒肺炎的病人。现在,该医院的首席心脏外科医生说,他的单位正在以正常体积的40%50%进行手术——这听起来可能没什么了不起,但是他的整个心脏重症监护室曾一度专门用来照顾新型冠状病毒肺炎的病人。

Thousands Protest Against Coronavirus Restrictions in Berlin




Thousands protested Germany's coronavirus restrictions Saturday in a Berlin demonstration that insisted"the end of the pandemic"has arrived.



Why did these early hot spot countries get the classic peak curve?They were infected before the world realized the pandemic had been unleashed,so widespread infection had already occurred.Thus,they quickly reached herd immunity,which has held.Then the lockdowns started.The hospitals did not have ample intubation equipment to keep all the oldsters with a long immune memory for coronavirus infections alive.Cytokine storms were taking them out.The world rushed to flatten the curve.But this only delayed the arrival of herd immunity.




Israel Extends COVID-19 Travel Restrictions until Aug.1




The ban on foreigners arriving at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport—and requirement for Israelis returning from abroad to self-quarantine for 14 days—was scheduled to expire on July 1,but will now continue until Aug.1.


Iran Produces Anti-COVID19 Actemra

伊朗生产反COVID19 Actemra



Actemra'the effect of which has been confirmed in relative recovery of coronavirus patients and has been produced in Iran will be distributed in hospitals within two weeks.In addition to Remdesivir,Actemra has been confirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration to help COVID-19 patients recover.

阿特姆拉的效果已在冠状病毒患者的相对康复中得到证实,并已在伊朗生产,将在两周内在医院分发。除了 RemdesivirActemra 已经被美国食品和药物管理局确认,用于帮助新型冠状病毒肺炎患者康复。

Central Japan Pref.mulls Issuing own 2nd Wave COVID-19 State of Emergency




Though the state of emergency in the prefecture was lifted on May 14 as infection numbers declined to near zero,the Gifu government on May 9 set five benchmarks that would trigger a second state of emergency.As of July 29,the status of infections had exceeded three of the five redlines.



When the lockdowns were eased,the pandemic appeared to be returning.Speculation and confusion ran rampant.The Democrats,who wanted to push mail-in ballots so they could steal the election,encouraged protests and riots and infected their nursing homes to bump the death rate.Anyone who died was included in the Covid-19 death counts.This was called a 2nd wave or a late 1st wave but can be expected to drop just as the early hot spots did,as can countries experiencing their Covid-19 explosion late.Notably India,with 1.4 billion people,has a relatively low death rate.They are home to the Quinine trees,and are treating their citizens with Hydroxychloroquine.



Explaining India's Extraordinarily Low Death Rate from Covid-19




The pandemic has turned out to be more than 100 times less lethal than Spanish flu.It is also largely over in Europe,including in Belgium,Sweden and the UK.It is close to the end in the US.


India's Covid-19 Recovery now over 64%,16 States have Higher Rates




More than 1 million people have recovered from Covid-19 in the country.


Lack of Covid-19 Lockdown Increased Deaths in Sweden,Analysis Concludes




Sweden fared better than would be expected from its public health mandates alone,roughly similar to France,Italy and Spain–countries that imposed more stringent measures,but adopted them after the pandemic took hold there.



HCQ Wars


Ever since President Trump stated,early in the Covid-19 pandemic,that Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ)might prove to be the answer,the anti-Trumpers have been hard at work trying to discredit him.Never mind that Doctor Zelenko in New York City found HCQ,in combination with Zinc and Azithromycin,an antibiotic,to be 100%effective.Out of 350 patients,no hospitalizations or intubations.Never mind that studies all over the world showed HCQ highly effective.Never mind that President Trump took HCQ for 14 days to show it was safe.President Trump then placed a massive order for HCQ from India for the US.

自从特朗普总统在新型冠状病毒肺炎流行病爆发早期宣称羟氯喹可能就是答案以来,反鼓吹者就一直在努力抹黑他。纽约的 Zelenko 医生发现 HCQ 与锌和阿奇霉素(一种抗生素)的联合使用是100%有效的。在350名患者中,没有人住院或插管。尽管世界各地的研究都表明 HCQ 非常有效。尽管特朗普总统用了14天的 HCQ 来证明它是安全的。特朗普总统随后从印度向美国订购了大量 HCQ 产品。


Now medical professionals are coming forward to defend President Trump.A Yale epidemiologist.A group from America's Frontline Doctors.After the Frontline Doctors'video went viral on the Internet,the anti-Trump social media outlets shut down the video,which had been made on the steps of the Supreme Court building in Washington DC.Spreading disinformation,was the shutdown excuse.All this just caused the issue to truly go viral,with lots of media chatter.Many copies of the video were saved and passed around.



