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 February 24, 2022 2022年2月24日

This is very late… busy day, but you may want to listen to Phil G’s live which just began. There are nearly 3 million listening now. It will be a good one, I think. He’s talking vindication.

这是非常晚... 忙碌的一天,但你可能想听听刚刚开始的菲尔 g 的现场。现在有将近300万人在收听。我认为这将是一个很好的机会。他在为自己辩护。

Live NOW!  2022年2月24日: 双方的新闻… 为我们和他们|星际飞船地球 





The really big news is the Trudeau sidestep. He revoked the Emergencies Act.


He forgot to say that law enforcement will also continue to be available to beat Canadian dissidents.


Understandably, folks are very confused by the news they see out of Ukraine. The first thing we need to remember is that there are two versions of “the news”. There is the insider version for us, the awakened and those in the Q movement, and there is the incredibly sensationalized, fear-inducing news from the lamestream because the cabal wants to start WWIII.

可以理解的是,人们对于从乌克兰传来的消息感到非常困惑。我们需要记住的第一件事是“新闻”有两个版本。对于我们这些觉醒者和 q 运动中的人来说,有一个内部版本,还有一个令人难以置信的耸人听闻的、令人恐惧的来自悲惨世界的消息,因为阴谋集团想要发动第三次世界大战。

What I find amusing is that it’s finally true: The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

我觉得有趣的是,这最终是真的: 俄国人来了,俄国人来了!

IET on Telegram posted this update from QUEen Romana—who is another anomaly in this information war. Nothing like this has ever happened before and it can be confusing.


Romana Didulo clarifies the situation in Ukraine
“The war is only happening in the mainstream media and the deep state operatives that want to start a war and blame it on Russia.”

罗曼娜 · 迪杜洛澄清了乌克兰的局势,“战争只发生在主流媒体和那些想要发动战争并将其归咎于俄罗斯的深藏不露的国家间。”

Some things never change. They’re still blaming Russia for everything.


WE know that WWIII is an information war. There will be no tactical WWIII like the deep state globalists crave so badly. That would be the only way they might have a chance at surviving. Humanity wants peace and we are united in the effort to remove the cabal everywhere.


This is a military operation, with a lot of psychology behind it. It’s highly strategic, 5-D chess and we would not be able to figure out the moves before they happen so we may as well just sit with our popcorn and watch.

这是一次军事行动,背后有很多心理因素。这是高度战略性的,5-D 国际象棋,我们不可能在它们发生之前就弄清楚它们的走法,所以我们可能只是坐在我们的爆米花和观看。

He goes on to say the following, which echoes what I have said: “There will be no war.”

他接着说了下面的话,这与我所说的话相呼应: “不会有战争。”

2022年2月24日: 双方的新闻… 为我们和他们|星际飞船地球

Our job is to “hold the line”; to be savvy in our interpretation of what is happening and who is who and enjoy our front row seat to the greatest show on Earth—or wherever we are.


I suggest that rather than get mired down in details and trying to keep the lies, disinformation, and brilliant strategy straight, go for the 40,000 foot view and gloss over the details. I like the ‘big picture’. It’s easier on the nerves.


It’s all good and as Q told us, “it had to be this way”. Civilians might have a tough time of it, though. I’m not going to second guess the highly skilled warriors in command of this takedown.

一切都很好,就像 q 告诉我们的那样,“必须这样”。不过,平民们可能会有一段艰难的时期。我不会去质疑那些指挥这次抓捕行动的高技能战士。

I hear there is a Q account on Trump’s new Truth Social and there’s quite a hubbub about it. Of course it could very well be Q, but there are those trying to discredit it so the arguments ensue. Every time I try to get in to Truth Social I get a 405 error “not allowed” but Telegram is chiming away in symphonic style so I’ve not shortage of updates.

我听说特朗普新推出的“社交真相”(Truth Social)有一个 q 账号,引起了不小的轰动。当然它很可能是 q,但是有人试图怀疑它,所以争论接踵而至。每次我试图进入真理社会我得到一个405错误“不允许”,但电报是和谐的交响乐风格,所以我不缺乏更新。

2022年2月24日: 双方的新闻… 为我们和他们|星际飞船地球

Whiplash said… Link to Telegram.

惠普拉什说... 链接到电报。

Now watch Q Save The World and understand Secret Military Coups/Wars had to take place.

现在请看《 q 拯救世界》 ,了解秘密军事政变/战争必须发生
# 上帝赢了。

This report is interesting. Link to Telegram for video.

这篇报道很有趣。链接到 Telegram 的视频。

RUSSIAN FLAGS are appearing in Odessa and around Ukraine.


And… Link to Telegram.

还有... 链接到 Telegram。

Phil Godlewski 2.0, [2/24/2022 10:25 AM]
[Forwarded from General McInerney]
REPORT: The Chernobyl power plant has been captured by Russians.

菲尔 · 戈德列夫斯基2.0,[2/24/202210:25 AM ][麦金纳尼将军转发]报告: 切尔诺贝利核电站已被俄罗斯人占领。

Lots of interesting posts on Phil’s channel, including one about a financial system being down, and when I tried to read Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ channel on Telegram it was spinning away and couldn’t connect so Telegram was having an issue for a few seconds until the message notifications flooded in again.

在 Phil 的频道上有很多有趣的帖子,包括一个关于金融系统崩溃的帖子,当我试图在 Telegram 上阅读 Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ 频道的时候,它正在旋转,无法连接,所以 Telegram 出现了一个问题,直到消息通知再次涌入。

This news popped up, too—because we are in an alliance with Russia and Ji Jinping and others to take down the cabal. Looks like it’s happening. Link to Telegram for video.

这个消息也出现了ーー因为我们与俄罗斯、吉近平和其他国家结成联盟,共同打击这个阴谋集团。看起来要开始了。视频链接到 Telegram。

Apparently USA soldiers are headed to Ukraine.


Sorry, ending quickly for today.  ~ BP


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