X22报道|第2636集: 经济大动作即将来临,2020年第一次选举舞弊指控公布

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X22报道|第2636集: 经济大动作即将来临,2020年第一次选举舞弊指控公布

Ep 2636a – Time Is Running Out For The [CB], The Big Economic Push Is Coming

Ep 2636a-时间已经不多了[ CB ] ,大的经济推动力即将到来

Ep 2636b – First 2020 Election Fraud Charges Released,Space Force It’s Going To Be Important

Ep 2636b-2020年第一次选举舞弊指控公布,太空力量将是重要的



The people are waking up, 75% of Americans say inflation is affecting them and the people blame Biden. Turkey is collapsing and inflation is hitting and Apple suspended their store. The Dollar Tree is now charing 1.25 because of inflation. Supply chains are threatened by the vaccine mandate.

人们正在觉醒,75% 的美国人说通货膨胀正在影响他们,人们指责拜登。土耳其正在崩溃,通货膨胀正在打击,苹果暂停了他们的商店。由于通货膨胀,美元树现在的售价是1.25美元。供应链受到了疫苗授权的威胁。


The [DS] is panicking they are losing the narrative and people are either resigning, getting fired or not seeking re-election. The people are awake and thinking logically. The election fraud is now spreading from state to state and the people are demanding forensic audits. 5 people were charged for election fraud in Wisconsin. Mike Lindell files a SCOTUS complaint and is waiting for AG to sign on. Trump says that Space Force is very important. Trump & the military caught them all. 

(DS)正在恐慌,他们正在失去叙事,人们要么辞职,要么被解雇,要么不寻求连任。人们是清醒的,并且在逻辑思维。选举舞弊现在正从一个州蔓延到另一个州,人们要求进行法医审计。威斯康星州有5人因选举舞弊被起诉。迈克·林德尔(Mike Lindell)向SCOTUS提出申诉,正在等待AG的签字。特朗普表示,太空部队非常重要。特朗普和军方将他们全部抓获。



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