Yale Epidemiologist says Hydroxychloroquine is'the Key to Defeating COVID-19'




An Ivy League epidemiology professor is claiming that hydroxychloroquine—the drug that has been at the center of a politicized medical debate for the last several months—is"the key to defeating COVID-19,"and that medical officials should be widely prescribing it to save the lives of thousands of coronavirus patients.Harvey Risch,a professor of epidemiology at Yale as well as the director of that school's Molecular Cancer Epidemiology Laboratory,argues in a Newsweek op-ed this week that"the data fully support"the wide use of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment of COVID-19.

一位常春藤联盟的流行病学教授声称,羟氯喹是"战胜新型冠状病毒肺炎病毒的关键",而且医疗官员应该广泛开出处方,以挽救成千上万冠状病毒患者的生命。耶鲁大学流行病学教授、该校分子癌症流行病学实验室主任 Harvey Risch 在本周《新闻周刊》的一篇专栏文章中指出,"数据完全支持"广泛使用羟氯喹作为新型冠状病毒肺炎的有效治疗方法。

Dr.Simone Gold,the Doctor Censored by Big Tech over Hydroxychloroquine Viral Video,has been Fired and now Lost her Job

医生 Simone Gold,这位因羟氯喹病毒视频被科技巨头审查的医生,被解雇了,现在丢了工作



Dr.Simone Gold,the founder of the newly created group called America's Frontline Doctors,lost her job after her employer found out about the viral video where she promoted hydroxychloroquine.The hydroxychloroquine viral video,which features members of America's Frontline Doctors at a press conference outside the Supreme Court in Washington,D.C.,was taken down on Facebook,YouTube,and Twitter.The video got more than 14 million views on Facebook alone.

医生,新成立的名为美国前线医生组织的创始人,在她的雇主发现了她提升羟氯喹的视频后丢掉了工作。华盛顿哥伦比亚特区最高法院外的新闻发布会上,美国羟氯喹前线医生的特写视频在 FacebookYouTube Twitter 上被删除。这段视频仅在 Facebook 上就获得了超过1400万的点击量。

The Censorship Dam is Breaking!More Doctors Speak Out




Infowars presents another powerful Banned.video montage of America's Frontline Doctors speaking out against Big Tech censorship and the massive coronavirus cover-up.This time,Dr.Lisa Koche,MD is speaking out about COVID-19,internet censorship and the true benefits of hydroxychloroquine.

Infowars 呈现了另一个强有力的银行。美国前线医生的视频蒙太奇大声疾呼反对大科技审查和大规模冠状病毒掩盖事实。这一次,医学博士 Lisa Koche 公开谈论了新型冠状病毒肺炎、互联网审查和羟氯喹的真正好处。

Spread the word!


Dr.Fauci,the claimed expert,discounts HCQ and prefers another anti-viral–Remdesivir.Both are available and effective,but HCQ is cheap and has been used for decades for various ailments.Remdesivir is an Ebola anti-viral,and is expensive.Who is suppressing HCQ?Remdesivir stock holders?Democrats who want the pandemic to last so that the 2020 election can be fixed via mail-in balloting?Then,during this heated debate in the House on July 29,Dr.Fauci looked different.The Zetas explain.

声称的专家 Fauci 博士对 HCQ 打折扣,更喜欢另一种抗病毒药——Remdesivir。这两种药物都是有效的,但是 HCQ 价格便宜,几十年来一直用于治疗各种疾病。雷德斯韦是一种抗埃博拉病毒的药物,价格昂贵。谁在抑制 HCQ?雷姆德斯维尔股东?民主党人是否希望疫情能够持续下去,以便2020年的选举能够通过邮寄投票的方式得到解决?然后,在729日众议院的这场激烈辩论中,福西博士看上去有所不同。齐塔人解释道。


Fauci on Censored Hydroxychloroquine Video:'Bunch of People Spouting Something that Isn't True'




American doctors are holding a"White Coat Summit"on Capitol Hill Monday to address what they call"a massive disinformation campaign"surrounding the Chinese coronavirus to which"American life has fallen casualty."


Yale Epidemiologist:Dr.Fauci Running'Misinformation Campaign'against Hydroxychloroquine

耶鲁大学流行病学家:Fauci 博士发起了反对羟氯喹的错误信息运动



Dr.Harvey Risch,a noted Yale epidemiologist,has accused White House coronavirus task force member Dr.Anthony Fauci of waging a"misinformation campaign"against the drug hydroxychloroquine,claiming the medication has shown consistently encouraging results in treating COVID-19 when used properly.

耶鲁大学著名流行病学家 Harvey Risch 博士指责白宫冠状病毒工作组成员 Anthony Fauci 博士发动了一场反对羟氯喹的"错误信息运动",声称如果使用得当,这种药物在治疗新型冠状病毒肺炎方面一直显示出令人鼓舞的效果。

What Is Remdesivir?Experts Say Antiviral Drug Shows Promise as a COVID-19 Treatment




Dr.Anthony Fauci explained that it has a"clear-cut"effect on recovery time in coronavirus patients.


ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020:As has been reported on some speculative lists of Tribunals in process,Dr.Fauci has been temporarily replaced as a Double.He is being sought as a witness during the Tribunals,and is kept close at hand thus in Gitmo.His personal motives are not suspect but his associates are.As we mentioned when Bill and Melinda Gates disappeared and were replaced with Doubles,the Gates used Dr.Fauci for cover due to his reputation for integrity.The uproar about Hydroxychloroquine is due to Dr.Fauci's rigidity.Diverting the cytokine storm before it can take hold is the Hydroxychloroquine benefit,but the Remdesivir that Dr.Fauci prefers helps patients recover more quickly once sick.

齐塔人之声洞察2020831:正如一些正在进行的推测性法庭名单所报道的那样,福奇博士已经被临时替换为替身。他在两个法庭期间被要求作为证人,因此在 Gitmo 随时待命。他的个人动机不受怀疑,但他的同伙却受到怀疑。正如我们所提到的,当比尔和梅琳达·盖茨消失并被替换成双打时,盖茨利用博士弗西作为掩护,因为他的正直的名声。关于羟氯喹的喧嚣是由于 Fauci 博士的强硬。在细胞因子风暴发作之前,转移它的注意力是羟氯喹的好处,但是 Fauci 博士喜欢的 Remdesivir 可以帮助病人在生病后恢复得更快。


Doubles Galore


All the Doubles floating about these days are certainly confusing.There are the White Hat Doubles being used by the US Junta and their European counterparts to delay awareness in the public about the fact of Martial Law.They fear that riots and despair would result if the public were to become aware of the extensive cleanup of corruption and Satanism among the western elite.This on top of the anxiety that the pandemic has already engendered.This on top of the panic and riots and looting that awareness of Nibiru's pending passage might cause.Meanwhile,we have the White Hat Doubles.For instance,Jerry Nadler.

这些天所有浮动的双打肯定是混乱的。还有白帽双打被美国军政府和他们的欧洲同行用来拖延公众对戒严令的认识。他们担心,如果公众意识到西方精英阶层大规模清理腐败和撒旦崇拜的行动,可能会引发骚乱和绝望。除此之外,大流行已经带来了焦虑。此外,意识到 Nibiru 即将通过,还可能引起恐慌、骚乱和抢劫。同时,我们有白帽双打。例如,杰瑞·纳德勒。


Top Democrat Jerry Nadler:Violent Antifa Riots in Portland Are'a Myth'




Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler claimed without evidence that the violent Antifa riots in Portland were"a myth."Nadler's remarks directly contradict video evidence that is widely available on social media and contradict what the Department of Homeland(DHS)says is happening in Portland.


Nadler Involved in Car Accident but Unhurt;Barr Hearing Delayed




House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler,D-N.Y.,was involved in a car accident on his way to Washington but was not injured,a Nadler spokesman said--in turn delaying a highly anticipated hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr.

众议院司法委员会主席 Jerrold NadlerD-N.Y.,在前往华盛顿的途中卷入了一场车祸,但是没有受伤,Nadler 的一位发言人说----从而推迟了备受期待的与司法部长 Bill Barr 的听证会。

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020:Jerry Nadler returned to the now-reopened House looking different.Being replaced by a Double requires some plastic surgery on the Double but primarily a very similar bone structure and facial features.After being absent from the cameras for a period of time,the public is assumed to have a fading memory of what the individual looked like,but during her analysis Nancy uses carefully dated photos to identify the differences.What was Nadler's crime?He was arrested and is awaiting trial for treason,being fully aware of the crimes being committed during the Mueller investigation and complicit in the cover-up of these crimes.


Doubles are look-alikes that are actors installed to replace the original person.For the White Hats,the doubles can be used temporarily if the original is needed as a witness at Gitmo or if the original is awaiting trial,or permanently if the original was found guilty and executed.Then there is the odd case of Bernie Sanders,who looked different after quickly recovering from a heart attack in 2018.The Dark Judge and Q,as usual,lay it out for us,and the Zetas,as usual,explain.

双打是一种外形相似的演员,用来替代原来的人。对于白帽子,如果原件需要在 Gitmo 作为证人,或者原件正在等待审判,或者如果原件被认定有罪并被执行,那么原件可以暂时使用替身。还有伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)的奇怪案例,他在2018年从一次心脏病发作中迅速恢复后,看上去有所不同。黑暗法官和 Q,像往常一样,为我们展示它,而齐塔人,像往常一样,解释。


Sanders Health Scare Involved a Heart Attack




U.S.presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack earlier this week.


Federal Prosecutors Drop Investigation of Wife of Bernie Sanders


November 13,2018



The investigation centered on a 2010 land purchase that relocated the college Jane Sanders previously ran to a new campus on more than 32 acres along Lake Champlain.While lining up a$6.7 million loan and additional financing,she told college trustees and lenders that the college had commitments for millions of dollars in donations that could be used to repay the loan.Trustees said they later discovered that many of the donors had not agreed to the amounts or the timing of the donations listed on documents Sanders provided to a state bonding agency and a bank.

调查集中在2010年的一次土地购买事件,该事件导致简·桑德斯之前在 Lake Champlain 的一个占地超过32英亩的新校区重新办学。在筹集670万美元贷款和额外资金的同时,她告诉学院董事会和贷款人,学院承诺提供数百万美元的捐款,可以用来偿还贷款。受托人表示,他们后来发现,许多捐赠者并未同意桑德斯提供给一家国家担保机构和一家银行的文件中列出的捐赠金额或捐赠时间。

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI ID:3ba78d No.5327554 Feb 22 2019 18:05:25(UTC)


It's amazing what a person finds when they simply'research'.


Praising Castro?


Will the next wave of[D]2020 candidates begin to push the'everything will be free''reparations for all Black Americans''more gov't control will save us'etc.etc.etc.(broken record)lines in order to'buy'/'con'voters?


More talk?


More claims?


No facts?


No plan?


No details?


What happened re:Bernie's wife'fraud'case?






The More You Know.



ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020:During Bernie Sanders'candidacy to be the Democrat nominee for President in 2020,he freely promised a massive giveaway with no details on how he would pay for it.Free college,free healthcare for everyone,and presumably the rich would have their wealth stripped from them to pay for all of this.Campaigning with AOC,the new darling of the left,he seemed unbeatable.Then he had what was reported to be a heart attack in the Fall of 2019.He returned to the campaign trail quickly,too quickly for a 78 year old man who just had a heart attack.

齐塔人之声2020831:在伯尼·桑德斯竞选2020年民主党总统候选人期间,他自由地承诺了一个大规模的赠品,但没有详细说明他将如何支付。免费的大学教育,免费的医疗保健,想必富人们会剥夺他们的财富来支付所有这一切。与左翼的新宠 AOC 一起竞选,他似乎是不可战胜的。之后,他在2019年秋天患上了据报道的心脏病。他很快回到了竞选活动中,这对一个刚刚心脏病发作的78岁老人来说太快了。

The Dark Judge has suggested his absence was not due to a heart attack.Bernie's past included a heartfelt embrace of the Communist philosophy–a honeymoon in Russia and praise for Cuba.In an era when foreign influence in the US Presidential election is a topic of discussion,with the Mueller investigation based on the assumption that President Trump was being blackmailed by Russia,the media seemed to be ignoring Bernie's past.After Bernie's absence due to the claimed heart attack,Bernie seemed to lack energy,and eventually he conceded the race to Biden.


Bernie was viewed as the only candidate that could beat President Trump,due to the enthusiasm he engendered in young voters.Were Bernie and his wife corrupt,accepting bribes from those who would control his presidency?This was of record for his wife's stewardship of her Lake Champlain college,but most of the corruption was carefully laundered by the Democrat Cabal.While being questioned by federal agents about these laundered funds,Bernie indeed did have a heart attack,and died.He was quickly replaced by a double the Democrat Cabal had at the side.


Why is the Dark Judge bringing the subject back up at this time,a year later?The Democrat Cabal knows that the Biden persona,whether in person or as a Double,lacks charisma.This is known as the enthusiasm measure,and President Trump has that in spades.Seeing their mail-in ballot con job failing,with recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic in process and President Trump alerting the public about the con job,they are contemplating bringing their Bernie Double forward to join Biden's campaign.



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